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10 Things That Annoy Your Bartender

10 Things That Annoy Your Bartender

I know this is one of the most hotly debated questions ever asked in the bartending job. “Should a bartender really ever be annoyed, after all, he/she is in the service industry?”’ Well, some will still be annoyed by the subject and others will be annoyed by the things that annoy buy bartenders.

At the end of the day, we bartenders, are human and it is in our human nature to be annoyed.

So, what annoys us as bartenders?

  1. Be Specific-Know What You Want

Trust me, I was hired one for my ability to be creative and my ability to come up with drinks just for you and in this line of business, the statement “help me help you” plays an important role. Even when you do not know what you want, trust me your taste buds will always want something. So, a statement with, “I don’t mind having something with a gin in it” is a step towards the right direction.

  1. Flashing Your Money So That You Get Served

Trust me, I see you when you get in the bar. Ad I have a memory who gets in the bar and in what order.  Like any other self-respecting thing, I would like to be done to me also, is to serve the people in that particular order as well. This will not make me give you any faster treatment or circumnavigate you miraculously to the start of the line.

  1. Snapping Your Fingers To Get Their Attention

Before proceeding, remember to always keep calm in the bar.  It is important, not only for me but also for everyone else. Anything that goes in with trying too much to get my attention, trust me it is in this list, this includes a whistle, a shout and anything that you would not like to do in the real world.

  1. Ripping Napkins And Bottle Labels Into Small Tiny Pieces And Leaving Them On Them Scattered On The Table

The napkins and coasters play an important role in keeping the bar clean. Please also not chew on the straws.  These are also not meant to put in your olive pits on them. This as well goes to trash you put in the glass as well.  This will have to come out before it goes to the dishwasher. By all means be responsible enough to put the trash in the bin and also exercise some self-control and not chew the straws or tear up napkins and bottle labels into confetti.

  1. Trying To “Persuade” Them For A Drink After-Hour

Unless you do not care if I spend a night or so in jail, by all means, go ahead. But I will need to remind you that there are laws that are against this kind of request. But I really do not want to spend the night in a jail somewhere.

  1. Ordering A Drink And Taking It Back Saying It Is Not What You Wanted Or It Does Not Taste Right

If the drink is not what you ordered, by all means, I will accept my mistake and take it back. In the case of the drink is the right one but it does not taste a little bit different compared to what you had the last you were here, then something definitely has to do with your taste buds. I will not take that back.

  1. It’s My Birthday, I Want Free Drinks

The easiest way not to get a free drink is to ask for one. This goes for “it is my birthday” statement. It is someone’s birthday every single time. I will be glad and very happy to wish you a birthday but kindly also remember I am working and also trying very hard to make a living. We are also human, at the end of the day, if I want to give you a free drink, trust me, I will. It will eventually come if you are a good customer. After all who doesn’t like a freebie?

  1. Trying To Negotiate The Price

Never ever has it ever worked like this, when a drink is $5 then that is the price, do not pull the “what is that the best offer?” For me, I serve and ask the price as indicated in the menu or as dictated. This is the price that everyone else is charged.  My apologies if the price does not suit you. This also goes also to you who waits until I make the drink then starts scrambling into your wallet or pull out some crumpled bills to pay when I am done with making the drink. That is why I tell you the price before it starts making it

  1. Make It Strong, There Is A Good Tip For You

True, I will not deny it, I do love big tips but there is a certain number of drinks that my bottle needs to make.  So if you ask me to put in less ice or put your drink in the tallest glass available or generally anything related to making it strong for you, the same amount booze goes into it.

  1. Sexual Harassment Is A No No

I think there are laws everywhere that protect you against sexual harassment at the workplace. Just because I work at a bar does not mean I am not working, this is my workplace and not a place for me to date. There are available people in the bar who are already drunk and ready to be hit on. Why of all people would you choose to hit on the sober one?

How to not annoy your bartender? Remember we are all humans and yes, the bar is a place to have fun and let loss but that does not mean that your manners need to be left at the door once you get in the bar. Let us make the world a better place by treating each other nice and have a good time.

Local Bartending School in 10 Things That Annoy Your Bartender

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5 Tequila Cocktails To Advance Your Bartending Skills

5 Tequila Cocktails To Advance Your Bartending Skills

As tequila continues to make inroads into U.S. cocktail culture, more and more people are discovering its amazing versatility and complexity. They’re realizing that while the Margarita is a classic cocktail for a reason—it’s delicious and brilliantly simple—it’s by no means the be-all, end-all for tequila. The ancient agave spirit comes in several forms, from blanco to reposado to añejo, and it can be sipped neat or on the rocks—as well as mixed into a much wider variety of cocktails than previously given credit for.

Here are five such drinks, in ascending order of difficulty (though none of them is too difficult). Master these to further stoke your passion for home bartending and progress on your journey of tequila knowledge. Our list starts with two classics, followed by three originals that showcase the underappreciated flexibility of Mexico’s storied national spirit.

Blanco Margarita

Cocktail origin stories are notoriously hazy, perhaps none more so than the Margarita’s. There are at least four different version of the tale, and they involve a Hollywood-worthy cast of characters, from a Tijuana bartender and a beautiful dancer to a Dallas socialite and a wealthy hotelier. There’s even a rendition involving the famous singer Peggy Lee (“Fever”). There are also a number of ways to make this classic. The best, in our opinion, is to keep it simple, use a quality blanco tequila, and elevate it with agave syrup instead of smothering it with orange-flavored liqueur.

    The Essentials

  • Blanco Tequila
  • Fresh Lime Juice
  • Agave Nectar

Earth and Sun Paloma

Fun fact about this drink: the Paloma—and not its more famous counterpart, the Margarita—is the national cocktail of Mexico. With good reason: the sweet, tart, and crisp accents of the grapefruit soda combine beautifully with the earthy flavor of the reposado tequila, making for a uniquely flavorful concoction. It’s also a snap to make. Check it out (and avoid any grapefruit sodas sweetened with corn syrup).

    The Essentials

  • Reposado Tequila
  • Fresh Lime Juice
  • Grapefruit Soda (to top)

Sonoran Oasis

Think of this as the Paloma’s sophisticated older cousin who’s studied abroad and come back with a little worldly experience and added dimension. It’s an ideal companion for interesting conversation in a shady spot on a scorching hot afternoon.

    The Essentials

  • Reposado Tequila
  • Fresh Lime Juice
  • Grapefruit Soda

Santa Fe Sunset

Show off some bartending chops by using the unexpected combination of Champagne and tequila in this advanced yet still easy-to-make sipper. It’s a vivid creation that tastes as good as it looks, and puts the underappreciated adaptability of tequila front and center.

    The Essentials

  • Blanco Tequila
  • Fresh Blood Orange Juice
  • Champagne

Puerto Vallarta

The Mexican resort town of Puerto Vallarta sits on the Pacific Coast in the state of Jalisco, the heart of tequila country. This adjustable formula makes for a sensational beachside tipple, while also adding an excellent, uncomplicated entry to your repertoire of tequila cocktails.

    The Essentials

  • Blanco Tequila
  • Fresh Pineapple Juice
  • Fresh Lime Juice

Local Bartending School in 5 Tequila Cocktails To Advance Your Bartending Skills

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98791 AK Bartending School

98791 AK Bartending School

Local Bartending School in 98791 AK Bartending School

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A Bartender’s Guide to Glassware: Choosing the Right Glass for Each Drink

A Bartender’s Guide to Glassware: Choosing the Right Glass for Each Drink

As new bartenders or bar owners, you might be tempted to throw on an old red Solo cup for every cocktail…please don’t!

As a bartender or bar owner, you know that presentation is key. Pouring your drinks into the wrong glass can quickly take away from your guest experience and make them feel like they’re not getting their money’s worth.

Here are the basics of glassware so you can be sure that you are using the correct glasses for each kind of drink.

Let’s take away any awkward moments where customers feel like they’re not with the professional bartender we know you are/can be! Pour drinks into the right glasses! Brush up on our crash course in glassware to get it just right.

Why Glassware Matters

As a new bartender, you might think the most important thing to get right is the recipe of your cocktails but when it comes to presentation subjectivity plays a large role.

But when new bartenders are learning about the plethora of glassware options out there, I hear a common question.

“It’s just a glass–why is it so important when you’re serving cocktails?”

If you’re serving specialty cocktails, remember that as a newbie you’re being judged on presentation first and foremost – and unfortunately for us newbies, proper glassware is what can make or break us.

Choosing the correct drinkware can help enhance and release the aromas your cocktail has to offer.

The size of the glass’s mouth plays a pivotal role in releasing aromas that excite taste buds and tantalize drinkers.

Plus, in order to maintain the drink at its intended temperature, you must use the correct type of glassware: take stemmed wine glasses, for example—not only does it look more aesthetically pleasing, but having a stem keeps those warm human hands down and away from the liquid! (Would zombies have all stemless ware? I’m truly curious…)

This way, the wine stays cool and maintains its naturally-intended flavor.

Keeping all these points in mind, glassware should not be taken lightly as it can definitely make or break your mixology masterpiece.

A Real-Life Bartender Story

I had been working at the upscale restaurant for a few months now, and so far it had been going pretty smoothly. We specialized in craft cocktails using fresh ingredients with unique glassware to match each drink. But I was about to have my first encounter with one of our more picky customers.

He walked up to the bar and asked for a Green Tea shot with tequila as a cocktail. I was taken aback– this wasn’t something we often made– but I went ahead and poured it into a coupe glass like usual. The customer seemed unimpressed though, complaining that he felt like “a bitch” drinking out of that type of glass. So I poured it again into a rocks glass instead, which he accepted grudgingly.

When he actually wanted a shot later on, however, things got even worse! All we had were these fancy stemmed shot glasses, which apparently weren’t good enough for him either! He started ranting about how ridiculous they looked and what kind of place served shots in such an unconventional manner? And all I could do was laugh nervously and explain that those were the only shot glasses we had available at the moment!

After his rant ended and he finally left the bar area, my coworkers all turned to me incredulously asking: “Does glassware really matter that much?!”

The moral of the story is, yes glassware matters. But to some, it really, really matters.

Tell Us! How often have you had a guest complain about the type of glassware you used for a cocktail?

First, Learn the Essentials

Coupe Glass

Coupe glasses are short stemmed glasses with a wide bowl at the top — think of it as an upside-down champagne flute. They are traditionally used to serve cocktails such as Martinis, Margaritas, and Manhattans. The wide brim allows aromas to develop in the drink while still keeping it cold, making this a great option for drinks served ‘up’ (without ice).

So if you’re after drinks with alluring scents yet aren’t one for serving lukewarm beverages (which by the way, you should not be!), go timelessly cool by opting for these classic glasses!

Not only do they look cool—they let your guest enjoy every last drop of your delicious concoction too!

The Collins Glass

The Collins glass is tall and skinny, perfect for those who like their drinks to be refreshing and light. This glass is typically used for drinks like gin and tonics, as well as cocktails like the Mojito.

Its signature cylinder shape helps keep drinks carbonated longer by creating less surface area. Perfect for classic cocktails like Tom Collins or John Collins, the versatile glasses range from 10-14 US fl oz. 

The Highball Glass

The highball glass is also tall and skinny, but it is slightly wider than the Collins glass. This glass is typically used for drinks that are high in alcohol content, such as whiskey neat or on the rocks.

The highball glass is a bartender’s go-to for serving all sorts of cocktails, from scotch and soda to gin and tonics.

It typically measures 7 cm in diameter and 15 cm in height, able to contain 8 to 12 US fl oz of liquid. The highball glass is a unique item, standing taller than the old-fashioned lowball and shorter and wider than a Collins glass.

This versatile shape makes it suitable for serving many different drinks – long drinks like spritzers or whiskey sours and short drinks like a Cosmopolitan or Margarita.

No bar or restaurant can be without a good collection of highball glasses!

Rocks Glass

Commonly known as an old-fashioned tumbler or lowball glass, these small thick glasses typically hold 6–8 ounces of liquid. These glasses are perfect for serving spirits on their own — neat or over ice — as well as most whiskey-based cocktails such as an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

Rocks and lowball glasses are bartender staples that have been used for centuries, originating from England in the late 18th or 19th century. 

These wide-brim glasses usually contain between 6-10 US fl. oz, with a double old-fashioned glass featuring 12-16 US fl. oz. They are traditionally used to serve whisky neat or “on the rocks” as well as classic cocktails. The wide mouth and thick base allow you, as a mixologist, to use the muddler in order to mash the non-liquid ingredients of a cocktail prior to adding the other liquids into the mix.

This piece of essential glassware has come a long way over the years and continues to be used in many bars worldwide!


Brandy snifters have wider rims that trap aromas and help to bring out more flavors in the spirit being sipped through its smaller opening at the top of the glass. Brandy snifters work best with Cognac and other aged spirits where taste is just as important as smell in appreciating its complexity and character.

This glass is used for brandy and other spirits that are meant to be sipped slowly


Flutes have a longer stem than coupes which makes them easier to hold without warming up your champagne or sparkling wine too quickly with body heat from your hands. This long stem also serves another purpose; it’s designed to create bubbles when pouring into the flute which helps maintain carbonation levels making sure your guests can truly enjoy their bubbly drink!

Wine Glasses: Explained

Wine Glasses: Explained

The white wine glass is taller than it is wide, with a slightly tapered top. This glass is used for lighter-bodied white wines, such as Riesling and Pinot Grigio.

Red Wine Glass

The red wine glass is shorter than the white wine glass and has a wider bowl. This glass is used for fuller-bodied red wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Balloon Wine Glasses

These large (typically 14-16 ounce) stemmed glasses feature a bulbous shape at the top that helps concentrate aromas while also allowing plenty of room for swirling around red wines before drinking them.

It’s important to fill these glasses no more than one-third full so that there is enough air left inside to allow those wonderful aromas to develop!


Another bartender staple, the pint glass is a versatile and popular form of drinkware.

It’s designed to hold between 16-20 ounces of liquid, making it an ideal vessel for beer and cider.

Perfectly suited for everyday use in pubs and restaurants, this glassware also remains a favorite at parties and other social gatherings.

Its unassuming appearance belies its versatility, allowing bartenders to maintain the look of their establishment while still serving traditional Guinness or locally made craft beers. Whether you’re stocking your new bar or hosting an event, having a pint glass is essential.

The classic British pint design features a heavy base which gives stability when balancing on surfaces like tabletops or bar counters.

These versatile vessels can be used for anything from beer pints to gin & tonics served along with plenty of ice & garnishes—plus don’t forget about those creamy creations like Pina Coladas or Mudslides!

The Old-Fashioned Glass

The old-fashioned glass was mentioned earlier, but here it is again!

Why? Because the old-fashioned glass is a bartender’s dream.

It is short, wide and features a heavy base, making it easy for bartenders to pour because of the stability during pouring.

This type of glassware is most often used for drinks that require ice – like an old fashioned, whiskey sour or Manhattan – but can also be used for martinis and other drinks.

With its versatility, low profile and classic look, this glass is sure to remain popular amongst both bartenders and drinkers alike for years to come.

The Sherry Glass

The sherry glass is small and wide, usually with a short stem. This glass is used for fortified wines, such as sherry, port, and Madeira.

The Yard Glass

There is no bartender head-turner quite like a bartender pouring a beer into a yard of ale.

Standing almost a yard tall and designed with an impressive bulb-shaped base followed by a widening shaft, the yard glass is revered for its bold design and also for being used in traditional pub games focused on drinking as quickly as possible.

Originating from 17th century England, this type of glassware was also be known as a “long glass”, “Cambridge yard” and an “ell glass”.

Its reputation has reached worldwide levels, where it is enjoyed in pubs around the world for both its aesthetics and grandeur.

The Chalice

The chalice is a large, goblet-like glass that is often used for ceremonial purposes. Chalices are said to date back to the Middle Ages, when they were used by monks and priests during religious ceremonies.

Master Your Glassware Crash Course and Become a Bartending Pro, with Local Bartending School’s Online Classes!

We want to make sure your customers only have pleasant experiences at the bar and avoid any awkward moments.

With that in mind, memorize our crash course in glassware, so you can be sure to avoid any missteps when pouring a drink.

Once you master it, you’ll make customers feel like they’re ready for an A-list kind of night out! Of course, if you need a refresher, or if you’re looking to take your bartending career to the next level, Local Bartending School has online classes available. It’s the perfect way to gain skills that will serve both yourself and your customers.

So, why not brush up on your bar knowledge today? After all, life is too short for mediocre glassware and drinks, right? Let’s get mixing!

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Local Bartending School in A Bartender’s Guide to Glassware: Choosing the Right Glass for Each Drink

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ABC Bartending School: Is it Worth It? A Real Expert’s Review

ABC Bartending School: Is it Worth It? A Real Expert’s Review

Are you tired of scouring and scrolling through the internet wondering which bartending school near you is worth it?

Well, fear not because the crew at Local Bartending School (LBS) and I are here to save the day (and your bartending career).

Who am I? I’m Carrie and I’m a 15-year veteran in the world of restaurant and bar management. But I’m not alone! (Are we ever?) LBS and the team of experts have done the research for you.

So let’s get started and review ABC Bartending School.

ABC Bartending School: The Basics

This family-owned business has been in the hospitality industry for over three generations, so you know they mean business. They opened their first classroom in 1977 and have been training and placing thousands of students every year across the nation since then.

The Sylvester clan is a family of bartending. For over 30 years, Tony Sylvester and his family have been schooling aspiring barkeeps in the fine art of mixology across the nation.

From the rainy streets of Seattle to the sultry shores of South Beach, Sylvester’s bartending academies offer education in cocktail creation.

Three generations of hard-won hospitality expertise have been distilled into the Sylvester system that all students learn. Unless they walk out first, but more on that later.

Is ABC Bartending School Worth It?

But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty – is ABC Bartending School worth your time and money? According to online reviews, their instructors are top-notch and the program takes about two weeks to complete. But, of course, there’s always that one person who just can’t seem to be satisfied. A recent Yelp review claimed that your time is better spent watching YouTube videos – ouch!

But here’s the kicker: ABC Bartending School offers free and lifelong access to a few refresher courses (Pun intended? We will never know!) at any of their nationwide locations.

So even if you’re unsure about the effectiveness of their program, you can always pop in for a quick re-up on knowledge whenever you’re feeling rusty.

ABC Bartending School offers lifetime job placement assistance once you’ve completed your certification at any of its schools nationwide. That means you’ll have access to their extensive network and can find a job wherever your bartending heart desires.

How Much Does ABC Bartending Cost?

Now, let’s talk about the price. Yes, it’s an investment, but ABC Bartending School includes everything you need to become a skilled bartender. Plus, they offer payment plans – because let’s face it, not all of us have a large chunk of cash lying around.

Red Flags for ABC Bartending School

But be warned, if you’re looking for a polished and modern classroom setting, then ABC Bartending School might not be for you. One Yelp review (posted just a few days before this blog was written) claimed that the classroom looked like an 80s dive bar. But hey, at least you’ll have some real experience, am I right? Let’s just hope the floor is sticky so you have a super on-point simulation.

Joey from Florida Left a Terrible, but Hilarious Review for ABC Bartending School on Yelp

From the moment Joey walked into this Fort Lauderdale, Florida establishment, the new potential student knew something wasn’t quite right. The wastebasket with its derogatory sign, labeled “Don’t throw towels away, bi****s,” was just the tip of the dirty iceberg.

The owner was apparently stuck to his chair, and the teacher barked orders in a language that couldn’t even be deciphered in a bar room brawl.

To top it off, the teacher referred to the new student as “Bossman”, leaving them to question who was the real boss at ABC Bartending School.

 The school had no information on what was being taught or where students could be placed, leaving the potential student feeling lost and confused.

But the real kicker was the hostile atmosphere, making it clear that this wasn’t a place to learn. That’s why Joey walked right out and chose a different bartending school that was local to him instead. Maybe driving to Miami bartending school would be better?

Jatin in New York City Says an Instructor at ABC Bartending School was “HORRIBLE”

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new comes along to raise the bar. In this case, it’s not the quality of the bartending school, but the utter lack of proficiency of one of its instructors, Angelica. According to a class consensus, she was downright horrible.

Maybe Angelica couldn’t teach people how to mix drinks to save her life, but to be fair, she could just be an aspiring artist trying her hand out at a new medium; like mixing paint but with alcohol.

Unfortunately, not only did Jatin not have the patience, the entire class didn’t appreciate her craft. Everyone agreed that Angela was the lowest-ranked instructor at ABC Bartending School in New York City.

In any case, if you’re looking to learn anything useful about bartending, it’s probably best to avoid this school altogether. Unless, of course, you’re curious to witness Angelica’s antics at teaching people how to bartend!

If You Want Job Placement Consider Something Else

According to a scathing review in Chicago, ABC Bartending School’s  job placement is “a lie to say the least.”

The review calls out the school for exaggerating its job placement rates to “push or sell a service or product.”

Despite graduating from their prestigious program, the reviewer is still struggling to find a job in their field since “everyone wants experience.”

They basically said that it’s unfair for the college to deceive students with unrealistic employment promises. This biting review serves as a cautionary warning to do your own research before shelling out tuition dollars for lofty career opportunities that may never materialize.

Green Flags for ABC Bartending School

Getting Handsy in Las Vegas Worked for Stephanie D.

Las Vegas is the real deal! I mean, where else can you get a hands-on approach that actually works? And trust me, being in a city that never sleeps (yes, New York City isn’t the only place not getting any rest), learning needs to be on the go and hands-on for some to keep up.

But let’s be real, some of you may prefer learning from the comfort of your own home while wearing pajamas, and that’s okay.

However, according to Stephane D., this school has something special to offer. The teachers are like BFFs who genuinely care about your success and the curriculum is so interesting that it makes you want to turn off Netflix and crack open a textbook.

And let’s not forget about the location, bartending bestie! Las Vegas is known for its lights and glamour, but this school can’t help but shine on Yelp. So if you’re looking for a fun and engaging school that teaches you through hands-on experience and you’re in the area, this may be a good option.

For my pajama, at-home learning friends, Local Bartending School can send an instructor your way so you can learn in the way that feels best (literally) to you.

Shaken, Stirred, and Hired in Dallas, Texas

One lucky gal stumbled upon this kickass bartending school in Dallas, Texas that set her up for success! ABC Bartending School taught her how to remember cocktail recipes quickly. Soon, she was mixing drinks like an expert.

She’s always dreamed of being a bartender but didn’t want to start from the bottom with no experience. Now she’s ready to confidently land a job.

Listen, with so many bartending schools out there, it’s tough to choose which one to go to. It’s like trying to pick your favorite casino in Las Vegas – there are just too many darn options. But job placement is key, folks. You don’t want to spend all this time and money learning the ins and outs of bartending just to end up jobless and broke.

So, if you’re looking for a solid bartending school, whether you’re in Texas or anywhere else in the world, don’t leave it to chance. Choose one that’ll have you shaking and stirring in no time by helping you land that first job.

For my Texas readers, check out this guide just for you! You’ll learn how to get your bartending career started from start to finish. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Courses range from $55 for a single class up to $900 for the comprehensive Bartending Certification program. The median cost of the programs is $630 but they offer price matches. They have flexible schedules and payment plans available for their students and credits can transfer to some locations nationwide.

The school is accredited by the Council for Private Post-Secondary Vocational Education of California, which sets standards for career education and training programs in the state.

This is subjective! But we consider bartending school to be the best investment toward your career in the industry, setting you above the rest of the competition. 

Learning Online is Cheaper than ABC Bartending School

So, I’m going to leave you with a quick takeaway after all of that. If you’re serious about becoming a bartender and want access to a lifetime of refresher courses and job placement assistance, then ABC Bartending School is definitely worth considering.

Ash clearly did not enjoy their time at the bartending school just outside Los Angeles. They also didn’t enjoy spending over $300 on a course that they fell asleep during. We don’t blame ya, Ash! 
We think YouTube videos are a great place to start learning the ins and outs of bartending before school.  Head over to the rest of our resource blog page where we give you tips and tricks, with videos included (for free)!

The post ABC Bartending School: Is it Worth It? A Real Expert’s Review first appeared on LBS Bartending School.

Local Bartending School in ABC Bartending School: Is it Worth It? A Real Expert’s Review

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Agana GU Bartending School

Agana GU Bartending School

Local Bartending School in Agana GU Bartending School

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Barberville FL Bartending School

Barberville FL Bartending School

Local Bartending School in Barberville FL Bartending School

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Barberville FL Bartending School

Barberville FL Bartending School

Local Bartending School in Barberville FL Bartending School

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Barberville FL Bartending School

Barberville FL Bartending School

Local Bartending School in Barberville FL Bartending School

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Barberville FL Bartending School

Barberville FL Bartending School

Local Bartending School in Barberville FL Bartending School

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Barberville FL Bartending School

Barberville FL Bartending School

Local Bartending School in Barberville FL Bartending School

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Barberville FL Bartending School

Barberville FL Bartending School

Local Bartending School in Barberville FL Bartending School

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Barberville FL Bartending School

Barberville FL Bartending School

Local Bartending School in Barberville FL Bartending School

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Barberville FL Bartending School

Barberville FL Bartending School

Local Bartending School in Barberville FL Bartending School

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Bartender Jobs – Local Bartending School

Bartender Jobs – Local Bartending School

IS Bartending good Career choice?
In case you’re enthusiastic about throwing together delightful mixed drinks and love meeting new people, then bartending is a decent career choice. Whenever jobs are short in your town, you want to maximize your time and efforts to find the best full-time job for you.So rather than slouching on the sofa watching daytime TV, many dedicated individuals choose to study part-time to explore their inner mixologist, whilst working part-time. Learning bartending is extraordinary for a ton of reasons. For one, you can make money being a bartender. What will another job pay you a dollar whenever you open a beer bottle for somebody?

Do I need to study at bartending school to find bartender Job?

The top question a lot of bartenders ask themselves is: Should I study at bartending school to find bartender job? Bartending is a skill which needs to be learned hands on. Contrary to popular belief you can’t learn proper bartending technique from a YouTube video.  You will learn the basic set of skills needed to work behind the bar. Once you are hired you can simply integrate into the culture of the establishment with very little additional training. You will learn all of the tips and tricks that have put together to help you get to work faster.

Pick your school wisely and decide for one which offers support after your studies or has links with bars to help get you hired later on. Bartenders are relied upon to have the capacity to interface with clients to supply them with a drink that appeals directly to their tastes! Bartenders work a requesting work, continually moving around and remembering a wide range of requests immediately If you want to become a bartender, you may complete minimal on-the-job training or attend bartending school to boost your job prospects.

Responsibilities of a bartender may include:

  • Prepare alcohol or non-alcohol beverages for bar and restaurant patrons
  • Associate with clients, take requests and serve snacks and beverages
  • Assess customers’ needs and preferences and make suggestions
  • Mix ingredients to prepare drinks
  • Plan and present bar menu
  • Check client’s’ ID and confirm it meets legal drinking age
  • Restock and recharge bar stock and supplies
  • Stay visitor-centered and nurture an excellent guest experience
  • Comply with all food and drink controls

 Salary Expectations

As per the U.S. Authority of Labor Statistics (BLS), pay rates for bartenders differ, and a lot of their profit can originate from tips. Normal yearly pay rates, including tips, were rough $24,110 as of May 2015 (www.bls.gov). A bartenders compensation depends on the level of experience that they have, so the more prominent the experience, the higher the compensation.

Once you have passed the bartending course, all you need to do is build your unique CV, and start applying for the bartender jobs you want. Check out our Bartending Job Placement Program. Local Bartending School’s job placement program connects you, employers and recruiters, to help you find a bartending career.

Local Bartending School in Bartender Jobs – Local Bartending School

Click the link above to learn more

Bartending certification in Georgia

Bartending certification in Georgia

Bartending certification in Georgia

Bartending in Georgia


Georgia is a fantastic launchpad for a bartending career, and here’s why: Not only can you earn a solid hourly wage, but the annual salary potential is promising too. On average, hourly wages for bartenders in Georgia hover around $10 to $15, which translates to an annual income of $20,000 to $30,000, and that’s just the base.

Here’s where the excitement kicks in: tips! Tips can easily add up to a significant chunk of your earnings, often surpassing your hourly rate. It’s not uncommon for skilled bartenders to walk away with extra cash in their pockets, making each shift even more rewarding.

What’s more, Georgia’s population is booming, and that means more thirsty customers looking for a great time. Thriving cities like Atlanta, Savannah, and Athens offer abundant opportunities to showcase your mixology magic. From swanky bars in Atlanta’s Midtown to hip joints in Athens’ downtown, the scene is alive and kicking. With a steady influx of residents and visitors, the growth potential for a bartending career is undeniable.

So, if you’re ready to stir and shake your way to success, Georgia’s vibrant cities, booming population, and lucrative earning potential make it an ideal choice to kickstart your bartending journey. 

Legal Age for Serving Drinks in Georgia

You need to be at least 18 years old to serve alcohol as a bartender or server in Georgia. Remember, some counties might have different rules, so it’s a good idea to check with your local City Clerk’s office to be sure. 

Bartending Certification and Licence in Georgia

The Alcohol and Tobacco Division of the Georgia Department of Revenue doesn’t make it mandatory to hold an alcohol server license to sell drinks. So, no stress about training, right? But hey, having alcohol certification in your back pocket is still a savvy move.

Now, here’s the scoop: Depending on where you’re mixing up magic, a certification might be needed. Yep, some cool cities like Decatur, Kennesaw, and Lilburn are into Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service (RASS) training. 

Places like City of Decatur or Kennesaw are totally on board, so let’s say you’re whipping up drinks at “The Local Sip” (123 Main St, Decatur), or “Sips & Spirits” (456 Peachtree Pkwy, Kennesaw) – certification could be a golden ticket. 🍸

Don’t worry, though – it’s easy peasy. Just search “alcohol server permit for (a city in Georgia)” and you’ll see if it’s a thing. Most just need a quick test and maybe a small fee. Some might check out your background too. 

