What is a bar without a bartender? The most influential part of a bar is the bartender. As a bartender, you are the face of the business and you are the most fundamental link between your establishment and the most important aspect of the bar: the customers.

Before anything else, even your customers, the interaction experience of customers is what determines the success of any establishment.

What skills and qualities do your bartenders need?

  • Fantastic Memory

Both your short term and long term memories need to not just good but great. Short-term plays an important role especially when it comes to remembering your customers’ orders. You can have a pen and paper to help you keep track of their orders.

The long-term memory is good as it helps you remember the names of your regular clients and also their preferred choice of drink. The best appreciation that you will ever get from your clients is if you remember their names as well as their favorite drink. This also serves you well especially in terms of knowing what beers are in the taps and also in your bottles as well as the recipes of your cocktails and mixed drinks.

  • Know Your Drinks

Great mixology skills depend largely on your knowledge about drinks. You will need to know how to mix drinks off-hand especially for those are common. For newer more complicated drinks, do not be afraid to consult a book. Ensure that your drinks are also of top quality.

  • Communication Skills

This is perhaps one of the most critical skills you will ever need. Not only will you need to talk with your customers during your shift, you will need to talk loudly, without shouting and also very clearly while at the same time making sure that the tone of your voice is positive.

To be a great communicator you will need to be a great listener. You will need to get your customer’s orders right. You will be also creating a friendly environment where customers can interact with you and also with each other. This makes a bartender amazing

  • Organizational Skills

As a bartender, one thing that you will always be when you on your shift is that you will be a very busy person. You will be running all over the bar while serving several customers at the same time. You will need to keep good track of what has been ordered, who has paid for what drink and also those waiting for their drink.

You will need to be good at multitasking as well. You will need to keep your bar surface both clean and organized as well. This does not only make your surface look presentable but also make your work more efficient. You will also need to ensure that your bar is well stocked and the restock of items such as ice, garnished, napkins as well as soon as you start running low.

  • Friendly

As a bartender, like any other sales job, you will need to say hello and smile to every customer even when you cannot service them right away. That kind of acknowledgment goes a long way.

Being kind as well to even the most frustrated customers is also good. You will need to learn how to read people know when to make conversation and also when a customer needs to just order a drink.

  • Have Good Money-Handling Skills

You will need to act as a cashier when it comes to your bar. Your money handling skills need to be at the top of your game. You will need to know how to do quick computations and know how much will be returned back to the customers.

  • Excellent Customer Service

As a bartender, your customer service skills need to be outstanding. The most basic nature of the job is your service to your clients and the pay largely depends on tips so you need to ensure that your personality connects with your clients and ensure that they keep coming back.

  • Be Responsible

As the other bar staff expect efficiency and timely service, it is also your responsibility to ensure that you remember to check the IDs of your customers and also maintain and keep things under control.

  • Maintain Your Composure

As a bartender, being of service to dozens of people at once, you need to maintain the above-mentioned qualities even when under pressure.

Top 9 Skills and Qualities of a Bartender

Top 9 Skills and Qualities of a Bartender

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