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With years in business, we are the premiere school for all ages and abilities. We offer lessons all over the country through over 5,000 instructors.

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Train with us! Our professional bartending instructors are more than willing to teach you the skills and earn a Hawaii Bartenders License. Local Bartending School will provide the equipment, workbooks, and materials to help you become a Licensed Bartender in Hawaii. Some of the skills you will learn from us.

  • Learn over 200 drink mix
  • Basic up to Advanced Bartending skills
  • Prepare multiple drinks the fastest way
  • Cutting of fruits and garnishing of drinks
  • Work station set up.
  • How to handle and use the bartender’s tools
  • Know and understand the customers and increase tips
  • Illegal drunkenness and how to detect them
  • Understand wine service and tasting

Hawaii Liquor Control

The state has various laws regarding the sale, consumption, and service of alcoholic beverages Here in Hawaii, the legal age to consume alcoholic beverages is 21 years old. There are also regulations on what is required to be a bartender in Hawaii. Minimum Age To Serve Alcoholic Beverages is 18. The state of Hawaii is divided in 4 county/city namely:

County of Hawaii, Department of Liquor Control:
Phone numbers (808) 961-8218, (808) 323-4370

Website is http://www.hawaii-county.com/directory/dir_liquor.htm

County of Maui, Department of Liquor Control: Phone number 808-243-7753 Website is http://www.co.maui.hi.us/index.aspx?nid=667
County of Kauai, Department of Liquor Control: Phone number 808-241-6580 Website is http://www.kauaigov.org/LiquorControl/
City and County of Honolulu Liquor Commission: Phone number (808)768-7300 Website is

Get in touch with us and be a proficient and licensed bartender in Hawaii one of the best bars and restaurants. Give us a call at Local Bartending School: 877-879-7958. The cost of training starts at $47.50 hourly at home up to $229 (bartending basics) and up per student.


Local Bartending School in Hawaii

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