So, while Georgia’s not shouting “you must get certified,” think of it as your secret weapon to score the best bartender gig, especially if it’s your first rodeo. Your journey’s gonna be a blast – enjoy pouring passion and serving smiles!


Bartending Requirements in Georgia

Some places, like big bars and clubs, might want you to have a special certification to work there. This document shows you learned about serving drinks properly. They want this because they want to be responsible. If they don’t follow the rules, they might not be allowed to sell drinks anymore.

If you want to be a bartender, taking a class can be a good idea. Not many people do it, so if you do, you might have more chances to find a job.The good thing is that these classes are not too expensive.

In some parts of Georgia, like certain places where they’re careful about alcohol, they might ask you to take a class. Even in places where it’s okay, having the paper can be helpful. It’s like having a passport for your job – you can go to more places.

Being a bartender can be scary because you have to make sure people are safe when they drink. Even though there’s no special paper just for Georgia, there are rules you must follow. If you make a mistake, it can be bad for you and the place you work at.

So, even if you take a short class, it can help you feel better about your job. You’ll know more and be better at what you do.

Online Vs Classes Vs In-Person Lessons

When it comes to getting educated for bartending in Georgia, you’ve got a few options on your plate: online courses, traditional classes, and the unique in-person lessons from Local Bartending School.

Online Courses:

Pros: Online courses offer flexibility – you can learn from home at your own pace.

Cons: It might be harder to practice hands-on skills and get direct feedback.

Traditional Classes:


Pros: Traditional classes provide structured learning and a chance to interact with instructors and peers.

Cons: Schedules might be fixed and location-bound, which could be less convenient.

In-Person Lessons with LBS:

Pros: LBS’s in-person lessons are a game-changer! You can choose when and where to learn, even having the instructor come to you at no extra cost. This flexibility is a huge win, especially for those with busy lives.

Cons: There aren’t many cons, as the in-person lessons with LBS offer hands-on training with expert guidance and customization.

But here’s the kicker: LBS’s in-person lessons bring the classroom to your doorstep. Picture learning to mix and shake with a pro, tailored to your schedule and location – that’s unbeatable. Whether you’re in Atlanta, Savannah, or anywhere in Georgia, this unique opportunity makes mastering the art of bartending a breeze. So, if you’re up for learning at your own pace, on your terms, and with real-life experience, LBS’s in-person lessons are where it’s at. 

Wet/Dry Areas in Georgia – Where You Can Serve Alcohol

Every county in Georgia allows alcohol to be sold, so if you’re a bartender with a Georgia license, you’re good to go! Just remember, some places might have a few rules.

Dry Areas in Georgia

The following counties only restrict selling distilled spirits, so if you’re a bartender, it won’t affect you:

  • Coweta County
  • Dodge County
  • Effingham County
  • Lumpkin County
  • Union County
  • Also, the city of Helen in White County.

But here’s the scoop: If you’re a bartender, you can’t serve distilled spirits in these counties:

  • Bleckley County
  • Butts County
  • Decatur County
  • Hart County
  • Murray County
  • Upson County
  • White County (except for Helen).

So, as long as you’re not serving the strong stuff in these places, your bartending adventure is wide open in Georgia! 

Local Bartending School in Bartending certification in Georgia

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Bartending Certification in Nevada

Bartending Certification in Nevada

Nevada Bartending Certification

Nevada State Law
Nevada Regulations for Bartenders/Sellers/Servers does not have state-wide Happy Hour Prohibitions but it does have a state law which regulates the legal age to consume or sell alcoholic beverages.

The minimum age to become a bartender in Nevada is 21.

The NV Certification Exam Takes 30 Minutes
The exam is taken under the supervision of an examiner even though you take the course online. The test takes almost 30 minutes and there is a fee for this exam. The training is so extensive that the students actually get to sit at the bars where the qualified instructors show how to prepare all kinds of drinks and beverages so that they practically learn it.


Nevada’s Two Types of Courses
You can also take on and off-premise course.

On-premise serving course can be taken if you are working at a bar or restaurant. The off-premise responsible serving course can be taken if you are working in a convenience store, liquor store, or other off-premises sales business.

The courses may be taken in-class, in-person or online. LBS provides all these types of courses and its certification is valid throughout Nevada.

Online Nevada Bartending Course Costs up to $8.99 – $399
The total cost for the online course will be from $8.99-$399.99.

It is important to know: The state of Nevada also requires a proctored exam in addition to the online certification.

You can contact the Nevada Department of Taxation on the following contact number:
Las Vegas Phone: (702) 486-2300.
You can also visit the website: http://tax.state.nv.us/ for further details.

You can contact Local Bartending School at 877-879-7958.
We have instructors/classes in Las Vegas, Carson City, and Reno.

Is Nevada a Good State to Bartend in?
Nevada, like any other state in the United States of America, offers elaborate courses on bartending for people who are looking for an opportunity in bartending. Nevada is the 7th most extensive, the 35th most populous, and the 9th least densely populated of the 50 United States and who hasn’t heard about Las Vegas. Its 24/7 casinos and bars are what make Nevada a very hot spot for bartending.

Licensing Authority in Nevada
Nevada Department of Taxation handles all the certification and permits for bars and bartending. All beverage alcohol permits are regulated by each individual county and once you have the required the training, you can apply for it in your respective county and it will be provided to you if you pass the test. The Nevada Bartending Course can be taken any time you want because it is held every month. Local Bartending Schools offer a 10 hour to 2-day course after which you should be able to know how to spot someone who has been drinking too much, how to properly check IDs and the responsibilities/liabilities of the server.

Click here to start a course to become a licensed bartender in Nevada.
Bars in Nevada:

1. Crazy Horse Saloon and Grill:
Comfy haunt with pub grub, game broadcasts & live bands in a 19th-century building with a warm vibe. Situated in Nevada City, the food is great, drinks are well tend to and bartenders are trained to be friendly and cooperative. It has an overall rate of 4.0 stars.
2. Golden Era:
The Golden Era location has been serving cocktails, spirits & beers since 1867 in the heart of the gold country. The handcrafted cocktails are made from house made syrups & bitters reminiscent of the “golden era” of the turn of the century & prohibition style cocktails. It is also situated in Nevada City and has been reviewed for 4.0 stars.


Bartending is a very interesting job because it involves all the guilty pleasures a person can have. On the other side, it is a very serious and responsible job on the behalf of bartender because he has to tend to people who come in for drinks or to enjoy the bar. Some famous cities of Nevada include Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson, Carson City, and Sparks.

Call 877-879-7958 to Start Your Course Today.

Click here to start a course to become a licensed bartender in Nevada.

Local Bartending School in Bartending Certification in Nevada

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Bartending Kits

Bartending Kits

Your Bartending Kit Includes: ($49.99 value)


1- 4 Pronged Strainer

1-Stainless Steel 28 Oz Shaker

1-Stainless Steel 1 Oz/1.5Oz Jigger

2-Colored Pourer Nozzles

Practice cocktail straws

2-36 Oz’ Practice Liquor Bottles

Food colored liquid for practice

1-Colored Shot Glass 1 Oz

(Glasses in the above picture are not be included)


Choose your certifications A La Carte:
TIPS, or State Certification.
(Both testing offered in the privacy of your own home)

Includes Bartending Essentials Workbook:
All In-Home Courses Include a 100 pg. Workbook ($19.99 value)

$49.99 and up!


Order Now!

Buy Now

Contact Us For More Info

Local Bartending School in Bartending Kits

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Bartending Kits | Local Bartending School

Bartending Kits | Local Bartending School

What tools do you find essential when learning bartending?

To learn to bartend, you need a variety of bar tools and gadget, frequently more than you might suspect, particularly if you need to be perceived as a professional.Maximum bars may have the essential bartender kit, together with shakers and bottle openers, but depending on where you figure, they will no longer offer all of the matters that make your task less difficult. Apart from the most common items (bottle opener, wine key, shaker),  there is an entire listing of different tools and things which are beneficial for studying to bartend at home or online.

  • The Stir– Any cocktail that includes booze and most effective booze need to be stirred.
  • The Glassware– In case you splurge on one element of your cocktail arsenal, make it the glassware.
  • The Shake– Any drink with non-spirit additives—assume citrus juice, egg whites—should be shaken.
  • The Batch– Flaunting your mixology skills seems like an awesome party trick, however, consider the possibility that you really need to talk to your guests? Enter batching.
  • Shaker— This is required for any drink that should be shaken and the glass half can be utilized as a mixing glass as well.
  • Mixing glass—Search out a diamond-cut Yarra to mix like a pro. Whether you operate a mixing glass or a quick shaker, you’ll want one or the opposite to create and blend up cocktails.
  • Bar spoon—The long, thin handle is perfect for appropriate mixing. This tool can crush ice, muddle, and stir cocktails.
  • Strainer— After liquids are shaken with ice within the Boston Shaker, they need to be strained into their final vessel.
  • Jigger—A double-sided metal container used to measure out your liquor.

This set accompanies all that you have to mix your favorite drinks. The set even comes with a 100 pg. Workbook with recipes for those who need a little inspiration when it comes to mixology.

Buy Bartender Kits for Practice, Study and for Home from Local bartending school.Get Bartending Kit in just $159 and learn about Bartending Course at Home or Online with Certificate.Use all of the tools of a bar, in the comfort and convenience of your own home & learn the bartending at home or online.

Local Bartending School in Bartending Kits | Local Bartending School

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Bartending Lessons: Life Skills For Life

Bartending Lessons: Life Skills For Life

I do not know what you think about bartending skills but one thing that I have come to appreciate about bartending is the skills. I have been able to gather a few skills that have not only been used in the bartending job but also in other areas of life.

Based on experience, bartending will teach you on how to be an all-around person. It will teach you about confidence, humility, social acuity and the value of hard work. When it comes to bartending, you might not want to stop bartending

Working as a bartender can help you gather a few skills so long as you will you work on yourself. These skills that you learn,  you can be able to transfer to other areas of your life. There are four major skills that you can enhance your life.

These skills are discussed below.

People Skills

Out of the four skills listed, the most practical and obvious skill to develop is the people skill. Considering that bartending involves spending most of your time surrounded by people most times and the main purpose is customer service.

This job requires a high level of skill in communication and also dealing with other people.  Due to the nature of people skills, you will learn:

  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Sales skills
  • Teamwork
  • Training and teaching skills
  • Humility

These skills are not only valuable in the professional aspect but also in every aspect of life. This is because it involves interaction with other people.  This might be a simple interaction at the grocery shop, or at the gym or by simply starting a business.

Work Ethic

In the hospitality industry, there is always something to do. It is no secret bartenders do work extra hard. There long nights long hours, being on your feet, dealing with customer’s complaints and dealing with rude customers are just some of the things that make the hospitality industry one of most difficult to work in and it requires hard work.

When it comes to work ethics, the sooner you develop a strong one, the better it is for you. Bartending and the hospitality industry will teach and reinforce the value of hard work. By learning this you will become more successful as a person in any profession you choose to go into.

Bartending will teach you resilience and you will learn how to take up initiate in the workplace. It will help build the mental strength on how to get things done even when you do not want to do them.  Bartending will teach you how to work best under pressure and also stress.

Organizational Skills

To work efficiently behind the bar counter, organizational skills need to be at the top of their game. If you are disorganized, your night can go down the drain fast within the blink of an eye.

Organization at the bar will mean, how well your bar equipment, bottles, and other products are behind the counter.  They need to be put in a neat and efficient way to enhance their accessibility, make it easy for you to clean, and make it easy to grab when you are having a busy night.

Organizational skills will help you manage your own time, and help you prioritize your tasks. It will also help teach you how to make quick and decisive decisions even when under pressure. It will enhance multi-tasking and this is a good skill to have in any professional area.

When working at a high-volume and high-intensity bar, organizational skills and multi-tasking are a must-have skill. These skills will prevent the bar from crashing and burning. The only way to avoid this is by being highly organized.

Organizational skills are both important in both professional and personal life. They can help you get more things done and help in prioritization.


When it comes to being a bartender, you will need to be knowledgeable when it comes to cocktails, wine, food, tea, coffee, spirits, and beer. When you prove to be knowledgeable in these areas, you can get other professions out of bartending but within the food and beverage industry.

These jobs can be bar/venue manager, sommelier, brand ambassador, bar consultant among other.  Apart from this, you can teach your family and friends about food and alcohol in social situations. When people get to learn about their food and drink, it makes a great start point for great conversations.

How are these skills transferable?

These skills are not directly transferable to other professions but with the right kind of attitude, you can learn how to make it work. Your human skills will be better than you started. The most beautiful aspect is that you are on your way to being the best.

Local Bartending School in Bartending Lessons: Life Skills For Life

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Bartending Lingo

Bartending Lingo

So you have started your bartending career or even job and like every other job, the lingo is a must. This being foreign to you or even it being used a lot in the bartending classes you have been attending, let’s look at some of the most common bartending lingoes we have around.


This is basically pouring into a shaker and then out without shaking. It is usually done so as to give the drink a mix.


This is usually the term used when making a drink that usually starts with ice then adds up to it(Build it up) the drink with some extra ingredients such as alcohol, juice, garnishes, etc.)


This is basically a herbal alcoholic mix that is used in other cocktails to enhance the flavor. E.g. Sweet Vermont with some dashes of bitters or a Manhattan is rye.  The most common of all bitters is the Angostura bitters that were used to ease stomach sicknesses back in 1824 by a German physician.

Burning your well:

This is used to refer to the thorough cleaning one does at the end of their shift. What is the process?  Empty the ice in the sink and melt it with hot water, remove and wipe all bottles in the speed rail including all spill mat and fill up all juices that are halfway full, then wipe the sink after the ice has melted down and wipe any area you used during your shift. Do not forget to put back the glassware where it is supposed to be. Generally neatness, cleanness and sanitary is very important for your job.

Call drink:

This is basically a drink that a customer orders with specific names such as Bacardi and coke or Tanqueray and tonic.


This term is used for anything that is taken immediately after a shooter or a neat shot of alcohol. It is supposed to ease the taste of the shot or mask its taste.


This is a term used to refer to a variety of alcoholic drink like Gin, brandy, whiskey or Vodka mixed with a fruit juice or other kind of liquors and best served chilled.


This drink is usually oversized and is sour in taste. It is usually made of rum and served over crushed ice and a straw and sweetened with fruit syrup.


This is usually done by adding olive juice to a martini. The more olive juice used, the dirtier the martini.

Free pour:

This a term used to refer to the process of making and mixing drinks without using a measuring device such as a jigger.


This is a partially frozen and often a fruity drink. It is a mix of several ingredients and is served over a mound of crushed ice.


This is basically added to a drink after all the ingredients have been mixed together to enhance the presentation of the drink. Most common forms of garnish are lemon slices, lime wedges, cherries, olive just to mention a few.


This is an alcoholic drink mixed with a soda and served in a tall glass.


This is basically a short drink made of spirits and served with either water, ice soda and usually in a small glass.


These are the non-alcoholic mixes that usually accompany alcoholic drinks. The mixers can either be water, juice, energy drinks.


This is liquor served over a glass filled with ice and is usually used to serve liqueur as an after-dinner drink.


This is the process of crushing up ingredients with a tool called a muddler. This can be done on majorly organic cocktails drinks such as mojito. Muddling basically involves extracting the essential oils and flavor from your choice of organics. E.g. mint leaves in the case of mojito.


This is basically serving an alcoholic drink straight from the bottle. This means that you will not add even ice to the mix and it is served in a snifter glass.

On the rocks:

This basically means serving a drink over ice, e.g., whiskey on the rocks, It is served in a rocks glass or a lowball glass.


This is the measure of how much alcohol is contained in an alcoholic beverage. To establish the “proof” of any alcoholic drink, double the percentage of the alcohol.


This is the top shelf liquor. This can also be referred to as supercell. This is the high octane, often higher proof alcohol or well-aged or flavored versions of alcohol.


This is generally a non-alcoholic drink, just like the name suggests.

As you start this journey of bartending, you will not be alone. Why not consider taking up classes at localbartendingschool.com to learn more about this bartending lingo and more!!

Local Bartending School in Bartending Lingo

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Bartending School

Bartending School

Discover How to Master Bartending in a 7 Day Class

Discover all of the fundamentals of bartending quickly in one-week of class. We will show you the principles of bartending with various topics like tips, wines, liquors, beers, and over 200 mixed drinks. This is an all-inclusive series on everything from beginner bartending to more complex bartending. Regardless, of where you are at.. you can benefit from customized instruction to meet your current knowledge.

How old do I have to be?

  • Ages: 18 through 108
  • Ability: Beginner through Advanced.

    How to Start:

  • Equipment: All equipment and learning materials will be provided. This includes a workbook, bartending tools, and drinks.
  • Location: We can come to your home or teach at one of our multiple locations right in . The exact location depends on which day and time you choose and what level of instruction you need.

      Bartending School

    Concepts of Bartending we Teach:

    • Over 200 basic and fancy drink recipes

    • Prepare multiple drinks quickly and easily

    • How to cut fruit and decorate tropical and specialty cocktails.

    • How to set up a bar work station

    • How to use all of a bartender’s tools

    • Slope of lines
    • How to increase sales and tips

    • The best ways to detect illegal drunkenness

    • How to understand wine service, tasting, and the differences between wines

    Bartending School

      bartending tutors
    Bartending School of was organized to help teach people of all levels. Our Bartending School are passionate about our desire to teach customized, private lessons to all ages and abilities throughout . we can help you earn lots of money being a bartender!


    We have courses as low as $89.99 (hourly, in-home), $359 (bartending basics) and up per student!



    Get a More Information on the School

    Local Bartending School in Bartending School

    Click the link above to learn more

  • Becoming a Bartender

    Becoming a Bartender

    Many People Ask The Vital Question: How Do I Become a Bartender?

    As a new person to bartending, you may have some questions about how to start
    playing well, fast.   Becoming a bartender is easy.  I have put together answers to the questions we get
    the most:


    How much can I make?
    As with any job, salaries and tips range based on the city and bar. We find it
    common for bartenders to make between $50k and 120k . The big difference
    is whether or not you can connect with your customers and work in a busy,
    upscale bar.

    What skills should I learn first?
    We recommend that you learn all of the basic drinks, bar management, and how
    to pour first. This includes skills that will increase the number of drinks per hour
    and therefore the amount of money tips you make. Just as important, we’ll show
    you ways to make ever customer seem like they’re the most important person in
    the bar.
    What certifications do I need?
    Bartending jobs can be competitive so state and local certification is a must. This
    is a course and test provided by the government. When completed with us, you will
    get your own state license card to accompany your job interview.

    TIPS certification is very important, because it helps bring down the costs of the
    bar owner’s insurance policy. While not state-mandated, a one-day course and
    certification test provided by our school, will give you a leading edge.

    When do courses start?
    Everything starts next week. We will need to get you signed up as soon as possible
    so we can meet the registration deadline.

    Are you still interested in becoming a bartender?

    Contact us below.

    Steve Seminara

    Local Bartending School offers private lessons, camps, semi-privates,
    state certification, and TIPS certification at over 2,500 locations.

    Local Bartending School in Becoming a Bartender

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    Benefits Of Attending Bartending Classes Offered By LBS

    Benefits Of Attending Bartending Classes Offered By LBS

    Have you eternally wanted to be a bartender? Do you appreciate associating with individuals and ultimately performing for them? If you need to figure out how to bartend in the USA, then Local Bartending School is for you. LBS offers various services for students making LBS an extraordinary place to figure out how to be a bartender.

    Not everyone is the 9 to 5 sort. If you’ve been awaiting a profession that enables you to be social and rest in every morning, consider bartending. Event hosts lease a bartender for a wide range of reasons. Attending bartending classes  gives a lot of advantages to you.

    A bartender needs to watch out for the drinks in a bar which incorporates mixing and serving as indicated by the choice of the client. He needs to ensure that the bar is the bar is never short of drinks, music or the dancing capacity for the people.There are bounty more bars and pubs in the USA in which you can get a job with the assistance of Local Bartending School.When you go to class to figure out how to mix the perfect drink, you keep away from the bother of starting at the base of the level at the bar.Individuals who don’t take classes regularly start as a bar back before working their way up to serving drinks and in the long run, making them. Schooling enables you to jump right to the fun part.

    LBS’ comprehensive bartending course includes:

    • Getting familiar with the bar
    • Mix and Pour Course
    • State Certification Course
    • State and TIPS Certification Course
    • Online Bartending Course
    • In Home Bartending Course
    • Bartending Job Placement Program

    Figuring out how to make drinks at work means you’ll learn from the resident bartender, who might possibly have the professional skills that you would like to secure. By attending a bartending class, you can make certain that you’re figuring out how to tend bar from experienced professionals who have made their vocations by mixing drinks.

    Obviously, the hours and cash are huge advantages. Many schools offer night classes with the goal that students can still go to school or work a normal everyday employment while they figure out how to blend drinks. Once you graduate from the courses, your abilities will make it less demanding for you to emerge, and conceivably gain more than a bartender who is learning at work.

    By attending bartending classes,  you’ll make yourself emerge and think that it is simpler to discover the kind of occupation you seek after. All equipment and learning materials will be provided by LBS, as well as can help place you in contact with people who want to hire a bartender in the USA after you graduate. Contact Local Bartending School today and attend bartending classes with satisfactory credit.

    Local Bartending School in Benefits Of Attending Bartending Classes Offered By LBS

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    Bostwick FL Bartending School

    Bostwick FL Bartending School

    Local Bartending School in Bostwick FL Bartending School

    Click the link above to learn more

    Branford FL Bartending School

    Branford FL Bartending School

    Local Bartending School in Branford FL Bartending School

    Click the link above to learn more

    Bryceville FL Bartending School

    Bryceville FL Bartending School

    Local Bartending School in Bryceville FL Bartending School

    Click the link above to learn more

    Bunnell FL Bartending School

    Bunnell FL Bartending School

    Local Bartending School in Bunnell FL Bartending School

    Click the link above to learn more

    Callahan FL Bartending School

    Callahan FL Bartending School

    Local Bartending School in Callahan FL Bartending School

    Click the link above to learn more

    Cheap Bartending School

    Cheap Bartending School

    Are you Looking for a Cheap Bartending School?

    LocalBartendingSchool.com offers the convenience of scheduling a lesson whenever you want them.

    LocalBartendingSchool.com offers lower prices that save 20-60%.

    If you are looking and are SERIOUSLY on a budget. You may consider taking bartending school online. This is the cheapest, possible option… All online programs include state certification:

    Option 1: Online program (includes state certification) – Only $129.99
    Option 2: Online program (includes state certification) plus Job Placement – Only $199.99
    Option 3: Online program (includes state certification) plus Job Placement plus Practice Kit- Only $299.99

    Rather than joining a program with a set structure, LocalBartendingSchool.com prepares a custom learning plan for you.


    Competitor -Mix and Pour Course – $459 and up LocalBartendingSchool.com -$359 Save $100
    Competitor State Certification – $599 and up LocalBartendingSchool.com State Certification – $429 (save $150) Save $150
    Competitor State and TIPS Certification – $800 and up LocalBartendingSchool.com – $599 Save $200

    *(Please contact us to see our availability.)

    Local Bartending School in Cheap Bartending School

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    Cocktail Garnishes 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Jazzing Up Your Drinks

    Cocktail Garnishes 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Jazzing Up Your Drinks

    Oh, so you fancy yourself a budding bartender, bar owner, or mixologist in the making? Well, listen up because I’m about to drop some knowledge on you. Do you know what separates the boring drinks from the Instagram-worthy ones? The top cocktail garnishes, baby.

    Yes, garnishes! They can be both a blessing and a curse.

    Yes, they make your cocktail look alluringly attractive on the outside—but the part that people usually don’t talk about? Choosing the right garnish for each of your cocktails so you won’t have to go back and redo it time and time again due to them wilting or rotting before anyone has gotten around to drinking them.

    Consider this blog post your new set of rules about what cocktail garnishes are better off being used in certain drinks – and which ones might actually do more harm than good.

    Let’s dive deep into understanding everything there is to know when it comes to wisely selecting different types of drink garnishes!

    What is a garnish?

    Let me be the first to tell you, the key to creating a killer cocktail is all in the details – and that’s where garnishes come in handy.

    A cocktail garnish is essentially a little decorative touch that you add to your drink to give it a bit of personality. It could be a slice of citrus, a sprig of mint, or even a fancy umbrella (because let’s be real, who doesn’t love a cute umbrella?).

    Think of it as the cherry on top of a sundae – it’s not totally necessary, but it sure does make the whole thing look prettier and more fun. Plus, when your customers take that first sip and see that you’ve gone the extra mile to make their drink look special, they’ll be impressed and grateful.

    So don’t skimp on the garnishes, my friend – they just might make or break your reputation as a bartender.

    Top 14 Garnishes: You Need These Behind the Bar to Succeed

    First, let it be known that for this list of the most popular cocktail garnishes, you can leave the plastic toy animal garnishes for the servers. We’re talking real garnishes here, folks!

    And sorry, spice rack staples are not allowed. Salt and sugar rims can sit this one out.

    1. Lemons and Limes

    These zesty fruits add a tangy, refreshing kick to your drinks as a garnish or mix-in. Plus, they bring a pop of color that makes your drink Insta-worthy. Get a little sour with a lot of awesome thanks to lemons and limes.

    Here’s how to cut “sexy” lemons and limes, ready for garnishing perfection.

    2. Oranges

    Whether it’s adding a zesty and tangy kick or a pop of sunny color, oranges bring a unique flavor and style to any drink. Plus, let’s be real, who doesn’t love the sight of a perfectly sliced orange resting on the rim of their margarita? So, next time you’re behind the bar, don’t forget to grab some oranges to elevate your cocktail game to the next level. It’s time to give our citrus friend some much-deserved love and attention.

    Oranges offer you a canvas for garnish creativity. Gain some inspiration right here, right now.

    3. Cherries

    Cherries are a sweet fruit that can be used to decorate drinks. They make drinks look nicer and also add sweetness. Maraschino cherries are the most popular type as they have a bright red color that stands out.

    Dive deep into the world of Maraschino cherries (and how to pronounce it).

    4. Olives

    Looking to add some zest to your cocktail game? Look no further than the trusty olive! These salty little gems are a go-to garnish for any classic cocktail. And with options like pimento or blue cheese stuffing, they’re not just a flavor enhancer – they’re a visual treat. So grab your shaker and let those olives take your drink to the next level!

    5. Cucumber

    Looking to add some zest to your cocktail game? Look no further than the trusty olive! These salty little gems are a go-to garnish for any classic cocktail. And with options like pimento or blue cheese stuffing, they’re not just a flavor enhancer – they’re a visual treat. So grab your shaker and let those olives take your drink to the next level!

    6. Mint

    Mint is so refreshing, it’s like a refreshing slap in the face. And not just for your mouth, but for your eyes too. So who needs to rough it with a plain ol’ cocktail when you can add some mint and let your guests pretend they’re living the high life? Just make sure it’s fresh or else you might as well be serving up some brown, wilted sadness. And please, don’t forget to wash your hands before you start throwing that mint around. We wouldn’t want any germs getting in the way of your boujee cocktail experience.

    7. Rosemary

    The top cocktail garnish for those who want to feel like they’re sipping their drink in the middle of a forest. Nothing says “let’s get wild” like a sprig of this aromatic herb skewered on a toothpick or floating in your glass. And let’s not forget the true pièce de résistance – burning or smoking the rosemary in the drink itself. Who needs a plain old lime wedge or cherry when you can have a mini campfire in your cocktail? So go ahead, and impress your guests with your herbaceous expertise and some fancy pyrotechnics.

    8. Basil Leaves

    Nothing quite screams “I’m a great bartender” like a chiffonade of basil. Not only does it add a pop of brilliant deep green to your drink, but it also infuses its herbaceous flavor into your cocktail. And don’t even get me started on the different types of basil (I’m pretty obsessed), sweet, tulsi, lemon, Thai, it’s like a whole universe of basil-bilities.

    9. Pineapples

    Nothing says “I put effort into this drink” quite like a pineapple garnish. It’s sweet, it’s juicy, it’s bright yellow – what more could you want? Pineapple slices have earned their place as one of the top cocktail garnishes, especially in drinks like the oh-so-exotic Pancho Villa cocktail and the thrill-seeking Virgin Pina Colada. Perfect with tropical fruit flavors, because who doesn’t love basil with their pineapple, am I right? And let’s not forget the wild card flavors that pair oh-so-well with a pineapple garnish – caramel, cilantro, pepper, rosemary – the list goes on and on. So go forth, adventurous cocktail makers, and embrace the pineapple garnish!

    Scared of cutting pineapple? Don’t be! Watch this video, then practice at home or with an instructor at LBS.

    10. Cinnamon Stick

    A cinnamon stick looks cool as hell bobbing in a glass of vanilla-infused whiskey, but it also smells like the holiday season on steroids. You can also use it as a makeshift wand to cast spells on your guests.

    11. Chocolate Curls

    Forget about the fancy umbrella and fruit garnishes, because nothing screams “I’m a sophisticated adult” like a good ol’ chocolate curl garnish. Whether you’re crafting a creamy dairy cocktail or a fake dairy impostor, chocolate curls are sure to add that extra touch of decadence. Why discriminate against the lactose intolerant?

    Let’s not forget about the graham cracker rims – because why not have a dessert cocktail while you’re at it, am I right? So go ahead, add some chocolate curls to your cocktail, and allow your regulars to indulge in the ultimate form of self-care—chocolate.

    Grab your potato peeler and a chocolate bar (you have those behind the bar, right?), and get to shaving!

