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iGo is a brand of power adapters, portable keyboards and other mobile accessories. They are distributed online at www.iGo.com and from retailers including RadioShack,Best Buy, Brookstone airport stores, CompUSA, and others.

iGo power adapters utlize interchangeable power tips to allow the user to power and charge all their mobile devices from one adapter. Currently, the iGo power adapters can charge thousands of devices including notebook computer, mobile phone, Bluetooth headsets, smartphone/PDA, MP3 players (iPod), portable gaming devices (PSPs and Game Boy), digital camera and portable GPS systems. The users can select individual power tips for all of their devices and power adapters that work wherever they want to power – such as from the wall, car, airplane or batteries.

iGo recently acquired Think Outside and their line of Bluetooth wireless keyboards. Designed to be portable, these keyboards work with smartphones and PDAs and fold down for travel.

Not all airlines use the…

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