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Tag: Montezuma Creek

Montezuma Creek is a census-designated place (CDP) in San Juan County, Utah, United States. The population was 507 at the 2000 census, a large increase over the 1990 figure of 345.
Montezuma Creek also is the center of education of about 500 Navajos in the area. Montezuma Creek Elementary School is a public school for all ages, from pre-kindergarten to the sixth grade. The school’s principal is Rebecca M. Benally.
Whitehorse Junior/Senior High School enrolls about 350 students from 7th to 12th grade. Many student activities is what makes this school exciting and having students come back every year. The school’s principal and vice-principal is veteran John M. Fahey and Kami Anderson. The two together make an outstanding administration for the young Navajo students.
– A link to the Whitehorse High School, school page. http://www.sanjuanschools.org/schools/whs/default.aspx
Montezuma Creek is located at 37°15′37″N 109°18′6″W / 37.26028°N 109.30167°W / 37.26028; -109.30167 (37.260329, …

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