In Home Bartending Course

In Home Bartending Course

We need to talk…

Usually when someone says, “We need to talk”, it means you are in TROUBLE

In this case, we need to talk to Change your Perception of “School”

School Can Take Place in The Comfort of Your Home?!

Yes, –Using all of the tools of a bar, in the comfort and convenience of your own home,— you- can get certified – with a teacher.

What’s better than a private instructor who can work with you at your own pace!?

But, LBS.. Don’t I need practice in an actual bar?

Truth is:  you don’t.  

Most schools won’t tell you, they don’t use a real bar.  (They use the tools and equipment from a bar.)  We bring these tools to you!

Forget driving to a state-authorized testing facility.

    This facility drive to you.

LBS is the ONLY school that will certify you in all states through a single in-home, hands-on course – AT YOUR HOME. 

Female friends ordering drinks from barkeepe

We’re Going to Bring the Party Home!

Six, nine or 12 hours of personal training is combined with our online platform. A REAL bartender shows you the ropes!

Our instructors travel to your home. It is the same price as our classes. So, Why not?

Your Course Includes a Practice Kit With: ($65 value)


Bartender making cocktails at the bar counter

Move over College Degree! — Awesome Certificates to Hang on Your Wall.

(All certification offered in the privacy of your own home)

We Give you a Certificate VALID IN ALL 50 STATES!

Moving to another State? No problemo señor, LBS will officially register your certification in the new state. 

In order to receive your state card or to be registered, you must contact us to arrange. You must provide proof you moved to the state. 

Fine Print

Some states will require a follow up exam with a state-employed proctor in order to verify your identity. The proctored exam costs $35-80 and takes 30-120 minutes. Depending on your state, LBS may be able to cover this fee for you.

Who is LBS and Why Should I Trust Them?

LBS, established in 2011, is an international bartending school. The talented, certified teachers have taught over 11,511+ students in-person and through out online platform for remote learning.

Past In-Home Students

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