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Rudolph Bazil

Rudolph Bazil

2218 Midland Ave. Syracuse NY 13205

(786) 566-7255



Seeking a position as a bartender where I can utilize the bartending skills obtained through Local Bartending School, including profit pouring, mixology, and knowledge of essential health and safety codes.


◉ Bartending – Utilize expansive knowledge of mixed beverages, specialty liquors and craft beers to serve customers and support waitstaff.

◉ Efficiency – Mix, pour and serve drinks for bar clientele as well as restaurant waitstaff. Serve meal options and answer customer questions about the drink and food menus.

◉ Friendly – Greets every customer with a hello and a smile, even if he or she cannot serve the customer right away. Being kind, even towards frustrated customers, is important

◉ Composure – maintains all the bartender qualities such as memory, communication, organization, and friendliness – even under pressure.

Education and Certification

Local Bartending School (2018)
eTIPs + State Serving Certification – Responsible Serving
◉ Go over glasses, tools and set bar
◉ Free Pour
◉ Shot pour
◉ Cutting Fruit
◉ Mixed drinks
◉ How to use a strainer and shaker
◉ Mixology and Popular Drink Recipes
◉ Checking ID’s

Western Technical College (2015)
El Paso, TX
◉ Advanced Welding Technology

United States Army (2010)
Fort Lee, VA
◉ Allied Trades Specialist Course
◉ CPR/First Aid/Combat Aid Certification
◉ AMMO67DL- Hazmat Familiarization/ Safety in Transit Certificate
◉ “Sustaining the Environment for a Secure Future” -Certificate of Appreciation
◉ Awarded Earth Day, 2013 by United States Army Garrison Humphreys Environmental Division
◉ Republic of Korea
◉ Numerous promotions from the United States Army from rank of “Private” to “Specialist”, and “Sergeant on duty”.

Work Experience

United States Army (June 2010 to October 2018)
91 E- Allied Trade Specialist
◉ Maintained accountability, serviceability and oversight of over $100,000 of sophisticated organizational tools and equipment with zero loss rate. Appointed by senior leadership to assume multiple important responsibilities based on successful performance. Analyzed operations, business and staff performance, and workflow processes. Complied with company and Federal safety rules, policies and procedures. Rewarded consistently for following Standard Operating Procedures

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (September 2001- June 2006)
◉ Expertly managed, facilitated and mentored all galley, floor and bar personnel while assisting in any needed field. Often worked behind the bar serving guests and preforming any bar-back tasks necessary. Responsible for overseeing all loading and unloading of goods and inventory of storage. Maintained superior customer service and impeccable customer interactions at any time necessary while onboard.


Gina Rojas
Senior Bartending Instructor
(315) 373-6807

Nigel Fraser
Major US Army
(917) 822-0985

Darryl Rose Trini
(301) 433-1031