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1. Do not use plastic bottles which have been damaged or dented. Minor dents (may be okay). Use your judgement… when not sure.. it’s better to throw the dented bottle away
2. Try to use 2-3 drops of food coloring per bottle.
3. In-person kits come with a certificate. Online lessons do not.
4. Be careful not to bend or damage certificate when packing.
5. The workbooks are different for the online course and the in-person course. The online books have references to links.. and the in-person books have directions for the instructor
6. To save time, it is better to make all of the kits, fill all of the bottles, and complete the kits all together. This also helps avoid mistakenly forgetting items.

First: Bottles

Step 1. Take a whole box(or multiple boxes) of the bottles and empty it.
Step 2. Get two food colorings – place 2-3 drops of one color in half the bottles
Step 3. Then 2-3 drops of the second color into the other half.
(each bottle should have one color in it.)
Step 4. Secure metal caps on all of the bottles
Step 5. Wrap a “Color inside the bottle is normal” sheet around the bottle with a rubber band.


Inside 28 ox stainless mixer, put:

1 red pourer
1 blue pourer
2 large straws
2 small straws (also called collins straws)
1 shot glass
1 jigger (the small stainless double-ended cone-shaped measure)
1 four-pronged strainer
Step 1. Then place packing bubbles inside and push down to secure contents from breaking.
Step 2. Tape the top of the mixer down so that the content can’t fall out

Next: Filling the Boxes

Step 1: Place 2 bottles in the box
Step 2: Place 1 stainless shaker with all of the tools taped inside
Step 3: Put your filler in the box (peanuts/fill paper/etc)
Step 4: Put the appropriate book in a folder then in the box (online book or in person book)
Then you’re done!