Looking for a Part-time Job? Why you need to consider Bartending

Looking for a Part-time Job? Why you need to consider Bartending

If your current economic situation cannot allow you to just have one job and need another part-time job, I need to recommend you bartending.  I mean which job allows you to work without all the formalities, get to have a party every day and interact with people your own age?

Let’s look at the 9 reasons why you can consider bartending

  • Improve Career Skills

Due to the nature of bartending, you get to improve your communication skills, improves your confidence, improve your customer service skills, multi-tasking and also improve your ability to work under pressure. These are quite some good skills that you can transfer to any other job you will get.

  • Different shift hours

Due to the nature of the job, you can get to sleep in, enjoy a delicious breakfast as you read your favorite job, get the job before work or even play PS, whatever tickles your fancy, this is the only job that allows you to do that.

Because bartenders work at night when most people at home or watching TV, you can get to do a lot during the day and work at night. As a result, you will need to find a bar that fits your schedule best and hence you get to enjoy being you and enjoy your daily activities.

  • Network!!

Which job on earth will you be able to interact with all sorts of people from different walks of life doing different things, from different places of the world? You can meet doctors, engineers, celebrities, anyone you can think of. These contacts can be very helpful in the future.

  • Make Some Good money

You can start by making some good money until you start making some very good money working part-time as a bartender.  How is this possible? Depending on the bar or your type of clientele and the energy you put in. In an industry like this, you need to focus more on the tips than the hourly pay. The more you give the more you receive.  With every new day and shift, it means new customers and this provides a new opportunity to be at your best, impress and also a huge potential to make more in tips.

  • Alternative B

The good thing about bartending as a side hustle is that, even when things get gloomy, you can always fall back to it. Once you get the bartending skill, you can have it as a fall back plan in the future even if you will not go back to it full time.

  • Teaching Bartending Classes

As you continue to gain confidence in your skills and getting more accustomed to cocktail origins and history, you could start teaching classes.  You can start with individuals or groups, then advance to corporate team-building, holiday themes and also couple classes.

This makes you become business oriented and you never know what those hot to videos you make for your blog could land you to. Your blog can contain a small profile of you, your availability as well as your price tag and hot private gigs and make even more money.

  • Be Active

While your 9-5 job might be school or a desk job, a bartending side job will keep you active and it requires you to be on your feet. Be it that you are at the floor serving or behind the bar counter serving drinks, you will be on your feet, your feet will feel like trunks but you will be happy to know before you know it, you lost some few pounds.

  • Time Management

The good think about having bartending as a side job it will teach you about time management.  Balancing two jobs can be a little bit of a challenge hence this will teach about time management. This means you will need to find a healthy work-life balance and still maintain your work and social life.

  • Learn a New Skill

The good thing about bartending is that it is a whole new set of skill that you will need to learn. You can learn about flair bartending, learn about drinks and cocktails, their origin and history. Apart from your 9-5 job, you will learn a new set of skills in an industry that is vibrant and note, the bartending skill has gained a resurgence. Why not take advantage of the same and learn about the new skills with our online courses at localbartendingschool.com.

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