A Bartender’s Calendar: November 2021

It’s that time of year… to gather, eat, and drink with good friends and frazzled families. And here’s to hoping that this year might feel like a slightly normal holiday season at your bar.

Our team at Local Bartending School has whipped up a festive calendar just for bartenders and bar owners looking to bring a bit of holiday spirit to their guests. 

Even though it won’t be quite as tasty as your mom’s stuffing, we’re hoping these random holidays and national celebrations are reason enough to have everyone gathered around your bar.

November 1 – World Vegan Day

As if vegans need yet another reason to tell the world they don’t eat animal products! Let’s add World Vegan Day, too.

A lot of cocktails are already ‘accidentally vegan’, so you can offer plenty of drinks or signature recipes today. Just watch out for drinks like whisky sours, they’re traditionally made with egg.

November 2 - All Souls’ Day

This day is for those who can’t quite shake their spooky spirit after Halloween. Historically celebrated by Christians, this day is often seen as a day to remember your fallen loved ones.

And while lighting a candle to honor their light is a good place to start, why not create a cocktail in their honor, too?

November 3 - Japanese Culture Day

Even though we’re not in Japan we can still celebrate in spirit, right? 

This day is full of art, lively parades, and brainy scholars. It’s a day to pay tribute to academic and scientific achievements made over time. 

At your bar, pay special attention to Japanese-made products and talk about them a little bit more today! If you really want to share the culture, offer a little bit of a price break so it’s easier for your patrons to get a taste of Japan’s spirited achievements.

November 4 - International Stout Day

Who doesn’t love a good ole’ stout in the middle of fall, am I right? 

Mark those beautiful dark beers down for a few bucks cheaper, and you’ll have a crowd in your bar like it’s the 1700s and you’re the only pub for miles. That’s when stouts first came about, and they haven’t left our bars since. 

Did You Know? Stout was originally defined as “proud” but later became known as “strong”. Which is how a lot of people might describe this delicious brew.

November 5 - American Football Day

Turn on the TVs and crank up the volume, we’ve got some football to watch today, people!

Bartenders and bar owners, think of today as a mini Superbowl. (And who would object to a second Super Bowl?!)

Be sure to market those drinks that are popular during football games, like beer, margaritas, and bloody marys. Or if you’re a true creative bartender and mixologist at heart, try making a signature American Football-themed cocktail and offer it as today’s special.

November 6 - National Nachos Day

As if people need an actual reason to want nachos on a whim, just mention today is National Nachos Day and you’ll be selling them left and right.I mean, izquierda y derecha.

No nachos? No problem.

You can still celebrate this spicy day by enticing your bar guests with traditionally Mexican-made cocktails or products.

November 7 - National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

This weirdly specific national day of recognition makes us crave a chocolate-based cocktail. And we’re thinking your bar guests would love one, too.

Get out Chef’s famous chocolate ganache (or any nice chocolate syrup will do!) and start creating a nutty, creamy concoction. Try using milk (almond milk, anyone?), coffee, or rum in your drink. Yum!

Be sure to ask your guests if they have any nut allergies though. Anaphylactic shock is not something we’re serving today, okay?

November 8 - ​National Cappuccino Day

Caffeine and cocktails – a combo made for good times. 

You can have fun on National Cappuccino Day at your bar by discounting cappuccino or coffee-based drinks. If you don’t have these types of drinks on your menu, but have creative freedom, here are a few cocktail ideas to get you going!

  • Cappuccino Martini
  • Boozy Cappuccino Milkshake
  • Cappuccino, with a nutty liqueur (like Frangelico) added

November 9 - Chaos Never Dies

After the last few years we’ve all been through, celebrating chaos might seem a little… backward.

But fear not! Embracing the fact that Chaos Never Dies is a lot easier with a drink in hand. We feel that any cocktail or drink is appropriate to offer bar guests today but you can craft your own signature drink, too!

When things are chaotic, what’s your favorite cocktail to make and enjoy? Tell us in the comments below!

November 10 - Forget Me Not Day

This day, usually and ironically forgotten, nods to a small flower, blue in color. They’re a symbol of loss and dedicated to remembering those soldiers who have returned from war with blood shed and limbs lost.

That’s why you don’t want to forget Forget Me Not Day! Market to all your patrons that tonight, a drink is being toasted in their honor.

For those bar owners or managers, you might consider discounting drinks for all those who have served in the military. We think Americana-type drinks would be popular today.

