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Step 4

Step 4

Cutting Fruit

Slices are more common than wedges with alcoholic drinks.

Figure 2-3

Lime slices  (Figure 2-3)

1. Cut off both ends of the lime.

2. Slice the lime in half.

3. Lay each half down and cut it into half-moon slices.

Lemon and lime wedges (Figure 2-4)         

 (More common as an addition to water)

1. Slice the lemon or lime in half the long way.

2. Lay the cut halves down and halve them again.

3. Cut wedges from the lemon or lime quarters.

Figure 2-4

TIP:   The outside of the lemon is where the flavor lies. When adding a lemon twist to a drink, slowly rim the edge of the glass with the outside of the lemon twist and then twist a drop into the cocktail.

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