Healthy Cocktail Tricks To Try in 2018

Healthy Cocktail Tricks To Try in 2018

It is at the start of the year. And in comes the resolution making and the goal making process. And I can bet #bodygoals are definitely on that list.

Yes, most probably on the body goals, avoiding alcohol is on the list but remember we do have cheat days on the days as well and maybe you want to go have a night out with the girls or the boys and you want to enjoy some bit of alcohol in your cocktails.

Before we can be able to dive into some of my all-time low-calorie cocktail recommendations, how can you be able to slim down the rather calorie-dense alcohol?

  • Ice, Ice, Ice: do not be scared of ice. The more the ice, the more the merrier especially crushed ice. Ice keeps your drink cold, it keeps you extra hydrated and it helps dilute the strong alcohol flavor. This reduces the need for juice or sweeteners.


  • Use fruits and vegetables: do not be scared of using the fruits and veggies. The riper the fruits, the sweeter it is and this means more natural sugars and less added sugar you will need.


  • Use spices: when it comes to spices, I recommend fresh herbs and spices than the packaged kind. You will notice most of the recommended cocktails have some lemon and lime and some cases bitters.


  • Go easy on the juice: If the recipe you want to try has more than half a cup juice, try to replace it flavored seltzer or dilute it with extra water or ice.


What cocktails can you be able to consider?

  • Gin and Tonic

When it comes to G&T, the tonic usually account for only 10 calories in just one ounce.  The best way to accompany this by accompanying it is with some top quality gin or vodka.

Another variation of G&T is to combine the gin with 2 shots of seltzer water. This can be garnished with a lemon wedge.

This drink has about 148 calories.

  • Vodka Soda

By ordering a vodka soda you can be assured that you are cutting down the calories you take during a night out.  This cocktail contains lots of water in the form of ice, vodka, soda, you can add some lemon juice and garnish with a lime wedge.

Instead of water, you can use seltzer water as well.

This drink has about 96 calories in total.

  • Old Fashioned

If you not the kind to take bourbon straight up or your whiskey neat, then this cocktail is perfect for you.  With a mix of simple syrup, some bitters, some orange peel and some cherry you can have this drink that only has about 154 calories.

The Classic Mojito

When it comes to the mojito, trust me you never go wrong. At the bottom of the glass, add a muddle of about 12 mint leaves, with about half lime juice and one tablespoon of a simple syrup. Add a few ice cubes and add a shot of light rum and a definitely three-quarter cup of seltzer. Favorite garnish is a lemon wedge.

This refreshing drink has about 168 calories.

  • Sangria

Whether read or white sangria, these are the best bets when it comes to cocktails under 200 calories.  When it comes to the red sangria, all you need half an apple sliced, half an orange sliced, 4 red grapes halved. Half a cup of red wine and a quarter cup seltzer.

For the white Sangria, combine, two strawberries halved, half a fresh peach diced, half a pear diced, two shots of white wine and a quarter cup of seltzer.

  • Cucumber-Herb Champagne

For a veggie cocktails, this is my favorite. This combines some champagne or dry sparkling wine, half a cup of lemon flavored mineral water, a quarter cucumber, sliced and the basil leaves chopped.

Use the lemon flavored as the top off.

  • Skinny Blackberry Cucumber Mint Cocktail.

Blend some handful of blackberries, 3 to 4 cucumber slices, some few springs of mint, 3-4 tablespoon of lime juice and blend up really well.

Have about 8-12 once glance filled with ice and add about 1.5 ounces of vodka and top this off with half a can of your favorite blackberry cucumber sparkling water. Then add about one to two tablespoon your blended puree and stir it really well.

Garnish your drink with some fresh blackberries, sliced cucumber, a slice of lime and/or fresh mint.

As the year begins, let us make sure we still get to enjoy our cocktails that have both a mixture of health and also have fun while at it, shall we?

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