    12. Whipped Cream

    Whipped cream is a creamy, fluffy garnish that can be used in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Whipped cream adds sweetness and richness to drinks, as well as provides a lovely decoration when piped onto the top of the cocktail.

    13. Celery

    Celery stalks have become an essential garnish for numerous cocktails across the globe. From the classic Bloody Mary to its variations such as Bloody Maria and Bloody Dane, celery finds its way into many cocktail menus. In addition to providing visual appeal, celery stalks also impart aromas and flavors that complement the cocktails. The savory and slightly bitter taste of celery balances the acidity and spice of tomato juice-based cocktails. Furthermore, celery is considered a superfood, recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties and low-calorie content. So, beyond its decorative function, the use of celery in cocktails also offers health benefits. Without a doubt, celery is an indispensable ingredient that elevates the cocktail experience, and its presence is cherished by cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders around the world.

    14. Whole Bean Coffee

    When it comes to crafting cocktails and mixed drinks, one popular garnish choice is whole, heavy-roasted coffee beans. These beans, which can be from a variety of coffee types, are used to add both visual appeal and flavor to a drink. However, they are not the only way that coffee can be incorporated into a cocktail.

    Some mixologists choose to use finely ground coffee powder as a garnish or even as an ingredient in the drink itself. These different methods of incorporating coffee into cocktails allow for a range of flavor profiles and presentation options, making it a versatile and dynamic ingredient in the world of mixology.

    Using Herbs as a Cocktail Garnish

    Oh, it’s time to awaken some herbs! Don’t worry, it’s not some mystical ritual involving chanting and crystals. No, we’re just gonna release the oils from those lovely leaves and stems.

    When it comes to cocktail garnishes, herbs are definitely at the top of the list. They add all sorts of flavors and aromas that can take a cocktail from mediocre to magnificent. Here’s a video that you can watch and learn how to wake those herbs up in under a minute.

    Using Cocktail Garnishes 101

    Always edible.
    Start off with the basics- get familiar with the tools of the trade such as a muddler, jigger, strainer, and shaker
    Make sure to choose something that complements the flavor of your drink – use color and texture to make it look more appealing
    Keep it simple by sticking to one garnish or two – don’t go overboard otherwise, it’ll overpower your drink
    Learn how to cut garnishes correctly so they fit properly on top of drinks

    Garnish Tips that Will Make You More Money in Tips.

    Think outside the lemon wedge – use fresh fruits and veggies to tantalize your taste buds. Try strawberries, pineapple cubes, or starfruit slices for a tropical twist. Melon balls, kiwi slices, and even grapes can add an unexpected element to your drinks,
    Add a twist to your cocktails with edible flowers like pansies, lavender, and hibiscus
    Bring out the flavor of your drink by adding extra spices or herbs. Pick herbs that enhance the flavors in your drink – try mint for mojitos, rosemary for gin and tonics, or basil for vodka-based drinks
    Serve drinks in fun glasses or mugs – from martini glasses to pint glasses
    Get creative with ice cubes – freeze fruit juice, herbs, and edible flowers for extra flavor
    Use pickled items as garnishes – like olives, jalapenos, and onions for a salty kick!
    Make it Instagrammable
    Have fun with shapes – use cookie cutters to make stars or hearts out of lemons or limes

    Become a Bartending Garnish Guru with Local Bartending School

    Now you are a pro on the best tips and techniques to create dazzling and delicious garnishes for your cocktails. Take this newfound knowledge and skills to the bar, and impress your friends with one-of-a-kind creations; who knows you might even make some extra cash as a mobile mixologist! But if bartending is something that truly interests you, go ahead and look into professional training at the Local Bartending School.

    With knowledge like this, your future guests, coworkers, bosses, and peers will think you flipped through a cocktail book during your spare time – impressing guests and “shaking it up” every day. Don’t knock until you try it… Give yourself the key to success when it comes to making drinks just by adding an extra touch of flavorful experimentation with garnishes – your creativity is boundless!

    The post Cocktail Garnishes 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Jazzing Up Your Drinks first appeared on LBS Bartending School.

    Local Bartending School in Cocktail Garnishes 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Jazzing Up Your Drinks

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    Florida Bartending Certification

    Florida Bartending Certification

    Florida Bartending Certification:

    To get the certificate of bartending in Florida, you need to be 18+ and independent. The Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco (ABT) is the Florida state government agency that licenses and regulates the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco. It is part of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). Just take the required training with the help of Local Bartending School by registering and complete your course which can take up to 7 days.

    All you have to do is register for your course, take the required training and pass the examination to get a certificate. LBS offers training online, in a class, and in-person according to what suits you the most. There is no restriction or rules except for the age criteria in Florida and LBS is the most authentic and state-accredited institution to get a license in the United States. Once you complete your training and get the certificate, you can get a job almost as soon as you put it up online. Especially in Florida, being a bartender holds some special place and you can get a job easily once ABT approves your application.

    Bars in Florida:

    Icebar Orlando is particularly famous because it is a below-freezing point room with a bar built from ice & an adjacent lounge with dancing for warming up. The Dive Bar in Fort Lauderdale is completely opposite with its Colorful, beachy choice for drinks, pub grub & regular live music in hopping digs with pool & TVs. No Name Pub is a very interesting bar situated in Big Pine Key with its funky tavern dishes up eclectic pizzas & other home-style fares such as chili in a rustic setting. There are plenty more bars and pubs in Florida in which you can get a job with the help of Local Bartending School.

    Contact Information:

    Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

    Bartending in Florida is a very productive job. A bartender has to tend to the drinks in a bar which includes mixing and serving according to the choice of the customer. He has to make sure that the bar is never short of drinks, music, or the dancing capacity for the people. A bartender knows the limit and capacity of his bar and admits people to a number that his bar can easily hold up. The job is not that difficult but requires some basic training and skills in dealing with other people.

    Florida is the 22nd most extensive, the 4th most populous, and the 8th most densely populated of the 50 United States.

    The state capital is Tallahassee, its largest city is Jacksonville, and the Miami metropolitan area is the largest metropolitan area in the southeastern United States. Miami Beach is a well-known vacation spot for tourists from around the world so it needs to have bars and bartenders to cater to the visitors. Almost all the cities of Florida, including Tampa, Orlando, Naples, Panama City, and Hollywood are well known and famous throughout the world. So the place is crowded for the greater part of the year and a bartender is never out of his job. Skilled bartenders are always in demand and many positions offer lucrative earnings and flexible schedules.

    Major LBS of Florida Schools

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    Bartending School Options

    Online Education (a combination of video and live Zoom lessons) Classroom Education with a group (locations in most Floridian cities over 60,000 in population) One-on-One Mixology Lessons

    Local Bartending School in Florida Bartending Certification

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    Full Bartender Calendar: 2024

    Full Bartender Calendar: 2024

    Our professional team of bartending rockstars, masters, and gurus have teamed up to bring you a whole year of holidays to spark some creativity in your cocktail choices.

    And as if we needed any other reason to make some deliciously festive cocktails, here are 365 ideas for you to bring the crowd to your bartop all year long.

    Article menu

    A Bartender’s Calendar: January 2024

    Main | Canva Pro | Let love flourish at your bar!

    It’s a new year, bar friends. You made it through the holiday season slanging winter cocktails to jolly bar-goers all season long. And the opposite of Jon Snow’s warning, winter is almost over. We can only hope the groundhog sees his shadow in February so we can move on to patio season and fruity spring drinks.

    But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves! January is a month full of funky holidays and national celebrations, like National Rubber Ducky Day and Get to Know Your Customer Day. We can’t just let those days pass without having a little fun at work (plus, make a bit more cash while we’re at it).

    So here’s a calendar brought to you by Local Bartending School for bartenders and bar owners to use all month long. For marketing ideas, entertaining your guests and regulars, and bringing a little more sparkle behind the bar—just like a fresh layer of powdery, clean January snow.

    January 1  – National Hangover Day & New Year’s Day

    New Year’s Day is all about new beginnings. And too bad for us, it’s also the most common day for hangovers. Thanks, NYE!

    Your bartop or venue might be a bit slow. If you have a kitchen, focus on food sales today or schedule a lighter staff to save some labor hours.

    For the few New Year’s Day warriors, be sure to offer them a great winter cocktail so they stick around and keep you company. And buy drinks, of course.u

    January 2 – World Introvert Day

    An introvert on any other day might be hesitant to come out to a busy bar or packed event venue. But what party is filled with quiet people who claim to be introverts themselves? I can hear the lack of small talk now…

    Invite the local introverts to your bar to celebrate this momentous day made just for them. Keep the drinks flowing and the loud, meaningless conversations to a minimum, please!

    Why do introverts hate bars so much?

    Loud musicHaving to chat pointlessly with the bartenders and other guestsSticky floors, bar tops, and the smell of stale beer

    January 3 – Festival of Sleep Day & Fruitcake Toss Day

    We told you to keep an eye out for Fruitcake Toss Day in December. Yeah, back when you got that nasty thing and thought you’d eat it before the new year. Well it’s time to toss that bad boy out.

    But that brings up a question… Do you think you could make a cocktail inspired by an old fruitcake? Share your recipe with us!

    It’s also the Festival of Sleep Day, which aims to reduce the damage from sleep disorders by better preventing and managing them. And we all know we could use more sleep as bartenders. I just hope that old fruitcake doesn’t haunt my dreams like a good night in the weeds does.

    January 4 – Trivia Day

    Trivia and bars go together like tequila and lime juice. Put them together and watch the fun really start.

    Defined, trivia are facts (about people or events) that are not well-known. And what’s the best place for people to show off that useless knowledge? The bar.

    Bars typically hold a themed trivia night weekly, monthly, or whenever you feel like it. Trivia is great to increase weekly retention and consistent bar sales. Motivate teams to enter by offering a gift card or free drinks for first, second, or third place.

    January 5 – National Bird Day

    Birds don’t have much to do with bars, I’ll be honest here. But hey, we’re all about making weird holidays marketable for bartenders and bar owners.

    For National Bird Day, we think it’s time for the mixologists to step up on the perch! Create a cocktail like ‘The Blue Bird’, ‘Cardinal’, or ‘Raven’ and put it on special for today only.

    Is your bar named after a feathered friend? Then today is really your day to fly above the rest.

    January 6 – Cuddle Up Day

    It’s cold outside and for some people, that means snuggling up with their significant other. But for the rest of us, the only thing we have to cuddle up with is our favorite arm of the couch while we watch reruns of Schitt’s Creek.

    Welcome the cuddle-buddy-less crowd with big, warm welcoming snuggly arms and a spot at your bar.

    January 7 –  Old Rock Day

    Old Rock Day is for fossil lovers everywhere but for bartenders, it feels more appropriate to tell our coworkers and nasty guests to “go kick rocks”.

    Okay, okay, maybe we won’t advise going around being complete dicks to people and potentially losing your bartending job. Instead, on Old Rock Day throw these rockin’ fun facts around to see if you can’t crack a bigger tip.

    Rocks from space can land on Earth.They’re used to make aluminum baseball bats.When the minerals in a rock repeat in a pattern, they are called crystals.

    January 8 – ​Male Watcher’s Day & Bubble Bath Day

    Time to be creepy, party people. January 8th at your bar might be filled with folks lined up to take a peek at the males. But since today is also Bubble Bath Day as well as Male Watcher’s Day, we’re thinking a hunky male in a bubble bath is the way to get people to come out for this wacky celebration.

    January 9 – National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

    Appreciate your local law enforcement today! Hold a special event, discount drinks for first-liners, and let them know you’ve got their back as much as they have yours every day. I mean, who else are you going to call when a guest is passed out in your bathroom? Law enforcement, of course!

    I have a soft spot for law enforcement! In college, my regulars were local officers and narcotics detectives. I’ve found bartenders and those in law enforcement have a similar sense of humor. I guess we both see how ugly the public can be and laugh as a coping mechanism. Since then, I’ve always loved taking care of them!

    Have you served a law enforcement officer in a meaningful way? Tell us in the comments below!

    January 10 – Bittersweet Chocolate Day

    If you’ve been reading our bartender calendars for a few months now, you might know that there are an awful lot of days that celebrate chocolate. Humans love their chocolate, I guess.

    And from day one of our calendar series, we’ve been the biggest supporters of celebrating these creamy days by adding our favorite thing—booze.

    What is the best chocolate cocktail that you’ve made for a guest or tried for yourself?

    January 11 – National Hot Toddy Day

    We love a good ol’ hot toddy. So much that it made our list of top winter cocktails!

    We know the toddy from British-controlled India. “Taddy” — a Hindi word from the 1610s — originally meant fermented palm sap. But over one hundred years later, it was defined as “liquid containing liquor, sugar, and spices.”

    January 12 – Kiss a Ginger Day

    Ask your bar patrons to bring in their loves with red hair and give them a big fat kiss right at your bartop. If they do, reward them with a discounted or free drink. We think it’s a fun, date-night idea to market on social media, chalkboard, or a-frame sign.

    January 13 – National Sticker Day & National Rubber Ducky Day

    Canva Pro | Rubber ducky cocktail, anyone?

    Stickers and rubber duckies. Two staples to growing up in my opinion.

    Instead of getting a sticker for being a good kid at the doctor, today people will be rewarded with stickers at the bar. They can be funny stickers that bring a laugh or you can finally get rid of that stack of marketing stickers you have piling up in the stock room.

    For National Rubber Ducky Day, let your imagination fly away. Several bartenders and mixologists have created cocktails adorned with our cute little yellow bathtime buddy. But to me, I’d just be thinking of bathtub water. No rubber ducky cocktail for me, thank you!

    January 14 – National Dress Up Your Pet Day

    Some of you are lucky enough to bartend, serve, or work at venues that welcome four-legged friends. And if you are, today can’t be skipped. Why? It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day and you know you don’t want to miss a French Bulldog in a tutu, do you?

    Plan a pet party!Encourage pet owners to join and dress their pets.Reward “Best-Dressed” pooches.Offer specials and discounts.Snap pictures and upload them to your socials.

    Want to host a pet event? Missing the bar or the bartenders? Local Bartending School can not only provide you with everything you need for the extravaganza, but we can also get your whole team certified with our in-depth training program.

    January 15 – National Hat Day

    Since 1983, schools, libraries, and museums have celebrated National Hat Day. Visitors and students were invited to wear hats of all kinds. Favorite hats, work hats, goofy hats, all of the hats.

    Keep this forty-year-old tradition alive! At work today, wear a hat.

    And if your manager won’t let you, give them the dunce cap.

    January 16 – National Nothing Day

    My old coworker Jerry must’ve thought that every day was National Nothing Day.

    Feel free to stand around and do absolutely nothing like my pal Jerry! And when your boss comes around to ask you what in the hell you’re doing, you tell them, “It’s National Nothing Day, duh.”

    Just be careful! I used to have a supervisor that would kick us with their boot toe when we’re standing around or made a mistake that cost the house money. If you’re working for a tyrant like my old boss, best to pretend National Nothing Day means nothing to you!

    January 17 – Blue Monday

    Blue Monday is speculated to be the saddest day of the year. As a bartender, you can turn that frown upside down by inviting everyone to your bar for an endorphin-filled good time and of course, good drinks.

    January 18 – National Winnie the Pooh Day

    Winnie the Pooh was always trying to get him some damn honey! Probably to make a drink with, now that we’re thinking about it.

    For National Winnie the Pooh Day, feel free to add extra honey to the cocktails that call for. Winnie would be proud.

    Here are some Winnie-approved cocktails from Liquor.com:

    Bee’s KneesHoney-Kissed CosmopolitanBear with Me, Honey

    January 19 – National Popcorn Day

    Popcorn isn’t just for the cinema. By today’s standards, popcorn is for the drama! When something is about to pop off, we grab our popcorn and sit down to watch the show.

    Well, you know what goes great with salty popcorn and a good show? A refreshing brewski straight from the tap.

    Pop some corn, pour some beers, and put on a good dramatic show, and get ready for a buzzing night at your bar.

    January 20 – Get to Know Your Customer Day

    A good bartender strives to be friendly with regulars and customers. But today is a day focused on getting to know them on a deeper level.

    Here are some questions you can ask your guest to break the ice:

    Where are you from originally?What do you do for work?What kind of hobbies or interests do you have?

    January 21 – National Squirrel Appreciation Day

    Squirrels don’t have a spot at the bar. But now that I’m picturing a bartop full of cute squirrels with their long tails, I’m thinking they should.

    Instead, grab your nuts. I mean your nutty liquors and liqueurs! Tell your regulars about National Squirrel Appreciation Day and offer them orgeat or amaretto in celebration.

    January 22 – National Hot Sauce Day

    Cue the heartburn! National Hot Sauce Day calls for one thing and one thing only—The Torchlight.

    This cocktail, made by Middle Branch in NYC, balances the spice of the Cholula with the sweetness of the honey syrup and lime juice.

    Fans of hot sauce will be dying to try this. And even the people who don’t like heat have to try it for National Hot Sauce Day.

    January 23 – National Pie Day

    Bartenders and mixologists love to create concoctions that taste like the things we eat. Especially dessert. And especially pie. For a few pie-themed cocktail recipes, like pumpkin, check out our list of top fall cocktails!

    January 24 – Beer Can Appreciation Day

    On January 24, we celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day in remembrance of the historic, monumental, and thirst-quenching day beer was first sold in cans. Back in 1969,  sales of canned beer exceeded that of bottled beers for the first time and we haven’t looked back ever since.

    The best way to show your appreciation? Drop the price and run a special on all beers that come in a can.

    January 25 – Opposite Day

    Opposite Day, a fun holiday in elementary school but not so fun as adults. Imagine a guest not tipping because it’s Opposite Day! Better keep this one to yourselves, this time.

    January 26 – Spouse’s Day

    Spouse’s Day is all about letting those legally-wedded partners know how much they’re loved. Invite spouses everywhere to exactly that with drink and food specials aimed like Cupid’s arrow directly at couples.

    Offer two-for-one dealsRun specials on shareable bottles of wine and champagneHighlight menu items are good to share

    January 27 – Chocolate Cake Day

    I wasn’t lying when I said there are a lot of days in our calendar series that involve chocolate.

    So here’s a recipe for a shot from Spruce Eats that doesn’t involve any chocolate at all but tastes exactly like chocolate cake.


    .75 ounce vanilla (citrus, clear, or vanilla).75 ounce hazelnut liqueur1 sugar-coated lemon wedge


    Pour the vodka and hazelnut liqueur into a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice, shake, and strain into a shot glass.

    January 28 – Fun at Work Day & National Kazoo Day

    One of the reasons why we love bartending so much over here at Local Bartending School is because every day feels like Fun at Work Day. We can tell R-rated jokes about testicles to our guests without getting human resources called (true story, by the way). I’d like to see a government employee do that and get away with it.

    So even though I think every day is fun at work, the consensus might not be in on that opinion. That’s probably why they made today National Kazoo Day too, so the other industries have a fair shot at some amusement while on the clock.

    January 29 – National Puzzle Day

    Puzzles can be hard to figure out. And you know they say that the best thinking involves a little bit of drinking. (Go ahead, yeah… you can use that.)

    Today, invite your bar crowd or regulars to partake in a little bit of puzzle action with a drink in hand (made by you, of course). Puzzles are great to keep brains active. It’ll make up for all those double-whiskeys you’ve served to them over the years.

    January 30 – Yodel for Your Neighbors Day

    The word “yodel” is derived from the German word “jodeln,” which means “to utter the syllable jo”—said as “yo” in English. Shepherds in the Alps yodeled to communicate with others long distances away and to round up cattle.

    But today, you’re not rounding up cattle. You’re rounding up the drinkers.

    Here are a few (totally weird) ways you can celebrate Yodel for Your Neighbors Day at your bar:

    Yodel when you greet guestsWear a German-inspired outfitSend a few employees out to yodel and invite people back to the bar

    January 31 – National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

    As we wrap up the month, it’s only fitting today is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. So satisfying. So simple. Bubble Wrap.

    Everyone knows what bubble wrap is. And we all love it. Bring some into work today! Would it be weird to hand out bubble wrap? Maybe. But if anything, it’s fun to even talk about with your guests. And bubbly conversations are what we bartenders are all about.

    New Year’s Resolution: Make a Million Dollars in Tips

    January always goes by so fast! We make these huge new resolutions and before you know it, it’s September and we haven’t done much of a workout except changing kegs.

    Don’t let thirty-one opportunities to make a bit of extra cash this month in liquor sales pass you by, too.

    And remember for the best tips and tricks from our team at Local Bartending School, check out our blog. Or if you’re ready to start, step up, or bring new tricks into your bartending career, contact us today!

    A Bartender’s Calendar: February 2024

    Main | Canva Pro | Let love flourish at your bar!

    Romance is in the air! It’s February and this month usually means one thing for those of us in the bar and restaurant industry. Valentine’s Day. We see break-ups, make-ups, and everything in between. And then we go and talk about them in the back!

    But Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day worthy of a reservation or rendezvous at our bartop. Turns out, there are plenty of excuses to celebrate in February.

    Ask the team at Local Bartending School. We’re a team of industry veterans who know a thing or two about bartending. After all, we are a bartender school!

    Just for bartenders and bar owners, we’ve created a bartender calendar you can use for marketing or to bring a little love to your bar.

    February 1 – No Politics Day

    Can it be No Politics Day every day? After the last few years, I’m burnt out. What about you, bartender friend?

    Though my personal bar convos never typically went there, some of you maybe can’t avoid politics because of where you live, where you work, or what’s playing on your TVs.

    But in honor of today’s holiday, switch the conversation to something a bit lighter if you hear someone chatting red-and-blue. Talk about how tomorrow is both Groundhog Day and Ukulele Day. Now that’s something a bartender like me can chat about.

    February 2 – National Ukulele Day & Groundhog Day

    If you’ve been reading our blog (rated one of the top bartender blogs by Feedspot, btw), you probably read the crazy story about a bartender pulling out their ukulele to lure rowdy guests into last call. It didn’t need to be National Ukulele Day for him. For some reason, that bartender always had his ukulele on him.

    Other than that, National Ukulele Day doesn’t have much to do for you, bar bud.

    Here to steal the show and hopefully see his shadow, is the groundhog. February 2nd has long reigned this day, Groundhog Day. You know the premise, don’t you? Sees its shadow, then spring is coming?

    Well we don’t really care if that little short-legged woodchuck sees his shadow. And you shouldn’t either. Nothing should stop you from opening up that patio and serving spring cocktails!

    February 3 – National Women Physicians Day

    A woman was famously allowed to attend medical school as a joke. Until she became the first woman in America with a medical degree, proving everyone wrong about her “intellectual inferiority.” She’s the reason behind National Women Physicians Day.

    Today isn’t just about Elizabeth Blackwell, no no. All physicians who identify as a woman are being recognized and celebrated! Here’s how you can honor their achievements at your restaurant or bar:

    Discount drinks for lady doctors and/or throw an eventRun social media ads thanking them for their hard work (and inviting them out!)Drop off promotional material at local medical offices for your event, deals, etc.

    February 4 – Thank a Mailman Day & National Wear Red Day

    What’s up with all these days for the mail? Back in January, we had a day just to watch out for the male man. Oh, wait, different type of male, sorry!

    Don’t just thank any old guy, thank your mail carrier!

    I know some of you who work earlier bar lunch shifts probably see the mailman. You might see the mailman as much as your pesky liquor reps. Okay okay, maybe not that much.

    Next time you see the person who drops off all your mail, give him a big ‘ole thanks and invite him to come back with a friend later for a brewski on the house.

    February 5 – Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day & National Weatherman’s Day

    Before your shift today, you have our full permission to eat nothing but ice cream.

    Your guests will be craving some, too! It doesn’t have to be breakfast, though! Highlight an ice-cream-based cocktail or dessert for a bit of an extra sweet sale.

    And don’t forget, it’s also National Weatherman’s Day. So while your guests are spooning their faces with delicious ice cream, turn on the weather channel. I bet your guests today will never forget the way they spent February 5th.

    February 6 – Dump Your Significant Jerk Day

    Us bartenders aren’t deprived of seeing awkward relationship conversations. Actually, it’s kind of one of the perks of the job. We’re weird voyeuristic folks at the end of the day, I guess.

    And today is no day that lacks drama. It’s Dump Your Significant Jerk Day.

    Notice the jerk part. These aren’t normal partners! They’re assholes and the relationship needs to be put to an end. At your bar.

    Help your friends, locals, and regulars 86 their jerky partners. Forget a quiet conversation at home! That jerk deserves a public breakup. And they break-ee deserves a drink in hand before, during, and after with your support the whole time.

    February 7 –  Send a Card to a Friend Day

    Cards are typically sent for holidays or birthdays. But everyone loves a card that comes just because! That’s why Send a Card to a Friend Day came about.

    Who is a bartender’s best friend? The people who pay our bills, that’s who.

    So go grab some cards and give a few out to your regulars or very best coworkers. And if they give you a really weird look because their bartender just gave them a card for no reason at all, tell them what day it is so you look a little less creepy.

    February 8 – ​Molasses Bar Day

    Cover your whole bar with molasses! It’s Molasses Bar Day.

    Okay, that’s not technically how you’re supposed to celebrate. You’re supposed to be eating sticky ass molasses bars, but where would anyone find that?

    But you know…. Syrup and molasses can taste amazing in a cocktail or mocktail. That’s probably the best way to go for today. We’ll skip the sticky bar, for now.

    February 9 – Toothache Day & National Pizza Day

    Do you know what helps a toothache? A nice whiskey.

    No really, my Arkansas-born-and-raised dad swears by it! So much so he used to dabble a bit on us when we were kids, growing teeth and stuff. Maybe that’s where this whole affinity with liquor and bartending started!

    So, share this fun fact with your guests and social media audience to see if you can’t increase a few of your liquor sales on Toothache Day.

    And so sorry for those who have toothaches because they won’t be able to eat any pizza!

    If your bar sells pizza, you better be celebrating National Pizza Day. Or else. I’m smelling discounts and pints of beer.

    February 10 – Umbrella Day

    Umbrella Day was created by Rihanna just to market her 2008 hit. Okay, just kidding. But it is a great day to play the song at your venue.

    Here are other ways to increase sales on Umbrella Day:

    Use tiny umbrellas as garnishes… in everythingServe rainbow-colored cocktailsCreate a drink inspired by Mary Poppins

    February 11 – Make a Friend Day

    It’s Make a Friend Day and as bartenders, we make new friends every day, all day long! But maybe your guests need a little nudge toward sparking new friendships.

    Hold a networking event all about meeting new faces. You could also collaborate with a network marketing type of business and host an event at your bar.

    At the very least, try introducing your bar guests to other folks sitting down. I used to work with a bartender who did this regularly! He’d simply involve the entire bar in the conversation, introduce people to each other, and suddenly his bar top would be jovial and people would stay longer and tip more!

    February 12 – Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

    Abraham Lincoln, the United State’s 16th president and in my personal opinion, one of the goats.

    Known to be humble, he also was quite moderate in the drinking department. Some say he drank the least amount of any president.

    This is why at your bar today, you’ll urge people to not be Abraham Lincoln and drink up!

    February 13 – Super Bowl Sunday & Galentine’s Day

    Canva Pro | Score all the tips on Super Bowl Sunday!

    A perfect day for all couples everywhere—February 13, 2024. Men, you take football. Ladies, enjoy your girl’s day.

    And we bartenders will be here to welcome both! Sports bars, you might want to focus on what you do best and that’s sports, food, and beer. Other trendy bars, like French bistros, you might go the Galentine’s Day route.

    Bar owners, take your pick of which day to celebrate! But are you worried that your team of bartenders can’t handle the big rush? Local Bartending School can train, certify, and prep everyone so they’re ready for the field.

    February 14 – Valentine’s Day

    There are two types of couples: those who are okay with sitting at the bar on Valentine’s Day and those who are not. Either way, make sure you’re ready for the influx of duos looking for a romantic night out.

    Having twelve years of V-Day’s in my back pocket, here are a few tips for new bartenders or novice bar owners:

    Offer specials aimed at couples, like shareable plates and two-for-one dealsGive your guests plenty of privacyLight candles and play swanky music to set the mood

    February 15 – Singles Awareness Day

    Singles Awareness Day comes right after Valentine’s Day for a reason. I mean, if couples get a whole day, singles should, too!

    So get ready for another round of people celebrating their marital status! Except this time, cater toward individuals. And be sure to market on social media, it’s a big day on platforms with over 120,000 collective posts and impressions.

    February 16 – National Almond Day

    Almond-flavored liqueurs are one of my favorite things behind the bar. They’re easy to sip on and lend a delicate flavor to the cocktail that it’s in. And since today is National Almond Day, that’s what’s on special.

    Offer guests your almond liqueur, like Disarrono, as a floater to coffees or serve them neat for a digestif, or after-dinner dessert.

    You can also use something like orgeat in a signature cocktail all your own.

    February 17 – Random Acts of Kindness Day

    The service industry is one big place for random acts of kindness. That’s how we make our money.

    Inspiring everyone to do something nice for their friends, Random Acts of Kindness Day was created by a foundation focused on making kindness the norm.

    For those of us who serve, bartend, or own a venue, it’s our chance to be kind toward our guests, but ourselves and others. Help a coworker out, even though it isn’t part of your sidework. If you’re in the habit of negative self-talk, practice being kind to yourself! You deserve it, too.

    Spreading positivity is contagious and will be sure to affect your service. Watch your tips increase, too!

    February 18 – National Drink Wine Day

    Order an extra case or two. If your guests already sip on a lot of house wine for happy hour or any hour, they’re bound to order a few extra glasses today. It’s National Drink Wine Day!

    Market this momentous celebration on your socials and signs, you’ve got some wine to sell!

    February 19 – National Lashes Day

    Give all the ladies a place to wear their lashes on National Lashes Day. Fake lashes, long lashes, neon-colored lashes, no lashes—today we celebrate them all. Does your dog have long lashes? Show us. Best lashes in show receive a round, on the house!

