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Discover all of the basic principles of bartending fast in one-week of class. We will teach you the principles of bartending with various topics such as tips, wines, liquors, beers, and over 200 mixed drinks.

This is an all-inclusive series on everything from very basic bartending to more complex bartending. Regardless, of where you are at.. you can benefit from customized instruction to meet your current knowledge.
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Certifications Provided:
  • State Certification and State-Issued ID Card
  •  TIPS Certification (Responsible Serving)
Why Bartending?
Thinking about becoming a bartender? Bartenders are in demand and there are plenty of job opportunities both locally and globally.

Is this the right career choice for you?

A flexible schedule, the opportunity to put everything you learned into practice immediately, getting to meet the most interesting people, and good money combining fix-salary and - of course - tips!
About Us
LBS is a bartending school providing certification throughout all 50 states online and in-person. We have talented, certified teachers and an online platform for remote learning.
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