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Showing Some Flair at the Barstylez World Final

Showing Some Flair at the Barstylez World Final

Barstylez, a bartending school in Singapore, held its “World Bartending Championship” about a month ago. What are they judging, you ask? Who makes the best Old Fashioned or invented the tastiest new cocktail this year? Not quite.

Check out champion Luca Valentin, from Romania. He may look like he’s more of a juggler than a bartender, but it’s actually a whole style called “flair bartending” (you can find lots of how-tos on Youtube.) Any bartender knows that being a good bartender is as much about your personality and presentation as it is about mixing good drinks. These guys just take that a step further.

If most of us tried this we’d just end up with a lot of broken bottles and impatient customers—but there’s no denying it’s an impressive trick that probably gets a lot of tips if you use it with some restraint. Is there anything from Valentin’s routine you’d consider toning down and using yourself? How do you try to keep your presentation fresh and fun?

Local Bartending School in Showing Some Flair at the Barstylez World Final

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