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The Gallina or Largo-Gallina culture was an occupation sequence during the pre-Hispanic period in the American Southwest from approximately 1050 to 1300. The culture was located in north-central New Mexico roughly north of the Jemez Mountains, and was named after the Rio Gallina (and Largo Canyon), which runs through the region.
The Gallina are tentatively linked to the Rosa Phase of the Ancestral Puebloans. Evidence indicates a connection to the Rosa people, due to similar skills such as basket weaving, black on white pottery, and architecture. They also have similar ornaments such as shells pierced for stringing, bone beads, and stone pipes.
Artifacts from the Gallina time period are often hard to classify. For example, what archeologists originally classified as scrapers later proved to be knives. Frequently, assessing an object itself is not enough; it becomes necessary to analyze type as well as evidence of use and wear. Commonly found artifacts include vessels and jars. There…

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