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Looking for a Part-time Job? Why you need to consider Bartending

Looking for a Part-time Job? Why you need to consider Bartending

If your current economic situation cannot allow you to just have one job and need another part-time job, I need to recommend you bartending.  I mean which job allows you to work without all the formalities, get to have a party every day and interact with people your own age?

Let’s look at the 9 reasons why you can consider bartending

  • Improve Career Skills

Due to the nature of bartending, you get to improve your communication skills, improves your confidence, improve your customer service skills, multi-tasking and also improve your ability to work under pressure. These are quite some good skills that you can transfer to any other job you will get.

  • Different shift hours

Due to the nature of the job, you can get to sleep in, enjoy a delicious breakfast as you read your favorite job, get the job before work or even play PS, whatever tickles your fancy, this is the only job that allows you to do that.

Because bartenders work at night when most people at home or watching TV, you can get to do a lot during the day and work at night. As a result, you will need to find a bar that fits your schedule best and hence you get to enjoy being you and enjoy your daily activities.

  • Network!!

Which job on earth will you be able to interact with all sorts of people from different walks of life doing different things, from different places of the world? You can meet doctors, engineers, celebrities, anyone you can think of. These contacts can be very helpful in the future.

  • Make Some Good money

You can start by making some good money until you start making some very good money working part-time as a bartender.  How is this possible? Depending on the bar or your type of clientele and the energy you put in. In an industry like this, you need to focus more on the tips than the hourly pay. The more you give the more you receive.  With every new day and shift, it means new customers and this provides a new opportunity to be at your best, impress and also a huge potential to make more in tips.

  • Alternative B

The good thing about bartending as a side hustle is that, even when things get gloomy, you can always fall back to it. Once you get the bartending skill, you can have it as a fall back plan in the future even if you will not go back to it full time.

  • Teaching Bartending Classes

As you continue to gain confidence in your skills and getting more accustomed to cocktail origins and history, you could start teaching classes.  You can start with individuals or groups, then advance to corporate team-building, holiday themes and also couple classes.

This makes you become business oriented and you never know what those hot to videos you make for your blog could land you to. Your blog can contain a small profile of you, your availability as well as your price tag and hot private gigs and make even more money.

  • Be Active

While your 9-5 job might be school or a desk job, a bartending side job will keep you active and it requires you to be on your feet. Be it that you are at the floor serving or behind the bar counter serving drinks, you will be on your feet, your feet will feel like trunks but you will be happy to know before you know it, you lost some few pounds.

  • Time Management

The good think about having bartending as a side job it will teach you about time management.  Balancing two jobs can be a little bit of a challenge hence this will teach about time management. This means you will need to find a healthy work-life balance and still maintain your work and social life.

  • Learn a New Skill

The good thing about bartending is that it is a whole new set of skill that you will need to learn. You can learn about flair bartending, learn about drinks and cocktails, their origin and history. Apart from your 9-5 job, you will learn a new set of skills in an industry that is vibrant and note, the bartending skill has gained a resurgence. Why not take advantage of the same and learn about the new skills with our online courses at

How to Become a Bartender

How to Become a Bartender

To become a bartender, there are things that you will need to do in order to be the best of the best.

Let us take a look at the various guidelines that you can use to become the best bartender.


Yes, most people will say when it comes to bartending, that you do not need to attend a bartending course but I am a highly advocate for taking bartending course. With just 40 hours, you will learn few tips such as how to give good customer service, different types of drinks, learn and practice how to pour, a wide variety of cocktails and even how to use bar equipment.

During this time you will learn things to do with health and safety issues, how to write your bartending CV and even interview for bartending job. It is also an important to note that you will also have an opportunity to network with people of like mind and you never know when these connections will come in handy.

Certification and License Requirements

In some states in the US, you will be required to take a bartending certification and licensing exam.  Washington and even California just to state a few you will be required to take a server training course and apply for alcohol serving permit. It is therefore very advisable before venturing into bartending to check your state requirement if any that you will need to comply with.

