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Pennsylvania bartending certification

Bartending in Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania is a fantastic launchpad for your bartending journey, and here’s why: The Keystone State offers a mix of fun and opportunity. When it comes to earnings, you’re looking at an hourly wage of around $9 to $14, which can translate to an annual income of $18,000 to $29,000 – and that’s just the start.

Hold onto your mixing spoons – the magic happens with tips! Bartenders often scoop up more in tips than their hourly wage, making each shift a rewarding adventure in cash and creativity.

Pennsylvania’s population is growing, and that means more folks are thirsty for a great night out. Thriving cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Allentown are your playgrounds for mixing it up. From the chic bars of Rittenhouse Square in Philly to the trendy spots in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, there’s no shortage of places to shine.

Whether you’re concocting cocktails in the Steel City or the City of Brotherly Love, the blend of population growth, buzzing cities, and tips galore make Pennsylvania a perfect spot to kickstart your bartending career.

Minimum Age to Serve Drinks in Pennsylvania: 18

Bartending License Rules in Pennsylvania

If you’re looking to sell or serve drinks in Pennsylvania, here’s the deal: You need to complete Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP) server/seller training within six months of starting the job.

This rule applies to everyone who checks IDs, including bartenders, waiters, bouncers, and more. 
Important: If you’ve already completed RAMP training before getting hired, you’re good to go!

You'll earn the RAMP certification after finishing these 5 components:

  • Owner/Manager Training
  • Server/Selling Training
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Signage
  • Affidavit Request for RAMP Certification

What do you Need to Know to Become a Bartender in Pennsylvania? 

Every piece of info you gather is like adding gems to your treasure trove. Remember, “Knowledge is power!” The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s website is a goldmine of relevant details.

They’ve got you covered with:

  • Wine permits and expanded permits
  • Job options all across the state
  • A license search engine
  • A chance to connect with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
  • Online training providers for servers and sellers
  • Public meeting times and places for PLCB members
  • RAMP training
  • How to order stuff
  • Access to licenses and ID cards
  • Annual reports
  • License compliance programs
  • The LOOP program

While these aren’t must-haves for bartending in Pennsylvania, the more you learn, the brighter your career path. You might even dream of starting your own bar someday, armed with all that wisdom.

Oh, and speaking of dreams, remember that LBS’s Job Placement program is like your magic wand for landing your first bartending gig. They’ve got your back all the way!

Where I Can Learn Bartending in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, there are a variety of ways to learn bartending. You can explore online programs for convenience or find classes in cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and more (check the list here: https://localbartendingschool.com/pennsylvania/).

However, the ultimate learning experience comes with LBS’s unique 1-on-1 private lessons. With this special program, you have the flexibility to learn on your own schedule and location – plus, your instructor can come to you at no extra cost, making it the best hands-on option for mastering the art of bartending.

Best Places to Work as a Bartender in Pennsylvania

When it comes to finding great places to work as a bartender in Pennsylvania, you’ve got some fantastic options to choose from. In bustling cities like Philadelphia, head over to “The Franklin Bar” (112 S 18th St) for a historic speakeasy vibe.


In Pittsburgh, check out “Butcher and the Rye” (212 6th St) – known for its craft cocktails and chic atmosphere. Don’t miss out on Bethlehem’s charm – visit “The Bookstore Speakeasy” (336 Adams St) for a unique experience.

And if you’re in Allentown, “The Dime” (12 N 7th St) offers a trendy setting with inventive drinks. Each of these spots brings a unique flavor to the Pennsylvania bartending scene, making your journey behind the bar truly unforgettable.