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Impacts on the Body 7

Impacts on the Body 7

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Responsible ServingAlcohol is known to cause low birth weight and serious birth defects when ingested by a pregnant woman.  In many jurisdictions, signs are posted warning those who are pregnant or wish to become pregnant of the dangers of consuming alcohol.

The most dramatic result of consuming alcohol while pregnant is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). When alcohol enters the pregnant woman’s body, it travels though the placenta and into the unborn baby’s bloodstream where it compromises normal fetal development. Babies affected by FAS are described as having brain damage, growth deficits, facial deformities, and heart, liver and kidney defects. They may also suffer from vision and hearing problems, and struggle with learning, attention, memory, and problem solving.

If you encounter a pregnant woman in your establishment who would like to be served, gently remind her of the dangers she is posing to her unborn child and suggest a non-alcoholic drink – on the house whenever possible. Always check with management concerning the legal implications of refusing service to anyone who is or appears to be disabled, including pregnant women. 

Keep in mind that there is no law that prohibits women who are pregnant from drinking, so unless there is some other valid reason to refuse service, a pregnant woman is within her legal rights to be served.

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