Where to Work

This basically boils down to your preference and tastes. If you a sports person, you can consider working at a sports bar. Either way, when it comes to bartending, think global. That is the beautiful part of bartending as a job. When it is winter time, you can spread your wing to the winter resorts of the Alps, when it is summer time, go at the beach bum, get some sun while earning at the same time.

Be flexible as the bartending is a rather a flexible job.

Stand Out

When you start applying for bartending jobs, make your resume stand out. We at LBS we offer service such as; help you write a good resume and even offer a job hunting platform.

So how do you make sure you stand out?

  • Keep your CV professional
  • List your skills
  • Add relevant experience
  • Keep it brief and to the point.
  • Make sure your CV has some personality

Job Hunting-Be Smart

Yes, in as much as most jobs are advertised online, do not be afraid of going out there and ask for that job at that bar across the street and if you can drop your resume.

As you do this, make sure you are well dressed, be friendly and exude positivity. A good first impression always goes a long way. Always put your best foot forward even if you doing a barback job. In some cases, it can be a way to work up to a bartending position.

Always Work Your Way Up

You have got the bartending job finally, it is time to show off some skills. If you would like to stay at the top of the pyramid, always keep your skills fresh and always be the best. Keep on practicing, after all, practice makes perfect. Practice and perfect free pours to exact measures and also perfect your shaking skills. Practice makes you a superstar in bartending.

Take up New Skills

One thing about bartending is that bartending is a skill that one never stops learning. With every coming year, the bar scene is changing and you will need to keep yourself at the top of the game and what you are doing. So consider training as you work.

You can consider taking courses with mixology or working flair so that you can always give your customers the best experience as possible. By doing this you will always be at the top of the game and people will notice that.

Long-Term Career Prospects

You can start by even talking to your manager about moving up. With experience, you will be able to work for busy bars and land even more lucrative jobs in busy, successful bars and restaurants. Depending on how hardworking and entrepreneurial you are, you can work up to restaurant management or even opening your own bar.

10 Things That Annoy Your Bartender

10 Things That Annoy Your Bartender

I know this is one of the most hotly debated questions ever asked in the bartending job. “Should a bartender really ever be annoyed, after all, he/she is in the service industry?”’ Well, some will still be annoyed by the subject and others will be annoyed by the things that annoy buy bartenders.

At the end of the day, we bartenders, are human and it is in our human nature to be annoyed.

So, what annoys us as bartenders?

  1. Be Specific-Know What You Want

Trust me, I was hired one for my ability to be creative and my ability to come up with drinks just for you and in this line of business, the statement “help me help you” plays an important role. Even when you do not know what you want, trust me your taste buds will always want something. So, a statement with, “I don’t mind having something with a gin in it” is a step towards the right direction.

  1. Flashing Your Money So That You Get Served

Trust me, I see you when you get in the bar. Ad I have a memory who gets in the bar and in what order.  Like any other self-respecting thing, I would like to be done to me also, is to serve the people in that particular order as well. This will not make me give you any faster treatment or circumnavigate you miraculously to the start of the line.

  1. Snapping Your Fingers To Get Their Attention

Before proceeding, remember to always keep calm in the bar.  It is important, not only for me but also for everyone else. Anything that goes in with trying too much to get my attention, trust me it is in this list, this includes a whistle, a shout and anything that you would not like to do in the real world.

  1. Ripping Napkins And Bottle Labels Into Small Tiny Pieces And Leaving Them On Them Scattered On The Table

The napkins and coasters play an important role in keeping the bar clean. Please also not chew on the straws.  These are also not meant to put in your olive pits on them. This as well goes to trash you put in the glass as well.  This will have to come out before it goes to the dishwasher. By all means be responsible enough to put the trash in the bin and also exercise some self-control and not chew the straws or tear up napkins and bottle labels into confetti.

  1. Trying To “Persuade” Them For A Drink After-Hour

Unless you do not care if I spend a night or so in jail, by all means, go ahead. But I will need to remind you that there are laws that are against this kind of request. But I really do not want to spend the night in a jail somewhere.

