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Virgin is a Polish pop rock band created in 2000 and suspended in 2007. Its lead singer was Dorota Rabczewska.
The first album sold in edition over 13000 copies entitled Virgin. The songs on this disc were written by Doda, Andrzej Mogielnicki, Anja Orthodox and Asia Prykowska. After the release of this debut disc it was nominated for a Fryderyk in the category of New Face of Music 2002, the group intensively gave concerts, while working on their second disc. This album showed the group’s rock side and its musical aspirations. This album had 16 songs. Besides, it included Madonna cover “Material Girl”. Whilst promoting this album, Doda took part in the reality TV show broadcast on Polsat, called Bar.
May 2004 was when the second album titled Bimbo was released. The title of this album signifies in American slang “slut”. Dorota chose this title to caution “All the silly people, who think her as a whore”. On the new CD, eleven of her compositions can be found. The words for two of the…

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