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Brian Matte

Brian Matte

10122 Palms Blvd #16, Los Angeles, CA

(585) 797-9984



Seeking a position as a bartender where I can utilize the bartending skills obtained through Local Bartending School, including profit pouring, mixology, and knowledge of essential health and safety codes.


Bartending –Utilize expansive knowledge of mixed beverages, specialty liquors and craft beers to serve customers and support waitstaff.

Efficiency –Mix, pour and serve drinks for bar clientele as well as restaurant waitstaff. Serve meal options and answer customer questions about the drink and food menus.

Friendly – Greets every customer with a hello and a smile, even if he or she cannot serve the customer right away. Being kind, even towards frustrated customers, is important

Composure – maintains all the bartender qualities such as memory, communication, organization, and friendliness – even under pressure.

Additional Skills


Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Logic Pro X, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Unreal Game Engine 4, FMOD, Maya, HTML5, Python, Java

Education and Certification

Local Bartending School (2018)
eTIPs + State Serving Certification – Responsible Serving

Ithaca College (2014 – 2017)
Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Science in Television & Radio w/ Audio Production Concentration

Work Experience

Patrick Property Services (2015-2018)
Mowed, trimmed, and mulched multiple properties throughout spring and summer
Shoveled and blew snow in winter
Planted shrubs and took down trees

Rosewood Sound (2017)
Live Sound Mixer
Mixed both front of house and monitors at various venues
Assisted with maintenance of audio equipment
Set up and took down all equipment for shows

Rogan’s Corner (2014 – 2017)
Delivery Driver
Organized and streamlined customer orders
Delivered orders to their destinations
Washed dishes and pans

Jitter’s Cafe (2013-2014)
Created and served coffee, tea, and other beverage orders
Cooked and delivered food orders
Kneaded and stored pizza dough