  1. Ordering A Drink And Taking It Back Saying It Is Not What You Wanted Or It Does Not Taste Right

If the drink is not what you ordered, by all means, I will accept my mistake and take it back. In the case of the drink is the right one but it does not taste a little bit different compared to what you had the last you were here, then something definitely has to do with your taste buds. I will not take that back.

  1. It’s My Birthday, I Want Free Drinks

The easiest way not to get a free drink is to ask for one. This goes for “it is my birthday” statement. It is someone’s birthday every single time. I will be glad and very happy to wish you a birthday but kindly also remember I am working and also trying very hard to make a living. We are also human, at the end of the day, if I want to give you a free drink, trust me, I will. It will eventually come if you are a good customer. After all who doesn’t like a freebie?

  1. Trying To Negotiate The Price

Never ever has it ever worked like this, when a drink is $5 then that is the price, do not pull the “what is that the best offer?” For me, I serve and ask the price as indicated in the menu or as dictated. This is the price that everyone else is charged.  My apologies if the price does not suit you. This also goes also to you who waits until I make the drink then starts scrambling into your wallet or pull out some crumpled bills to pay when I am done with making the drink. That is why I tell you the price before it starts making it

  1. Make It Strong, There Is A Good Tip For You

True, I will not deny it, I do love big tips but there is a certain number of drinks that my bottle needs to make.  So if you ask me to put in less ice or put your drink in the tallest glass available or generally anything related to making it strong for you, the same amount booze goes into it.

  1. Sexual Harassment Is A No No

I think there are laws everywhere that protect you against sexual harassment at the workplace. Just because I work at a bar does not mean I am not working, this is my workplace and not a place for me to date. There are available people in the bar who are already drunk and ready to be hit on. Why of all people would you choose to hit on the sober one?

How to not annoy your bartender? Remember we are all humans and yes, the bar is a place to have fun and let loss but that does not mean that your manners need to be left at the door once you get in the bar. Let us make the world a better place by treating each other nice and have a good time.

The Bartender’s Job Description

The Bartender’s Job Description

"The job of a bartender is to make drinks." That is probably the first thought that came to your mind when you saw this article. Just like every other job, a bartender does have a job description. But the JD is not your typical one with only some specific deliverables that have to be met. It goes beyond that

Yes, the main job of a bartender is to make drinks but there some other secondary duties that are not stated in bartenders JD that are almost negligible but once combined, they determine the success of the bar and also the bartender.

To you as a consumer, the bar, and its drinks is the perfect place to go and unwind, to celebrate your wins, to mourn your losses, to interact or to get some solo time. Generally, the bar is the perfect escape zone where you can throw away some your responsibilities, to escape your fears and stresses of the everyday world. And you as the bartender is to take away those fears, create a zone of total freedom, calmness, and celebrations.

Let us take a look at the JD of a bartender.

  • Key Performance Indicators

This is what you will see advertised on the website of a job board.

One, the main responsibilities will be to ensure that the standards of cleanliness at the bar are well maintained. This means the bar top, glassware, bottles, shakers, mixers, just to mention a few are well maintained and clean and no stains and spills can be spotted.

Then there is the making of the drinks, the cock cocktails, keeping the alcohol organized, stocking of beer and wines, changing kegs and every other minute ingredient that goes into making drinks. This will require the bartender to great attention details, this means keeping check of the straw count, ice well just to mention a few. Hence efficiency will be a great asset for a bartender.

To make the drinks, you will need to be able to handle a great deal of pressure since you will be working in a rather fast paced environment with different kind of clients with different demands. Apart from the food orders that need to deliver, there are order tickets that will also need to be fulfilled. While at the same time you might need to move to the store to get a bottle of liquor that just ran its course.

You are also the cashier at the bar. You will need to know how to count money fast and efficiently, give back the required balance and also know how to run the POS Machine. Due to the nosy and fast-paced aspect of the bar, it is quite easy that you can mix up accounts and as a result, you can end up losing your job. A bar might be one big party but at the end of the day, it is just a business like any other.