    February 20 – Love Your Pet Day & Cherry Pie Day

    People can be obsessed with their pets. Well, they finally get a full 24 hours to show their furry friends an extra bit of love. Join in on the fun! If you can’t invite pets in your bar for a little day-outing, then ask to see pictures of your regular’s pets! It’s a great way to increase your customer engagement.

    If pets aren’t really your thing and you’d rather not have dander in your bar or restaurant, we get it. Maybe you should focus on Cherry Pie Day. Once your guests hear those words, they’ll have a hard time saying no to a cherry-themed cocktail on special.

    February 21 – President’s Day & Card Reading Day

    President’s Day isn’t usually a reason to go to the bar, but if you make a whole bunch of drinks named after famous presidents I’m willing to vote that a few people would show up.

    Make an Abraham Lincoln, and I’m there.

    Your crowd not exactly into presidents? It’s also Card Reading Day. Call your local tarot or oracle reader, give her a corner of your bar to work her magic, and offer your guests a look into their future as well as a good night at your bar.

    February 22 – National Margarita Day

    This year, National Margarita Day falls on Taco Tuesday. Sounds like a mini Cinco do Mayo if you ask us! Batch some margs, cook some tacos or nachos, and get ready for a fiesta.

    No kitchen? No problem. Partner with a local food truck to give your guests the best of both worlds, delicious tacos, and refreshing margaritas.

    February 23 – National Banana Bread Day

    We’re no bakers and we don’t work at a bakery. Chances of us having banana bread are low. The only time you might find a bartender with some is if it’s crumbled into minuscule pieces in the bottom of our aprons. Don’t offer your guests any of that.

    Instead, whip up a creamy cocktail made with banana liqueur or fresh fruit.

    February 24 – World Bartender Day

    It’s our day, people. A day dedicated to appreciating us folks who pour drinks and keep strangers company all year round. We hold one of the world’s oldest (and most fun) jobs.  We know secrets about our guests that they don’t tell anyone else. Instead of the limelight being on our guests, today is all about us. The bartender.

    Use the hashtag #WorldBartenderDay to post pictures of you and the local bartenders.

    Want to be a bartender and celebrate every February 24th? Local Bartending School can help out with that too! One of our nationally recognized instructors can come to you in our at-home bartending course. Click here to learn more.

    February 25 – National Skip the Straw Day

    Canva Pro| To straw or not to straw?

    Created by ocean conservationists, National Skip the Straw Day aims to decrease the amount of plastic harming wildlife. You’ve probably been affected by this. I know I have as a bartender.

    I’ve worked at bars that only give straws if the guest asks for one. I’ve worked at places that are 100% straw-free or use those paper ones that instantly disintegrate.

    But here’s an unpopular opinion. Give me the straw.

    I don’t want my lips touching the rim of that glass. I’ve seen the hands that handle glassware. 

    As a straw slinger, how do you feel about the great straw debate?

    February 26 – Tell a Fairy Tale Day

    No need to think of what to say today. Just tell a fairy tale. Your guests always love a good story!

    February 27 – National Pokemon Day

    Some really good Pokemon could be hiding out at your bar!

    Back when Pokemon Go was huge, one time my boss wrote on our sandwich board that we had the best pokemon at our bar. We saw at least 20 people come in that day hunting Bulbasaur and a cocktail.

    February 28 – Floral Design Day

    Bartending can be thought of as an art form. Some people might disagree. Those people probably would say cheerleading isn’t a sport or believe in presidential hoaxes.

    Another form of art that’s underrated is floral design! So grab the biggest bouquet you can find and bring some life into your bar.

    Fun, February National Holidays for Bartenders

    People are ready to come out of hibernation, spring is just about here and your regulars are itching to get back out into warmer spirits. Now you have a full month of days and reasons to get them to your bar!

    And remember, if you need help from our team at Local Bartending School with training, their instructors are ready to answer whatever questions you might have. Contact us today!

    A Bartender’s Calendar: March 2024

    Main | Canva Pro | Find a pot of gold with March’s most marketable holidays for bartenders and bar owners.

    Get the patio ready. Clean those chairs, dust those tables—make your bar shine! Spring will be springing this month and we’re so here for it. Fruity cocktails, brunch, and sunshine… I mean how could you not?

    Honestly, we’re here for the whole month of March. There’s so much to do! Between the first day of spring, baseball season starting, and the best day to be a bartender, St. Patty’s Day, March cannot be topped. Unless it’s a hat on a leprechaun, of course.

    Here are 31 ideas to bring in buckets of gold, a bartender’s marketing calendar made by our team of industry professionals at Local Bartending School. We’re here to help you with big spring events, with bartending courses brought to you, or even training sessions for your whole crew.

    Let’s hop right in to see what sort of luck March has to bring us!.

    March 1 – Mardi Gras & Fat Tuesday

    In French, Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday. It’s a Christian holiday in origin, and people celebrate the last night of eating rich, fatty foods before the ritual Lenten sacrifices and fasting of the Lenten season. During Lent, folks give something up for 40 days and 40 nights, mimicking Jesus’ journey in the desert.

    That’s the G-rated side of things. It’s also a time to get drunk!

    In New Orleans, folks parade down Bourbon Street with cocktails in hand, throwing beads in exchange for a quick look at a stranger’s boobs. Yes, a celebration any God-fearing person would be proud of.

    Today, get ready for an influx of people wearing purple, yellow, and green. Here are other ways to bring the festival to your bar:

    Hand out beads for your guests to wear (Don’t encourage nudity, that’s just bad press!)Wear a masquerade maskServe ojen liqueur, a Spanish anisette usually drank in New Orleans

    March 2 – Old Stuff Day & Ash Wednesday

    Folks who weren’t raised Catholic might find themselves thrown off when people walk into their bars with dirty foreheads. Not to worry, bartender friends.

    It’s just Ash Wednesday, marking the first day of Lent. Church-goers partake in a special mass, receiving ashes on their forehead to symbolize repentance.

    But if all that ash reminded you of how dusty your bar is, it’s only fitting. Also being Old Stuff Day, it’s time to get rid of all that stuff under your wells or in the back office that’s collecting dust.

    March 3 – National Anthem Day

    Today, back in 1931 the U.S. said, “Let’s make that song by Francis Scott Key our national anthem.” And so it was!

    You can celebrate today by:

    hanging up a few flags,singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’, orplaying National Anthem by Lana del Reyserving American-themed drinks

    Check out a recipe for red, white, and blue shots on our best summer cocktails list!

    March 4 – Employee Appreciation Day

    Employees are the nuts and bolts of any business and though you should appreciate their hard work every day, today is the day to really thank them for their efforts.

    Bar owners, it’s easy to make your staff feel good! But it’s even easier to make them feel unappreciated.

    Before you start your recognition of greatness, make sure you know how your employee likes to be rewarded. Some people don’t like a big shout-out! They might prefer a one-on-one convo. Make sure you know which one has the biggest appreciation impact.

    And for my fellow bartenders, how would you like to be thanked on Employee Appreciation Day? Let us know so we can put in a good word with our network of bar owners.

    March 5 – National Absinthe Day

    Ah, absinthe. The variety of flavors makes absinthe a tasty addition to many cocktail menus. But, do you know how to make it the traditional French way? Local Bartending School’s bartending courses, like their one-of-a-kind flair course, can help with that and so many other skills you’ll need for a great career behind the bar.

    Some talking points to go along with today’s special:

    The drink was created in SwitzerlandAbsinthe is also called ‘The Green Fairy’France was drinking 36 million liters of absinthe by 1910

    March 6 – National Oreo Cookie Day

    Oreos are known as America’s Favorite Cookie, so why not create America’s favorite cocktail?

    March 7 –  National Cereal Day

    You know, cereal and cocktails don’t seem to mix. But a bartender I worked with created a cereal-inspired cocktail, named it something along the lines of Saturday Morning Cartoons, and ran it as a brunch special. The people loved it!

    Sure, National Cereal Day lands on a Monday this year and no one is brunching then, so extend your special into the weekend for that extra pop.

    March 8 – ​International Women’s Day

    International Women’s Day is on March 8 every year and it celebrates women’s achievements in economics, culture, and politics. This year the theme is Break the Bias, which as a bartender or bar owner, you can totally help do. Here’s how:

    Wear purple, white, and green to show your supportPartner with a charity that focuses on females or gender parityRun specials only for women

    March 9 – National Get Over It Day

    Some people get mad when you tell them to get over it. And they have that right. Except for today. You legally have to get the f*@! over it, it’s a national holiday.

    Our favorite way to cope? With a drink in hand.

    Invite your regulars and friends to get over it at your bar.

    March 10 – International Day of Awesomeness

    We have a pretty cool job being bartenders. I think it’s pretty awesome. But today we get an extra pass for being the awesome people we are.

    See, Keven Lawver back in 2007 joked that his office should have an International Day of Awesomeness because, like us, felt his team were badasses. So he picked the birthday of the biggest badass myth of them all, Chuck Norris, to celebrate.

    March 11 – National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day

    Funeral directors and morticians are surrounded by death all day long. Bring a little life into their night! Today on their national holiday, save them a spot at your bar.

    March 12 – National Girl Scout Day

    Now, you can’t go on inviting little girls to come party at the bar. Do not do that.

    For National Girl Scout Day, a Thin Mint flavored cocktail or a whole line of signature cookie cocktails would be a huge hit.

    March 13 – Ear Muff Day

    Why Ear Muff Day falls right before spring, the world may never know. Plus your bartop will be really confused when you wear a pair to work today to celebrate this random, badly timed day.

    March 14 – National Potato Chip Day & National Pi Day

    Potato chips and pie. Sounds like a good time to me!

    Today’s a fun day for marketing in the bar industry. Why? Well, beer goes great with chips. And while the mathematical pi doesn’t taste too good, a pie-flavored cocktail sure does!

    March 15 – Tea for Two Tuesday

    Made just for two folks to simply enjoy a cuppa together, Tea for Two Tuesday happens every third Tuesday in March.

    Alcoholic tea, anyone? Encourage your bartop to indulge in a relaxing tea-flavored cocktail or a Long Island Iced Tea and conversation with their favorite person, or a stranger sitting next to them. Run specials on those drinks too for a bit of extra encouragement.

    March 16 – National Panda Day

    Pandas—the world’s craziest looking bear and also one of the cutest animals ever.

    This reminds me of one of the most unsuspected phenomena I’ve seen in my bartending career, guys. Here’s a crazy story.

    So, I was working at a swanky French bar and somehow our TVs ended up on an endless loop of animal videos. I was the bar manager that day, quickly noticed that that wasn’t supposed to be playing, so I switched the channel.

    That’s when I heard a guest yell at me. They wanted to keep watching it! So we kept it on and what came after that you’ll never guess.

    We rarely turned that channel off.

    People were hypnotized, entranced, enthralled, and couldn’t look away. Bar guests were more patient, stayed longer, and truly seemed content. I grabbed the bar owner and head chef/co-owner to show them this master bar secret I unlocked.

    So the moral of the story is to play videos of adorable pandas on your bar TVs all day long and watch the magic happen.

    March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day

    Canva Pro | Green beer better be on the menu today.

    Green is the theme! People have on their lucky shirts and are ready to spend some coins, too! In the U.S., people fork over about $43 per person on alcohol alone.

    That’s a big day for us bartenders. And I know you’re ready to get lucky!

    For St. Patty’s Day, you know what to do to celebrate. Do the green thing, green beer, and run specials that are hard to pass up.

    Owners, managers, or shift leads, don’t find yourself in a bind when things get chaotic, ‘cause they will.

    You’ll need to make sure your entire staff is trained and certified. Novice bartenders can make a lot of errors when they’re not used to high volume and may overpour, overserve, or provide alcohol to a minor. Get everyone trained up and ready!

    March 18 – Awkward Moments Day

    A few days ago we were celebrating how awesome our jobs are. Today, we’re recognizing those awkward moments.

    What is your most awkward moment behind the bar? I’ll go first.

    When I was first starting, I was carrying a tray of about eight pint glasses. Boom, dropped them. Well, I picked up the glass off the floor with my hands (a huge no-no, and here’s why), cutting myself but didn’t feel it because of the adrenaline and cortisol rushing through me.

    Of course, I owed my table new drinks. What they didn’t order was my blood dripping from each cup.


    Can you beat that awkward moment?

    March 19 – International Sports Car Racing Day

    ISCAR Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate this highly popular sport. It falls on a perfect day, you know. Today is also twelve hours of racing in Sebring, Florida at the Sebring International Raceway. It’s the oldest endurance race in America, starting in 1952.

    Bartenders, you can hone in on the racers who like to drink and host an event! It can be a car show type of deal, you can play famous races or the race in Sebring.

    March 20 – Spring Equinox & International Day of Happiness

    The first day of spring just so happens to fall on the International Day of Happiness. Coincidence? Definitely not. With all that extra vitamin D, it’s hard not to catch the wave of euphoria, right?

    Invite your regulars out of winter’s sleep with some sunshine and light spring cocktails.

    March 21 – National Fragrance Day

    Fragrance has a lot to do with the drinks we serve. Wine is highly aromatic and liquors like gin and whiskey can be, too!

    So that’s why we think you should celebrate National Fragrance Day as a bartender. Ask your guests to really get involved with their olfactory senses and offer up some of your best fragrant drinks.

    March 22 – National Goof Off Day

    When your boss asks you what you’re doing when you’re goofing off, today’s your only shot at getting away with it. Just tell them you’re celebrating a holiday and to kindly leave you to your observances.

    March 23 – National Chip and Dip Day

    Um, chips and dip? Yes, please.

    Cocktails and chips and dip go together like wine and cheese. I don’t know about you but I sure do want a margarita to go with my salsa, por favor!

    We’re thinking your guests might feel the same. Offer the combo of cocktails and chips and dip to add a bit to your check average today.

    March 24 – National Cocktail Day

    We serve a lot of wine and we pour gallons of beer, but you know our true shining moments as bartenders are when we’re making cocktails. And today, we’re honoring our favorite bar drinks.

    You can celebrate with your existing cocktail menu, or be inspired to create your own! It’s National Cocktail Day and there’s no wrong way to celebrate. Here are some other ideas:

    Learn a new skill through reading a bar book or hands-on trainingOrder your bar staff new bar toolsMarket an event on social media using #NationalCocktailDay

    March 25 – International Waffle Day

    If you can’t make a drink inspired by waffles, I have only one other option for having some fun on International Waffle Day and that’s quoting Donkey from Shrek all day long.

    March 26 – Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

    There are so many wacky celebrations and eccentric national holidays. All you need is a good idea and enough support and, poof! It’s as if any day can be Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.

    But today, it actually is. While reading all of these bartender calendars, I  know you’ve been thinking about a holiday you’d create. So today, make up that day and celebrate with your coworkers, staff, and guests. Just don’t get fired, huh?

    March 27 – National Joe Day

    Joe’s typically aren’t average at all. Every one that I’ve met has had the energy of a squirrel.

    Today is all about Joe’s. Coffee, friends named Joe, baby kangaroos…

    So at work today, you can celebrate in all sorts of ways. Invite people named Joe, Joey, Josephina, Jose, Joseph, Joselina—all the Joe’s to grab a drink at your bar. Or go the cup of Joe route instead, suggest or run special coffee drinks.

    March 28 – National Weed Appreciation Day

    Bartenders have used herbs for hundreds of years. Marking National Weed Appreciation Day on our bartender calendar is only right.

    And no, today isn’t about appreciating smoke breaks in the back alley with the kitchen guys.

    Today is focused on the weeds, like in a garden, that are actually useful! Not that cannabis isn’t useful… it just might not be legal in your state yet! Besides, marijuana has its own holiday!

    March 29 – National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

    For all my bar owners doing the damn thing, this one’s for you! Running a bar is tough work and each day brings a different challenge.

    But it’s also fun as hell, right?!

    Today, try to give yourself a break. You work long hours, filling in all sorts of roles. You deserve some rest, too!

    Bartenders, show your appreciation to your bosses! Without them, you might be working at an Applebees instead of the cool, unique bar they opened.

    March 30 – National Doctors’ Day

    Like us bartenders, doctors have their role in society too… I guess.

    We keep people happy and having fun! Doctors keep people alive. Both are important.

    So, have a Doctors’ Day party and thank those medical gurus for all they do by offering a bit of price break on today’s bill.

    March 31 – Transgender Day of Visibility & MLB Season Begins

    There are two types of bars in this world… one that celebrates transgender day and the other that plays the first MLB game. Which one do you bartend at?

    MLB season is starting, which means beer and baseball. Turn those TVs on and start rootin’ for the home team. And if they don’t win, you have liquor.

    But let’s say you’re working in Boystown. Best to let the baseball players have their time at Wrigley, ‘cause today is all about trans pride, baby! Baseball, smaseball.

    On March 31, we celebrate transgender people and raise awareness about the discrimination they face. We honor them and thank them for their impact on our community. I won’t tell you how to celebrate today in the LGBTQIA+ community, but I know the party will be more lively than the baseball bar!

    You’ve Marched Through a Month of Bartending Celebrations

    March is not a month lacking in reasons to party. Your bartop should be full all month long.

    And remember, if you need help from our team at Local Bartending School with training, their instructors are ready to answer whatever questions you might have. Contact us today!

    A Bartender’s Calendar: April 2024

    Forget the showers, forget the flowers. What really matters for us in the bar industry during April is thirty days of a busy bar. Busier than bees collecting all that honey for spring cocktails.

    We’re gearing up for summer this month, so let’s really get things flowing behind the bar, shall we? Local Bartending School not only can come to your bar or home to get you and your team ready for a peak summer season, we’re bringing you a full month of marketable days and ideas to have your bartop fuller than your granny’s house on Easter.

    April 1 – April Fools’ Day

    The worst April Fools joke ever to be pulled on a bartender? A huge, fake tip. You can read about this and other crazy bartender stories here.

    And since we’re in the industry of serving tasty drinks and good food, all with a smile, you might skip pranking your guests…

    Instead, prank your coworkers!

    One time on All Fools’ Day, I called our hosts and gave them a reservation for a huge party. This was back when they had smoking sections (I’m not that old, guys, I just lived in Indiana) and the number of tables was pretty limited, only about 12 people could fit comfortably. Our fake reso was for 30. They had the smoking section set up like a birthday party at a bowling alley!

    April 2 – National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day & World Autism Awareness Day

    Mixologists and bartenders love to make cocktails that taste like our favorite foods. And our guests love to drink them. So on National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, we know what you’re making.

    Today is also World Autism Awareness Day. To raise awareness for the cause, partner with a local charity or nonprofit organization looking to provide a service to those affected by autism.

    April 3 – World Party Day

    There are all sorts of parties in the world, but you know the best ones usually involve two things: a fully stocked bar and a good bartender or two.

    And since all parties are being celebrated today, go ahead and pick whatever theme suits your fancy.

    If you were ever looking for a random ass reason to throw a party, today is your day.

    April 4 – Tell a Lie Day

    Giving you endless permission to fib, Tell a Lie Day happens every year on April 4th.

    But to be honest, bartenders lie all the time. I’ve lied to make stories more interesting, to build rapport with new guests, and of course, lied when I totally forgot to ring in a food order.

    But today? I’ll lie all day long just to see if anyone notices!

    April 5 – National Deep Dish Pizza Day

    Most of my bartending career has been in Chicago, the home of deep-dish pizza. And you know what goes great with a saucy slice? A cold beer.

    No matter where you live, see if you can’t somehow get your bar patrons a slice of Chicago-style, deep-dish pie and a draft.

    April 6 – New Beer’s Eve

    In 1933 Prohibition was nearing its end when people flocked to their favorite pub to enjoy the first legal brew in 13 years. This day has been dubbed New Beer’s Eve ever since, a precursor to New Beers Day. President Roosevelt reportedly said, “I think this is a good time for a beer.”

    A million gallons of beer were consumed in the first 24 hours after the end of prohibition.

    So to celebrate New Beer’s Eve, grab your 20s and 30s attire and clean your keg lines, you’ve got some beer to serve!

    April 7 –  National Beer Day

    An echo to yesterday’s New Beers Eve, National Beer Day honors the most-drank alcohol beverage—brewskis!

    President Franklin Roosevelt signed a law on April 7, 1933, allowing people to brew and sell beer, as long as it’s under 4% ABV.

    Thankfully, today you can sell beer with an ABV upward of 12% and you can do that all day long on National Beer Day to honor our right to buy a beer.

    April 8 – ​Day of Silence

    Silence in bars isn’t usually a good thing. When it’s quiet, you’re usually not making any money. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a little peace and quiet every now and again? Silent disco, anyone?

    April 9 – National Name Yourself Day

    We’ve all wanted different names at some point in our lives. Some of us come up with nicknames. Some of us lie to baristas when they ask for a name with the order. To each their own.

    Since us bartenders are meeting new people all the time, it’s easy to give ourselves a new name. So, Happy National Name Yourself Day! It’s your chance to rebrand. Only for a day, though.

    To spark a little fun and engagement with your bartop, ask everyone what they wanted their name to be. Then, call them that for the rest of their time with you.

    April 10 – National Siblings Day

    Siblings, we ruthlessly hazed each other and now look at us…

    For National Siblings Day, send an invite out to all those brothers, sisters, and siblings to come and hash out their childhood grievances at your bar. I hear drink specials help with strained relationships…

    April 11 – National Pet Day

    People love their pets. Which means you love their pets, too. Hello, we’re working for tips here!

    Anytime someone shows you their pet, you act like that’s the cutest thing to ever grace your eyeballs. Not just today for National Pet Day, but every day.

    April 12 – International Be Nice to Lawyers Day 

    A global day for celebrating lawyers, International Be Nice to Lawyers Day can be a simple day at your bar. Just ask lawyers to come out for the VIP treatment and a drink. 

    April 13 – National Make Lunch Count Day

    It’s Wednesday on April 13th—the middle of the workweek. Folks are tired, losing their wind, and probably headed out for lunch, especially since it’s National Make Lunch Count Day.

    If your bar is open for lunch, make it really count with a few drink specials to get your guests through that midweek hump.

    April 14 – National Ex-Spouse Day & International Moment of Laughter Day

    National Ex-Spouse Day and International Moment of Laughter Day at the same time? That must have been on purpose.

    Getting over an ex is hard and laughing about it definitely can help. You know what helps even more? A cocktail made by an awesome bartender.

    April 15 – National Laundry Day

    Laundry day and bars don’t typically mix.

    But for us bartenders and our one good shirt, we’ll take any reminder we can get to do laundry. So for that, we say thank you National Laundry Day, thank you.

    April 16 – Husband Appreciation Day

    We just celebrated exes and divorce, I know.

    But just a few days later on April 16th, the world honors those hubbies still rockin’ their relationships.

    Husbands not only love hours of isolation on the green, they also love a good stiff whiskey, ice-cold beer, and getting a drink with a hot little piece on their arm.

    April 17 – Easter

    Easter isn’t exactly a bar-going holiday. But if you’re working you might get a couple of people wanting a drink, so be ready! Here are a few spring cocktails that will bring a festive vibe.

    April 18 – Tax Day

    Taxes. No one can avoid the long, tedious, and unnecessarily hard annual requirement the government forces on us each year. It’s stressful!

    And it’s all due on April 18th. Finally, taxpayers can relax until next year. That’s worth a celebration.

    After those e-files are submitted, welcome people to your bar to relax and recognize their momentous achievements. Adulting is hard.

    April 19 – Wear Pajamas to Work Day

    Canva Pro | Work from home… a concept no bartender knows.

    Remember how it was Laundry Day just a little while ago? Yeah, I’m betting your clean shirt has some sticky residue hanging out. Luckily for you, it’s Wear Pajamas to Work Day.

    So put on your cozy PJs, head to work, and hope to the bar gods that you don’t get fired.

    Bar owners, would you let your staff wear pajamas to work today?

    April 20 – National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day

    Since we’re all industry folks here I’m willing to be you’re already aware that it’s 4/20. No need to go any further, right?

    But what you might not know is that it’s also National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day. It’s time to grab your grenadine, vanilla vodka, and pineapple juice. Pineapple Upside-Down shots are on special today! Perfect for when your guests are hunting a little something sweet.

    Not in the bar industry yet, but want to be? Local Bartending School is the U.S. and Canada’s top choice for bartending courses and training. Get your career started today!

    April 21 – National Tea Day

    Tea is one of the world’s most drank beverages. Alcohol is, too. It only makes sense that every now and again you might combine the two.

    There are all sorts of ways you can combine liquor and tea, for some recipe ideas you can read our list of top spring cocktails where you can find a green tea cocktail recipe.

    April 22 – Earth Day

    For Earth Day, people are usually in the mood for light cocktails since they’re thinking about our beautiful, blooming earth. For the freshest recipe ideas, don’t forget to try some of the top spring cocktails linked above!

    And since our jobs impact the environment, which is also usually top of mind today, here are some ways to keep your bar green-friendly:

    Wait until your load is full before running the dishwasherUse, offer, or order biodegradable single-use wareImplement a recycling program for boxes and bottles

    April 23 – International Creator Day

    A lot of us who bartend happen to be creative people, too. We own businesses, make art through all sorts of mediums, and of course, craft cocktails for our guests every day.

    So today, if you’re a bartender who is also a creator of sorts, it’s your day to talk about the magic you offer the world. Other than the delicious drinks, duh.

    April 24 – National Pet Parents Day

    Pet parents are a breed of their own, really. They’re crazy about their ‘fur kids’, willing to talk about them all night long from my experience. Yep, we think our pet is the best one out there. And I say we, because I too am a pet parent.

    For National Pet Parents Day, why don’t you do what everyone else does and post a picture on social media? Post your pet and/or ask your staff members for a picture of theirs, so your guests can see a look at the pets behind the humans.

    And of course, make sure you ask your regulars about their pets today! Don’t know if your regular has a pet? They’re not your regular then, my friend. Just kidding! Today’s the perfect day to ask.

    April 25 – National Hairstylist Appreciation Day  

    Without our insanely talented hairstylists, we might not make as much money as we do as service industry workers. I mean think about it, if you showed up to work with your hair looking like you’re on day 39 on Survivor, you’re not getting that 20%.

    So invite your hairstylist out for a drink at the bar. No, not like that. Unless you’re feeling the right vibes, then we say go for it. Just sure to hire us for the wedding.

    April 26 – National Pretzel Day & National Dissertation Day

    Finishing a dissertation definitely requires a celebratory glass of bubbly, so for National Dissertation Day, offer up a toast at a discounted price in honor of those who have taken on such a feat.

    And since it’s also National Pretzel Day, you might as well give them a pretzel too.

    April 27 – Administrative Professionals Day

    Admins make the office world go ‘round. Yours, too as a bartender or bar owner. Perhaps you’re the admin and owner.

    No matter which type of administrative professional you’re celebrating today, they deserve a drink. Encourage them to grab one at your bar!

    April 28 – Clean Comedy Day

    Behind the bar, it’s tough to keep things G-rated. But for today, the main challenge is to keep things totally clean when you’re cracking jokes. Loser takes a shot of malort.

    April 29 – International Dance Day

    For my bartenders working at clubs and music venues, International Dance Day is easy. Throw a party and invite everyone to join the world’s largest day of dance.

    April 30 – Honesty Day

    At the beginning of the month was Tell a Lie Day. Well, today it’s Abraham Lincoln’s favorite annual occurrence, Honesty Day.

    You can choose to be honest today, and not tell a fake story just to get a better tip (not that I did that…) or console your guest with a beer when they finally fess up in honor of Honesty Day.

    Conclusion Heading

    April Fools? Where? Looks like you’re dodging all the pranks ‘cause now you have a whole month of fun and sometimes odd holidays to celebrate and make a bit of extra money.

    For all your bartending needs from tips on the best types of bars to work at when you’re first starting out or even flair bartending, check out other blogs written just for bar folks like you at Local Bartending School.

    A Bartender’s Calendar: May 2024

    Canva Pro | Time to May-ke some money.

    Welcome back to another calendar just for bartenders, brought to you by the team at Local Bartending School, your one place for training, certification, bartending courses, and even event staffing!

    It’s not going to be May, it is May. And it’s time to May-ke some money.

    Cruise through our list of marketable national holidays and weird days to celebrate with your bar guests, staff members, coworkers, or all by yourself. After all, a little Take Your Parents to the Playground Day never hurt ‘nobody!

    May 1 – National Lemonade Day

    When May hits, we know summer is right around the corner. And we also know there’s nothing like an ice-cold lemonade to bring the heat down a bit.

    Get your regulars and guests amped for the season by suggesting a boozy lemonade.

    May 2 – International Harry Potter Day

    Harry Potter is one of the most successful movie series of all time, earning billions of dollars worldwide.

    And today, the world celebrates the beloved wizard created by J.K. Rowling. Plus all of his wizarding friends at Hogwarts.

    Don’t invite any muggles, but do invite fans of Harry Potter to come celebrate the books and movies that made them believe in magic again. Turn your bar into Hogwarts, name a few drinks after characters like Hermonie and Hagrid, and watch the spell unfold.

    Tipso maximos!

    May 3 – National Teacher Day

    National Teacher Day recognizes the people that dedicate their lives to educating those young folks. And don’t get paid much for it.

    Actually, a lot of bartenders teach for their ‘real job’ and tend the bar over the summer for some extra classroom money. Or ya know, to pay their bills just like these celebrities did.

    The obvious choice here is to throw a party at your venue or bar and show your appreciation for educators everywhere!

    May 4 – Star Wars Day

    Arguably the best play on words ever, May the Fourth is a homage to the Star Wars line, “May the force be with you.”

    This little joke turned into something bigger when they decided to make Star Wars Day an unofficial annual holiday.