November 11 - Veteran’s Day

Speaking of Veteran’s Day! Get those service people a drink.

First celebrated in 1919 following the first world war, this is a day to honor our fellow men and women who have served in the United States military. And how best to show them our support? By buying them a drink.

November 12 - National Happy Hour Day

This day needs almost no explanation. As bartenders, we know a thing or two about happy hour.

But not every day is National Happy Hour Day! Extend those specials to last all day long so you can celebrate this momentous day.

November 13 - World Kindness Day

Hey world, be kind today!

World Kindness Day is an extended effort of the World Kindness Movement and reaches globally into Australia, Japan, and Canada.

It’s a day where we can look at our demanding bar guests, coworkers, and evil bosses and see the humanness in them.  

Behind your bar today, practice small acts of kindness to spread the positivity. I think we could all use a little bit of that after the last few years we’ve had!

Here’s a really fun idea – try to come up with some creative cocktail names for World Kindness Day, like Hug in a Glass or A Phone Call From Mom.

November 14 - National Pickle Day

“I’ll have a pickleback, please!” 

If you’re a baby bartender, you might be wondering what the hell a pickleback is. I have two things that may help – National Pickle Day and Local Bartending School.

Local Bartending School can not only train you on all types of “backs” but can also get you certified as a bartender online with one of their courses, too! 

Now for National Pickle Day, this is a perfect day to try a pickleback – a shot of whiskey chased with pickle brine. 

For those of you already behind the bar, ask your guests today if they’d like to have one in honor of National Pickle Day.

November 15 - National Clean Out Your Fridge Day

Alright, bartenders. Hear us out on this one.

For National Clean Out Your Fridge Day (obviously celebrating by well, cleaning out your fridge), take all of those scrumptious items you’re tossing in the bin and make a tasty cocktail out of them.

So maybe you’re not making a drink out of last night’s curry. No, leave that one alone. But perhaps you do have some Hershey’s chocolate, a few strawberries on their last day, and a yogurt that’s about to go off.

What do you have in your fridge that could possibly be turned into a cocktail?

November 16 - National Entrepreneur's Day

To those who started from the bottom and now they’re here, here’s a day just for entrepreneurs.

Ask your local entrepreneurs to come out to your bar and have a few drinks. Put Shark Tank on the TV and you’ve got yourself a party.

For our creative folks out here crafting cocktails, we wouldn’t mind seeing some drinks inspired by famous entrepreneurs. A Mark Zuckerberg, anyone?

Here are a few famous entrepreneurs who have undertaken uncertainty and found success:

  • Andrew Carnegie
  • Thomas Edison
  • Bill Gates
  • Oprah
  • Carlos Slim Helu

November 17 - National Unfriend Day

Straight from the mouth of Jimmy Kimmel and into our reality comes National Unfriend Day. Back in 2010, he declared November 17th as the day to unfriend all of the people you really don’t need to be following on social media.

Think of today as a social media unfriend cleanse. 

And where should they sit down and say goodbye? At your bar, of course. Tell them, they’ll always have a friend as long as you’re behind the bar.

November 18 - Mickey Mouse Day

Disney lovers, unite. It’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s birthday!

Here are some Disney-approved (at least we hope) ways to celebrate Mickey Mouse Day at your bartop:

  • Wear Disney ears 
  • Mix up a few drinks in honor of Mickey and Minnie
  • Play classic Mickey Mouse cartoons 
  • Ask your guests Disney trivia questions

November 19 - International Men’s Day

My cocktails bring all the boys to the bar!

It’s International Men’s Day on November 18th and that gives all men (yep, those in the LGBTQIA+ community are welcome to tag along) the chance to celebrate what makes them, them. We’re talking healthy gender relations, health, and other topics around masculinity.

If you’re a bar owner, forget Ladie’s Night! Tonight is Men’s Night.

November 20 - National Pay Back Your Parents Day

We know you owe your parents or caregiver some cheddar. How do we know? It’s a universal law. That’s why they made it into a holiday. 

What’s a better way to pay back parents? Buy them a drink.

Post on your socials that they should bring their parents to your bar for a cocktail today!

November 21 - World Hello Day

A global unofficial holiday, World Hello Day is recognized by greeting at least 10 people kindly. 

As a bartender, you’ll do this more than ten times a day so you’re legally excused from participating in this unofficial day.

