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Step 1

Step 1


Figure 1-5

People generally expect certain drinks to be served in certain kinds of glasses. The problem is that there are more standard bar glasses than most people (and many bars) care to purchase. In any event, Figure 1-5 shows most of the glasses that you’re ever likely to use to serve drinks.

You can simplify by using two types of glasses: a white wine glass and a red wine glass. Both are shown in Figure 1-5. You can use these two glasses for every type of cocktail (including shots, even though a shot glass is essential for every bar), plus beer and wine.

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Tools with Description:

Many of the following tools are shown below  in Figure 1-4:

Figure 1-4

Bar spoon: A long spoon for stirring cocktails.

Blender: Many types of commercial or home blenders with various speeds are available. When making a drink, always put liquid in the blender before switching it on. This will save your blade. Some blenders (but not all) can be used to make crushed ice. Check with the manufacturer or buy an ice crusher.

Coasters or bar napkins: Coasters prevent rings from developing on your bar and tables. Napkins also help your guests hold their drinks.

Grater: For dusting drinks with grated nutmeg, chocolate, and so forth.

Ice bucket: Pick one that’s large enough to hold at least three trays of ice.

Ice scoop or tongs: A must for every bar. Never use your hands to scoop ice.

Jigger or measuring glass: A small glass or metal measuring container that usually has a 1/2-oz. measurer on one side and a 2-oz. measurer on the other.

Knife and cutting board: You need a small, sharp paring knife to cut fruit.

Large cups or bowls: Used to hold garnishes like cherries, olives, onions, and so on.

Large water pitcher: Someone always wants water.

Muddler: A small wooden bat or pestle used to crush fruit or herbs.

Pourer: This device gives greater control to your pouring. Many different types are available, including some with a lidded spout, which prevents insects and undesirables from entering the pourer.

Stirrers and straws: Used for stirring and sipping drinks.

The Two Types of Shakers


The Boston shaker is the one that most professional bartenders use. It consists of a mixing glass and a stainless steel core that overlaps the glass. The Standard shaker usually consists of two or more stainless steel or glass parts and can be found in department stores or antiques stores. Many of these shakers come in different shapes and designs.

At Local Bartending School, we use the Boston Shaker..

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