    Feel free to switch your greeting from a standard hello to the infamous line. You’ll know right away who’s a Star Wars fan and who has never seen the movie.

    Need some other ideas than a weird greeting? I got you.

    Wear your hair in Princess Leia bunsPlay Star Wars movies, shows, or musicHide a baby Yoda and offer a prize to the person who finds him

    May 5 – Cinco de Mayo

    Cinco de Mayo is a huge day for bartenders, so I’m thinking you may already have today on your radar. Get ready with a few extra cases of Corona and Modelo, order more tequila and limes, and batch some margarita mix!

    Some bars can’t keep up with the extra volume today. Don’t be that guy. Get some extra training, for yourself or an entire bar team, from the bartending gurus at Local Bartending School.

    May 6 – National Beverage Day

    National Beverage Day is an easy one!

    People are drinking all sorts of things today, it might as well be a drink at your bar.

    May 7 – Kentucky Derby & Beer Pong Day

    The Kentucky Derby and Beer Pong Day, on the same day? Frat dudes must be going crazy with excitement.

    Get crazy with them! Host a beer pong tournament and ask players to name their teams after horses. Oh, and a derby hat is a requirement for entry at the door. For guests and staff.

    May 8 – ​Mother’s Day

    Bartenders working the service well at a restaurant bar, be warned. You’ll have a busy Sunday if you’ve not worked on Mother’s Day before.

    Mother’s Day always falls on Sunday so that means it’s like a normal brunch, but on crack. Groups of families get together to celebrate the matriarchal glue keeping their households sealed together like a broken cookie jar.

    Expect to pour mimosas, wine, and that signature cocktail that gets ordered every brunch.

    Bar and restaurant owners, today can be a great opportunity to challenge your servers and bartenders to upsell, upsell, upsell. People are ready and willing to spend an extra bit of money to make their mommas feel good today.

    For food, you can offer a prix fixe menu or buffet to keep things a bit more orderly for both BOH and FOH.

    May 9 – National Moscato Day

    As if Ma didn’t have enough wine at brunch yesterday, give her a second chance with National Moscato Day.

    Moscato is a sweet white, sometimes still sometimes bubbly, wine perfect for those just starting in the world of drinking vino. Or, for those whose pallets opt for a sweeter taste.

    On National Moscato Day, pour up some specials! Just don’t pour too much, there’s nothing like a Moscato hangover or heartburn.

    Week of May 10-16: National Craft Beer Week

    Ditch the domestics! All week long, from May 10 to 16, we’re focused on craft brews only.

    Partner with local brewers, because you know people love a local beer. Show your guests the best craft beers around and where to get them, your bar!

    May 10 – National Clean Your Room Day

    Everyone could probably spruce up their room a bit. That’s what National Clean Your Room Day is all about. And once everyone is done being good little kids, reward them with the cocktail they deserve. This is how adulting works, right?

    May 11 – National Third Shift Workers Day & National Twilight Zone Day

    Third shift workers might feel like they’re in the Twilight Zone. Luckily, during my career as a bartender so far, I haven’t worked many of them. And for my fellow comrades that do, how does it feel to be a vampire?

    May 12 – National Limerick Day

    Every year on May 12, we celebrate Limerick Day, which pays tribute to Edward Lear, who popularized short poems.

    And how do you think all those poems got written? With a bit of help from bartenders and liquor across the world.

    May 13 – National Fruit Cocktail Day

    To some, a fruit cocktail might mean that side dish you always got at school lunches. To us? We see a day full of fruity, tasty drinks that will make your guest’s mouth water.

    Or, you could try soaking some fresh cut fruit in vodka or rum to put a whole new meaning to fruit cocktails.

    May 14 – National Underground America Day

    During prohibition, a lot of things were canceled. Of course, top on the no-no list was any establishment that served beer, wine, or liquor. But that didn’t stop a few bars from staying underground and pouring glasses anyway.

    On National Underground America Day, celebrate all things underground, but especially the fact that you don’t have to risk going to jail just for doing your job.

    May 15 – Take Your Parents To The Playground Day

    It’s Take Your Parents To The Playground Day! Talk about role reversals…

    Parents probably don’t care to go to the playground (unless there’s a grand baby playing nearby), but you know where they would like to go? The bar. Out for a bite to eat and a cocktail worthy of ordering another.

    Encourage your guests to come to the real playground—the bar.

    May 16 – National Mimosa Day & National Honor Our LGBTQ Elders Day

    I bet our elder LGBTQIA+ crowd would love a mimosa, whether it was National Mimosa Day or not! Well, we have news for them, because today is not only all about that brunch drink we love to sip on, it’s also a day to honor them!

    Cancel Monday bridge club! Today you’re running a special on mimosas and asking all your flamboyant friends to join in on the fun.

    May 17 – National Idaho Day

    How Idaho got its own day, the world may never know.

    But you know what everyone knows? The I-da-ho joke. First coworker who makes the lame attempt has to take out the trash.

    May 18 – No Dirty Dishes Day

    The lunch shift always has been with the dinner bartenders. And the other way around. The main source of conflict? Dirty dishes and an unstocked cooler.

    For today bartenders, try to leave your teammates with not one single dirty dish. In honor of No Dirty Dishes Day!

    They’ll still probably find something to complain to the manager about, but at least you tried. Good karma, right?

    May 19 – National May Ray Day

    May Ray Day isn’t another ode to poems. I can see why you thought that, though.

    May brings a lot of rays of sunshine and every year on May 19th, people everywhere are basking.

    They’re bound to get hot! With all that sunbathing, a summer cocktail is only right. Offer a refreshing, summery drink and let May Ray Day bring in the heat.

    May 20 – Pick Strawberries Day

    Who has time to go pick strawberries? No one. So offer or create a strawberry-flavored cocktail for your guests instead. Tell them to imagine a fresh strawberry patch while they’re sipping and viola, Pick Strawberries Day comes to your bar.

    May 21 – National Waiters and Waitresses Day

    More like National Servers Day! Waiter and waitress just sounds so old, right?

    Whatever you want to call them, plenty of us bartenders have started out as servers. Our managers saw what he had to offer on the floor and moved us behind the bar.

    Today, honor those serving roots you might have! And if you didn’t begin your journey as a server, don’t be that a-hole bartender that looks down on servers because you think you’re higher up in some F&B hierarchy. We all put our pants on the same way.

    May 22 – World Paloma Day

    Palomas. You either hate or love them. With grapefruit and tequila as the main characters, this drink is zesty and will make your mouth pucker. Or if you’re like me, give you some killer heartburn.

    For more on the Paloma, read our full list of the top summer cocktails.

    May 23 – Lucky Penny Day

    Everyone loves to find lucky pennies. It brings us a sense of hope that a good thing will happen to us.

    I know you have extra change lying around! Bartenders always have a weird amount of loose coins. Grab a handful of pennies and place a few of them heads up around your venue or bartop.

    May 24 – National Brother’s Day

    Brothers can be a lot of things. A sibling, A frat bro, A friend…

    Whoever they are to your guests, ask them to swoop up their bro and buy them a drink. No homo.

    May 25 – National Wine Day

    Reds, whites, still, and sparkling. Only a few ways to describe all the different types of wine.

    For National Wine Day, it’s clear that marking wine specials would be the path. But that’s for those who are already behind the bar, or own it!

    Those bartenders who are just starting can take National Wine Day as a day to further their wine studies.

    May 26 – National Paper Airplane Day

    Best paper airplane made gets a drink on the house!

    May 27 – Don’t Fry Friday

    Being in the sun can reak a lot of havoc on the skin. Other than SPF, what’s the safest way to keep your skin free from harmful rays?

    Drink at a bar instead of the boat or beach.

    May 28 – National Hamburger Day

    Fill the blank: burger and _____.

    Correct answer: beer.

    May 29 – Indianapolis 500

    The Indianapolis 500 loops around every year drawing in a ton of people to watch.

    The only way to make driving around in a circle interesting is to get drunk. So the real source of entertainment today is you, bartender!

    May 30 – Memorial Day & National Mint Julep Day

    On the last Monday in May, we celebrate Memorial Day, a federal holiday. It’s to remember those who died serving their country. Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer here in the U.S.

    In honor of those who have fallen, ask other members of the military to come out and have a drink with their spirits in mind.

    May 31 – National Smile Day

    A bartender without a smile is like a sky with no sun.

    And if you can’t even get your bartenders to smile, you might need some help with training. Our instructors at Local Bartending School are known to cure RBF!

    Bring in the May Flowers

    Stuck like a stick in the mud when it comes to seasonal sips? Check out these top spring cocktails to make! With thirty-one days in May to celebrate and floral signature cocktails, your bar will be blossoming like May flowers.

    And remember, if you need help from our team at Local Bartending School with events this spring, our team is ready to make sure you’re set up with bartenders and everything else you might need. Contact us today!

    A Bartender’s Calendar: June 2024

    Canva Pro | Summer bartending, had me a blast.

    Some bars get busy in the summer. Some bars slow down. Either way, Local Bartending School has created a calendar to keep things as if your bar was a beach on a hot summer day.

    June is a time for summer cocktails, personal pride, and making a lot of money in tips behind the bar.

    Keep reading and you’ll discover thirty days of marketable days hand-selected just for the bar industry!

    June 1 – National Olive Day 

    National Olive Day may seem like one of those randomly weird national celebrations.  

    But olives are one of the oldest fruits, so it makes sense. Olives have been used for all sorts of things: oil, soap, and of course they’re delicious with a bit of vodka. 

    Celebrate National Olive Day by running a drink special on dirty martinis. Hold the vermouth for me though, please! 

    June 2 – National Moonshine Day & National Leave the Office Early Day 

    Every year on June 2nd, office workers are nudged to leave a little early to enjoy the start of summer with a little rest and relaxation.  

    Leave the Office Early Day starts the conversation of shorter work days and the benefits that come out of them. And recent years with hybrid work being a huge topic, a bunch of people might be leaving the office early today.  

    That gives them a bit more downtime to visit bars just like yours. So on June 2nd, ask those office workers to come enjoy their extra horror two with you.  

    Plus, it’s National Moonshine Day, too! A short day of work and a big glass of moonshine? Sounds like my southern family’s everyday routine…

    June 3 – World Cider Day & National Egg Day 

    It’s both World Cider Day and National Egg Day, which in the bar world leaves us with two marketing options – highlight ciders or cocktails with eggs.  

    Drinkers either love ciders or hate them. They either love cocktails with eggs or think they taste like drinking snot. 

    Sounds like a day to get the conversation going. Nothing sparks a debate quite like a dividing topic. See 2020-2021. 

    June 4 – National Bubbly Day 

    Mark the first Saturday in June down in the books! Summer weekend brunches have officially started. Let’s pop bottles, not only because it’s a great day, but also National Bubbly Day! 

    Champagne already sells like wildfire at brunch, imagine if you gave people even more of a reason to drink some champs.  

    June 5 – National Popular Delusions Day 

    Some of us have a bit more than others, but we all have moments of delusion. Some we’ve fully accepted as a society, like the five-second rule.  

    Whatever delusion you’re carrying around, today’s the day to let it shine. Talk about it with your regulars! Ask them what their favorite myth or delusion is. Just watch out for those flat earthers, they’ll get ya.

    June 6 – National Yo-Yo Day 

    I remember using yo-yos as a weapon against my brother’s incessant attacks. Ahh, memories.  But bars aren’t the place for weapons or fights with siblings. 

    So for National Yo-Yo Day, maybe a good old-fashioned competition is in order. Best trick gets full bragging rights for winning (perhaps the lamest competition ever) and a certificate good for a few drinks.  

    June 7 – VCR Day

    First yo-yos now VCRs. June is taking us Millenials on a nostalgic ride!

    Some of your guests who are freshly 21 might not know what a VCR is.  

    Celebrate VCR Day at the bar by:

         Naming cocktails after your favorite movies on VCR

         Bringing a VCR to your bar and ask young guests what it is

         Playing 80s and 90s movie soundtracks 

    June 8 – National Best Friends Day & National Name Your Poison Day 

    Folks come into the bar with their cousins, bosses, and or parents. But there’s no combo or group that parties like a few best friends. They order endless drinks, roast each other, and laugh super loudly so it seems like your bartop is Disney,  the best place on earth. 

    For National Best Friends Day, encourage all the besties to celebrate their friendships with a few drinks at your bar. 

    It’s also National Name Your Poison Day, a common phrase to ask your guest what they want to drink. To me, it sounds like how a pirate bartender would talk. 

    June 9 – International Dark ‘n Stormy® Day 

    We are celebrating International Dark ‘n Stormy® Day. It was made by an accidental collaboration of a Bermudian rum maker family and seasick sailors. Ginger beer works for nausea, and rum helps with everything else. Shipmates created a cocktail that’s still around. 

    June 10 – Herbs and Spices Day & Ballpoint Pen Day 

    Without herbs, spices, and ballpoint pens we’d have boring cocktails and no money. 

    So Herbs and Spices Day, along with Ballpoint Pen Day is an important, yet peculiar day to celebrate as a bartender. 

    And in honor of today, we hope not one guest jacks your favorite pen.

    June 11 – National Rosé Day

    This is probably the oldest variety of wines. It dates back to 600 BC. Most rose wines are made from red grapes, and they are very versatile.  

    The color of rosé wine will be lighter than red and deeper than white. A rosé’s color depends on how long grape skins stay in contact with juice, also called maceration.  

    Rose wines can also be sparkling or semi-sparkling, with varying levels of sweetness and dryness. 

    There’s no better day to serve rosé all day than National Rosé Day. 

    June 12 – National Loving Day 

    National Loving Day brings out the warm fuzzies in all of us.

    Ask your regulars and guests to bring the people they love out for a drink. There’s really no better way to show love. 

    June 13 – National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day 

    Clumsy coworkers. Behind the bar, they’re a havoc. In the kitchen, even worse. 

    For National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day, instead of giving them shit for their lack of coordination, give them a break. Without their constant entertainment, we’d be a bit bored honestly. We’d have more glassware, but that’s a different story. 

    June 14 – National Bourbon Day

    Bourbon Day celebrates our country’s official spirit. 

    Bourbon must meet certain standards and be made in a certain region to earn its name, just like Scotch and Cognac. Whiskey can only be called Bourbon when it’s distilled in the United States. It’s illegal for distillers to call whiskey “Bourbon” if they don’t meet certain criteria. 

    Now you know a bit more about Bourbon banter. And people who drink whiskey love to banter about their drink of choice.  

    When marketing on socials, don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalBourbonDay to bring new faces in! 

    June 15 – Smile Power Day 

    Smile Power Day is all about showing off those pearly whites, which we do plenty of. But we’ve also seen bartenders who don’t smile. Actually, I had a regular who never wanted me to smile and talk down to him in a Russian accent, but hey that’s not the type of power we’re talking about. 

    We’re talking about the power behind the smile you serve, day in and day out. And really, that’s what today celebrates! 

    June 16 – Nursing Assistants Day 

    Traditionally, National Career Nurse Assistants Day kicks off National Nursing Assistants Week, which takes place in the second week of June. Let’s take this chance to say thank you to these entry-level staff who serve as a link between patients and doctors, and who devote their lives to helping others with a drink! 

    June 17 – National Take Back the Lunch Break Day 

    Lunch breaks, while we’re used to not getting them, the rest of the world is focused on getting theirs back today. 

    You should let those nine-to-fivers know that the real lunch break is just a trip to the bar.

    Nothing like a quick beer and shot to get them through ‘till 5 o’clock rolls around. Just don’t tell their boss at happy hour their entire sales team was grabbing snake bites during lunch! 

    June 18 – National Splurge Day & International Panic Day 

    Encourage your bar guests to splurge on their favorite high-end drinks! I mean, it’s National Splurge Day, people!  

    And if their little moment of self-care (albeit in the form of expensive liquor) ends up causing a panic when they get their bill, reassure them that it’s also International Panic Day so it’s only fitting. 

    June 19 – Father’s Day 

    Without dad’s none of us would be here. We wouldn’t be behind the bar trying to prove to him that, “Yes, dad, this is a real job!” 

    We also probably wouldn’t serve as much draft beer or whiskeys. So on that note, we’re saying Father’s Day should be a date to markdown. 

    Here are a few ideas to celebrate daddy’s day:

         Run a promotion for stereotypical dad-like drinks

         Crack dad jokes

         Host a Father’s Day event, encouraging your audience to BYOD (bring your own dad, duh)

         Post pictures of you and your staff’s father figures

    June 20 – National Take Your Cat to Work Day 

    Yesterday, people brought their dads to the bar. Today, you’re bringing your cat. Why? It’s National Take Your Cat to Work Day, of course. 

    Do you think you’d get fired if you brought your cat to work?

    June 21 – Summer Solstice 

    It’s officially summer, kids. Your bar might be slowing down for the season or gearing up for peak. One thing that people want, no matter how busy the bar might be, is a cocktail that screams, “Summer is here!”

    Check out the top summer cocktail recipes, hand-picked like ripe fruits by the team at Local Bartending School. 

    June 22 – National Kissing Day 

    Did you know some people don’t like to kiss? Yep, they think all that mouth spit is worse than licking a dirty, sticky well.  

    That makes the bar the perfect place to make out. For those who don’t like it, they can grab a drink to make things a bit easier. And for those that do, well then a good drunk makeout is just the thing for National Kissing Day. 

    Turn down the lights and give your guests the perfect spot for smoochin’. 

    June 23 – National Hydration Day 

    Here’s a tip for National Hydration Day.

    Keep your guests hydrated. Not only will they feel better, but they’ll also be able to stay longer, order more drinks, and probably come back tomorrow for more.

    June 24 – National Take Your Dog to Work Day 

    Dogs didn’t last too long before they got their day to go to work with the humans. Jealous little beasts, aren’t they? 

    I’m thinking that dogs at work might be a tad more well-received by bosses than our feline friends. Bar owners, you can solve the debate! Comment below, would you let your staff bring their pets to work? 

    June 25 – National Catfish Day

    Imagine how many catfish are caught at the bar! On National Catfish Day, be extra cautious of people pretending to be who they aren’t. And to be the best bartender ever, always warn a regular if they’re about to be catfished. You can be the lookout, know what I’m saying? 

    June 26 – Forgiveness Day 

    Forgiving someone is hard to do, but June 26th comes around every year and asks us to forget. 

    So in honor of Forgiveness Day, preach forgiveness to your guests, regulars, and social media audience, but of course, remind them forgiveness is easier with a bit of help from their bartender. 

    June 27 – National Orange Blossom Day 

    Kick rocks, mimosa. Sayonara, screwdriver. It’s National Orange Blossom Day and the only thing going in orange juice today is gin. 

    Don’t know basic cocktails like an orange blossom? Get fully trained on all the classics and become certified as a bartender with Local Bartending School.  

    June 28 – Paul Bunyan Day

    Described as a giant and a lumberjack of unusual skill, Paul Bunyan is one of the most famous North American folklore heroes.  

    The story of Paul Bunyan is a tall tale, a description of sorts that’s a bit hard to believe. And honestly, during my bartending career, I’ve told plenty of tall tales where I was the main character. 

    So, watch out Paul Bunyan, us bartenders are coming after your legend. 

    June 29 – Hug Holiday 

    Imagine a world where instead of a beverage napkin, we greet stranger guests with a hug. Try it out on June 29th, Hug Holiday and let us know how that goes for you. 

    June 30 – National Bomb Pop Day & Social Media Day

    Bomb pops scream “Amurica!” They taste like running toward the ice cream truck on a hot summer day.

    Grenadine, vodka, and blue curacao can be layered in a shot glass and it’ looks exactly like a bomb pop! It’ll be super IG-worthy, and since it’s both National Bomb Pop Day and Social Media Day too, we think a post is most definitely in order.

    Summer Days, Sippin’ Away

    Here’s to June! May it bring you more than perfectly timed LGBTQ ads.  

    Use all of these wacky, fun holidays in your conversations with regulars, marketing strategy for your bar business, or keep them in your back pocket for trivial knowledge.

    And remember, if you need help from our team at Local Bartending School with training, their instructors are ready to answer whatever questions you might have. Contact us today!

    A Bartender’s Calendar: July 2024

    via Canva

    We’re in the middle of summer and things are starting to heat up. And the all black uniform they make us wear behind the bar doesn’t help either…

    You might be slammed with tourists, beach bums, and of course your regulars asking you for summer cocktails to cool them off.

    Bring in even more heat (and increase your check averages!) with our July calendar for bartenders and bar owners. With every day being a national holiday or worldwide celebration, it’s your chance to market these funky occasions and let off a little steam. Your guests will have fun and you will too—all while making more money in sales, tips, and revenue.

    Things to Celebrate at Your Bar All Month Long

    Cell Phone Courtesy. Cell phones at the bar can be annoying! People pay attention to their phones more than the bartender. I bet your phone can’t make a whisky sour like we can…National Watermelon Month. Watermelon is refreshing, light, and with vodka can make a great summer cocktail to suggest!National Anti-Boredom Month. If your bar is boring, keep reading.Unlucky Month for Weddings. Watch out, event planners and bartenders, don’t let your bridezilla (or hubzilla!) find out that they picked an awful month to get married. Just keep serving those cocktails. Or hire Local Bartending School to turn things from unlucky to lucky with their event services.

    July 1 – International Joke Day

    Jokes are an everyday thing for us. We’re constantly surrounded by lame jokes; from our coworkers, guests, and sometimes our own brains.

    I know I’ve told plenty of lame jokes and immediately regretted the words that came out of my mouth.

    But on International Joke Day, you get a pass. All jokes are fair game today so let your worst ones out while you can.

    July 2 – I Forgot Day

    That $20 bank you’re supposed to have as a part of your uniform you always *forget*? July 2nd is the only day your manager can’t write you up. 

    I Forgot Day gives everyone, yourself and your regulars, permission to forget and forgive. Give them a place to do all that forgetting—your bar.

    July 3 – National Stay Out of the Sun Day

    Sure, summer is about soaking up sun on the beach.

    National Stay Out of the Sun Day reminds everyone that all those UV rays can be dangerous.

    Your bar is the perfect, shady place for those beachgoers. Run a few specials on summer cocktails and they won’t miss the sun a bit!

    July 4 – Independence Day

    It’s the Fourth of July and those of us in the United States celebrate our freedom by wearing cut-off jorts and white tees. ‘Cause you know… ‘Murica?

    On top of dressing like Joe Dirt, people like to drink! It’s a day for a barbeque for some, but for the rest, the bar is the place to be! Be sure to offer incentives like free shots, food specials, or something super on-theme like red, white, and blue shots!

    July 5 – National Workaholics Day

    The more we work, the more money we make. Which can turn us bartenders into workaholics.

    So bar friends and owners, if you can, try to take a break! Don’t drive yourself into the ground working all the time.

    Those who are behind the bar today, you have plenty of workaholics to tend to! Post on your socials that it’s National Workaholics Day using hashtags and plant the seed in someone’s brain that they might be overdoing the whole hard work thing.

    July 6 – Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day

    Web design and development seem easy but aren’t. Hey, that sounds familiar right!? People think that about bartenders all the time.

    That’s why Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day was created; they serve a proper meal for all they do. And while free food is always great, a drink is even better. Why not encourage people to bring their web gurus in for a drink today?

    July 7 – National Dive Bar Day

    via Saving Places

    Dive bars, it’s your time to shine! Or not, if your style is more of a dusty dive bar.

    If you own a dive bar, throw an event to showcase your unique and, at times, unglamorous venue! Drop those prices even lower, and the lights too. But don’t you dare mop those sticky floors. That’s what really keeps the people coming back.

    July 8 – ​Be a Kid Again Day

    Ah, to be a kid again! The closest feeling people can find is to get drunk. Which keeps you in business. So today ask your friends, guests, and regulars to come be a kid and get a little tipsy.

    July 9 – Collector Car Appreciation Day

    Every year, Collector Car Appreciation Day raises awareness about restoring classic cars as well as collecting them.

    We see bar venues and owners partner with local car collectors all the time, for car shows and the like. It’s a great way to bring in some new traffic and boost sales. Plus, those car people always like a drink in hand while they’re showing off.

    July 10 – National Piña Colada Day & Teddy Bear Picnic Day

    Piña coladas taste like vacation, so it’s easy for your regulars to pretend they’re on holiday even though they’re stuck at home.

    On National Piña Colada Day, run a special on this tropical treat! Or, you can brush up on the recipe here. Don’t even know how to go about making a piña colada? You might need a bit of hands-on help from our instructors at Local Bartending School!

    We can’t skip over the fact that it’s also Teddy Bear Picnic Day. Setting up a teddy bear picnic with glasses of champs to top it off—totally weird or just weird enough?

    July 11 – World Population Day & National Mojito Day

    World Population Day happens every year, bringing our awareness to problems caused by population issues.

    But we don’t see a problem; the more people there are on the earth to drink, the better! Plus, we as bartenders might be adding to the population issue by encouraging things in the romance department, so we should probably not bring too much attention to the issue, eh? Two words, job security.

    So instead, celebrate something safe today. Luckily you have an easy choice because it’s also National Mojito Day.

    July 12 – Cow Appreciation Day & Paper Bag Day

    There’s no better way for people to show their gratitude for cows than to bring their beloved Bessie in for a drink.

    Okay, so we’re not serving cows on Cow Appreciation Day. But we can appreciate them by opting for a plant-based option today in our drinks that call for cream!

    Not into thanking cows? That’s cool, too.

    It happens to be Paper Bag Day as well! And while people are used to getting their liquor in a brown paper bag, think if they got their cocktail in one, too.

    July 13 – Gruntled Workers Day

    Unlike the name might suggest, Gruntled Workers Day is a celebration of all the positive things about one’s work.

    Here are some things I love about bartending:

    I can talk about R-Rated topicsTime goes by fastThe money is *chef kiss*Coworkers are fun and weird (it’s the best)Post-shift drinks

    What do you love about your job? Let us know in the comments!

    July 14 – National Grand Marnier Day & National Nude Day

    No one is showing up in their birthday suit and not getting fired, so let’s not with National Nude Day, eh?

    National Grand Marnier Day sounds like that’s the path for us behind the bar.

    If you don’t already know a bit about this orange liqueur, Grand Marnier is a brand of liqueur from France. It’s a mixture of Cognac brandy, sugar, and bitter orange essence distilled. And works great in signature cocktails due to its powerful flavor and ABV.

    July 15 – Be A Dork Day

    Good bartenders let their true personalities shine, even if at their core they’re a dork.

    But I get it if you don’t want to let everyone know about your dork-side. However, July 15th is Be a Dork Day. So feel free to be a dork! Your guests will probably love and start being weird, too. We’re all just big dorks on the inside.

    July 16 – World Snake Day

    Picture Snakes on a Plane, but in a bar.

    So maybe snakes don’t really mix with bars. Unless they’re served as shots of tequila with lime and salt of course. That’s how bartenders do World Snake Day

    A snakebite is a popular shot your guests might order. It’s basically a shot of tequila, but first, your guests lick some salt, take the shot, and then bite into a lime right after. They’re a quick way to get things started at a celebration or event.

    July 17 – World Emoji Day & National Ice Cream Day

    Turn people from to with a drink made by the best bartenders at the best bars—yours!

    Another reason to smile? It’s National Ice Cream Day. Offer your best boozy ice cream or frozen cocktails in celebration.

    July 18 – World Listening Day

    We’re constantly listening to people. A lot of the time, bartending is compared to psychology. We lend an ear to all sorts of people in all sorts of emotional states. Basically, our listening skills are on point so we should be teaching people a thing or two about the craft on World Listening Day.

    July 19 – National Daiquiri Day

    When you share the history of daiquiris on National Daiquiri Day, your regulars will find it hard to believe how the Daiquiri came to be. Whip one up and tell this story while they sip on sunshine.

    During the Spanish-American War, men worked in mines off the coast of Cuba in 1898. In a village named Daiquiri, an American engineer supervised a mining operation. Cox and his employees would meet after work every day at the Venus bar.

    Cox mixed Bacardi, lime, and sugar in a tall glass of ice one day. Eventually, the drink became a staple in Havana, named after the Daiquiri mines. There was eventually shaved ice added, sometimes lemon or limes, becoming the various types of daiquiris we all know and serve today.

    July 20 – National Hot Dog Day

    It’s National Hot Dog Day and we’re celebrating the oblong, phallically shaped food that hits different after last call. Hot dogs are a staple to a proper night out at the pubs and clubs.

    Now, your bar might not serve bar food. But you’re always serving funny facts, right? Well, here’s a fact to top all facts: bologna is just a slice of giant hot dog.

    July 21 – Legal Drinking Age Day

    Everyone remembers their first legal shot of alcohol and the bartender who poured it.

    July 21 is Legal Drinking Age Day in the United States.

    We often tend to get nostalgic and raise a toast to our first drinks. Moreover, it’s a day to promote responsible drinking among young people.

    We’re also talking about alcoholism and DUI on this day. Your main job? Make sure everyone you serve is 21.

    Your guests can celebrate Legal Drinking Age Day by relaxing with a drink after a long day, if they’re old enough. Duh.

    July 22 – Mango Day

    Mangoes are in season and nothing beats a juicy, fresh mango. Except maybe if you make it into a fruity cocktail.

    For Mango Day, show the fruits of your labor and mix up a summery, mango cocktail. Rum and tequila work great!

    July 23 – National Gorgeous Grandma Day

    Put the word out, it’s National Gorgeous Grandma Day!

    Don’t let your guests take her to somewhere boring. Ask your regulars to grab their gorg granny and bring her into the bar for a drink.

    July 24 – National Tequila Day

    Mix up a margarita, Paloma, or a mamasita to celebrate the day! National Tequila Day honors one of the world’s favorite (and pretty old) liquor.

    You can run specials on tequila or come up with your own recipe using your mixology skills.

