How to Make Smoked Cocktails

How to Make Smoked Cocktails


Have you ever made a cocktail involving smoke? Cocktails that use actual smoke as an aromatic have been around for a few years, but still guarantee to impress customers with both their dramatic presentation and unique flavor. They may look like alchemy, but smoked cocktails aren’t actually that difficult to make. They involve a few extra steps, but you can easily learn how to make your own smoking cocktail.

Cocktail Chemistry offers a how-to video on making smoked cocktails at home—but for bartenders looking for a dramatic addition to their cocktail list, commercial smokers (like the popular Smoking Gun) can save you time and fire danger at a busy bar. Cocktail Chemistry’s gone with an Old Fashioned and hickory smoke, but the technique could of course work for any cocktail and any smoke.

Do you think the visual of a cocktail with smoke billowing over it is worth the extra time and equipment? What combinations and ingredients would you try?

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