How to Become a Bartender

How to Become a Bartender

To become a bartender, there are things that you will need to do in order to be the best of the best.

Let us take a look at the various guidelines that you can use to become the best bartender.


Yes, most people will say when it comes to bartending, that you do not need to attend a bartending course but I am a highly advocate for taking bartending course. With just 40 hours, you will learn few tips such as how to give good customer service, different types of drinks, learn and practice how to pour, a wide variety of cocktails and even how to use bar equipment.

During this time you will learn things to do with health and safety issues, how to write your bartending CV and even interview for bartending job. It is also an important to note that you will also have an opportunity to network with people of like mind and you never know when these connections will come in handy.

Certification and License Requirements

In some states in the US, you will be required to take a bartending certification and licensing exam.  Washington and even California just to state a few you will be required to take a server training course and apply for alcohol serving permit. It is therefore very advisable before venturing into bartending to check your state requirement if any that you will need to comply with.

Where to Work

This basically boils down to your preference and tastes. If you a sports person, you can consider working at a sports bar. Either way, when it comes to bartending, think global. That is the beautiful part of bartending as a job. When it is winter time, you can spread your wing to the winter resorts of the Alps, when it is summer time, go at the beach bum, get some sun while earning at the same time.

Be flexible as the bartending is a rather a flexible job.

Stand Out

When you start applying for bartending jobs, make your resume stand out. We at LBS we offer service such as; help you write a good resume and even offer a job hunting platform.

So how do you make sure you stand out?

  • Keep your CV professional
  • List your skills
  • Add relevant experience
  • Keep it brief and to the point.
  • Make sure your CV has some personality

Job Hunting-Be Smart

Yes, in as much as most jobs are advertised online, do not be afraid of going out there and ask for that job at that bar across the street and if you can drop your resume.

As you do this, make sure you are well dressed, be friendly and exude positivity. A good first impression always goes a long way. Always put your best foot forward even if you doing a barback job. In some cases, it can be a way to work up to a bartending position.

Always Work Your Way Up

You have got the bartending job finally, it is time to show off some skills. If you would like to stay at the top of the pyramid, always keep your skills fresh and always be the best. Keep on practicing, after all, practice makes perfect. Practice and perfect free pours to exact measures and also perfect your shaking skills. Practice makes you a superstar in bartending.

Take up New Skills

One thing about bartending is that bartending is a skill that one never stops learning. With every coming year, the bar scene is changing and you will need to keep yourself at the top of the game and what you are doing. So consider training as you work.

You can consider taking courses with mixology or working flair so that you can always give your customers the best experience as possible. By doing this you will always be at the top of the game and people will notice that.

Long-Term Career Prospects

You can start by even talking to your manager about moving up. With experience, you will be able to work for busy bars and land even more lucrative jobs in busy, successful bars and restaurants. Depending on how hardworking and entrepreneurial you are, you can work up to restaurant management or even opening your own bar.

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