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Hydes is a family-owned and -managed brewery in Moss Side, Manchester. They have been brewing real ale on the same site since 1899. They own over 80 managed and tenanted pubs, mainly in North West England, but also in North Wales.
Hydes also brews six seasonal beers a year, with each available for a period of two months. For 2007, the theme was musical (“Inn Tune With Hydes”), consisting of:
Past themes have taken inspiration from different areas, with the theme for 2006 coming from the world of cinema:
In 2000, the theme was less clear, with the seasonal beers consisting of:
In addition to brewing their own ales, Hydes also contract brew both Harp Lager and cask Boddingtons.
Hydes offer tours around their brewery which let visitors sample a range of beers in the brewery bar.

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Hydes MD Bartending School

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