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Tag: Balcones Heights

Balcones Heights is a city in Bexar County, Texas, United States. The population was 2,941 at the 2010 census. Balcones Heights is considered by locals to be a district of San Antonio, despite the fact that the community was incorporated in 1948 to avoid annexation into the city. Truly, Balcones Heights is an enclave of San Antonio since San Antonio city limits now completely surround it. It is, however, part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area.
The first indoor shopping mall in the city of San Antonio, which opened up with the name “Wonderland Shopping City” and is known as Wonderland of the Americas, lies within the borders of Balcones Heights. Balcones Heights draws a small part of its income revenue from convention and meeting facilities located on mall property and draws a considerable amount of its coffers through its notorious red-light cameras located at four key street intersections within its city limits. Specifically, Balcones Heights drew local attention in…

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