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How to Get Bartending Certification in Texas

How to Get Bartending Certification in Texas

In order to work as a bartender in Texas, you need to get Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission certification (TABC).

You can attend a bartending school in Texas, go through roughly 40 hours of coursework, and earn a bartending license.

Texas State Law Requires Bartenders to be Only 18

The best part about being a bartender in Texas is the leniency in its alcoholic laws. Alcohol cannot be consumed only from 4:00 am to 8:00 am in some states and the rest of the day is all yours to visit any pub or bar you want. All you have to do is get the required training with the help of Local Bartending School (LBS) and give the exam to get the certificate.

There are multiple location where you can learn how to bartend in Texas and get certified, including Dallas TX , San Antonio TX , Austin TX , Houston TX , El Paso TX and other 96 location thought the state, for the whole list visit Texas LBS directory

The minimum age to become a bartender in New York is 18. However, state law requires drinkers to be 21.

The drinking age is 21 in Texas. It was raised from 18 years in 1971, to 19 years in 1979, and to 21 years in 1984 as legislators sought to curb drunk-driving instances. However, there are exceptions to the law. An individual less than 21 years of age may drink at home when supervised and permitted by an adult.


Odd Texas Bartending Laws

  1. When accompanied by a legal guardian — and the bar allows minors under 21 — a minor can drink with their parents
  2. For competitive reasons, the TABC prevents craft beers and other alcoholic beverages from being sold exclusively at one restaurant or retailer.
  3. It is against the regulations of the TABC that restaurants or retailers can sell craft beers or other alcoholic beverages exclusively.

To know more about specific on how to bartend in Texas, enroll to in-person bartending lessons

TABC details:

• Telephone: (512) 206-3333

• Website: http://www.tabc.state.tx.us/

The cost of certification in Texas through this online course is $199-399

High-value in-person classes start at $599.

How much do bartenders make in Texas?

Remuneration typically starts from $17,879 and goes up to $48,458. Of course, this ranges based on a few things like experience, where you work, and check averages. But typically you can expect to earn around $12-49 an hour plus tips.

The average amount of tips reported by day for most bartenders is around $250 per day, but good bartenders get $700 and more – depending on location.


LBS’s Texas Certification Course

The course covers topics such as spotting someone who has had too much to drink, checking IDs properly, and the liabilities and responsibilities of the bartender. You can attend in-class, in-person or online courses whatever suits you best. The acceptable forms of identification cards are a Valid Texas State driver’s license or non-driver identification card or a valid driver’s license or non-driver identification card from any other US state, territory, or possession or Canada, valid United States military identification, a valid passport or visa from the United States government or any other country.

Bartending course will enable you to identify these cards if they are authentic and then serve the customer. You can also take on-premise or off-premise courses for bartending. On-premise serving course can be taken if you are working at a bar or restaurant. The off-premise responsible serving course can be taken if you are working in a convenience store, liquor store, or other off-premises sales business.

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When you can buy alcohol in Texas?

The sale of liquor is only allowed Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., according to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. With Gov. Greg Abbott’s signing of HB 1518 in 2022, the hours when beer and wine can be sold on Sunday have changed. You can even order the harder stuff in hotel bars and restaurants.

What are the consequences if you serve or sell alcohol to an intoxicated person?

An offense under this section is a misdemeanor that could result in:

  1. A fine of $100 to $500.
  2. Up to one year in jail.

If a person has been previously convicted of this violation, or the sale to a minor, a second violation is a misdemeanor that could result in:

  1. A fine of $500 to $1,000.
  2. Up to one year in jail.

Best Bars in Texas:

Workhorse Bar at 100 N Loop Blvd E Suite B, Austin, TX 78751. This is a neighborhood bar in the North Loop area with cheap beer, local drafts, custom cocktails, and a late-night kitchen serving, burgers, fries, white wings, and mac and cheese.

Republic Texas Tavern at 12300 Inwood Rd Ste 170, Dallas, TX 75244. Republic is a bar-centric restaurant that offers a wide variety of dishes with a Texas twist and a world-class bourbon selection. Chef Ray Skradzinski along with world-renowned Chef Kent Rathbun have created a culinary masterpiece that is truly and uniquely Texas.

T&P Tavern at 221 W Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76102. This is a Bar/Restaurant in the historic diner space of the Texas & Pacific Railway headquarters and passenger train building. Built in 1931 the T&P building is adorned in Art Deco architectural styling and is a historic landmark of Fort Worth TX. The diner space has 25-foot tall ceilings and much of the original Art Deco fixtures and treatments restored and retrofitted to operate as a modern-day Bar/Restaurant. Step back in time and enjoy a nostalgic feeling that you will find at no other place all while you enjoy drinks and food with your friends and acquaintances. Hang out on our 5,000 sqft covered patio that was once the train passenger concourse waiting for area.

Bartending is a very interesting job because it involves all the guilty pleasures a person can have. On the other side, it is a very serious and responsible job on the behalf of the bartender because he has to tend to people who come in for drinks or to enjoy the bar.

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