21 Celebrities Who Bartend

Bartending started as far back as ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Roman times. 

That means a lot of humans have been making a lot of delicious cocktail elixirs for thousands of years. Both for fun as a hobby or as a way to make ends meet

Even famed celebrities have dabbled in the craft of bartending. Mostly to pay the water bill before their big break, but other celebs come up with cocktails just for fun. Why? They think it’s a fun way to pass the time and a great way to entertain their friends and families. 

So let’s see these 21 celebrities who were bartenders before they started winning Oscars. Later, we’ll meet a few more celebs who bartend just for fun.

Jennifer Lynn Farley, AKA JWoww

If you were a fan of Jersey Shore, then you know that JWoww can throw a fierce punch or two. You might also know that other than sneakily taking a bathroom break behind the bar (yeah, she peed behind the bar at a club), she used to be serving rum punches back in her bartending days.

Sandra Bullock

Before being a household name and winning an Oscar, Sandra Bullock was a bartender. 

Not only were her mixology skills as strong as her acting skills are now, so her accents were known to be on point, too. It was from her many different types of bar guests and patrons that she learned how to speak in various dialects and accents.

Bruce Willis

We know Bruce Willis has a flair for acting, but did you know he was a flair bartender? Yep. Maybe he’s just one of those people who’s good at everything. 

Bruce was able to perform all sorts of bar tricks and provided entertainment to his guests in many ways. And even though he’s not behind the bar anymore, he’s still entertaining us on the screen.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres loved talking to guests at her bartop as much as she enjoys talking to (and scaring) her talk-show guests.

Actually, it was behind the bar she worked at in New Orleans that Ellen discovered her love for stand-up comedy. Once she discovered her knack for making people laugh, she was able to hone her skills and eventually made it big. Kudos, Ellen! We see you following your passions.

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Mila Kunis

Before gracing us with her media presence, Mila Kunis was a bartender here and there. 

And perhaps alluding to her partnership with Jim Beam, Mila’s favorite type of cocktail is whiskey-based. Same, girl, same.

Russell Crowe

Much like other bartenders, Russell Crowe started to make his way through bartending days to pay off his debts. Except unlike 99.9% of other bartenders, they don’t go off staring in the Gladiator. That’d be cool, though.

Mark Cuban

Before he became the owner of the Mavericks or earned his fortune as a businessman and investor on Shark Tank, Mark Cuban slanged cocktails.

So, props to you economically savvy bartenders. You clearly picked the right gig! Mark has been heard saying that if he ever went broke, he’d start bartending again. 

Basically, if you can’t own the Mavericks, being a bartender is second best.

Brandon Routh

Superman behind the bar and Superman on the screen, Brandon Routh tended the bar back in the day.

Working a bowling alley in Los Angeles, Brandon was known to be intimidated by the celebrities that came in. 

He even won a costume contest during Halloween dressed up as Superman. Funny how the universe works, huh?

Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews, like a lot of other musicians, made ends meet with a bartending gig. 

Being a lifelong music lover, he worked at a bar that held a lot of live music events.

Perhaps now we understand what prompted him to have a song titled “bartender” on one of his albums.

Jon Stewart

Before giving us the daily scoop on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart tended bar at a club full of punk bands at a punk club.

In a nod to the weird things you can encounter as a bartender, Jon has been known to say that he hasn’t had a job quite like bartending.

Maria Bello

Proving to us that her skills were authentic in Coyote Ugly, Maria Bello had a few swings herself at bartending before she took on the role that put her in the spotlight.

And much like her character on Coyote Ugly who left the world of tending bar to pursue law, Maria left the bar to begin her acting career.

Rhonda Rousey

Before serving punches in the ring, Rhonda Rousey was serving cocktails to drunk bar guests. Actually, she mixed her two occupations when she was reported to have thrown someone over the bar counter. Yikes. Bet that chump didn’t know he was messing with a future UFC champion. 

Now we know why they call her “Rowdy”!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was in and out of music venues in New York trying to make her way, but she also tended bar at a restaurant venue back when she was still Stefani Germanotta. She was known to be laid back, down to earth, and super sweet.

Jake Johnson

The U.S.’s boy next door wasn’t just a bartender for his role on the hit show New Girl. IRL, he played a private bartender for his homie when they brought chicks home. What a way to impress the ladies. They love a good ole’ lie!

Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez found herself in Miami after a stranger/client/psychic told her to leave her birthplace of Toronto. 

She started out as a bottle service chick, but when she was asked if she ever worked behind the bar, she may have stretched the truth a little. Whatever works, sis! Get your bag. 

That’s how Jessie spent three years as a bartender. Where’s our on-point psychic reading and famed destiny, Jessie?!

Michael Fassbender

Like a handful of other actors (okay, a lot of other actors), Michael Fassbender relied on tips for his income while he pursued his acting dream. 

Luckily for Michael, he made it big and eventually starred in movies like X-Men and didn’t have to bartend for very long. He was known to never really like bartending as much compared to his passion for acting. We’re here for it, Michael!

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Celebrities Who Bartend Just for Fun

Although these lucky celebs didn’t have to rely on the generosity of the general public’s gratitude to pave their financial way, they know who much fun bartending can be. These superstars craft cocktails as a way to pass the time, share their spirits with loved ones, and even as a way to market their own liquor brand.

Let’s see which of our favorite celebs can make us a drink!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Former wrestling star, Dwayne Johnson dabbles in a bit of mixology here and there. Mostly from his own tequila line, so he’s a little biased. But word on the Hollywood strip is that he can actually whip up a tasty, tangy margarita. 

Can we see you shake that martini shaker, one more time, Dwayne?

Maren Morris

Maren, a country singer, serves a lot more than just Billboard charting albums. She created her very own cocktail called, “Snake Juice” with a little tequila, lime juice, Cointreau, and few other ingredients. 

Yum! Can we get one, Maren? I’ll have my people call your people to set something up.

Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci showed the world he knows a thing or two about mixology and bartending. Surprising his social media following, he created a Negroni served up while it’s typically on the rocks! 

Why didn’t I think of that? So simple. So good. We stan, Stanley.

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Martha Stewart

This woman has proved herself time and time again in the kitchen, so it should be no shocker that she can whip up some mean cocktails behind the bar. Over on her Instagram page, she shares a few of her frequented recipes for tasty cocktails that anyone can make. 

Thanks, Martha. Now invite Snoop Dog over so the real party can start!

Alton Brown

Another professional in the kitchen and on-screen, Alton Brown shares his passion for tequila by creating a few cocktails in his spare time. 

What better way to show your passion than adding passion fruit, eh? 

He’s concocted his very own recipe for a frozen cocktail that consisted of tequila, orange, and passion fruit.

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