Another key performance indicator is to ensure that the bar operates smoothly by ensuring that should the dishwasher breakdown it is fixed as fast as possible, should a bar fight break, it is settled as fast and quietly as possible then no underage drinkers have been served. At the end of the day, you will need to keep the bar a rather very positive environment and move towards the right direction until after the last call.

  • Cool Bartender Requirement

As a bartender after carrying out your most basic requirement, you will need to be the social conduit. You in charge of making sure the party is lively, console the heartbroken and definitely, match make.

You will play the role of a therapist since the mixture of a good drink and a compassionate ear can make even the toughest heart talk about their deepest secrets and confessions that they have never told anyone else. You will need to learn how to be open and give advice even when you have none. Even when you do not have the best of advice, you need to make it sound professional.

To get the cool bartender tag, you will need to be familiar with all matters ranging from history, science sports just to mention a few. Should one of your customers ask something on a particular matter that you got no interest, you better make yourself interested. A person who is already high likes to share his knowledge and this can lead to better and bigger tips.

When it comes to the bar, all customers are looking to have a good time and there is nothing more than a customer wants to include a drop in the right music, an exciting or intellectual conversation, dropping a very good joke or even a nasty one. As a bartender, you will need to create the perfect and most intimate environment that your customers need to get to know each other either as friends or more.

As a bartender, you will need to be the perfect directory of up and about town. When it comes to customers asking for directions you will need to assist them when it comes to drinking or entertainment recommendation, you need to know which tickles their fancy. You will need to be updated on the hotspots in town.

  • Add-ons

As a bartender, you will need to know that your job is multifaceted and I cannot possibly list down all about the job here but the list can be based on the kind of bar and even town as this will bring its own set of challenges and obligations.

To be the best, learn as quickly as possible, pick and drop things you do and don't need, pay attention, always remember recipes, faces, and names and keep your customers spirit high.



Flair bartending is basically the art and skill of entertaining your clientele or audience with the juggling and manipulation of your bar tools that includes, shaker tins, glassware, garnish, napkins, in some rather neat, tricky and dazzling ways.

Flair bartending is not all about the juggling of the bottles, some ice trick which is the definition of flair bartending in the strictest sense, but generally, it is just anything that can create an extra excitement and dazzle to your clientele’s drinking experience. You can do a simple juggling trick or a rather funny story or joke. If possible to use both, the use them.

Flair or the freestyle bartending can be categorized into styles: the working flair and the competition flair. The biggest difference between these two is the amount of risk and complication of tricks used, making the competition flair the most risk and more complicated than the working flair.

The Competition Flair

This is all about the performance. It is borderline choreography and like any competitive skill, it requires hours and hours of practice. Like any dance competition, you need to be ready to bedazzle your audience and you are the spotlight of the show. Be ready and be polished.

Like any competition, nothing is left to luck or chance. Your bottles are numbered and need to be positioned accordingly and the alcohol just enough for you to make the drinks required. In this kind of flair, you not usually working your guest but rather the crowd.

When it comes to flair competition, there is room for freedom for your tricks than the kind of tricks you would pull behind the counter at work. You cannot take 4 minutes to make a drink at a busy bar and you not allowed to spill at all. In a competition, spilling is a no-go zone.

The reason for all this flair is to achieve some money, recognition (those viral YouTube videos), better bartending gigs, and the prizes just to mention a few. If you doing your flair for this purpose, practice, and practice until you achieve perfection.

The Working Flair

This is the highly accepted and fairly common flair bartending skill. This the common cocktail juggler. He does the tricks with the mixers, bottles, ice and plays around with flammable liquor and then throws in the occasional magic trick. Most of these tricks are learned easily are pretty common. The simple bottle flip, the three bottle pour, some work involving certain flammable drinks and there are others that are difficult and can lead to breaking a bottle and sometimes fires started.

