Bartending Lessons: Life Skills For Life

Bartending Lessons: Life Skills For Life

I do not know what you think about bartending skills but one thing that I have come to appreciate about bartending is the skills. I have been able to gather a few skills that have not only been used in the bartending job but also in other areas of life.

Based on experience, bartending will teach you on how to be an all-around person. It will teach you about confidence, humility, social acuity and the value of hard work. When it comes to bartending, you might not want to stop bartending

Working as a bartender can help you gather a few skills so long as you will you work on yourself. These skills that you learn,  you can be able to transfer to other areas of your life. There are four major skills that you can enhance your life.

These skills are discussed below.

People Skills

Out of the four skills listed, the most practical and obvious skill to develop is the people skill. Considering that bartending involves spending most of your time surrounded by people most times and the main purpose is customer service.

This job requires a high level of skill in communication and also dealing with other people.  Due to the nature of people skills, you will learn:

  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Sales skills
  • Teamwork
  • Training and teaching skills
  • Humility

These skills are not only valuable in the professional aspect but also in every aspect of life. This is because it involves interaction with other people.  This might be a simple interaction at the grocery shop, or at the gym or by simply starting a business.

Work Ethic

In the hospitality industry, there is always something to do. It is no secret bartenders do work extra hard. There long nights long hours, being on your feet, dealing with customer’s complaints and dealing with rude customers are just some of the things that make the hospitality industry one of most difficult to work in and it requires hard work.

When it comes to work ethics, the sooner you develop a strong one, the better it is for you. Bartending and the hospitality industry will teach and reinforce the value of hard work. By learning this you will become more successful as a person in any profession you choose to go into.

Bartending will teach you resilience and you will learn how to take up initiate in the workplace. It will help build the mental strength on how to get things done even when you do not want to do them.  Bartending will teach you how to work best under pressure and also stress.

Organizational Skills

To work efficiently behind the bar counter, organizational skills need to be at the top of their game. If you are disorganized, your night can go down the drain fast within the blink of an eye.

Organization at the bar will mean, how well your bar equipment, bottles, and other products are behind the counter.  They need to be put in a neat and efficient way to enhance their accessibility, make it easy for you to clean, and make it easy to grab when you are having a busy night.

Organizational skills will help you manage your own time, and help you prioritize your tasks. It will also help teach you how to make quick and decisive decisions even when under pressure. It will enhance multi-tasking and this is a good skill to have in any professional area.

When working at a high-volume and high-intensity bar, organizational skills and multi-tasking are a must-have skill. These skills will prevent the bar from crashing and burning. The only way to avoid this is by being highly organized.

Organizational skills are both important in both professional and personal life. They can help you get more things done and help in prioritization.


When it comes to being a bartender, you will need to be knowledgeable when it comes to cocktails, wine, food, tea, coffee, spirits, and beer. When you prove to be knowledgeable in these areas, you can get other professions out of bartending but within the food and beverage industry.

These jobs can be bar/venue manager, sommelier, brand ambassador, bar consultant among other.  Apart from this, you can teach your family and friends about food and alcohol in social situations. When people get to learn about their food and drink, it makes a great start point for great conversations.

How are these skills transferable?

These skills are not directly transferable to other professions but with the right kind of attitude, you can learn how to make it work. Your human skills will be better than you started. The most beautiful aspect is that you are on your way to being the best.

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