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Pavo is a constellation in the southern sky. Its name is Latin for peacock. It is one of twelve constellations created by Petrus Plancius from the observations of Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser and Frederick de Houtman and it first appeared on a 35-cm diameter celestial globe published in 1597 (or 1598) in Amsterdam by Plancius with Jodocus Hondius. The first depiction of this constellation in a celestial atlas was in Johann Bayer’s Uranometria of 1603.
The Peacock’s mythology dates to Greco-Roman times and the story of Jason and the Argonauts. The Argo was named for its creator, Argos, who was transmuted to a peacock by Juno upon his death and honored eternally as a constellation. She honored him further by locating his constellation close to Argo Navis, the constellation representing the Argo.
However, there are other myths that prominently feature a peacock. Argus was a creature with one hundred eyes, who guarded the pregnant Io—changed into a heifer. Jupiter entreated Mercury to save Io;…

Pavo GA Bartending School

Learn How to Master Bartending in a Week-Long School

Understand all of the fundamentals of bartending quickly . We will show you the principles of bartending such as tips, wines, liquors, beers, and over 200 mixed drinks. This is an all-inclusive series on everything from very basic bartending to very advanced bartending. In spite, of where you are at.. you can benefit from customized instruction to meet your knowledge.

Pavo Georgia bartending tutors

Concepts of Bartending we Teach:

  • Over 200 basic and fancy drink recipes

  • Prepare multiple drinks quickly and easily

  • How to cut fruit and decorate tropical and specialty cocktails.

  • How to set up a bar work station

  • How to use all of a bartender's tools

  • Slope of lines

  • How to increase tips

  • The best ways to detect when to stop serving a customer

  • How to understand wine service, and tasting

How old do I have to be?

  • Ages: 18 through 108
  • Ability: Beginner through Advanced.

    How to Start:

  • Equipment: All equipment and learning materials will be provided. This includes a workbook, bartending tools, and drinks.
  • Location: We can come to your home or teach at one of our multiple locations in Pavo.

    Pavo GA Bartending School

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    Pavo Georgia bartending tutors
    Bartending School of Pavo was organized to help teach people of all levels. Our Bartending School are passionate about our desire to teach customized, private lessons to all ages and abilities throughout Georgia. we can help you earn lots of money being a bartender!


    We have courses as low as $47.50 (hourly, in-home), $229 (bartending basics) and up per student!



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