This kind of flair bartending needs you to mix your drinks in good time and use a few tricks to impress your guest. As these do not slow down your service, reduce your spillages and also do not use flair that can scare away your interaction with the guests. The whole point of the working flair is to show your guests some simple tricks because they are only expecting the drink you serving.

The working flair is meant to increase your interaction with your quests nothing more. A bartender with exciting performance will often be called in for higher paying gigs and even work at more glamorous bars.

As a bartender, you will need to know your market as well. If you living in specific places or working in some certain kind of a bar, say a casino, hot nightclubs in rather very competitive markets such as Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles, the over the top flair can be extremely useful.

Learning Flair Bartending

When it comes to flair tricks, you can either take a course or learn while on the job.

Classes are a good way to go especially if you want to learn how to be over the top bottle flipper. Hence, having a pro show you will help you get the tricks correctly and reduce the mistakes and the certificate will be useful if you want to work in a music-over-talking bar.

Alternative Flair Bartending

The whole bedazzle of bottle flipping and flames can be a spectacle, there is an alternative that is entertaining and does deserve a recognition,” the bartender with the entertaining word.”

Customers do not only go to watch the juggling but also to interact socially. The most memorable bartender is the one that shares the best jokes and stories, listens and also provides useful info and trivia and charming thee customers all through the night. This kind of flair will always bring in the big tips home. It is all about the exchange of many words with the dollars $$$$$

To be the best bartender, combine some easy, neat bottle and tool skills, inserting some tricks and engage the customers. Find the perfect balance as this calls in for the balance. Use your hands to show your professional ability and your words a charm. Where do you think the term "Cool Bartender" came from???

Top 9 Skills and Qualities of a Bartender

Top 9 Skills and Qualities of a Bartender

What is a bar without a bartender? The most influential part of a bar is the bartender. As a bartender, you are the face of the business and you are the most fundamental link between your establishment and the most important aspect of the bar: the customers.

Before anything else, even your customers, the interaction experience of customers is what determines the success of any establishment.

What skills and qualities do your bartenders need?

  • Fantastic Memory

Both your short term and long term memories need to not just good but great. Short-term plays an important role especially when it comes to remembering your customers' orders. You can have a pen and paper to help you keep track of their orders.

The long-term memory is good as it helps you remember the names of your regular clients and also their preferred choice of drink. The best appreciation that you will ever get from your clients is if you remember their names as well as their favorite drink. This also serves you well especially in terms of knowing what beers are in the taps and also in your bottles as well as the recipes of your cocktails and mixed drinks.

  • Know Your Drinks

Great mixology skills depend largely on your knowledge about drinks.  You will need to know how to mix drinks off-hand especially for those are common. For newer more complicated drinks, do not be afraid to consult a book. Ensure that your drinks are also of top quality.

  • Communication Skills

This is perhaps one of the most critical skills you will ever need. Not only will you need to talk with your customers during your shift, you will need to talk loudly, without shouting and also very clearly while at the same time making sure that the tone of your voice is positive.

To be a great communicator you will need to be a great listener. You will need to get your customer’s orders right. You will be also creating a friendly environment where customers can interact with you and also with each other. This makes a bartender amazing

  • Organizational Skills

As a bartender, one thing that you will always be when you on your shift is that you will be a very busy person. You will be running all over the bar while serving several customers at the same time. You will need to keep good track of what has been ordered, who has paid for what drink and also those waiting for their drink.

You will need to be good at multitasking as well. You will need to keep your bar surface both clean and organized as well. This does not only make your surface look presentable but also make your work more efficient. You will also need to ensure that your bar is well stocked and the restock of items such as ice, garnished, napkins as well as soon as you start running low.

  • Friendly

As a bartender, like any other sales job, you will need to say hello and smile to every customer even when you cannot service them right away.  That kind of acknowledgment goes a long way.

Being kind as well to even the most frustrated customers is also good. You will need to learn how to read people know when to make conversation and also when a customer needs to just order a drink.

