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Natalie Deprez

Natalie Deprez

1939 Colorado Blvd, Denton, TX 76205 | (214) 985-1489 | annemarie.deprez@gmail.com

Employmentand Skills:

Party city(Plano store 216, Dallas Medallion store 065)

Sales associate (May 2015-January 2016, September 2016-November 2016)

FEC Team Leader (September 2017-December 2017)

▹ Assisted coworkers with completing returns, tax exemption, employee discounts and anything else that requires manager codes or higher upknowledgeusing the computer

▹ I also assist customers with their needsand preformed excellent customer service

▹ Check customers out using the register

▹ Scan freight into the system and stock the floor with new incoming product

▹ Completed balloon orders on time for customer to pick up

▹ Ensure that the front-endfloor and stock room are clean and organized

▹ Collect emails and phone numbers and enter them into the system

▹ Make sure everything is in the correct place and everything is pulled forward so customers can effectively see our product

▹ Set out planograms and labeled for new incoming product

▹ Watched the store and was left in charge while management was out

▹ I lead my fellow coworkers and assisted them with helpful information to do a better job when needed and praised and encouraged them when they did well

Campisis’s in Plano

Hostess (March 2016-August 2016)

▹ I seated guests and ensured all their needs were met

▹ Managed and rotated the seating chart to ensure that all the servers were getting equal tables throughoutthe shift

▹ I kept the host stand clean and organized

▹ I set the tables before the rush hours came

▹ Cleaned dishes to make sure they were in health code

Jasmines Hookah Loungein Richardson

Server and Cashier (May 2017-August 2017)

▹ I served asection in the lounge and the outside patio and managed the register while meeting the needs of customers

▹ I prepared the lounge and patio earlier in the day by cleaning and setting out table clothes and ash trays

▹ I would play music in the lounge that would match the type of customers that came in

▹ I would also up sell on the hookahs drinks and food

▹ I can take apart and put together a hookah as well as clean it

Skills and traits

▹ I am very organized and detail oriented with everything I do

▹ I am really good at planning and I love making lists(Ihave 152 lists currently in my notes) and schedules andI’m good atkeeping myselfon task as well as influencing others to stay on task.

▹ I am a very good at being an effective communicator and motivator with others

▹ I am a goal oriented gal I like tothink about the futureand I am willing to take on a challenge and to see what risks I can take along the way.

▹ I love helping people and I also love the hospitality industry and the thought of representing a company is exciting for me.

▹ I can pick up on things really quickly and adapt to floor layouts and new planograms.

▹ I am capable of operating a register and counting money

▹ I can operate Microsoft in it entirety


▹ High School graduate of Keystone Online School

▹ Richland College

▹ Currently attending the University of North Texas to major in hospitality management

▹ Some courses that I have taken or am currently taking that might apply to this job would be Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry,Financial Accounting in the Hospitality Industry, Mastering Microsoft Office, Entrepreneurship, and Exploring the Hospitality Industry

▹ Local Bartending School
♦ Completed the Online Course and Hands-on Training