The Bartender’s Job Description

The Bartender’s Job Description

“The job of a bartender is to make drinks.” That is probably the first thought that came to your mind when you saw this article. Just like every other job, a bartender does have a job description. But the JD is not your typical one with only some specific deliverables that have to be met. It goes beyond that

Yes, the main job of a bartender is to make drinks but there some other secondary duties that are not stated in bartenders JD that are almost negligible but once combined, they determine the success of the bar and also the bartender.

To you as a consumer, the bar, and its drinks is the perfect place to go and unwind, to celebrate your wins, to mourn your losses, to interact or to get some solo time. Generally, the bar is the perfect escape zone where you can throw away some your responsibilities, to escape your fears and stresses of the everyday world. And you as the bartender is to take away those fears, create a zone of total freedom, calmness, and celebrations.

Let us take a look at the JD of a bartender.

  • Key Performance Indicators

This is what you will see advertised on the website of a job board.

One, the main responsibilities will be to ensure that the standards of cleanliness at the bar are well maintained. This means the bar top, glassware, bottles, shakers, mixers, just to mention a few are well maintained and clean and no stains and spills can be spotted.

Then there is the making of the drinks, the cock cocktails, keeping the alcohol organized, stocking of beer and wines, changing kegs and every other minute ingredient that goes into making drinks. This will require the bartender to great attention details, this means keeping check of the straw count, ice well just to mention a few. Hence efficiency will be a great asset for a bartender.

To make the drinks, you will need to be able to handle a great deal of pressure since you will be working in a rather fast paced environment with different kind of clients with different demands. Apart from the food orders that need to deliver, there are order tickets that will also need to be fulfilled. While at the same time you might need to move to the store to get a bottle of liquor that just ran its course.

You are also the cashier at the bar. You will need to know how to count money fast and efficiently, give back the required balance and also know how to run the POS Machine. Due to the nosy and fast-paced aspect of the bar, it is quite easy that you can mix up accounts and as a result, you can end up losing your job. A bar might be one big party but at the end of the day, it is just a business like any other.

Another key performance indicator is to ensure that the bar operates smoothly by ensuring that should the dishwasher breakdown it is fixed as fast as possible, should a bar fight break, it is settled as fast and quietly as possible then no underage drinkers have been served. At the end of the day, you will need to keep the bar a rather very positive environment and move towards the right direction until after the last call.

  • Cool Bartender Requirement

As a bartender after carrying out your most basic requirement, you will need to be the social conduit. You in charge of making sure the party is lively, console the heartbroken and definitely, match make.

You will play the role of a therapist since the mixture of a good drink and a compassionate ear can make even the toughest heart talk about their deepest secrets and confessions that they have never told anyone else. You will need to learn how to be open and give advice even when you have none. Even when you do not have the best of advice, you need to make it sound professional.

To get the cool bartender tag, you will need to be familiar with all matters ranging from history, science sports just to mention a few. Should one of your customers ask something on a particular matter that you got no interest, you better make yourself interested. A person who is already high likes to share his knowledge and this can lead to better and bigger tips.

When it comes to the bar, all customers are looking to have a good time and there is nothing more than a customer wants to include a drop in the right music, an exciting or intellectual conversation, dropping a very good joke or even a nasty one. As a bartender, you will need to create the perfect and most intimate environment that your customers need to get to know each other either as friends or more.

As a bartender, you will need to be the perfect directory of up and about town. When it comes to customers asking for directions you will need to assist them when it comes to drinking or entertainment recommendation, you need to know which tickles their fancy. You will need to be updated on the hotspots in town.

  • Add-ons

As a bartender, you will need to know that your job is multifaceted and I cannot possibly list down all about the job here but the list can be based on the kind of bar and even town as this will bring its own set of challenges and obligations.

To be the best, learn as quickly as possible, pick and drop things you do and don’t need, pay attention, always remember recipes, faces, and names and keep your customers spirit high.

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