  • Have Good Money-Handling Skills

You will need to act as a cashier when it comes to your bar. Your money handling skills need to be at the top of your game. You will need to know how to do quick computations and know how much will be returned back to the customers.

  • Excellent Customer Service

As a bartender, your customer service skills need to be outstanding. The most basic nature of the job is your service to your clients and the pay largely depends on tips so you need to ensure that your personality connects with your clients and ensure that they keep coming back.

  • Be Responsible

As the other bar staff expect efficiency and timely service, it is also your responsibility to ensure that you remember to check the IDs of your customers and also maintain and keep things under control.

  • Maintain Your Composure

As a bartender, being of service to dozens of people at once, you need to maintain the above-mentioned qualities even when under pressure.



Why did you get into bartending? Maybe it was for the extra bucks, may be due to the fact that you are a beer person who has always imagined working at that brewery that you have been eying since you started to appreciate the fine art of beer.  Or maybe the reason was to get more girls. Or maybe you like being the life of the party.

For whatever reason, the reason evolves with time. If you liked it because you liked being the life of the party, that might get old but one thing that always remains and that will never lose its appeal is that every time you walk out of the bar every night, you have some money in your pocket at the end of the night no matter how broke you walked in.

How Much Money Is Too Much?

Based on where you work, a low-end restaurant/bar can bring in about 100 Dollars a night which is pretty cool but on busier hotel bars something between 200-250 dollars is pretty cool.

Do you want to bring in more? You can start to consider some really upscale cocktail bars and restaurants or even top tier casinos where on a normal night, 250 dollars is okay, but on a more grand night, more than 400 dollars can easily come in.

How can you bring in the green?

  • Dress The Part:

No matter where you work, be it a resort, classy bar or some punk rock club, always dress the part.  Make sure that your clothes are clean. Make sure you are well put together and this will give you the confidence to give you that you need, the extra tip. No one wants to be served by a sweaty bartender.

  • Spark Some Conversation:

Do not be scared to speak to your customers.  Make sure that they do not only talk to you but also to each other. Introduce them to each other. I mean you cannot talk to all people at the bar at the same time or can you?

  • Bring In The Charm:

Bartending is all about the charm and charismatic personality. It is through this charisma that people keep on coming back. You will need to be fun, outgoing and a really good listener. You will need to have some great stories that will rock your people. Remember to always compliment.

  • Learn To Enjoy Your Job:

The reason why bartending is one of the best jobs is because you get to meet and talk to new people all the time. One thing that is always unique about a bartender, everyone loves the booze supplier. Happiness is contagious, if you happy, your customers will be happy and the cheer spirit will definitely be felt in the bar.

  • Be Clean:

Make sure that your bar surface and service is clean, so are your cocktail glasses and shakers.

  • Have Some Style:

You will need to add some flair. You can start slow with some fancy looking paper napkins and straws. You can then up to some cool glassware, tins, and bottles.  If you are not already doing some flair, why don’t you give it a try?

  • Know Your Customers:

Always acknowledge new customers as they walk into your bar. They will keep coming back again and again if they feel appreciated by you especially if you take the time to know their name and their usual drink.

  • The Power Of Suggestion:

To get that extra zing, you will need to know your menu better than anyone else, other bartenders, the manager, waiters and everyone else. Know the ingredients in your drinks so that you can be able to easily suggest a drink for your guests based on what they ordered first.

  • Know When To Give A Freebie:

A bar, of course, is not a place to give free booze, but any good bartender and manager know the need to give a free drink to a new guest or the longtime regulars. For the new guys, it will be giving a good reason as to come back as for the old customers, it is a sign of appreciation for their business.

  • Keep Your Service Excellent:

This is a no-brainer for any person in the service industry. Do not complain about the tip you given because you ignored your customers, were rude or gave sloppily made drinks. Make sure you treat your customers like family, ensure anyone who has had a little bit too much for the road gets home safely.

Be friendly, make everyone happy be entertaining and do your job really well. This is secret to making great tips.