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The 10 Best Documentaries And Shows About Booze

It’s your cure for a rough day and the first thing you think of when you’re looking to party. It’s booze, and most of the world loves it. Whether your drinking habits put a frat boy to shame or you’re more of a one glass a month type of person, most of us drink in some caapacity. And since drinking is such a universal and social activity, you better believe there are documentaries about it. Below are some of the best documentaries about alcohol, drinking culture, the history of drinking, and how this pastime you don’t think about often has evolved to reflect our society’s values. Whether you want to learn more about the exclusive world of sommeliers or you’re looking for some drink recipes from a professional mixologist, this list has you covered. Pour yourself a glass and start streaming. (Note: This list just covers documentaries about the history and culture of alcohol. It doesn’t cover documentaries on alcoholism.)

1. 'SOMM'

Photo: Everett Collection 
Being the best is always tough, and that applies even when you’re trying to be the best drinker. SOMM follows four wine stewards as they prepare to take the most difficult test in wine culture as well as one of the most difficult tests in the world, the Master Sommelier Exam. This documentary gives you an inside glimpse into one of the most exclusive alcohol-driven cultures out there outside of Ivy League frats. [Stream SOMM on Netflix]

2 'Behind the Bar'

There are few better ways to end a stressful drink then to head to your favorite bar, but what’s happening on the other side of the counter? Behind the Bar is a docu-series that dives into the life of professional bartenders, complete with bartender profiles, drink recipes, and surprising stories about what it takes to be a mixologist. This watch will make sure you never stiff your bartender. [Where to stream Behind the Bar]

3 'How Beer Saved the World'

  We all love beer, but did you know that our love of beer actually saved the human race multiple times? That’s the argument this fun Discovery Channel documentary poses. Though the doc’s arguments do seem a bit out there at times, it makes a compelling argument that we wouldn’t be the race we are today if we didn’t discover your favorite fermented malt beverage. Cheers. [Stream How Beer Saved the World on Amazon Instant]

4 'SOMM: Into the Bottle'

Have you ever wanted to know what sets a $300 bottle of wine apart from your Two Buck Chuck? This untraditional sequel to SOMM may not answer all of your questions, but it’ll give you a better idea of the inner workings of the wine industry. Filmed in dozens of wine regions around the world and featuring some of the best Sommeliers of our time, consider this documentary your crash course on high class wine. [Stream SOMM: Into the Bottle on Netflix]

5 'Booze Traveler'

BOOZE TRAVELER, host Jack Maxwell, 'Austria is Good For You', (Season 1, ep. 104, aired Dec. 15,
One of the most interesting things about alcohol is how simultaneously universal and distinctive it is. People in Canada probably don’t celebrate with the same drink as people in Greece, but almost every culture loves to drink. Host Jack Maxwell explores the global differences of alcohol in this series as he travels the world in an attempt to see what other cultures drink.It’s informative, fun, and will make you want to explore the world for a reason you probably haven’t considered before.
[Stream Booze Traveler on Netflix]

6 'Crafting a Nation'

Chances are, you can name at least one friend who’s into brewing his or her own craft beer. So what gives? When did this very specific trend start, and what have been its effects? Crafting a Nation sets out to answer all of your craft beer questions while giving you a new appreciation for how this trend has positively affected job growth. [Stream Crafting a Nation on Netflix]

7 'Ken Burns: Prohibition'

If you’re mildly obsessed with speakeasies and find the idea of alcohol becoming illegal horrifying, then get ready to embrace this Ken Burns history lesson. Prohibition explores the reasons for making alcohol illegal and its effects, but it also explores how prohibition was connected to immigration, woman’s suffrage, and income tax. This four-part series will teach you everything you want to know about prohibition, and for that, we defiantly raise a glass. [Stream Ken Burns: Prohibition on Netflix]

8 'The Birth of Sake'

This documentary will give you a newfound sense of appreciation and respect for the rich history of one of Japan’s most popular drinks — sake. The film follows a small group of workers in northern Japan who have to brave a fierce winter in their quest to brew this 2,000 year old beverage. It’s a respectful and informative look into a tradition that’s slowly and sadly fading away. [Stream The Birth of Sake on Netflix]

9 'Uncorked'

If you can’t get enough of the exclusive world of professional wine tasting, then you’re in luck. Much like SOMM, Uncorked follows six talents sommeliers as they prepare for the Master Sommelier Exam. However, with six 44-minute episodes that cover over three months, this is a far more intense look into this competitive world. The music isn’t the greatest, but if you can ignore that small flaw, then you’re in for a rare reality show designed for an intelligent audience. [Stream Uncorked on Hulu]

10  'Beer Wars'

We may love craft brewing, but there’s a group who doesn’t — mainstream brewing companies. Beer Wars explores how and why the big three — Anheuser-Busch, Miller, and Coors — are against smaller breweries while covering how advertising and lobbyists are used to control the beer market. A lot of drama goes into providing you a six pack, and this documentary covers it all.

