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The Ultimate Bartending Course! Become State Certified!

Learn all 9 Fundamentals in Bartending Course is brought to you by LBS, the leading bartending school, which has over 1300 instructors. LBS has taught over 8,000 new bartenders how to excel in their new career.

We know bartending can seem difficult and overwhelming with soooo many drinks to learn. The truth is- a bartender is a simple job! All you need is the correct instructions. With the right guidance, you can learn quickly.

You must start off on the right foot though. Bad habits can be tough to break. Don’t wait until it is too late- Start learning the Fundamentals of Bartending.

The 9 Bartending Fundamental Course

Every bartender must first understand the Foundation of Bartending. Knowledge makes bartending easier and jobs easier to acquire. The Online Bartending Course covers everything you must know about the drink-making basics so that you have no fear.

Curriculum of The Bartender Crash Course

Videos Section 1: Foundation

Videos Section 2: You're Comfortable


Don’t Take My Word For It

“I am a beginner with very little experience. I didn’t have the best of luck with teaching myself how to bartend. A failed job interviews and a low confidence after, I decided it was time to try and take this course. There are a ton of videos which honestly I haven’t had the chance to review all yet, but the one’s I have seen so far have really helped. I can see myself learning tricks and skating ramps in the next couple months if I keep watching these videos.”

Thomas Schramko

“I have tried many different videos like, YouTube, and Harvard Bartending Course, but the videos had really short descriptions and were just like, “hold the bottles upside down, turn over, and add a lime.” DUH, well, I wouldn’t have paid for a DVD to tell me something that basic. Fortunately, LBS’ online school is a lot more descriptive and Rob does a good job of explaining exactly how to make each drink.”

Richard Anderberg


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The Complete Online Bartending

I look forward to personally guide you to becoming a better bartender within the next 6 months.

Robby D.

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