Not a bartender yet? Want to greet hundreds of folks a day like every day is World Hello Day? Local Bartending School has both online and in-person courses where you’ll learn the ins and outs of bartending. And perhaps we can offer you some feedback on your greeting, too.

November 22 - Love Your Freckles Day

Who doesn’t love a freckled face? On Love Your Freckles Day, we appreciate them even more.

If you’ve got a person at your bartop with freckles today, be sure to make their time extra special with a treat or added attention. Today is their day!

Or, ask everyone who loves their freckles to come out and have a drink at your bar. Love Your Freckles Day only comes around once a year and they deserve to celebrate.

November 23 - National Espresso Day

I’m having flashbacks to National Cappuccino Day, anyone else?

Espresso is different from traditional coffee beans in the way that it’s roasted. Either way, both are delicious in cocktails and now we can’t wait to have a coffee-based drink.

If you have a chalkboard or sign to write specials on, let everyone know it’s National Espresso Day and you have coffee-based cocktails available!

November 24 - DrinksGiving

Also known as Black Wednesday in some parts of the US, DrinksGiving is a nostalgic day of the year where old pals gather at their local bar, returning home for the holiday weekend. 

Bartenders, you may very well be aware of this day in advance, year after year. Be sure to stock up and be ready! It’s going to be a fun shift.

If you can, offer some specials on drinks to welcome the crowd home! Bonus points for coming up with a drink named after your town. 

Need to get a whole team into shape before DrinksGiving and the holiday season? Local Bartending School can help out with that too! One of our nationally recognized instructors can come to your venue and show your crew the ropes before peak season hits. Click here to learn more.

November 25 - Thanksgiving

You might not be serving turkey, but you will be serving some drinks!

You know what today is… Turkey Day. 

If you’re working today, have fun celebrating with your bar family! You’ll probably be pouring a lot of champagne, wine, spirits, and maybe a few mules. But be ready to be extra nice to people who are dealing with tough family situations. 

Offer a few Thanksgiving-themed specialty cocktails to really ring in the festive spirit. Include seasonally on-point ingredients like apples, cinnamon, and cranberry to really spice things up.

November 26 - Black Friday

An early morning spent full of shopping can quickly turn into an afternoon of drinking at the bar.

As a new bartender, you have to be aware of days like this! Make sure your bar is stocked and that you’re ready for waves of people looking for a place to rest their feet and grab a bite to eat or drink.

November 27 - Small Business Saturday

The day after Black Friday (obviously) and a few days before Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday sometimes gets overlooked by its neighbors.

People are encouraged to go out to locally-owned businesses and spend their money close to home. Encouraged by whom? American Express, of course!

Bartenders who work in a downtown speckled with little mom and pop shops, keep your eye out for a bit of extra business today.

November 28 - National French Toast Day

National French Toast Day is a great reason to have those deliciously fluffy pieces of breakfast perfection any time of day (‘cause we needed one). 

But we’re bartenders and we’re not usually serving french toast. But we can offer breakfast-themed cocktails, right?

  • Breakfast Shots
  • Bacon Bloody Marys
  • Morning Mules

November 29 - Cyber Monday

We don’t think e-commerce needs another demand in shopping, but Cyber Monday is a day to shop ‘til you virtual drop. Companies are offering steep discounts on their products. Maybe you can get those people off the couch and into your bar by offering some Cyber Monday drinking deals, instead.

November 30 - National Mason Jar Day & Giving Tuesday

Here’s an idea – serve specialty drinks out of mason jars all day for National Mason Jar Day. People love to sip out of those thick-rimmed canning glasses, anyway! 

Not only is it a day to sip out of jars, but it’s also Giving Tuesday which is meant as a day to give efforts to a charity or philanthropic cause. Bar owners, you can team up with a local charity and donate time or money!

Thirty Days of Tasty Thankfulness

Now you have a reason for every day this month to show your gratitude and festive spirit (pun intended, of course!). 

Your bar top will be as busy as everyone’s favorite grandmother’s kitchen on Thanksgiving! 

And remember, if you need help from our team at Local Bartending School with training, their instructors are ready to answer whatever questions you might have. Contact us today!

Carrie Jean Lipe

Carrie Lipe has been writing creatively since childhood but jump-started her professional writing after college. She's an Indiana native, Ball State Hospitality graduate, and a bartender with over 10+ years in the industry. You can find her making basil Moscow mules when she's not writing. Follow her professional journey on Instagram! @contentbycarriejean

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