Best Movies About Bartending

  While not everyday on the job as a bartender is going to be movie-worthy, these are some of the best films about bartending. If you are a future bartender, then these following movies will inspire, educate and entertain you.  

Our All-Time Favorite Movies:


👉 Coyote Ugly (2000)

Featuring:  Piper PeraboMaria BelloMelanie Lynskey  This raunchy and wild film makes for a fun ride. Violet Sanford (played by Piper Perabo) is an aspiring songwriter who stumbles upon a women-ran NYC bar. She eventually gets a bartending job there, where things take off.

👉 Cocktail (1988)

Featuring a young Tom Cruise in his early acting days, Cocktail features a young 20-something trying to make ends meet. Protagonist Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) turns to bartending and learns under Doug Coughlin (played by Bryan Brown) in hopes of becoming a thriving bartender during the 1980s.

👉 The Drop (2014)

Featuring: Greg JoelsonJohn SavageKat Ogden

Having a more serious tone, the great James Gandolfini (The Sopranos) acts in his final film with The Drop. The movie follows an ex-boxer named Bob Saginowski (played by Tom Hardy) who decides to take on the ownership of a bar in Brooklyn. After purchasing the bar from his cousin, Marv (James Gandolfini), he is sent on a journey of crime, chaos, and debauchery.

👉 Casablanca (1942) 

Featuring: Humphrey BogartIngrid BergmanClaude Rains

Winner of 3 Academy Awards.  By far the most iconic movie featuring the great Humphrey Bogart (many of his bartending quotes are famous, too), Casablanca won Best Picture in 1944. The movie is centered around a nightclub owner Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) who wants to protect an old girlfriend and her husband from invading Nazis.

👉 Trees Lounge (1996)

Written, directed, and starring Steve Buscemi, this film takes us into the possible dark sides of bars and drinking. Tommy (Steve Buscemi) plays a self-destructive alcoholic whose life revolves around the Trees Lounge, a local bar.

👉 Lost In Translation (2003)

Featuring: Bill MurrayScarlett JohanssonGiovanni Ribisi

Focusing more on the drinkers at a bar than the bartenders themselves, this great movie is still a must-watch for every aspiring bartender. Featuring the incredible Bill Murray along side the beautiful Scarlett Johansson, the story shows us a chance encounter between two individuals at a bar in Tokyo – and the unsuspecting relationship that slowly begins to to take shape between them.

👉 Hey Bartender (2013)

Featuring: Steve SchneiderSteve CarpentieriJim Meehan

Hey Bartender, a critically acclaimed documentary, is too good not to list here. The documentary gives us an inside look at the most exclusive bars in New York, and features interviews with some of the world’s most renowned bartenders – as well the “comeback of the cocktail.”

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Requirements in Order to Become a Bartender

You Must Become Certified. Bartenders mix and serve alcoholic beverages and other drinks to bar and restaurant patrons. Bartenders must know about different varieties and brands of beer, wine, and spirits and how to serve each. They must also learn and master cocktail-making techniques like shaking, stirring, pouring, and muddling. An important part of being a bartender is providing good customer service. Bartenders take orders, collect payment and make change, recommend drinks, and make conversation with their customers. They also maintain a clean working area and may be responsible for keeping their bar well-stocked. Follow the age requirements in your state in order to be certified.   Minimum ages to bartend

What if I have a Criminal Record?

There are no restrictions prohibiting persons who have been indicted for on mesdeamenor or felony charges.  Keep in mind, these charges will not prohibit you from obtaining certification, but such charges could stifle your chances of landing a job.  Be ready to explain the charges in an interview.  If you have changed your life since then, make sure you not only explain that to the interviewer, but why.  

I have a DUI or Alcohol-Related Charges, can I be a Bartender?