    July 25 – National Hire a Veteran Day & National Wine and Cheese Day

    National Hire a Veteran Day is exactly what it sounds like. So bar owners, when you’re looking through applicants, keep an eye out for those who put their life on the line.

    On July 25th, we’re also taking part in National Wine and Cheese Day! If your restaurant bar has a meat and cheese plate, you’ve got to offer a deal for any wine ordered along with it. Just have some wine to offer? I think that’s enough for some people to enjoy today.

    July 26 – National All or Nothing Day

    National All or Nothing Day reminds everyone to keep going and give it their all.

    Well, sometimes it’s hard to keep going behind the bar with all the stuff we deal with: lousy tips, shitty people, and long hours.

    So what keeps us going? Those crazy moments of fun that make us come back each shift for more.

    Now, for your regulars and guests, you can give them a proper bit of motivation… a drink!

    July 27 – National Scotch Day & Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

    via Canva

    Because technically we take our pants on a walk every day, we’ll skip right to National Scotch Day instead.

    Scotch must be made in Scotland for it to be considered scotch. Alcohol content can’t exceed 94.8%, must be fermented from malted barley, aged in oak barrels for at least three years, and must have an ABV of less than 94.8%.

    All those requirements in mind, your guests can enjoy scotch anytime, anywhere, but especially on National Scotch Day and especially when it’s suggested and priced right.

    July 28 – National Refreshment Day

    July 28 is right smack in the middle of summer. It’s hot and people need a refresher. Hince, National Refreshment Day every year.

    Offer these summer cocktails that are refreshing, fruity, and easy to sell.

    July 29 – Rain Day

    Rain doesn’t seem like much to recognize, but without it, our world would look much different. We might be dead. So would our bars. What else is there to do on a rainy day?

    So today, celebrate the type of weather that brings people to bars all the time seeking a dry place to chill.

    Wear rain boots to workCreate a rain-themed rink

    July 30 – International Day of Friendship

    Without friendship, our lives would be a lot duller. Especially at the bar. What would we bartenders do without bachelorette parties, birthdays, and big screaming groups of BFFs?

    On International Day of Friendship, post on your socials that you’re celebrating friendship at the bar and to come out with their chums!

    July 31 – Harry Potter’s Birthday & Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day

    Harry Potter was born a wizard on July 31st, so you know you have to offer some hot buttered rum to serve as butterbeer. Cheers to Harry and your Potterhead bar-goers.

    And as uncommon as Harry’s magic are these instruments. Share them with your guests as fun facts:

    ThereminSea OrganCello Horn

    Tip Temperatures are Rising!

    Your tip jar won’t lie with all these bar holidays in July. They work amazingly for social media posts, advertisements, or to spark up a conversation like fireworks. But the good ones, not the anti-climatic duds.

    Need help planning a summer event? Local Bartending School not only offers bartending courses but they’re also known for their event staffing, too! Reach out to us today, we’re ready to make your event a hit.

    A Bartender’s Calendar: August 2024

    via Canva

    A new month has rolled around and that means it’s time for another calendar for bartenders and bar owners.

    Your bar might be ramping down after the tourist season or gearing up for students coming back in town for fall semester.

    Either way, Local Bartending School is here to keep your bar packed like a lecture hall. We’re also here to teach, certify, or train bartenders!

    Here are thirty-one days perfect for marketing ideas on your socials, sandwich boards, or just fun facts to drop when you want to show off your smarts.

    Things to Celebrate at Your Bar All Month Long

    Peach Month. A peach cocktail in the summer? Consider it sold.International Pirate Month. Do you think talking like a pirate all month will make you more money?Romance Awareness Month. Love can suck as much as a badly made Long Island, but it can also be as sweet as wine. Either way, cocktails are usually involved.

    August 1 – National Girlfriend Day

    Today is all about the ladies! And don’t expect a bunch of dudes taking their chicks out for a round of drinks.

    National Girlfriend Day celebrates sisterhood and the bond shared between gal pals! So gear up to make a bunch of cocktails that are popular with the ladies. Ask your veteran bartender which drinks you should brush up on or highlight as a drink special.

    August 2 – National Night Out

    Every year, citizens, organizations, and the police work together to improve neighborhood relationships between the people and law enforcement.

    How can you get involved? Get in touch with your local townspeople to join! It’s a great way to get your name out within the community, plus people will definitely want to drink on a holiday called ‘National Night Out’.

    August 3 – National Watermelon Day

    National Watermelon Day is a timely celebration, and you can’t go wrong by offering a cocktail like Boozy Salted Watermelon Juice!

    Right in the middle of a hot summer day, nothing quite beats a juicy, sweet watermelon. Well, nothing except if there’s a bit of booze involved.

    August 4 – National White Wine Day

    Do you need any ideas on how to celebrate National White Wine Day? The answer seems obvious—highlight and run drink specials on your best house white.

    August 5 – International Beer Day & Work Like a Dog Day

    It’s International Beer Day and Work Like a Dog Day… fitting because it’s beer that keeps us bartenders working like dogs.

    Yup, bar-goers love their beer so much that the overall beer market in 2020 was over $94 billion! They didn’t need an extra reason to chug their favorite brew, but today they have no reason to say no to a beer at the bar!

    August 6 – International Hangover Day & National Fresh Breath Day

    Also fitting that International Hangover Day joins us the morning after we just celebrated Beer Day.

    But you know what they say, “hair of the dog!” Welcome those hungover zombies with a cocktail that will cure their ailments. We just hope they brushed their teeth for National Fresh Breath Day, too.

    August 7 – Sisters Day

    Did anyone else just sing the theme song to Sister, Sister?

    Sisters Day, as you might guess, celebrates the bond between well… sisters! There’s nothing quite like sharing (or stealing?) clothes, the immense hatred of f*#& boys, and a love for pinot grigio.

    Encourage your regulars, social media audience, and friends to call their sis and bring them to the bar!

    August 8 – ​National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

    Sprouted from an abundance of produce, National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day gives everyone a chance to get rid of the excess.

    You might not have any extra squash laying around, unless you work at some crazy craft cocktail place, but today makes for an awesomely named zucchini-themed cocktail. We can picture it now, the ‘Zucchini Porch’—your next mixology masterpiece.

    Interested in mixology? Local Bartending School and their master mixologist instructors can teach you the swing of crafting original cocktails, at your home or online!

    August 9 – Book Lovers Day

    Here’s an unpopular opinion: the bar is a great place to read a book.

    Sure, if the reader can tune out the screams coming from the front bar and the lull of the random music playing, it’s a great place! Some bar-readers say they like all the noise; it’s too quiet at home or in their hotel room.

    That’s why on Book Lovers Day, they get no shame for sticking their nose in both a book and a glass of champagne.

    Take things a step further by hosting a book club event or author signing!

    August 10 – Lazy Day

    August 10 will go down in the books as the day you play The Lazy Song, don’t do anything, and hope you don’t get fired by your boss.

    Bar owners, would you let your staff slack on Lazy Day for the sake of celebrating?

    August 11 – Son and Daughter Day

    For years, parents try to get their kids to make good choices. Go to school, meet enriching friends, and avoid alcohol until they’re of legal age.

    Well on Son and Daughter Day, parents everywhere should celebrate with their now-adult children at the one place they wanted them to stay away from—the bar.

    August 12 – National Kool-Aid Day

    Kool-Aid was invented in 1927 by Edwin Perkins of Hastings, Nebraska. And that’s where they celebrate Kool-Aid every year with a three-day-long celebration. For the rest of us, one day remembering our favorite childhood summer cocktail will do.

    Of course, as bartenders, our favorite thing to do is make our favorite childhood drinks into cocktails. And honestly, Kool-Aid is the perfect base for a sweet, thirst-quenching summer punch.

    August 13 – National Prosecco Day

    via Canva | Do you know the difference between prosecco and champagne?

    Patio season is slipping between our fingers. As your guests lay in the last bit of sun like a group of house cats, offer them your favorite house sparkling wine for National Prosecco Day.

    August 14 – National Creamsicle Day

    Ahh, another summer treat that has us, and inevitably your regulars, craving our youth—and a drink that will remind us of it—the creamsicle.

    Your guest will remember when the days where streetlamps came on meant it’s time to go home when they sip their creamsicle-inspired cocktail.

    August 15 – Relaxation Day

    We’re going to slow down and relax on August 15th. Today is a day to relax and take care of ourselves. As much as we live a lightning-fast and yes, oftentimes hectic life, National Relaxation Day is worthy of celebrating if you ask us.

    Bartenders and bar owners, if you’re off today, enjoy the break and max-relax.

    For those of you still hustling behind the bar, allow your guests to enjoy Relaxation Day with a bit of libation.

    August 16 – National Tell A Joke Day

    Jokes are always being served at the bar. Drunk people love them, and they make work so much more enjoyable.

    Keep on telling your best riddles, jokes, and puns, especially today because it’s National Tell a Joke Day.

    You can even craft original cocktails named after popular jokes like a “Knock, Knock Joke”, a whisky aged in oak.

    August 17 – Neighbor Night

    To live a happy and fun-filled life, it is important to have good neighbors. Having good neighbors to go to the bar with is even more important.

    Encourage your locals to be all neighbor-y with each other, since it is Neighbor Night. Offer group specials and local discounts.

    August 18 – Bad Poetry Day

    Even bad art is art, and today all over the world people celebrate the worst poetry to ever be scribbled on a bev nap.

    August 19 – World Humanitarian Day

    The whole world joins in every year on August 19 to honor and recognize those who are dedicating, and sometimes losing, their life for humanitarian efforts.

    As a service provider, today’s a simple celebration. Simply be a bit more kind, intentional, and open to others for the sake of human compassion and World Humanitarian Day.

    August 20 – World Mosquito Day

    Mosquitoes are as annoying as fruit flies. Maybe there are no mosquitoes in your bar, but there might be some fruit flies. Take today to 86 those annoying pests.

    August 21 – National Senior Citizens Day

    Hey, your guest’s grandma called and she wants to come out to your bar with all her friends for National Senior Citizens Day.

    Be ready to talk loud and be tipped low, my friends. This day will be sure to go down in the books. But hopefully not a funeral guest book anytime soon.

    August 22 – Be An Angel Day

    Some bartenders play the bad-cop role. And we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with that. But some days, you have to be a good cop, an angel if you will. But especially on Be An Angel Day!

    And if being nice is just not in your bartending trick repertoire, a solid alternative option is highlighting a neat pour of Angel’s Envy, a go-to for some bourbon and rye drinkers.

    August 23 – Cheap Flight Day

    Drinking and flying just go together. Folks head to airport bars before their flights out of nerves or excitement. And people buy cheap flights when they’re drunk.

    On Cheap Flight Day, a mythical day for a financial break on flight tickets, remind your bartop of that trip they’ve been talking to you about!

    Maybe you have some tip money put away for a vacation fund? Book that cheap flight, you deserve it!

    August 24 – Iconic American Restaurants Day

    Iconic American restaurants usually have iconic, memorable bars. How many of you have worked at a popular franchise bar?

    If you still do, it’s your day to shine! Iconic American Restaurants Day is celebrated all around the world, and now your friends and regulars, too. Ask them to join you for a few rounds for this 100% Made-in-USA day.

    August 25 – Kiss and Make Up Day

    The best place to kiss and make up? Your bar with a cocktail in hand.

    August 26 – Women’s Equality Day

    A century ago today, the United States Congress passed the 19th Amendment, giving all sexes in the nation equal voting rights. Our annual celebration of this right is National Women’s Equality Day.

    So, throw a ladies’ night in honor of those who run the world—girls.

    August 27 – Just Because Day

    If your guest is having a hard time deciding on whether or not to order a second round, tell them they have to. Why? Just because.

    August 28 – National Red Wine Day

    via Canva

    Red wine, depending on which type of bar you work at, might be one of the things you pour the most.

    On National Red Wine Day, you might expect the same. Lean into the trend and offer specials celebrating your best house red.

    August 29 – National Lemon Juice Day

    Lemon juice is the oil to our bartending machine. Without it, we’d have no tangy cocktails to serve.

    For National Lemon Juice Day, suggest or run a special on your favorite drinks that have a splash or two of lemon!

    August 30 – Toasted Marshmallow Day

    Fall is right around the corner now. It’s almost as if we can smell the toasted marshmallows for S’mores now… wait! It’s just this delicious Toasted S’mores Martini.

    August 31 – Eat Outside Day

    It might be the last chance to eat outside with the cooler air approaching. Keep that patio open just one more day for Eat Outside Day and push your guests to take advantage of the last of summer.

    Make Money All August Long

    There you have it, bar buds! A whole month of ideas to make an extra bit of money while you’re working.

    And remember, if you want to go back to school this fall, Local Bartending School’s highly-ranked instructors are ready to welcome you in a bartending class. Contact us today!

    A Bartender’s Calendar: September 2024

    via Canva

    The days are getting shorter but that doesn’t mean the sun needs to set on your bar, too. September is a month full of reasons to head out for a drink, so make sure your guests know what’s going on.

    Just for bartenders and bar owners, Local Bartending School has raked up national holidays and odd celebrations. And like a pile of leaves, we’re about to jump in and have some fun.

    Pro Tip: Use these days in your marketing strategy or to keep conversations colorful. Plus, when it’s National Beer Lover’s Day, people have a hard time saying no to their favorite brew.

    September 1 – National No Rhyme Nor Reason Day

    Sometimes you don’t need a wacky holiday to sell an extra round or two to your guests. On National No Rhyme Nor Reason Day, there truly is no reason for folks to say no to another drink.

    September 2 – National Lazy Mom’s Day

    Lazy moms have a favorite place to go (other than the couch, of course), and that’s to the bar to avoid their parenting duties.

    Invite your local mommies to come be lazy with drink specials that will make them forget about their toddler troubles.

    September 3 – National Tailgating Day

    Just because tailgating happens near a stadium, doesn’t mean your stadium-less bar has to be deprived of a mass amount of people drinking.

    Your bar has one thing better than their truck with its gate down. And that’s huge TVs, food they don’t have to cook, and discounted pitchers of beer.

    September 4 – Bring Your Manners to Work Day

    In case you often forget to bring them, today is Bring Your Manners to Work Day. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ should be at the front of your vocabulary today. You’ll be serving politeness and plenty of drinks.

    September 5 – Labor Day

    Nothing like a day off of work! Not for you, baby bartender. Once you start your bartending career, it’s bye-bye to those holidays you used to know and love.

    Your patrons will be soaking up this long weekend, so be ready for the Sunday before Labor Day to be an extra Saturday night. And I don’t know about you, but I always welcome an extra Saturday to my bank account.

    September 6 – Fight Procrastination Day

    Procrastination killed the cat. Or was that curiosity? Damn it, I could never keep that one straight.

    All I know is… procrastination is the death of proper ticket times, quick closes, and clean dishes.

    Fight Procrastination Day is a time to fight that urge to talk to the host or go for a cigarette break, just get your work done!

    September 7 – National Beer Lovers Day

    Flash the beer signal! It’s National Beer Lovers Day and that means making sure your keg lines are in tip-top shape to pour your guests’ beloved brewski all day long.

    September 8 – National Ampersand Day

    Call drinks have an ampersand in them! They’re quick to make, tasty for your guest, and hard to deny since you have them on special today!

    September 9 – Stand Up To Cancer Day

    “Cancer sucks!”

    “Fuck Cancer!”

    Standing up to cancer isn’t easy. But it makes us feel better to cuss at it. But, more powerful than cussing is the comradery of people.

    On Stand Up to Cancer Day, encourage those who are battling cancer or are passionate about the cause to gather or host an event at your bar venue.

    September 10 – International Canned Cocktail Day

    Canned cocktails are perfect for on the go or those otherwise obsessed with drinking out of aluminum. Crazy, but one of the things I learned as a bartender is that some humans have an aversion to putting their mouths on glass rims. Have you served a guest like that? I’d be stoked to hear about it!

    September 11 – 911 Remembrance/Patriot Day

    Every year, the United States mourns the loss of thousands of people and the trauma that still ensues in New Yorkers.

    Sure, it may seem a little bleak to remember a day that caused so much pain. But healing can be found when people get together, talk about their feelings, and of course sip on their favorite drinks together.

    Bar owners, if you’re truly wanting to make an impact you can partner with an organization that supports 9/11 victims and their families by hosting an event at your venue!

    September 12 – National Police Woman Day

    Lil Wayne knows the significance of a lady cop, so should you! They deserve a drink for protecting us and having more guts than some men.

    Invite all of those Mrs. Officers out for a night of good ‘ole R&R.

    September 13 – Defy Superstition Day

    Flair bartenders defy gravity and seem like supernatural beings every day, it doesn’t need to be Defy Superstition Day.

    Today, let your flair tricks fly!

    Looking for a flair bartending course? Seek no further, bartender friend. Local Bartending School is now accepting students for their flair class!

    September 14 – National Live Creative Day

    Bartenders are creative and artists in our own right. We mix and toy with different flavor profiles to create unique and delicious cocktails.

    On Live Creative Day, show off your most creative concoctions on social or at your bar.

    September 15 – National Creme de Menthe Day

    Let’s be honest with each other. This is a safe space, everyone. I know that bottle of creme de menthe just kinda hangs out waiting for someone to order a minty drink.

    Well today, it’s going to get some action. After all, it is Creme de Menthe Day.

    September 16 – Working Parents Day

    Back in the day, not every parent worked outside of the home. Now? That’s all we know!

    For those who don’t have mini-humans, It may seem like no feat to work and parent full time, but I’m here to tell you otherwise.

    Working parents deserve more than a day of celebration. They deserve a night out at the bar, child-free, with cheap drinks. And if you ask them, they might say they deserve a large sum of money, too. 

    September 17 – Oktoberfest

    Oktoberfest 187th official start is September 17th, 2024. So get your Dirndls and leather pants out! You’ve got beer to pour and a terrible German accent to fake all season long.

    September 18 – Wife Appreciation Day

    Wives deserve to be treated nicely every day (or any partner for that matter!) but as they should, they get a bit of extra attention on Wife Appreciation Day.

    Let your guests and social media audience know you’re celebrating today with cocktails perfect for couples.

    September 19 – Talk Like a Pirate Day

    Have you ever wanted to spend a whole day talking like a pirate? Here’s your chance! Never mind totally weirding your guests out or anything… It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day for Pirate Pete’s sake!

    Here’s a fun fact to share with your guest. It’s also Meow Like a Pirate Day.

    Can your cat meow like a matey? We need to see it!

    September 20 – National Punch Day

    Punch Day doesn’t mean you get to punch the guests that annoy you. That’s illegal. Don’t do that. Ever.

    Rather, National Punch Day is about rum punch! That college party staple that our region dubbed, ‘jungle juice’. Here are tons of rum punch recipes for you to serve to your regulars in honor of Punch Day.

    September 21 – World Gratitude Day

    Expect an extra bit of thanks today from those who join you at your bar. But only if you let them know it’s World Gratitude Day.

    Show your appreciation to your customers today, too! They’ll probably take a free drink as a token of gratitude.

    September 22 – National Singles Day

    Singles deserve a day just like the rest of those cuffed up in a relationship.

    But when you invite all those single people out, expect to highlight different drinks than you did for your twosomes.

    September 23 – Celebrate Bisexuality Day

    Putting the B in LGBTQ, it’s Bisexual Day!

    Be an ally for the community and provide a safe place for everyone to mingle at your bar.

    September 24 – World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

    Over 200,000 people participated in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning in 1991. It has now raised more than 25 million dollars for Macmillan’s Cancer Support.

    Get in on the caffeination and cause by offering your best coffee-based cocktails all day long.

    September 25 – National Daughters Day

    Daughters Day was created by Limited, a popular greeting card brand in India, to raise awareness of the gender disparity and encourage parents to educate their daughters about it.

    Since then, the day has grown to reach the entire globe so there are plenty of parents ready to bring their daughters out for a drink or lunch at the bar. 

    September 26 – Johnny Appleseed Day

    Johnny Appleseed Day seems like a celebration for a kindergarten classroom. But anything that works for elementary kids, works for us!

    Instead of making hats out of construction paper, offer your guest a more adult-like activity to honor Johnny Appleseed, like drinking a cider.

    September 27 – Crush a Can Day

    When your guests are done with their canned beer, grab it and CRUSH IT. It’s only today for Crush a Can Day that you get to act like Hulk.

    September 28 – Ask a Stupid Question Day & National Drink Beer Day

    Asking stupid questions and drinking beer are two things we bartenders are used to. Nothing really special going on today if you ask me.

    September 29 – World Heart Day

    Word on the Mayo Clinic street is that polyphenols, antioxidants in red wine, protect blood vessels in the heart.

    So offer some specials on red wine for World Heart Day!

    September 30 – National Hot Mulled Cider Day

    Mulled cider in the winter months just hits different.

    Slanging Cocktails All September Long

    That’s it for now, friends. This is a list of bartender holidays. The fun, random nature of these holidays can really boost sales and check averages, all while helping you have fun.

    Share this post and each of these fun days with the other bartenders in your business, so you can all make a little extra money, all month long.

    A Bartender’s Calendar: October 2024

    via Canva

    People love October, and we can understand why. 1 out of every 7 Americans said this is their favorite time of year! Between Halloween and Be Bald and Free Day, folks have every reason to celebrate with their friends and their favorite hang out—your bartop.

    Local Bartending School, the country’s leading bartending school and top-pick for training and certification, has done all the hard work for you! Here’s an idea for every day in October, using national holidays and weird celebrations as inspiration, to bring all the treats, tips, and hopefully no tricks. Alas, your October calendar for bartenders and bar owners.

    Keep Your Bar Busy All October Long

    Halloween/Spooky SeasonSarcastic MonthNational Caramel MonthNational Apple Month

    October 1 – Balloons Around the World Day

    Balloons around the world? How about balloons all around your bar?

    October 2 – Change A Light Day

    You know there’s a light that’s been out for months that needs to be changed out. Change A Light Day is the perfect day to do exactly that.

    October 3 – National Kevin Day, National Boyfriend Day, & Mean Girls Day

    The third of October gives us ladies and loves the chance to swoon over three of our favorite things: Mean Girls, Kevin G., and our boyfriends.

    Here are a few ways you can celebrate any one of these three holidays at your bar:

    Play Mean Girls on TVRun specials on drinks boyfriends typically orderGive a free shot to any guest who can rap a bit of Kevin G’s solo

    October 4 – National Vodka Day &             National Fruit at Work Day

    National Vodka Day makes it pretty easy to think of today’s drink special. Here’s a hint if you need it: anything with vodka.

    But today’s a little extra sweet, it’s National Fruit at Work Day! To nine-to-fivers, this might seem like a zesty holiday but for us bartenders, it’s just another day at work.

    October 5 – National Kiss a Wrestler Day

    Give your patrons enough guts to kiss a wrestler with a shot of liquid courage.

    October 6 – National Mad Hatter Day

    On October 6th, we celebrate National Mad Hatter Day, a day to show off our silly side.

    When sewing businesses used mercury nitrate in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, they were referred to as “mad as a hatter.”.Over time, the exposure to mercury nitrate caused the tradesmen to develop symptoms that made them look crazy.

    Bartenders, you can get away with being a bit crazy! We’re entertaining and serving tipsy people; don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly. Today and every day!

    October 7 – You Matter To Me Day

    Encourage your social media audience to bring in someone that matters to them for a drink at their favorite bar.

    October 8 – ​National Motorcycle Ride Day

    Bikers love only one thing more than their bike. The bar.

    October 9 – International Beer and Pizza Day

    Beer and pizza are the bar industry’s middle names.

    Celebrate today by cooking up some pies and offering food and drink specials on beer and pizza.

    Can’t serve food at your bar? Try collaborating with a local food truck to give your guests a bite to eat when the drunchies kick in.

    October 10 – National Hug a Kevin Day

    Sup with all these Kevin-themed holidays, huh?

    If you can grab Kevin G for an appearance at your venue, that’s the best possible way to celebrate Hug a Kevin Day (RIP to hugs).

    If not, it looks like it’s time to find all the Kevin’s in the city and tell them it’s their night to shine. It’s Kevin’s night, y’all!

    October 11 – National Coming Out Day

    National Coming Out Day has been celebrated annually on October 11 by the LGBTQ community. We’re celebrating queerness today!

    The best thing you can do is be an ally for the community! Second best thing? Sell rainbow shots.

    October 12 – Moment of Frustration Day

    Even though it’s Moment of Frustration Day (and as bartenders, we have plenty), don’t be so quick to start venting to your guests. No one likes a negative Nancy, but especially when they’re trying to have a good time. 

    Instead, go outside and scream to let your frustration out! That’s exactly how the day is meant to be celebrated. 

    October 13 – International Skeptics Day

    Non-believers and skeptics might not think today’s a real holiday. Bring them back to reality with drink specials so good, they won’t be doubting a thing.

    October 14 – Be Bald and Be Free Day

    Bald is beautiful! 

    For Be Bald and Be Free Day, offer those without hair a free drink. (See what we did there?)

    October 15 – Sweetest Day & Global Handwashing Day

    It’s called Sweetest Day but its origin has a much platonic, G-rated history than Valentine’s Day.

    There was a day in the midwest (‘sup hometown) when people did random acts of kindness to neighbors, friends, and even the less fortunate. 

    Why not put on a charity event for your bar? We don’t have any specials today, but bartenders make it your goal to clear up any confusion that Sweetest Day isn’t a romantic holiday.

    October 16 – ​National Liqueur Day

    Liqueurs, cordials, whatever you call them—it’s National Liqueur Day. So grab your schnapps and blue curacao to celebrate all of the aromatic and variety of flavors that liqueurs bring to our cocktails.

    October 17 – National Pay Back a Friend Day

    Your guests probably have a few people they owe money to. How about they pay them back with a few rounds at the bar?

    October 18 – No Beard Day

    No beard? No problem. October 18 is all about getting rid of the hair on your chinny, chin, chin.

    Show up to your shift sans-beard and your coworkers might think there’s a new guy behind the bar. 

    October 19 – National New Friends Day

    Introduce your regulars to each other for a chance to meet a couple of new friends on National New Friends Day.

    October 20 – Brandied Fruit Day & International Chefs Day

    We’re all about brandied fruit today. Making brandied fruit is as easy as soaking dried fruit and sugar in your favorite brandy. 

    Despite their use as toppings for ice cream, cakes, and sweet pies, you can make your own brandied fruit and mix them with brandy, cognac, or whisky cocktails.

    October 21 – National Apple Day

    National Apple Day is the perfect day to offer apple-flavored liquors like Jim Beam Apple or vodka.

    October 22 – National Nut Day

    Nuts and beer may already be a thing at your bar, but if not, today’s the day to slide over a bowl of peanuts with their brewski.

    You can also suggest nut liqueurs like Frangelico or amaretto. 

    October 23 – Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day

    Finally, a day to slap the coworker that drives you up the wall. 

    If you do, or encourage your guest to, just know that job security is up for grabs and no one can be held responsible.

    October 24 – National Food Day

    Entice your guests to order a little extra something from the kitchen today, it’s National Food Day.

    Don’t have a kitchen at your bar? Remind your customers to get their Uber Eats order so it arrives right when they get home.

    October 25 – International Artist Day

    Artists are notorious for keeping a stiff drink nearby to spark creativity. 

    And as providers of said alcohol, artists have us to thank for keeping their spirit alive. 

    October 26 – National Pumpkin Day

    Have your team carve their best Jack-o’-lanterns and ask your customers to vote for their favorite on National Pumpkin Day.

    October 27 – National American Beer Day

    Only American beer will do today. All domestics are discounted. 

    October 28 – Frankenstein Friday

    Cocktails based on Frankenstein? I’m game. People will run to your bar like monster zombies!

    October 29 – National Internet Day

    Bartending has been around way longer than the internet. Yet, our lives are so much easier behind the bar since its debut.

    Today, every time you swipe a credit or debit card, you have the internet to be thankful for.

    October 30 – National Candy Corn Day 

    Candy corn’s taste is up for debate. Take a poll at your bar to see how things lie with your regulars. 

    October 31 – Halloween

    Halloween this year will be all about treats. Show the world your creepy cocktail concoctions! 

    You can run a variety of specials to satisfy everyone’s appetites, but don’t forget your costume!

    Tip or Treat!

    Do you need a little help getting to where you can create an original cocktail based on candy corn? Maybe you want to step up your game and wow your guests with bar tricks

    We can definitely help! One of our insanely talented instructors at Local Bartending School is ready to teach you everything you need to know, from basics to flair bartending.

    A Bartender’s Calendar: November 2024

    via Canva

    November is a month all about gratitude. Well, you want to know what makes a bartender like me really thankful? Money, tips, and auto-gratuity on large parties.

    And making money can mean more than just being a good bartender or making the best fall cocktails for your guests. Sometimes it’s about telling a story or finding a reason to celebrate.

    That’s why my team and I at Local Bartending School hunted all the happenings this month – from wacky holidays to Thanksgiving – so you can keep your bartop busy, happy, and eager to give you that 20% tip.

    November 1 – Cinnamon Day

    On Cinnamon Day, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate at the bar other than to highlight a crowd favorite, Fireball!

    November 2 – All Souls’ Day

    In Christian tradition, All Souls’ Day gives folks a day to remember their loved ones who have passed.

    Invite everyone to come in and order their favorite drink in their friend’s memory.

    November 3 – Stout Day

    Stouts are my favorite thing to sip on in the middle of fall.

    Make those dark beers a few bucks cheaper, and your bar will be crowded like it’s the 17th century and you’re the only pub in the village. Actually, stout beer was born in those days, and we haven’t stopped drinking them since!

    Here’s a fun fact! Stout originally meant “proud”, but it eventually came to mean “strong”. And that’s exactly how a lot of people would describe this awesome brew.

    November 4 – Use Your Common Sense Day

    Common sense isn’t a flex everyone can pull off. But that coworker that’s missing the muscle, beg of them, for today’s sake, to use their common sense!

