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Becoming a Bartender

Becoming a Bartender

Many People Ask The Vital Question: How Do I Become a Bartender?

As a new person to bartending, you may have some questions about how to start
playing well, fast.   Becoming a bartender is easy.  I have put together answers to the questions we get
the most:


How much can I make?
As with any job, salaries and tips range based on the city and bar. We find it
common for bartenders to make between $50k and 120k . The big difference
is whether or not you can connect with your customers and work in a busy,
upscale bar.

What skills should I learn first?
We recommend that you learn all of the basic drinks, bar management, and how
to pour first. This includes skills that will increase the number of drinks per hour
and therefore the amount of money tips you make. Just as important, we’ll show
you ways to make ever customer seem like they’re the most important person in
the bar.
What certifications do I need?
Bartending jobs can be competitive so state and local certification is a must. This
is a course and test provided by the government. When completed with us, you will
get your own state license card to accompany your job interview.

TIPS certification is very important, because it helps bring down the costs of the
bar owner’s insurance policy. While not state-mandated, a one-day course and
certification test provided by our school, will give you a leading edge.

When do courses start?
Everything starts next week. We will need to get you signed up as soon as possible
so we can meet the registration deadline.

Are you still interested in becoming a bartender?

Contact us below.

Steve Seminara

Local Bartending School offers private lessons, camps, semi-privates,
state certification, and TIPS certification at over 2,500 locations.

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