You can, unless there are requirements attached to your probation order that prohibit you from being in or around drinking establishments. What kind of training is required to become a bartender? Most bartenders don’t complete formal training for their jobs. Bartenders may teach themselves or learn on the job by working as a bartender helper or assistant. Some bartenders go to bartending schools to receive their initial training. Bartending schools exist across the United States, and experts recommend choosing one that is licensed by your state’s department of education and offers programs that take at least 40 hours to complete. Students in bartending courses learn how to use bar equipment, mix a wide variety of cocktails, pour different types of beverages, and provide good customer service. They may also learn about health and safety issues, working with cash registers, and interviewing for bartender positions. Are there any certification or licensure requirements? Very few states require bartenders to meet any licensing or certification requirements. Washington state, for example, requires bartenders to complete an alcohol server training course and apply for a permit. Wisconsin has similar requirements. Check with your state’s liquor control board to see what, if anything, bartenders must do before they can start working. How long does it take to become a bartender? There is no one strict path to becoming a bartender, and you could begin working as a bartender as soon as you meet your state’s age requirements. Some states set the minimum age for bartenders at 18, while others require bartenders to be at least 21 years old. What does a bartender earn? Most bartenders rely heavily upon tips to supplement their hourly wage. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2012, bartenders in the United States earned a median of $9.09 per hour, including tips. The top ten percent of bartenders made more than $15 per hour that year. What are the job prospects? The BLS expects that employment of bartenders in the United States will grow by 12 percent between 2012 and 2020, about as fast as the average growth for all occupations. While employment will grow, competition for bartending jobs may be strong. Bartenders can enhance their job prospects by gaining experience and training. What are the long term career prospects for bartenders? Bartenders who gain working experience will be more likely to land lucrative jobs with busy, successful bars and restaurants. Some bartenders may advance into restaurant management or even open their own bars. How can I find a job as a bartender? Search for job openings in your area and apply and interview in a professional manner. Search for openings that might be a good fit for your interests; if you are interested in sports, for example, then a sports bar may be a good place for you. Network with other bartenders to find out about job openings in your area. How can I learn more about becoming a bartender? If you want to learn more about bartending, you can learn a lot by talking to a bartender. Build a rapport with bartenders in various bars and restaurants to learn more about the profession and the job scene in your area.    

Get Bartender Training & become a Bartender at Bartending School

Bartending is the profession that caters everybody and is easy to progress in. Becoming a bartender can open the way to an extensive variety of jobs in the hospitality industry including restaurants, hotels, occasion and cooking industries.Bartending career openings are not quite recently restricted to bars and hotels. Bartending openings are accessible in travel and entertainment businesses for example.We are taking online reserving for Bartending Course. The Local Bartending School is viewed as the premier bartending school in the USA. Teaching is done by certified instructors who will demonstrate you well ordered on what it takes to make a decent drink. All abilities are found out with genuine jugs yet alcohol. It is coloured coded water, but looks are realistic. Local Bartending School was composed to help teach people of all levels. Our Bartending School is energetic about our desire to educate altered, private lessons to all ages and capacities all through America. We can help you acquire bunches of cash being a bartender! What Will You Learn in School? For the most part, You will learn more than 200 fundamental and favour drink formulas, Prepare numerous drinks rapidly and effortlessly, How to cut fruit and decorate tropical and speciality cocktails, How to set up a bar workstation Bartending is a hands-on process. Courses will include dealing with a bar, drink formulas, association, running a POS ( the purpose of the offer) machine, and learn liquor security. Longer courses regularly include included preparing in table administration, more propelled beverages, style bartending traps, and an assortment of extra data. For learning Local Bartending School gives you Bartending Kits in $159 esteem. How Much Does it Cost? Essential online video courses can run anywhere in the range of $35 to $200.In-class courses fluctuate in cost in light of the length and depth of the instruction. It is genuinely basic to see these projects keep running in the $200 to $400 range, however now and again they can be very costly. One prevalent case is the New York Bartending School, which costs almost $600 for an exhaustive 40-hour class. Certification Local Bartending School gives two sorts of the certificate.
  1. TIPS Responsible Serving Certification and
  2. State Certification.
(Both testing offered in the security of your own home) The authentication is Valid in each of the 50 States of USA. A few states will require a subsequent exam with a state-utilized delegate so as to confirm your personality. The delegated exam costs $35-80 and takes 30-120 minutes. Contingent upon your state, LBS might have the capacity to cover this charge for you.

Purchase your Bartending Kits at Local Bartending School

The Local Bartending School is viewed as the premier bartending school in the USA. Teaching is done by certified instructors who will demonstrate you well ordered on what it takes to make a decent drink. Our Bartending School is energetic about our desire to educate altered, private lessons to all ages and capacities all through America. We can help you acquire bunches of cash being a bartender! Bartending Kit Regardless of whether you are an experienced bartender, or just tending your home bar, the Bartender Kit is the ideal mixed drink shaker set for all your bartending needs. This stainless steel 24 ounce shaker works extraordinary for blending an assortment of drinks. This set accompanies all that you have to blend your most loved drinks. The rustproof shaker incorporates an inherent strainer to keep the ice inside while pouring drinks. There is a two sided jigger for measuring one half ounce or an ounce of your most loved alcohols. The blending spoon can help you with your mixing needs, and the muddler works incredible for boosting the kinds of your natural products, herbs and flavors. The set additionally incorporates two pourers that fit most alcohol jugs and help you maintain a strategic distance from spills. Bartending Kit Includes: 1- 4 Prong Strainer 1-Stainless Steel 28 Oz Shaker 1-Stainless Steel 1 Oz/1.5Oz Jigger 2-Colored Pourer Nozzles Practice cocktail straws 2-36 Oz' Practice Liquor Bottles Food colored liquid for practice 1-Colored Shot Glass 1 Oz How much it cost? Get your Bartending kits only in $159 and also in All In-Home Courses Include a 100 pg. Workbook ($19.99 value). Certification Local Bartending School gives two sorts of the certificate.
  1. TIPS Responsible Serving Certification and
  2. State Certification.
(Both testing offered in the security of your own home) The authentication is Valid in each of the 50 States of USA. A few states will require a subsequent exam with a state-utilized delegate so as to confirm your personality. The delegated exam costs $35-80 and takes 30-120 minutes. Contingent upon your state, LBS might have the capacity to cover this charge for you.