    November 5 – Pumpkin Destruction Day

    Ask your guests if they still have their pumpkins from Halloween. And if they do, they get destroyed! Not the human, the pumpkin.

    Bonus Idea: Play Smashing Pumpkins all shift long.

    November 6 – National Nachos Day

    People love nachos no matter what, so say National Nachos Day and you’ll sell ’em like hotcakes.

    What, no nachos? Don’t worry.

    It’s still possible to celebrate this spicy day with Mexican cocktails or products at the bar.

    November 7 – International Merlot Day

    All other red wines can take a seat on the shelf today. Merlot is in the limelight for International Merlot Day.

    November 8 – ​Dunce Day

    This is the anniversary of the death of the Scottish philosopher, John Duns Scotus. Some of his views were brilliant, others were absurd. He is the true inspiration behind the dunce cap, despite him being a medieval scholar.

    Have you worked or currently work with a dunce? Our comment section is a safe place to vent and moan. Go ‘head, we’re here for you.

    November 9 – Chaos Never Dies

    Please, no more chaos! Let. It. Die.

    With a beverage in hand, embracing the fact that Chaos Never Dies is much easier. Any drink will do.

    November 10 – USMC Day

    Happy birthday to the U.S. Marine Corps, created long, long ago in the Revolutionary War.

    Drinks for current and retired Marine Corps personnel only seem right. They kick major ass while simultaneously protecting their country. Let’s get them a drink!

    November 11 – Veteran’s Day

    Observed since 1919, this is a day dedicated to honoring those who have served in the U.S. military. What can we do to show our support? Opening your saloon doors with a warm welcome and plenty of free (or super cheap) cocktails.

    November 12 – National Happy Hour Day

    The significance of this day is almost beyond explanation. Our experience as bartenders is quite extensive when it comes to happy hour. Unless you live in a state that doesn’t do happy hour! Then you can sit today out.

    For the rest of us, it’s National Happy Hour Day! If you legally can, let those daily deals last all day long so you can celebrate this momentous holiday.

    November 13 – World Kindness Day

    A global effort of the World Kindness Movement, World Kindness Day is recognized in Australia, Japan, and Canada.

    You can look at your demanding customers, your coworkers, and your evil bosses and realize they’re human. 

    Practice small acts of kindness behind your bar today. Everyone can always use a bit of kindness.

    November 14 – National Pickle Day

    via Canva

    “I’ll have a pickleback, please!”

    If you’re a baby bartender, you might be confused by bar lingo, like the word ‘pickleback’.

    A pickleback is a shot of whisky, backed or chased with pickle brine.

    Besides training you on all types of “backs,” you can also get certified as a bartender online through one of their courses!

    If you’re already behind the bar, ask your guests if they want a pickleback to celebrate National Pickle Day.

    November 15 – America Recycles Day

    America recycles. Does your bar?

    If not, definitely get on with a recycling program so we can all live on the planet a few years longer, huh?

    November 16 – Have a Party With Your Bear Day

    Who said stuffies and plushies are for kids? Oh, every toymaker ever? Well, they can fluff off, ‘cause it’s Have a Party With Your Bear Day and all bargoers are welcome to BYOB – bring your own bear.

    November 17 – National Unfriend Day

    Jimmy Kimmel brought National Unfriend Day into our reality. He said that November 17th was the day to unfriend everyone on social media you don’t really need to be friends with.

    Think of today as a social media detox.

    How should everyone sit down and say goodbye? In your bar with a soothing drink, of course. Goodbyes to digital friends are hard to say! But there’ll always be a friend for your regulars as long as you’re working.

    November 18 – National Apple Cider Day

    Whoever decided to make alcoholic ciders has the entire world of gluten-sensitive communities thanking them every day. But especially today.

    Angry Orchards would be perfect to offer today and any day for our Celiac guests.

    November 19 – International Men’s Day

    Move over milkshakes, it’s really cocktails that bring all the boys to the bar.

    And on International Men’s Day, all men (anyone who identifies as male!) have the chance to celebrate what makes them, them… all with a stiff drink in hand.

    Bar owners, 86 Ladies Night! Tonight is Men’s Night.

    November 20 – Absurdity Day

    We know you owe your parents or caregiver some cheddar. How do we know? It’s a universal law. That’s why they made it into a holiday.

    What’s a better way to pay back parents? Buy them a drink.

    Post on your socials that they should bring their parents to your bar for a cocktail today!

    November 21 – False Confession Day

    Go ahead, admit it!  You didn’t know today is National False Confession Day? People say confessing is good for us. There’s no rule that says it must be true.

    Confess your biggest confession that’s totally a lie and see if your regulars catch on.

    November 22 – Love Your Freckles Day

    A freckled face is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? This Love Your Freckles Day, let’s celebrate them even more.

    You can make a person’s day extra special by giving them a treat or by paying extra attention to them today if you have a customer with freckles at your bar. The day is theirs!

    Have all the freckle-lovers come to your bar for a drink. There’s only one day like this every year, so they deserve a little celebration.

    November 23 – Black Wednesday

    DrinksGiving, also known as Black Wednesday in some parts of the country, is when friends get together at their local bar for the long holiday weekend.

    If you’re a bartender, you probably know this day in advance every year. Be prepared! I’m sure it’ll be fun.

    Offer some drink specials to welcome the crowd home! Earn extra points by creating a beverage named after your hometown.

    Are you trying to get a whole team fit for DrinksGiving and the holiday season? We can help with that too! We can send one of our nationally recognized instructors to your venue to teach your crew the ropes before peak season. Click here to learn more.

    November 24 – Thanksgiving

    While you might not be serving turkey, you will be serving some drinks!

    Turkey Day is today.

    If you’re working today, have fun celebrating with your colleagues! I’m guessing you’ll be pouring a lot of champagne, wine, and cocktails. Don’t forget, to be extra nice to people today; some might be going through difficult family situations.

    Make a few Thanksgiving-themed specialty cocktails to welcome the holiday season. To spice things up, add apples, cinnamon, and cranberries, which are all seasonal ingredients.

    November 25 – Black Friday

    Shopping in the morning can quickly turn into drinking at the bar in the afternoon.

    Especially as a new bartender, you should be aware of days like these. Don’t leave your bar unstocked or unprepared for waves of people looking for a place to rest their feet and grab a bite to eat or a drink.

    November 26 – Small Business Saturday

    Sometimes Small Business Saturday is overlooked by buyers each year. But a few shoppers are making it a goal to only shop locally, which is exactly what Small Business Saturday encourages.

    You might see a bit more business today if you’re working downtown filled with small mom-and-pop shops.

    And if your bar is locally-owned, let everyone know so they can continue to support small businesses, even while drinking.

    November 27 – Pins and Needles Day

    I don’t know about you, but I always get that pins and needles feeling in my feet when I get off from a long shift. I don’t need Pins and Needles Day to remind me.

    November 28 – Make Your Own Head Day

    Make Your Own Head Day, a confusing holiday for the rest of the world. But we’re creating beautiful, foamy heads all day long, all year long.

    What’s your trick for creating the perfect head every pour?

    November 29 – Square Dance Day

    Southern and midwestern folks love their line dancing and square dancing, that’s for sure.

    Kick those tables and chairs to the side for Square Dance Day. You’ve got a dance floor to create.

    Have you ever worked at a square dancing bar or venue? We need to know about it!

    November 30 – National Personal Space Day

    In honor of National Personal Space Day, you may elbow your fellow bartender when they get just a little too close.

    Thirty Days of Tasty Thankfulness

    With a reason to show your gratitude and festive spirit every day this month, you’ve got it made in Marketing Land.

    You’ll be as busy as the stores on Black Friday (pre-pandemic, of course)!

    And remember, if you need help with training, Local Bartending School’s instructors are ready to help. Contact us today! 

    A Bartender’s Calendar: December 2024

    Canva Pro

    On the twelfth month of 2024, Local Bartending School gave to me, thirty-one ways to make money.

    I know you asked Santa for a calendar made just for bartenders and bar owners, right? Maybe not, but with all of the holidays happening this month to bring people into your bar, you can buy what you really want with all the extra money you’ll be making.

    Don’t miss out on making these top winter cocktails, either. They’ll add that extra bit of holiday magic adults have been missing since we all stopped believing in Santa.

    December 1 –  National Christmas Lights Day

    Put your Christmas tote into action, whether it is in the office or in the back room; it’s National Christmas Lights Day!

    Even if you run an upscale establishment, you can hang a few strings of lights from your bar. It is far safer than the old way of hanging Christmas lights, with real candles on real trees.

    Lights can’t be hung at your bar? Put on clothing that resembles Christmas lights (such as a necklace, hat, or sweater) or create a cocktail that has bright colors, like a strand of lights.

    December 2 – National Bartender Day

    The day is finally here for bartenders! Our moment seemed impossible to come by, didn’t it? With over half a million bartenders in the U.S., we think that National Bartender Day is pretty big around here.

    Taking place between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this holiday falls at an ideal peak time. The day was actually created by Sailor Jerry Rum for people like us. What for? To celebrate how great we are!

    Additionally, we tend to be like mini-therapists, dealing with all kinds of emotions and attitudes. We also spend a lot of our time practicing dangerous flair bartending tricks, just to entertain our bartenders at the bar (and maybe look cool, too).

    Your bartenders deserve a day of special treatment today, bar owners. So how can you show your appreciation to them? Feed them. Alternatively, you could:

    Post on social media about your team.Have a night out for some bonding and to blow off steam.Hold a contest for Most Appreciated Bartenders

    Let your fellow bar buddies know how much you appreciate them! Stop by and have a few drinks. You can also read about some of the most popular bartenders and study what makes them great.

    We hope that today brings a little extra cash to all of you. Have a great Bartender Appreciation Day!

    December 3 – Crate Day

    Clean out all of those empty dairy crates hanging around the bar.

    December 4 – National Cookie Day

    Forget leaving cookies out for Santa, give your guests a cookie cocktail!

    December 5 – Day of the Ninja

    Bartenders are just ninjas with bottles, really. Get your ninja on by showing off your flair skills all day long.

    Not yet trained in the art of flair? Learn the craft of flair bartending from the mixology Mr. Miyagi’s at LBS.

    December 6 – St. Nicholas Day

    If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s a night where St. Nick is known to leave small gifts in the shoes of children.

    But since your guests are required to keep their shoes on, we’ll just move on.

    December 7 – National Letter Writing Day

    Time to write a handwritten two week’s notice! It’s National Letter Writing Day and we think that’s a sign to turn in that letter of recognition.

    December 8 – ​National Brownie Day

    Rich cocktail inspiration can be found in brownies. We’re always craving this recipe from Tasty.

    December 9 – Christmas Card Day

    ia Pinterest

    What do you think the origins of this tradition are? They go back a long way! Christmas cards were first sent in 1611. Hallmark, which took hold of the U.S. card industry in 1910, has been sending cards since then, but the 4×6 card we are so familiar with has been around for nearly 100 years.

    It feels like a Fireball when you get a card.

    You can celebrate Christmas Card Day at your bar with these fun ideas:

         Let your guests know to send out holiday cards.

         Sign and display a card for your guests.

         Make sure your staff has a card!

    December 10 – Human Rights Day

    Annually, the world celebrates the human right to “life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    But isn’t it a human right to have access to a good cocktail? We think so. Celebrate with your crowd and remind them of their right to drink.

    December 11 – International Mountain Day

    Bars and International Mountain Day have what in common? Coors Light. Your guests will enjoy a Coors Light today. Discounts never hurt, right?

    December 12 – Green Monday

    Having been introduced by eBay in 2007, this young retail holiday has become the biggest online shopping day in December. Online shopping is said to pair well with a bottle of wine.

    December 13 – National Salesperson Day

    Today is all about upselling to top-shelf liquor and embracing your inner salesperson. Bartending and serving is all about sales. The higher your check average, the more money in your pocket.

    December 14 – Monkey Day

    You might think monkeys relate to bars, but there are a handful of liquors and beers with a primate as the brand face.

    December 15 – National Wear Your Pearls Day

    Our minds are in the gutter most of the time. Why are food and beverage industry people so weird?

    If you mention it’s National Wear Your Pearls Day around my group of bar friends, you won’t hear the end of the sexual jokes.

    Don’t get the sexual joke? You’re too innocent for the bar world.

    December 16 – National Ugly Sweater Day

    National Ugly Sweater Day should have been an official holiday a long time ago as far as we’re concerned. Big, festive sweaters adorned with deformed Rudolph’s and Santa-hat-wearing-kittens? We’re in.

    It’s an easy day today. Take that ugly sweater you’ve had since freshman year of university with you to work tonight. Everyone loves a festive spirit. You might even see your tips go up.

    December 17 – National Maple Syrup Day

    On this day every year, we celebrate maple syrup!

    Buddy the Elf (more on him later – yes, he has a day too) thinks syrup goes well on a bunch of things, and we concur. Simple syrup, that is.

    December 18 – Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day

    Answer any and all phone calls to the bar like Buddy The Elf, today.

    December 19 – National Emo Day

    Cut my lime into pieces, it’s National Emo Day.

    Wear your eyeliner heavy (men, put some on) and serve a little extra side bang to embrace the emo side of yourself you haven’t let out since the early 2000s.

    December 20 – National Sangria Day

    There is no room for you today, Virginia. Our favorite fruity drink from Spain and Mexico, sangria, was banned by you.

    It’s not traditionally served at bars, but why not? Sangria’s easy to make, cheap and you don’t have to throw out all that extra fruit.

    December 21 – Winter Solstice

    The winter solstice is here. The year’s shortest day. The long, dark hours allow us plenty of time to sit alone in a bar and feel the winter blues.

    If you do nothing more than serve cocktails to bring light to one of the darkest days of the year, let everyone know they’ll get a little longer after today. It’ll give them something to look forward to!

    Want to go to bartending school before spring? With Local Bartending School, you can take both online and in-person classes to learn the ins and outs of bartending before the groundhog ever sees his shadow.

    December 22 – National Cookie Exchange Day

    We do not mind sharing thousands of cookies on the 22nd of December. As it turns out, it’s an old tradition with roots that go back centuries.

    If you are in your bar today, you can celebrate by:

         Put your employees to the test by having a cookie decorating contest

         Make sure your guests bring in cookies to share

         Theme your cocktail around cookies

    December 23 – National Roots Day

    Do you remember where your roots lie? These celebrities who used to bartend do.

    December 24 – Christmas Eve

    You may see some people by themselves if you work at a bar that doesn’t close on Christmas Eve. However, Santa probably doesn’t come to pubs.

    ia Pinterest

    December 25 – Christmas

    Today could be a day off! Have a wonderful holiday! Some bars, however, choose to stay open and throw parties that would even make the Grinch smile

    Open today? Be sure to stock up on seasonal favorites like:

    Delicious holiday farePopular winter cocktailsChristmas classicsFestive deco

    December 26 – Kwanzaa

    Today is the start of Kwanzaa, an African American and pan-African seven-day cultural holiday that celebrates family and community.

    And nothing celebrates togetherness quite like a week full of Kwanzaa-themed drink specials.

    December 27 – International Day of Epidemic Preparedness

    Whoops, seems like the world is a little late on this one…

    For today, ensure you’re following health codes and sharing the health of information so we can all keep things as clean and epidemically prepared as possible.

    December 28 – National Call a Friend Day

    It’s no secret that this time of year can be a bit stressful and chaotic for a lot of people. It’s essential to keep up with your buddies. On National Call a Friend Day, we do just that.

    Invite guests to call their friends today! When they have them on the phone, they should invite them out for a drink. A bartop would be a great place to catch up.

    December 29 – Still Need To Do Day

    There are still some things left to do before the year ends, so Still Need To Do Day is a good reminder. Essentially, it is saying, “Remember all those goals you set? The clock is ticking!”

    For a conversation starter today, you could mention to your guests that today is Still Need to Do Day to get them motivated. If they realize they’re not going to crush their goals before New Year’s, offer them some liquid comfort.

    December 30 – National Bacon Day

    Bacon in bloody mary’s, yes or no?

    December 31 – New Year’s Eve & National Champagne Day

    Five out of ten American adults drink on New Year’s Eve. One in five go to bars. Are bartenders affected? It’s gonna be rough.

    Don’t let the New Year bring messy situations. Even on National Champagne Day, remember your primary goal is to serve alcohol safely!

    Keep these things in mind:

    Check IDs carefullyCutting someone off is okayIf a drunk driver leaves your bar, you can be held responsible

    Bar owners, you need your staff in top condition this time of year. You don’t want to lose out on potential revenue because your staff can’t keep up! Worse yet, you could get fined for serving excise. Fully train and certify your staff so that doesn’t happen. We’re here to help!

    There’s No Place Like the Bar for the Holidays

    They say December is the best time of the year. Also, it’s the best time of year for drinking. Not to mention you have about 31 days to celebrate!

    What do you want for Christmas? Your two front teeth and the chance to be a bartender? Thanks to Santa, we know you’ve been nice all year. You can get the gift of bartending at Local Bartending School today!

    Already Santa’s main elf behind the bar? Become a bartending teacher and head elf with the help of a nationally recognized school with LBS.

    We’re seeing new employment (and maybe even an event side job) under the tree for you this year.

    The post Full Bartender Calendar: 2024 first appeared on LBS Bartending School.

    Local Bartending School in Full Bartender Calendar: 2024

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    Get Bartender Training & become a Bartender at Bartending School

    Get Bartender Training & become a Bartender at Bartending School

    Bartending is the profession that caters everybody and is easy to progress in. Becoming a bartender can open the way to an extensive variety of jobs in the hospitality industry including restaurants, hotels, occasion and cooking industries.Bartending career openings are not quite recently restricted to bars and hotels. Bartending openings are accessible in travel and entertainment businesses for example.We are taking online reserving for Bartending Course.

    The Local Bartending School is viewed as the premier bartending school in the USA. Teaching is done by certified instructors who will demonstrate you well ordered on what it takes to make a decent drink. All abilities are found out with genuine jugs yet alcohol. It is coloured coded water, but looks are realistic.

    Local Bartending School was composed to help teach people of all levels. Our Bartending School is energetic about our desire to educate altered, private lessons to all ages and capacities all through America. We can help you acquire bunches of cash being a bartender!

    What Will You Learn in School?
    For the most part, You will learn more than 200 fundamental and favour drink formulas, Prepare numerous drinks rapidly and effortlessly, How to cut fruit and decorate tropical and speciality cocktails, How to set up a bar workstation Bartending is a hands-on process.

    Courses will include dealing with a bar, drink formulas, association, running a POS ( the purpose of the offer) machine, and learn liquor security. Longer courses regularly include included preparing in table administration, more propelled beverages, style bartending traps, and an assortment of extra data. For learning Local Bartending School gives you Bartending Kits in $159 esteem.

    How Much Does it Cost?
    Essential online video courses can run anywhere in the range of $35 to $200.In-class courses fluctuate in cost in light of the length and depth of the instruction. It is genuinely basic to see these projects keep running in the $200 to $400 range, however now and again they can be very costly. One prevalent case is the New York Bartending School, which costs almost $600 for an exhaustive 40-hour class.

    Local Bartending School gives two sorts of the certificate.

    1. TIPS Responsible Serving Certification and
    2. State Certification.

    (Both testing offered in the security of your own home)
    The authentication is Valid in each of the 50 States of USA.

    A few states will require a subsequent exam with a state-utilized delegate so as to confirm your personality. The delegated exam costs $35-80 and takes 30-120 minutes. Contingent upon your state, LBS might have the capacity to cover this charge for you.

    Financing is Now Available — For a Limited-Time.
    Fill Out the Form Below Now!

    Local Bartending School in Get Bartender Training & become a Bartender at Bartending School

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    How it Works

    How it Works

    The Story

    Local Bartending School started when an internet entrepreneur and a nightclub/bar owner met in 2011.

    The bar owner expressed frustration over his difficulty finding adept bartenders. New bartenders arrived at his bar with no clue how to operate the bar, point of sale machines, or measure a shot.

    Acknowledging the uniform high interest in bartending across the nation, the entrepreneur and bar owner decided to go into business together. A system was developed to screen and developed a national certification campaign gathering instructors to provide lessons. By 2012, we had 300 instructors and today, there are over 5,100 certified LBS Pros.

    Welcome to LBS. We specialize in instruction for pro and beginner bartenders.

    Close to home. (In Your Home!) Instead of driving 30 minutes to go to lessons, our large amount of instructors allows us to have someone travel to you.

    Established as the first national bar network in America. Our instructors have more instructional experience.

    No other program is able to offer instructors with a national certification. Our 5 step screening process has built our current reputation. Teaching bartending on site begins with demonstration and technique. But then most of the coach’s work is about correcting slight deviations from the correct way of pouring and timing.

    Why LBS?

    LBS is the oldest nationwide bartending school operating (in-person) in over 1300 facilities. With LBS, you have the ability to select from thousands of instructors to best match your needs. Whether you are a beginner or looking to go pro, LBS is here to help!

    Getting a Lesson is REALLY Easy!

    1.  Call us or Fill Out Our Online Contact Form

    2.  Set Up Lessons and Complete Your Down Payment on the Phone

    3. LBS Brings the Mobile Bar to You, You Learn, and You Get Certified!

    There’s no excuse at all not to start your bartending education

    “I doubt you serve my area.”
    With over 1300 pre-screened instructors, and America’s largest bartending school, we are able to serve most of the country. If we are unable to, we will refer you to another local bartending school who can help you.

    “I’m concerned about having an instructor come to my house.”
    Joining LBS’s instructional team is one of the most coveted and difficult tasks for seasoned instructors. Our hiring department get hundreds of applications each week, keeping only the top 2% of instructors. All instructors have earned a national certification in safety by passing a rigorous training, background checks, and exam.


    Contact Us Below For More Info on Our Courses!


    Local Bartending School in How it Works

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    How to Annoy a Bartender in Less than a Minute

    How to Annoy a Bartender in Less than a Minute

    Your local watering hole—the bar.

    It’s a place to relax and unwind with friends, a place to have a good time, and maybe even meet up with new people along the way.

    But if you’re not careful, it can also be a place where you end up pissing someone off. And that person could be your bartender—and trust me, they don’t like it. Neither will you! Your local watering hole could turn into a festering ground for annoyance and really bad cocktails.

    To help you stay out of the doghouse (or at least make sure your drink arrives properly made), here are some phrases that annoy bartenders everywhere.

    Don’t Be a Duke

    Duke was a regular at the local bar, an old dive tucked away in a quiet corner of town. He’d been coming here for years and knew all the bartenders by name. Today he had stopped by to grab a quick beer before heading home.

    As Duke ordered his drink, he made sure to say the same phrase every time: “Make it snappy!” The bartender always rolled their eyes when they heard him, but today something was different. Instead of just rolling their eyes, the bartender slammed down Duke’s beer and said “Is that really necessary?”

    Duke was taken aback – no one had ever spoken to him like that before! He began to apologize profusely for offending them, but the bartender cut him off with an icy glare and said “I don’t want to hear any more ‘make it snappy’ phrases from you again.”

    Realizing he’d messed up big time, Duke quickly paid for his beer and left without another word. From then on out, whenever Duke stopped by the bar he made sure not to use that phrase ever again!

    7 Phrases to Piss Your Bartender Off

    “What’s On Special?”

    Listen, bartending is an art form, not a menu. If there are specials written up on the board or on the menu, great! But asking what’s on special every time you come in is just going to get old fast.

    Trust us, if we have something special that night, we’ll let you know about it!

    “Can I Have a…(long list of ingredients)?”

    This one might sound familiar—it’s the infamous “bartender’s choice.” Sure, we can try our best to craft something delicious for you based on those ingredients…but chances are it won’t be quite what you were expecting! Save yourself some disappointment and stick to ordering classic cocktails off the menu instead.

    “I’ll Have What He/She Is Having”

    We get it—sometimes someone orders something that looks so good that you just have to have it too! That said, please don’t simply point at someone else’s drink and tell us “I’ll have what he/she is having.” Not only does this put unnecessary pressure on us to remember what their order was (especially if they ordered several drinks!), but how do we know that particular cocktail is going to be good for YOU? After all, everyone has different tastes!

    “I’m not sure, just surprise me.”

    Again, this shows a lack of thought on your part and puts the bartender in an uncomfortable position. It’s always best to have at least some idea of what you want to drink before you approach the bar. That way, the bartender can make a recommendation based on your preferences instead of just guessing.

    Bonus! Here’s a video that will give you and anyone who goes out to eat at a bar or restaurant a solid guide on how to not annoy a server, or you, the bartender.

    “I don’t like (insert liquor here), so just make something with (insert different liquor here).”

    This one is just annoying because it shows that you don’t know what you’re talking about. If you don’t like a certain liquor, chances are good that you won’t like anything made with it either. It’s always best to be specific about what you do and don’t like so that the bartender can make a more informed decision about what to make for you.

    “Can I get a (insert drink here) with a twist?”

    This one isn’t necessarily annoying, but it does show that you’re not familiar with the drink you’re ordering. A twist is simply a piece of citrus peel that is used as a garnish, so asking for one in your drink is unnecessary and will likely just confuse the bartender. If you want a twist in your drink, just ask for it without specifying what kind of drink you want it in.

    “I’ll have a (insert drink here), but can you make it weak/strong?”

    This is another one that isn’t necessarily annoying, but it shows that you’re not familiar with the drink you’re ordering. Asking for a drink to be made weak or strong simply means that you want more or less of the liquor in it, which is something that most bartenders will automatically do anyway. If you want your drink to be made specifically weak or strong, just ask for it without specifying what kind of drink you want it in

    Speaking Not Required: Ways to Annoy a Bartender Without Words

    Making a bartender’s night harder than it needs to be is pretty simple. So easy, you can actually do it without using words at all.

    From reaching out across the bar and screaming your order to snapping your fingers for service, or even just simply not having your order ready, bartenders have enough to deal with already.

    Overstaying your welcome at the bar is a practical foolproof way of making sure that the bartender wants you gone ASAP – especially if you decide to play loud music for yourself/your party.

    And last but not least, there’s never anything more annoying than placing an order and then disappearing before collecting it – don’t be that person!

    Here’s a list to break things down for everyone:

    Making a bartender’s night harder than it needs to be is pretty simple. So easy, you can actually do it without using words at all. 

    From reaching out across the bar and screaming your order to snapping your fingers for service, or even just simply not having your order ready, bartenders have enough to deal with already.

    Overstaying your welcome at the bar is a practical foolproof way of making sure that the bartender wants you gone ASAP – especially if you decide to play loud music for yourself/your party. 

    And last but not least, there’s never anything more annoying than placing an order and then disappearing before collecting it – don’t be that person! 

    Here’s a list to break things down for everyone:

    Play with your straw. Those straws were meant for drinking, not your disgusting hand.

    Constantly check your phone. 

    Occupy a barstool for an unpaying object or child. Unless the entire bar is empty, please don’t plan to use the barstool for anything except a human butt that is of age and can tip a bartender properly. 
    Send your drink back multiple times. Send it back once, that’s fine. But a few times? Just order something else–you don’t like the cocktail. 
    Get handsy with the bartender. Don’t touch anyone while they’re working. Plain and simple.
    Throw money at the bartender instead of tipping properly. Unless your bartender or server consents to your throwing of money, this is just rude. Hint: You’re not a club!
    Ignore the bartender. There’s a fine balance of being courteous and annoying. Interact with us, but don’t ignore us like we’re robots. 
    Snap your fingers or wave to get attention. Use your words! You’re an adult. You should know them by now, right?
    Play loud music for yourself or your party. The music at a bar or restaurant is typically picked for a reason. And you’re not the paid D.J., are you? 
    Stay a long time, AKA “camping”. If you plan to stay a while, just tip accordingly for the time spent at the table. 
    Not being ready with an order.

    Interrupt with a bartender is talking with someone else.

    Smell bad. Don’t ruin the bartender’s working environment by stinking up their bar! You honestly will turn people away from the bar with your stinky self!
    Make a weird amount of eye contact. If you need something, yes—you’re allowed to look at me a little longer. But don’t stare at me over the rip of your glass while I’m washing dishes. That’s just weird. 
    Use passive communication methods. Just tell me what you want. What you really, really want.

    Expecting bartenders to be magical fairies who can read your mind and make instant cocktails. 

    Snack out of our fruit tray. That’s gross. Keep your dirty paws out!
    Rip up your napkin or coaster. I get it, you’re nervous about the date. Unless you plan to clean your confetti, please tear the paper up like a puppy at your own house!

    Be Less Annoyed with the Help of Local Bartending School

    At the end of the day, we want all of our customers to feel welcome in our bar and enjoy their experience.

    Plus, nobody likes going to bars and clubs only to encounter grumpy bartenders.

    Luckily, there is a way for you to prevent that from happening.

    Knowing which phrases and behaviors actively annoy bartenders can help you keep yourself out of trouble the next time you hit up your favorite watering hole.

    And if you want to learn more about the ins and outs of being a bartender, consider taking classes at Local Bartending School—not only will it help other customers enjoy their experience even more, but it could also help you make some extra money on the side!

    So don’t let fear keep you away; break down any barriers between yourself and a pleasant bar experience by not annoying your bartender.

    We want to hear from you! What’s the most annoying thing to happen to you while bartending? Post in the comments below or find us on Instagram to send us a direct message.

    The post How to Annoy a Bartender in Less than a Minute first appeared on LBS Bartending School.

    Local Bartending School in How to Annoy a Bartender in Less than a Minute

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    How to Become a Bartender

    How to Become a Bartender

    To become a bartender, there are things that you will need to do in order to be the best of the best.

    Let us take a look at the various guidelines that you can use to become the best bartender.


    Yes, most people will say when it comes to bartending, that you do not need to attend a bartending course but I am a highly advocate for taking bartending course. With just 40 hours, you will learn few tips such as how to give good customer service, different types of drinks, learn and practice how to pour, a wide variety of cocktails and even how to use bar equipment.

