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Compare Our Program

Compare Our Program

LBS Isn't Your Typical School

You Won't Need to Call in Sick.
LocalBartendingSchool.com offers the convenience of scheduling a lesson whenever you want them.
You Won't No No Need to Break the Bank.
LocalBartendingSchool.com offers lower prices that save 20-60%.
Customized to Your Learning Style.
Rather than joining a program with a set structure,...
LocalBartendingSchool.com prepares a custom learning plan for you.

You Can Get a Certification that works in Multiple States!
LBS is the ONLY school that will certify you in all states through a single hands-on course.

Most students going to Harvard don't complain that they have to pay more than other schools.

Most students know it's worth the money.

With LBS,...

it's true that most students know we're worth the money!

School Now, Pay Later!

LBS is one of the few schools that offer creative financing solutions to students with satisfactory credit.

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