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Step 6

Step 6

How to Use a Shaker and Strainer

Step 1.  Fill the cocktail shaker tumbler with ice and the ingredients of your cocktail like include liquor, fruit juice, mixers or chunks of fruit.

Step 2. Cover the cocktail shaker securely. If you’re using a Boston cocktail shaker, place the glass mixing cup on top to form a tight seal. If you’re using an all-stainless steel cocktail shaker, place the lid and cap on top.

Step 3. Shake the cocktail in a vigorous motion, counting to fifteen. If you’re mixing a drink with thicker and heavier liqueurs or mixers, shake the cocktail shaker longer to allow the ingredients to combine and chill inside the cocktail shaker.

Step 4. Strain the cocktail into a glass. When using a Boston cocktail shaker, hold a Hawthorn strainer over the top, allowing the strainer’s coil to catch the ice cubes.

STUDENT Prepare ice in the glass with mixed liquids.  Watch the Step 6 video
Always shake over the shoulder and away from people (in case liquid seeps out.)

STUDENT:  Use the shaker and then the strainer as demonstrated.

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