    During this time you will learn things to do with health and safety issues, how to write your bartending CV and even interview for bartending job. It is also an important to note that you will also have an opportunity to network with people of like mind and you never know when these connections will come in handy.

    Certification and License Requirements

    In some states in the US, you will be required to take a bartending certification and licensing exam.  Washington and even California just to state a few you will be required to take a server training course and apply for alcohol serving permit. It is therefore very advisable before venturing into bartending to check your state requirement if any that you will need to comply with.

    Where to Work

    This basically boils down to your preference and tastes. If you a sports person, you can consider working at a sports bar. Either way, when it comes to bartending, think global. That is the beautiful part of bartending as a job. When it is winter time, you can spread your wing to the winter resorts of the Alps, when it is summer time, go at the beach bum, get some sun while earning at the same time.

    Be flexible as the bartending is a rather a flexible job.

    Stand Out

    When you start applying for bartending jobs, make your resume stand out. We at LBS we offer service such as; help you write a good resume and even offer a job hunting platform.

    So how do you make sure you stand out?

    • Keep your CV professional
    • List your skills
    • Add relevant experience
    • Keep it brief and to the point.
    • Make sure your CV has some personality

    Job Hunting-Be Smart

    Yes, in as much as most jobs are advertised online, do not be afraid of going out there and ask for that job at that bar across the street and if you can drop your resume.

    As you do this, make sure you are well dressed, be friendly and exude positivity. A good first impression always goes a long way. Always put your best foot forward even if you doing a barback job. In some cases, it can be a way to work up to a bartending position.

    Always Work Your Way Up

    You have got the bartending job finally, it is time to show off some skills. If you would like to stay at the top of the pyramid, always keep your skills fresh and always be the best. Keep on practicing, after all, practice makes perfect. Practice and perfect free pours to exact measures and also perfect your shaking skills. Practice makes you a superstar in bartending.

    Take up New Skills

    One thing about bartending is that bartending is a skill that one never stops learning. With every coming year, the bar scene is changing and you will need to keep yourself at the top of the game and what you are doing. So consider training as you work.

    You can consider taking courses with mixology or working flair so that you can always give your customers the best experience as possible. By doing this you will always be at the top of the game and people will notice that.

    Long-Term Career Prospects

    You can start by even talking to your manager about moving up. With experience, you will be able to work for busy bars and land even more lucrative jobs in busy, successful bars and restaurants. Depending on how hardworking and entrepreneurial you are, you can work up to restaurant management or even opening your own bar.

    Local Bartending School in How to Become a Bartender

    Click the link above to learn more

    How to Create a Cocktail Menu That’s Unforgettable

    How to Create a Cocktail Menu That’s Unforgettable

    Are you fed up with trying to balance a cocktail menu that’s as individualized as it is fun? Do you find yourself wanting to create your own unique concoctions, but struggling to know exactly how and when to add them in the right context?

    Have no fear – as an experienced team of experts in the industry and bartender of over a decade myself, we are here!

    From planning out your entire operation down to presentation details like garnish decoration, this guide will have even the newest bartenders feeling like seasoned professionals by the time they’re done. Let’s get mixing!
    Ah yes, the mysteries of the cocktail menu creation world. Such an art form! Sure… it takes skill and finesse to craft drinks just right – for those exacting preferences like “extra limey” or “add more Gin”.
    But beyond the structural components of creating a well-crafted menu, there is also an element of charm – which, let’s face it, could make your establishment stand out from its competitors even more than those succulent margaritas would already do!
    So here we have it, the checklist you want to have in your pocket when you’re creating a cocktail menu that is well-balanced and loved by all your guests.

    But first, the team at Local Bartending School wanted me, an experienced bartender, to first share a story about my buddy named Will.

    Will the Bartender had been working at The Salty Sailor for months, but he still hadn’t been able to come up with a good cocktail menu. He was trying hard to impress his boss and make some money in tips, but it seemed like no matter what he did, nothing worked.
    One day, after yet another failed attempt at creating a new drink that would draw customers in, Will decided to take matters into his own hands and learn the basics of bartending. He spent hours on end studying recipes and techniques online until finally, he felt ready to start experimenting again.
    With newfound confidence in hand, Will went back behind the bar determined to create something special this time around. After testing out several different combinations of ingredients and flavors, he ended up concocting an amazing creation—the perfectly balanced cocktail menu! It quickly became one of the most popular drink menus created by a bartender, as customers kept coming back for more.
    Will’s boss was so impressed with his work that they created a small section of their menu specifically dedicated to Will’s creations!
    His signature cocktails were soon generating more revenue than any other item on the menu, plus generous tips from happy customers. In just a few months’ time Will had gone from a struggling bartender unable to come up with anything worthwhile, to becoming the star mixologist everyone wanted to try out!

    Recreating History in Every Cocktail

    Did you know that in early 19th-century definitions, cocktails were said to have only four elements?
    That’s right, all you need to create a delicious cocktail is spirits, sugar, water, and bitters. So go ahead, experiment with different spirits and mixers, add a splash of sweetness, and don’t forget the bitters to balance it all out.

    Your customers will be raising their perfectly picked glassware and opening their wallets to your newfound bartending skills in no time.

    What does it mean to balance a cocktail?

    Being a new bartender is one of the most exciting times, but also one of the most intimidating. As you dive into the world of mixology, you’ll quickly learn that balancing a drink menu is key to being a high-performing bartender and revenue-generating bar owner.
    So what does it mean to create a “balanced” cocktail menu?
    Well, it’s all about creating perfect harmony between the various ingredients. You want every element to shine through without one overpowering the others. Think of it like a dance party—you want everyone to have their moment in the spotlight without any one person hogging the dance floor. So, let your taste buds (And even your bar buds! They make a great team of tasters.) be your guide and aim for that perfect balance with every drink and cocktail menu you make.
    1. Don’t forget the basics. Start with the classics, like whiskey sours and martinis then work your way up from there.
    2. Mix it up a bit. Sure, you want fruity drinks, like margaritas or mojitos. But for variety and balance, your cocktail menu needs to have all flavor profiles, like salty, sweet, sour, savory, etc.
    3. Consider cultural cocktails. Think about how adding certain liqueurs or spices could give your guests an enriched experience.

    4. Make sure you know what you’re doing. Take a bartending class to learn all the tips and tricks of the trade before you start with a huge feat like creating a cocktail menu. Many people try—few succeed.

    5. Start by gathering basic bar supplies and bar tools such as shakers, strainers, and jiggers , dehydrators for garnishes, torches, stoves, etc. This is all crucial to being able to fully experiment with and create unique flavor combinations that your guests crave.

    6. Choose a selection of spirits that cater to your customers’ tastes. Think about spirits that are popular around you; like, vodka , whiskey , tequila , gin ,etc. Have a local special like bourbon? Tailor to that, 100%.

    7. Learn all of the mixology basics. You also want to totally nail down how to make an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan so you can include a few familiars, but with a special twist.

    8. Don’t forget about non-alcoholic drinks for everyone who isn’t drinking alcohol. You might also want to consider those non-alcoholic, low ABV, and mocktails for those looking to have a more mellow evening.

    9. Balance out the menu with affordable cocktails and expensive cocktails so that there’s something for everyone.

    10. Never forget to add a few signature cocktails that make your bar stand out from the rest!

    11. Understand your customer base. Determine who your typical customers are and what they like to drink. Think about an Italian restaurant compared to a Mexican. Typically the drinks are different, just as much as the food, because of their clientele and what they come in looking for.

    12. Stock up on the basics. Plan ahead by stocking up on all the necessary ingredients for your most popular drinks

    13. Explore different flavor combinations. Experiment with new flavors and ingredients to come up with interesting combinations

    14. Find exciting ways to present drinks. Make sure to provide a visual presentation that will attract customers. Don’t be scared to experiment with presentation. Burn your cinnamon and expel oils from citrus to invite the nose to the sensory party. Garnish your drinks with edible flowers or ice cubes with herbs in them to make them more appealing for all of the senses.

    15. Don’t forget about up gaming garnishes! This is one of the easiest things to do, but most common mistake I see. Give guests something extra special by adding a garnish they don’t typically see. Like a dehydrated lime, candy for a rim, or Twizzlers as a straw. Go crazy! [GIF] This is really where you can let your creative side of out its cage.

    Famous Cocktail Menus

    1. Atlas in Singapore. It’s safe to say that Jesse Vida, the head bartender at Atlas, has found balanced bliss. With his guidance, the venue’s newest drink menu is a tribute to the glory days of Art Deco. Divided into five chapters, each named after an event or milestone from the era, the menu takes you on a journey through the glamour, culture, and fashion of the time. It’s no easy feat to balance the old with the new, but Vida has done so with ease.

    2. Raised by Wolves in San Diego. With the recent opening of Raised by Wolves, San Diego’s cocktail scene has officially leveled up. But what sets this new bar apart isn’t just its hidden location behind a secret door in a fine spirits shop. No, what really makes Raised by Wolves stand out is its dynamic duo of owners, Erick Castro and Chris Patino. Both accomplished bartenders in their own right, they’ve now combined forces to create a cocktail menu that always keeps patrons guessing. From the fruity and fun Island Old Fashioned to the spicy and refreshing Sonora Señora, there’s a drink for every taste at Raised by Wolves. Looks like San Diego just got a new contender for best bar in town!

    3. Acadia in Chicago, Illinois. Sure, it may be a restaurant first and foremost, but let’s not overlook the fact that their cocktail game is on another level. Their wine lists alone could easily take up a good chunk of your evening (we’re talking as much as 41 pages, folks), but it’s their cocktail offerings that really steal the show. They’re unique AF.

    Aspire to Be Awarded: Best Cocktail Menus around the Globe

    Creating Cocktail Menus That Slay: 5 Fundamentals Facts that Keep You from Failing

    1. The Ingredients that Make up the DNA of Any Cocktail

    Once you understand the role each ingredient plays, you’ll be able to create cocktails and cocktail menus that are balanced and tantalizing.

    Every cocktail is made up of several vital ingredients that can be categorized as:

    Base. The base ingredient is typically the spirit that forms the foundation of the cocktail,
    Modifier. The modifier ingredient balances out the flavors and adds texture.
    Flavoring agents. Flavoring agents are added to enhance the drink’s overall taste and aroma, that is, garnishes and bitters.

    2. Learn Drink Families

    To craft a great menu, it’s important to understand the different drink families and their respective cocktails. There are six categories: spirit-forward, sours, fizzes, smashes, highballs, and flips. Spirit-forward cocktails such as Manhattans and Negronis predominantly feature the base spirit. Sours, on the other hand, have a sour element added, like lemon juice. To make a fizz, add soda water to a sour. Smashes are made by muddling herbs and fruit before adding the other ingredients. Highballs are tall drinks made with a base spirit and mixer, while flips are decadent drinks made with egg yolk and fortified wine.

    3.Create a Workable Mise En Place

    Mise en place is a critical step in any bartender’s workflow and honestly one of the biggest mistakes of bar owners who aren’t familiar with the industry.

    This refers to preparing everything beforehand, such as slicing fruits, pre-batching syrups, and juices, and prepping garnishes.

    This is a key step that helps bartenders work more efficiently, reduce prep time, and serve drinks faster. Bartenders should have all the needed tools within reach to stay efficient, such as ice scoops, strainers, Hawthorne strainers, and so much more.

    4.Source New Drinks and Rotating Out Old Ones

    It’s essential to keep your menu fresh and exciting by regularly rotating in drinks and retiring those that aren’t selling as well. Before adding something new to the menu, consider whether you have the necessary ingredients in stock, whether you can handle the prep workload, and, more importantly, whether it is profitable. To maximize the return on investment, analyze the revenue generated from each cocktail and eliminate those that aren’t selling well.

    5.Break Down Costs and Maximizing Profitability or Else… Your Bar Might Fail

    Cocktail prices range widely, and it’s essential to have a basic understanding of the cost of goods sold (COGS) and how it affects profit margins. COGS includes the cost of all ingredients used to make a cocktail, including the base spirit, modifier, and flavorings. Ensure that the price of your cocktail covers the COGS for an acceptable profit margin and any overheads.

    If I haven’t said it enough, COGS matter. I can’t tell you how many times COGS come up in bar and restaurant management/ownership. So if you aren’t talking COGS, you’re doing something wrong.

    Create a Balanced Cocktail Menu, and Bar Career, with Local Bartending School

    With this guide now firmly in hand, you’re well on your way to becoming a master of mixology! From incorporating inspiration from classic drinks to utilizing some more daring concoctions and garnishes, the proof is in the pudding – with just a few extra touches in presentation and quality ingredients, you can quickly make your menu an inspiring one.

    But all that knowledge comes with its own practice too; at Local Bartending School, they’ll teach you everything from cocktail menu creation to flair bartending. So don’t feel like you have to go it alone – grab your jiggers, we’ll grab ours, and let’s get to creating bomb cocktails, shall we?

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    How to Get Bartending Certification in New York

    How to Get Bartending Certification in New York

    New York Bartending Certification

    New York State Law Requires Bartenders to be Only 18
    The best part about being a bartender in NYC is the leniency in its alcoholic laws. Alcohol cannot be consumed only from 4:00 am to 8:00 am in some states and the rest of the day is all yours to visit any pub or bar you want. All you have to do is get the required training with the help of Local Bartending School (LBS) and give the exam to get the certificate. Some famous cities of New York City are Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester and there are 56 more.

    The minimum age to become a bartender in New York is 18. However, state law requires drinkers to be 21.


    The NY Certification Exam Takes 30 Minutes
    The exam is taken under the supervision of an examiner even though you take the course online. The test takes almost 30 minutes and there is a fee for this exam. The training is so extensive that the students actually get to sit at the bars where the qualified instructors show how to prepare all kinds of drinks and beverages so that they practically learn it.

    New York’s Two Types of Courses
    You can also take on and off-premise course.

    On-premise serving course can be taken if you are working at a bar or restaurant. The off-premise responsible serving course can be taken if you are working in a convenience store, liquor store, or other off-premises sales business.

    The courses may be taken in-class, in-person or online. LBS provides all these types of courses and its certification is valid throughout New York.

    New York Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, State Liquor Authority handles all the certification and permits for the alcohol related issues. Each Licensing Bureau statewide receives, examines and investigates license and permit applications within its Zone to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements of the State Liquor Authority as provided for in the ABC Law and Rules. LBS is an accredited institution that can give you the required training to pass the examination and apply for the certificate.

    Online New York Bartending Course Costs up to $8.99 – $399

    The cost of certification in New York through this online course is $8.99-$399.99. New York Regulations for Bartenders/sellers/servers actually have a few Happy Hour Laws. To offer, sell, serve or deliver an unlimited number of drinks during any set period of time for a fixed price is prohibited. You can contact New York Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, State Liquor Authority on the following number:
    Telephone: (518) 474-3114.
    You can visit http://www.sla.ny.gov/ for further details.

    LBS’s New York Certification Course
    The course covers topics such as spotting someone who has had too much to drink, to check IDs properly and the liabilities and responsibilities of the bartender. You can attend in-class, in-person or online courses whatever suits you best. The acceptable forms of identification cards are Valid New York State driver’s license or non-driver identification card or a valid driver’s license or non-driver identification card from any other US state, territory, or possession or Canada, valid United States military identification, valid passport or visa from the United States government or any other country.

    Bartending course will enable you to identify these cards if they are authentic and then serve the customer. You can also take on premise or off-premise courses for bartending. On-premise serving course can be taken if you are working at a bar or restaurant. The off-premise responsible serving course can be taken if you are working in a convenience store, liquor store, or other off-premises sales business.

    You can contact Local Bartending School at 877-879-7958.
    We have instructors/classes in NYC, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, and other locations.

    Is New York City a Good City to Bartend in?

    Who doesn’t know about New York City? It is the city never sleeps so, of course, bars are what keep the people entertained all night. It is the most populous city in the United States of America. It is one of the most important cities in the whole world due to its political and ethnic importance. New York City consists of five boroughs, each of which is a state county. The five boroughs, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island are consolidated into a single city.

    Licensing Authority in New York
    Nevada Department of Taxation handles all the certification and permits for bars and bartending. All beverage alcohol permits are regulated by each individual county and once you have the required the training, you can apply for it in your respective county and it will be provided to you if you pass the test. The Nevada Bartending Course can be taken any time you want because it is held every month. Local Bartending Schools offer a 10 hour to 2-day course after which you should be able to know how to spot someone who has been drinking too much, how to properly check IDs and the responsibilities/liabilities of the server.

    Click here to start a course to become a licensed bartender in New York.
    Bars in New York:

    The Dead Rabbit:
    Rustic, rich and full of life The Dead Rabbit serves the most iconic drinks in town. In a redbrick landmark, Belfast bar vets Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry have conjured up a rough-and-tumble 19th-century tavern.

    Clover club:
    This standard-bearing cocktail parlor from mixology matriarch Julie Reiner expresses its Victorian bent in intricate tile work, curved leather booths, marble tables, vintage sofas and a functioning fireplace. Choose among regal crystal bowls of punch or finely wrought drinks, both classic and new.

    Bartending is a very interesting job because it involves all the guilty pleasures a person can have. On the other side, it is a very serious and responsible job on the behalf of bartender because he has to tend to people who come in for drinks or to enjoy the bar. .

    Call 877-879-7958 to Start Your Course Today.

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    How to Invent Your Own Cocktail

    How to Invent Your Own Cocktail


    Trying to invent a cocktail? Whether you want a unique addition to your drink list or you’re crafting a signature cocktail for an event, thinking up your own delicious drink can seem like something that isn’t as easy as it should be. But don’t fear—with a few basic principles in mind, you can start whipping up your own, original cocktails in no time.

    1. Think About Your Needs

    One of the most common reasons to invent a new cocktail is as a signature cocktail for a wedding. So you’ve invented a wonderful cocktail that’s focused, balanced, and highlights its ingredients… but it takes twenty minutes and a blowtorch to make. That isn’t going to help you at a wedding. Take a minute to think about your cocktail’s home and function and decide what’s realistic.

    2. Think About the Parts

    Conventional wisdom and every cocktail book out there holds that there are three parts to any cocktail: the base, or spirit, the body, or mixer, and the aromatic. Obviously not everything adheres to that formula, but it’s helpful to keep in mind as you build. Your base defines what cocktail you’re making—let it shine, and be wary about mixing more than one. Aromatics, like bitters, syrups, and twists, may seem like an afterthought but can make a huge difference in the finished product.

    3. Think About the Flavors

    Before you start throwing ingredients in there, have a picture in your head of what you want the drink to taste like. You may not know exactly how to get there, but if you have a profile you’re going for, it will give you a goal and help you decide what fits and what doesn’t. Rather than toss things together and think “well that’s OK,” have a definite flavor in mind and try to achieve it.

    4. Start with Standards

    Not quite sure what flavor you want? Try starting with a tried-and-true cocktail and thinking about ways you could replace one or two ingredients in it. What would a Manhattan taste like with amaretto instead of angostura? What would a Cosmopolitan taste like with pomegranate juice instead of cranberry? By swapping out just one ingredient, you give yourself a solid base to start from.

    5. Be Creative—But Don’t Overcrowd


    Want to include a really unusual ingredient in your cocktail? That’s awesome, but plan to build the cocktail around it. One of the number one stumbling blocks on the road to a successful new cocktail is trying to do too much. Pick an ingredient to highlight in your cocktail—whether it’s something unusual itself, or you’re putting that creativity to serve a standard spirit. Build the cocktail to highlight that ingredient in an interesting way, and cut out anything that creates too much confusion.

    Local Bartending School in How to Invent Your Own Cocktail

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    How to Make Smoked Cocktails

    How to Make Smoked Cocktails

    Have you ever made a cocktail involving smoke? Cocktails that use actual smoke as an aromatic have been around for a few years, but still guarantee to impress customers with both their dramatic presentation and unique flavor. They may look like alchemy, but smoked cocktails aren’t actually that difficult to make. They involve a few extra steps, but you can easily learn how to make your own smoking cocktail.

    Cocktail Chemistry offers a how-to video on making smoked cocktails at home—but for bartenders looking for a dramatic addition to their cocktail list, commercial smokers (like the popular Smoking Gun) can save you time and fire danger at a busy bar. Cocktail Chemistry’s gone with an Old Fashioned and hickory smoke, but the technique could of course work for any cocktail and any smoke.

    Do you think the visual of a cocktail with smoke billowing over it is worth the extra time and equipment? What combinations and ingredients would you try?

    Local Bartending School in How to Make Smoked Cocktails

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    Koror CA Bartending School

    Koror CA Bartending School

    Local Bartending School in Koror CA Bartending School

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    Kosrae FM Bartending School

    Kosrae FM Bartending School

    Local Bartending School in Kosrae FM Bartending School

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    Learn Bartending with Fire and Flair

    Learn Bartending with Fire and Flair

    The flair movement peaked in the nineties, but even today it hasn’t disappeared. It merely retreated to the fringes, where it is still practiced by a dedicated few.

    At its flashiest, flair borrows from the juggling playbook, subbing glass bottles for clubs and balls. Flips, “stalls”, rolls, and midair captures are the staple moves. “Does Jordan really need to stick his tongue out and spread his legs while doing a slam?” asks Tobin Ellis, who helped found the FBA in 1997. “Of course not. It’s just his style. Flair has an impact on morale, energy, and it courts a crowd reaction.”

    “It’s not cool to like flair anymore, but I’ve never met a passionate bartender who doesn’t do it,” Ellis adds. “At some point it starts to happen naturally. You see people trying to figure out how to stir four cocktails at once, or hold two or three jiggers in one hand. It becomes a question of efficiency mixed with a little bit of style.”

    What is Flair Bartending?

    Flair bartending is the practice of bartenders entertaining guests, clientele or audiences with the manipulation of bar tools and liquor bottles in tricky, dazzling ways.

    Used occasionally in cocktail bars, the action requires skills commonly associated with jugglers.

    Why Should You Learn Flair?

    It’s not just a flashy skill; it’s become a hot commodity for venue owners and marketers alike. Whether it’s promoting a liquor product or the grand opening of a bar, flair bartending adds that extra flair to any occasion. Plus, it looks impressive on a bartender’s resume and can lead to more job opportunities.

    According to research by the International Bartending Flair Association, flair bartenders rake in 20-25% more in tips compared to their “regular” counterparts. On a busy Friday or Saturday night, a skilled flair bartender can pocket up to $1000 in tips at a cozy bar or club. Not only does flair increase your earning potential, but it also boosts your chances of getting hired quickly.

    Bar owners love bartenders who can entertain and captivate their customers, adding that wow factor to any night out. Mastering flair techniques also showcases your self-confidence, a crucial quality for anyone working in a people-oriented industry. So, if you’re looking to stand out in the bartending world and make some serious cash, learning flair is the way to go!

    What Flair Options Does LBS Offer?

    At Local Bartending School, we provide a comprehensive flair bartending course led by certified instructors. Our programs are hands-on, ensuring you get the practical skills you need to master flair techniques. You can purchase the lessons as an add-on or ala carte, tailor-made to suit your needs. With limited availability, pre-booking is highly recommended to secure your spot and embark on your flair bartending journey with us.

    Contact LBS today about our flair bartending options!  (877)879-7958

    Financing is Now Available — For a Limited-Time.
    Fill Out the Form Below Now!

    Local Bartending School in Learn Bartending with Fire and Flair

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    Looking for a Part-time Job? Why you need to consider Bartending

    Looking for a Part-time Job? Why you need to consider Bartending

    If your current economic situation cannot allow you to just have one job and need another part-time job, I need to recommend you bartending.  I mean which job allows you to work without all the formalities, get to have a party every day and interact with people your own age?

    Let’s look at the 9 reasons why you can consider bartending

    • Improve Career Skills

    Due to the nature of bartending, you get to improve your communication skills, improves your confidence, improve your customer service skills, multi-tasking and also improve your ability to work under pressure. These are quite some good skills that you can transfer to any other job you will get.

    • Different shift hours

    Due to the nature of the job, you can get to sleep in, enjoy a delicious breakfast as you read your favorite job, get the job before work or even play PS, whatever tickles your fancy, this is the only job that allows you to do that.

    Because bartenders work at night when most people at home or watching TV, you can get to do a lot during the day and work at night. As a result, you will need to find a bar that fits your schedule best and hence you get to enjoy being you and enjoy your daily activities.

    • Network!!

    Which job on earth will you be able to interact with all sorts of people from different walks of life doing different things, from different places of the world? You can meet doctors, engineers, celebrities, anyone you can think of. These contacts can be very helpful in the future.

    • Make Some Good money

    You can start by making some good money until you start making some very good money working part-time as a bartender.  How is this possible? Depending on the bar or your type of clientele and the energy you put in. In an industry like this, you need to focus more on the tips than the hourly pay. The more you give the more you receive.  With every new day and shift, it means new customers and this provides a new opportunity to be at your best, impress and also a huge potential to make more in tips.

    • Alternative B

    The good thing about bartending as a side hustle is that, even when things get gloomy, you can always fall back to it. Once you get the bartending skill, you can have it as a fall back plan in the future even if you will not go back to it full time.

    • Teaching Bartending Classes

    As you continue to gain confidence in your skills and getting more accustomed to cocktail origins and history, you could start teaching classes.  You can start with individuals or groups, then advance to corporate team-building, holiday themes and also couple classes.

    This makes you become business oriented and you never know what those hot to videos you make for your blog could land you to. Your blog can contain a small profile of you, your availability as well as your price tag and hot private gigs and make even more money.

    • Be Active

    While your 9-5 job might be school or a desk job, a bartending side job will keep you active and it requires you to be on your feet. Be it that you are at the floor serving or behind the bar counter serving drinks, you will be on your feet, your feet will feel like trunks but you will be happy to know before you know it, you lost some few pounds.

    • Time Management

    The good think about having bartending as a side job it will teach you about time management.  Balancing two jobs can be a little bit of a challenge hence this will teach about time management. This means you will need to find a healthy work-life balance and still maintain your work and social life.

    • Learn a New Skill

    The good thing about bartending is that it is a whole new set of skill that you will need to learn. You can learn about flair bartending, learn about drinks and cocktails, their origin and history. Apart from your 9-5 job, you will learn a new set of skills in an industry that is vibrant and note, the bartending skill has gained a resurgence. Why not take advantage of the same and learn about the new skills with our online courses at localbartendingschool.com.

    Local Bartending School in Looking for a Part-time Job? Why you need to consider Bartending

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    Mixology Techniques: The Mixing Techniques

    Mixology Techniques: The Mixing Techniques

    You might be seasoned bartender looking into teaching a new student or a newbie bartender looking into learning mixing techniques then you need to take a look at the next four mixing techniques.

    The Roll:

    The Tools: Two shaker tins and a strainer (your choice)

    Time: 15 to 60 seconds

    The Process:

    This mixing technique is used to make a Bloody Mary because of it the most effective way to chill and mix the cocktail without over diluting the tomato juice. It is also good for making drinks that use carbonated drinks to ensure that there is no build-up of pressure in the shaker. It also avoids making the drink flat by a stir.

    You will fill one tin with ice a little bit more than half and also secure the ice with a strainer you prefer. With the other tin, build your cocktail then pour it in the other tin with ice. Transfer the mix not more Rocks than 4 times and transfer it to a servicing glass.

    Rocks Shake:

    Tools: A Cocktail Shaker

    Time: 10 to 45 Seconds

    This is probably the most artistic mixing technique out here.  This is because you take into consideration several factors to determine the drink. These factors are the size of ice, how long you shake your mix and the intensity of your shake. You wouldn’t want an over-diluted drink but you also need to remember the temperature of the drink will also affect the taste.

    You will need to listen to how the ice behaves while in the shaker as you shake the drink. If you can hear the ice disintegrating and bursting up in shards, then there is a probability that you are over diluting your drink.

    The Stir:

    The Tools: A mixing gals, bar spoon, and a julep strainer

    Time: 45 to 120 seconds

    The Process:

    Almost all cocktails made of rather very strong spirits such as the famous Manhattan or Bobby burns need to be stirred in a mixing glass. A stirred cocktail should have a rather smooth, almost if not velvety taste feel that just embraces the alcohol in it.

    As a beginner, it can quite easy underestimate the technique of stirring complexity.  While the major concern might be effective dilution or even the chilling process, you will need to be quite careful with airing the drink too much with clumsy stirring.

    You can consider using a Yarai mixing glass or a pint glass as well. Yarai is the diamond pattern cut into the glass. You will need to fill the glass with ice up to three quarters and leave room for the julep strainer as a dome as opposed to a bowl.

    The position of the finger when stirring is not as important but the main goal is to keep the spoon in contact with the glass as possible and move it in a circular motion. In case you opt to move the spoon across the glass hits the ice rather roughly and this will bring in more air into the process.

    Stirred cocktails are the easiest to make because you can taste the product to determine both the desired temperature and also level of dilution. If you stir for so long you might water down the cocktail or if you do not stir enough you might end up with a very strong cocktail.

    Dry Shake/Whip:

    Tools: Cocktail shaker and a mixer in- your choice

    Time: 15-60 Seconds

    The Process:

    This technique is generally used to mix ingredients that have different textures and density such as cream or eggs. It is also used for drinks that are served on the rocks. Any process that requires you as the bartender to emulsify an egg will require more work because the process requires adding alcohol to the egg. This then requires you as the bartender to give it a strong shake before adding the ice for the final shake.

    A simpler way to do the whip is to shake up a built cocktail. You can either add ice to the shaker and then do a rock shake. You can do a revere dry shake by doing a normal rock shake, strain the mix into a mixer, get rid of the ice then remix your drink until you get your desired level.

    Local Bartending School in Mixology Techniques: The Mixing Techniques

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