Cair Wood


Seeking a position as a bartender where I can utilize the bartending skills obtained through Local Bartending School, including profit pouring, mixology, and knowledge of essential health and safety codes.


◉ Bartending – Utilize expansive knowledge of mixed beverages, specialty liquors and craft beers to serve customers and support waitstaff.

◉ Efficiency – Mix, pour and serve drinks for bar clientele as well as restaurant waitstaff. Serve meal options and answer customer questions about the drink and food menus.

◉ Friendly - Greets every customer with a hello and a smile, even if he or she cannot serve the customer right away. Being kind, even towards frustrated customers, is important

◉ Composure - maintains all the bartender qualities such as memory, communication, organization, and friendliness – even under pressure.

Education and Certification

Local Bartending School (2019)

eTIPs + Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education

◉ Go over glasses, tools and set bar

◉ Free Pour

◉ Shot pour

◉ Cutting Fruit

◉ Mixed drinks

◉ How to use a strainer and shaker

◉ Mixology and Popular Drink Recipes

◉ Checking ID’s

East High School (2002)

◉ High School Diploma

Work Experience

Claim Service Associate – State Farm Insurance Anchorage, AK, Bakersfield, CA, and Tacoma, WA (2005 - 2018)

◉ Deliver a remarkable customer experience throughout the reporting and handling of auto claims. Work in a team environment to handle and investigate high volume work.

◉ Working in culturally diverse environment with conflicting personality. Collaborated with open communication to resolve conflicts. Resulting in positive working environment.

◉ Provided exceptional service for emotionally distressed callers. Listened to the customer concerns, acknowledge, and apologize for concerns.

◉ Moved to multiple locations as needed per company direction. By championing change I helped make the transition into newly formed departments a positive and fun environment.

◉ Every customer interaction I had was tailored to the unique needs of each person. I quickly intuited their needs by asking non-invasive direct questions. Providing a memorable and comprehensive customer service experience.

◉ Often a customer did not have the appropriate coverage and I had to tell them no I will not be able to help them. Using “can” instead of “can’t”, I was able to redirect the negative energy into an uplifting experience.

Floor Staff – Regal Fireweed Theater Anchorage, AK (2006 - 2008)

◉ Upselling concessions as outlined by manager. Finding the products that best suited the customer and selling to them as outlined by company standards to the customers best interest.

◉ Efficiently multi tasked in a fast-paced environment, ensuring quick and thorough problem resolution.

◉ Sunny Sunday in October: I was manning the box office alone when a young man came in wielding a gun and demanding all the money in the register. Calmly and efficiently I gave him the two twenties, one five, and three ones that were visible in the register. What wasn’t visible due to my safe money handling practices was the deposit with big bills hidden under the cash drawer waiting for my manager to come and pick up. The young man left, disappointed. After calling my manager, I began writing down everything I could remember, down to the tattoo on his left hand, for the police. I learned that day when in a crisis I am focused and clear until it is safe – then the nerves can take over.

Restaurant Manager – Subway of Alaska Anchorage, AK (1998 - 2005)

◉ Built business by establishing positive community relations and providing consistent, quality product.

◉ Increased volume of repeat customers due to outgoing personality and exceptional guest service.

◉ Managed all facets of restaurant operations, including hiring, maintain business records, inventory/ordering, scheduling, hiring, training, and ensure all local/national health and food safety codes are maintained and ensure staff adheres to all company safety and security policies.

◉ Created and maintained relationships with regular customers. Increasing community relations and customer base.

Bartending Volunteer Work

◉ Seattle Oktoberfest, Sept 2017 - Floor Crew

◉ Spokane Renaissance Faire, October 2017 - Bar cleanup

◉ Great Alaska Beer and Barley Wine Festival, January 2009 - Alcohol Server with valid AK TAP server card