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Job Placement

Job Placement

Nothing matters about education, unless you can put it to action! Bottom line: every student needs their investment to pay off.

Why Learn and Not Earn?! -- Justification for Education.

Don't become "that guy."

Most of us know "that guy," a highly-educated friend who is working below his means pumping gas or serving coffee. He has a Ph.D. in economics, but the degree is collecting dust!  Sad..

Well--that can't be you!

If you are investing in bartending school, it means you are serious about a BARTENDING career.

--- "Hello, Job Placement Program!"


Local Bartending School has a POWERFUL job placement program.

Add to all this some promising statistics:

[2018] is a GREAT TIME to to Find Bartending Job

Here's why

      • The U.S. Department of Labor expects bartending careers to grow 10% annually, (which is faster than the average for all occupations through 2024.)
      • Earn up to $70,000/Yr.

      • Base Pay Plus Tips: In 2015, a statistics survey found the average bartender paycheck is $19,530 per year or $9.39 per hour. It's no secret that bartenders customarily earn cash tips, and depending on schedule tips can add up to hundreds of dollars per shift.
        You do the math.
      • Make a Healthy Check, Working Part-Time!

      • Bartenders don't toil away from 9-5, 40 hours a week.
      • In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor indicates that nearly half of all bartenders work only part-time.

        Bartending is considered one of the most lucrative, promising career choices available.

      • So don't delay until it's too late... Start school today while the market is hot.

        How Does LBS Help You?

        4 Ways...

         #1- Resume Makeover Session. 

        ✓ A Clean, Professional Bartending Resume Template (a $19 value)

        ✓An Expert Makeover to make your resume irresistible to employers

        • #2- You Will Receive Job Alerts

          Be notified by email as soon as a new bartending job is listed within 15 miles of your home! (optional)


        • #3 -Get Added to Our Professional Bartender Directory!

          ✓Your own webpage! (a $250 value)
          ✓ Get Your name added on our Certified Bartender Directory

          #4- Employers Will Be Sent Your Resume.

          ✓Your resume will be emailed to all bars within a 15-mile radius of your home!

          ✓Your resume posted to 3 top jobs sites! (Craigslist, Monster, and Backpage)

          ✓Special Bonus: Receive a list of bars near your home (potential employers) will be given to you

          Ask Yourself Now-- What More Do You Need?


          Simply, to get started in LBS' school.

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