Choose the best bartending schools in Alaska | Local Bartending School

Bartending License Requirements for Alaska

In the State of Alaska, all bartenders/ servers of mixed drinks MUST get affirmed liquor server preparing inside 30 days of business. Along these lines, an alcohol server course is mandatory.The foundations in Alaska are permitted to serve liquor from 8 am to 5 am the next morning consistently unless we are on the election days.Minimum age required to serve mixed drinks in Alaska is 21.Remember that each state has its prerequisites for enrolling in a bartender school and getting a license.With years in business, we are the premiere Alaska bartending school for all ages and abilities. What are the different requirements when enrolling in a bartending school in Alaska? To select in a bartending school, you have to meet the prerequisites that they require. These conditions are likewise important to get a bartender license. Before selecting it would be helpful for you to look at and see the school before entering.This way you can encounter what a specific bartending school in Alaska offers while visiting it. Bars and restaurants in Alaska dependably require qualified bartenders with great bartending aptitudes such as mixing drinks and customer handling to keep a business running and growing.We show you how to be a capable and authorized bartender in one of the best bars and restaurants in the state in only7 days! Considering that you are managing clients throughout the day when working throughout the day, good manners can prove to be useful. Keep in mind that customers are the source of your paycheck and tips.Our proficient instructors will make you talented and educated in that area also. Teaching materials like instructional booklets and reading material ought to be of good quality. The books ought to be bound and printed professionally.The classrooms must incorporate the latest teaching equipment.Local Bartending School will give you the exercise manuals, equipment, and materials for your training.Bartending schools charge by the hour. Alaska Bartending Course Cost: Depending upon what Bartender School in Alaska you are enlisting not the amount differs. Here are a few examples: 40 hours = $695 40 hours = $400 10 hours = $250-$350 With respect to Online Bartending School, the expenses are at a level rate. You are probably going to spend $35, $55 or $75 for each course pay additional for materials like printed book aides and bar equipment utilized for learning. We have courses as low as $47.50 (hourly, in-home), $229 (bartending basics) and up per student!Training might be taken in-class, face to face or on the web.You can learn at the convenience of your home or on one of our areas in Alaska relying upon your accessibility and training needs. Call 877-447-4745 to Start Your Course Today in Alaska.  

Bartending Kits | Local Bartending School

What tools do you find essential when learning bartending?

To learn to bartend, you need a variety of bar tools and gadget, frequently more than you might suspect, particularly if you need to be perceived as a professional.Maximum bars may have the essential bartender kit, together with shakers and bottle openers, but depending on where you figure, they will no longer offer all of the matters that make your task less difficult. Apart from the most common items (bottle opener, wine key, shaker),  there is an entire listing of different tools and things which are beneficial for studying to bartend at home or online.
  • The Stir- Any cocktail that includes booze and most effective booze need to be stirred.
  • The Glassware- In case you splurge on one element of your cocktail arsenal, make it the glassware.
  • The Shake- Any drink with non-spirit additives—assume citrus juice, egg whites—should be shaken.
  • The Batch- Flaunting your mixology skills seems like an awesome party trick, however, consider the possibility that you really need to talk to your guests? Enter batching.
  • Shaker— This is required for any drink that should be shaken and the glass half can be utilized as a mixing glass as well.
  • Mixing glass—Search out a diamond-cut Yarra to mix like a pro. Whether you operate a mixing glass or a quick shaker, you’ll want one or the opposite to create and blend up cocktails.
  • Bar spoon—The long, thin handle is perfect for appropriate mixing. This tool can crush ice, muddle, and stir cocktails.
  • Strainer— After liquids are shaken with ice within the Boston Shaker, they need to be strained into their final vessel.
  • Jigger—A double-sided metal container used to measure out your liquor.
This set accompanies all that you have to mix your favorite drinks. The set even comes with a 100 pg. Workbook with recipes for those who need a little inspiration when it comes to mixology. Buy Bartender Kits for Practice, Study and for Home from Local bartending school.Get Bartending Kit in just $159 and learn about Bartending Course at Home or Online with Certificate.Use all of the tools of a bar, in the comfort and convenience of your own home & learn the bartending at home or online.