Bar Consulting & Staffing

Local Bartending School knows how complicated owning a bar can be. That’s because it’s team has dozens of years in the industry. Our expertise will simplify your operations.
We can help your company with the following:
-Hiring proper staff/Job placement
-Reducing […]

Other Drink Recipes

Bloody Mary
I’m breaking my highball rule here, but that’s okay because I don’t think of the Bloody Mary as a highball. Though nearly every cocktail manual I own lists it as such, I take a different view. A highball just […]

Mixed Drinks Training

WELL, CALL or TOP SHELF (Upselling) 
A well drink or rail drink is an alcoholic beverage served using the lower-cost liquors stored within easy reach of the bartender in the counter ‘speed rail’ or well.  Rail drinks differ from “call” drinks in that the former is […]

[VIDEO] Make a Vodka Watermelon Keg

This is an interesting new way to east vodka-flavored watermelon!
It takes a couple days to create and to let the vodka fully-infuse the watermelon. It is well-worth the wait. When you first tip the vodka bottles over, a […]


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