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Tag: Mohave Valley

The Mohave Valley is a small valley, mostly on the east shore of the south-flowing Colorado River in northwest Arizona; the valley borders southeast California’s San Bernardino County; also, the north of the valley borders extreme southeast Clark County, Nevada. The valley is in southwest Mohave County, Arizona and is a region at the intersection of the southeast Mojave and northwest Sonoran Deserts.
The valley extends into the three states, and the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation extends into them as well. On the west, the reservation borders the Dead Mountains of California which border the tri-state intersection point.
Southwest Mohave Valley is approached steeply from the west, and shows its greenery, oasis-like appearance along the Colorado River. The drive downhill is towards Needles at the southwest of the valley. Views from the descending 15-mile (24 km) long road, Interstate 40 in California parallels the descent of Piute Wash to the north as it traverses the southern…

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