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A Bartender’s Calendar: January 2022

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It’s a new year, bar friends. You made it through the holiday season slanging winter cocktails to jolly bar-goers all season long. And the opposite of Jon Snow’s warning, winter is almost over. We can only hope the groundhog sees his shadow in February so we can move on to patio season and fruity spring drinks.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves! January is a month full of funky holidays and national celebrations, like National Rubber Ducky Day and Get to Know Your Customer Day. We can’t just let those days pass without having a little fun at work (plus, make a bit more cash while we’re at it).

So here’s a calendar brought to you by Local Bartending School for bartenders and bar owners to use all month long. For marketing ideas, entertaining your guests and regulars, and bringing a little more sparkle behind the bar—just like a fresh layer of powdery, clean January snow.

January 1  – National Hangover Day & New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is all about new beginnings. And too bad for us, it’s also the most common day for hangovers. Thanks, NYE!

Your bartop or venue might be a bit slow. If you have a kitchen, focus on food sales today or schedule a lighter staff to save some labor hours.

For the few New Year’s Day warriors, be sure to offer them a great winter cocktail so they stick around and keep you company. And buy drinks, of course.u

January 2 – World Introvert Day

An introvert on any other day might be hesitant to come out to a busy bar or packed event venue. But what party is filled with quiet people who claim to be introverts themselves? I can hear the lack of small talk now…

Invite the local introverts to your bar to celebrate this momentous day made just for them. Keep the drinks flowing and the loud, meaningless conversations to a minimum, please!

Why do introverts hate bars so much?

  • Loud music
  • Having to chat pointlessly with the bartenders and other guests
  • Sticky floors, bar tops, and the smell of stale beer

January 3 – Festival of Sleep Day & Fruitcake Toss Day

We told you to keep an eye out for Fruitcake Toss Day in December. Yeah, back when you got that nasty thing and thought you’d eat it before the new year. Well it’s time to toss that bad boy out.

But that brings up a question… Do you think you could make a cocktail inspired by an old fruitcake? Share your recipe with us!

It’s also the Festival of Sleep Day, which aims to reduce the damage from sleep disorders by better preventing and managing them. And we all know we could use more sleep as bartenders. I just hope that old fruitcake doesn’t haunt my dreams like a good night in the weeds does.

January 4 – Trivia Day

Trivia and bars go together like tequila and lime juice. Put them together and watch the fun really start.

Defined, trivia are facts (about people or events) that are not well-known. And what’s the best place for people to show off that useless knowledge? The bar.

Bars typically hold a themed trivia night weekly, monthly, or whenever you feel like it. Trivia is great to increase weekly retention and consistent bar sales. Motivate teams to enter by offering a gift card or free drinks for first, second, or third place.

January 5 – National Bird Day

Birds don’t have much to do with bars, I’ll be honest here. But hey, we’re all about making weird holidays marketable for bartenders and bar owners.

For National Bird Day, we think it’s time for the mixologists to step up on the perch! Create a cocktail like ‘The Blue Bird’, ‘Cardinal’, or ‘Raven’ and put it on special for today only.

Is your bar named after a feathered friend? Then today is really your day to fly above the rest.

January 6 – Cuddle Up Day

It’s cold outside and for some people, that means snuggling up with their significant other. But for the rest of us, the only thing we have to cuddle up with is our favorite arm of the couch while we watch reruns of Schitt’s Creek.

Welcome the cuddle-buddy-less crowd with big, warm welcoming snuggly arms and a spot at your bar.

January 7 –  Old Rock Day

Old Rock Day is for fossil lovers everywhere but for bartenders, it feels more appropriate to tell our coworkers and nasty guests to “go kick rocks”.

Okay, okay, maybe we won’t advise going around being complete dicks to people and potentially losing your bartending job. Instead, on Old Rock Day throw these rockin’ fun facts around to see if you can’t crack a bigger tip.

  • Rocks from space can land on Earth.
  • They’re used to make aluminum baseball bats.
  • When the minerals in a rock repeat in a pattern, they are called crystals.

January 8 – ​Male Watcher’s Day & Bubble Bath Day

Time to be creepy, party people. January 8th at your bar might be filled with folks lined up to take a peek at the males. But since today is also Bubble Bath Day as well as Male Watcher’s Day, we’re thinking a hunky male in a bubble bath is the way to get people to come out for this wacky celebration.

January 9 – National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Appreciate your local law enforcement today! Hold a special event, discount drinks for first-liners, and let them know you’ve got their back as much as they have yours every day. I mean, who else are you going to call when a guest is passed out in your bathroom? Law enforcement, of course!

I have a soft spot for law enforcement! In college, my regulars were local officers and narcotics detectives. I’ve found bartenders and those in law enforcement have a similar sense of humor. I guess we both see how ugly the public can be and laugh as a coping mechanism. Since then, I’ve always loved taking care of them!

Have you served a law enforcement officer in a meaningful way? Tell us in the comments below!

January 10 – Bittersweet Chocolate Day

If you’ve been reading our bartender calendars for a few months now, you might know that there are an awful lot of days that celebrate chocolate. Humans love their chocolate, I guess.

And from day one of our calendar series, we’ve been the biggest supporters of celebrating these creamy days by adding our favorite thing—booze.

What is the best chocolate cocktail that you’ve made for a guest or tried for yourself?

January 11 – National Hot Toddy Day

We love a good ol’ hot toddy. So much that it made our list of top winter cocktails!

We know the toddy from British-controlled India. “Taddy” — a Hindi word from the 1610s — originally meant fermented palm sap. But over one hundred years later, it was defined as “liquid containing liquor, sugar, and spices.”

January 12 – Kiss a Ginger Day

Ask your bar patrons to bring in their loves with red hair and give them a big fat kiss right at your bartop. If they do, reward them with a discounted or free drink. We think it’s a fun, date-night idea to market on social media, chalkboard, or a-frame sign.

January 13 – National Sticker Day & National Rubber Ducky Day

Canva Pro | Rubber ducky cocktail, anyone?

Stickers and rubber duckies. Two staples to growing up in my opinion.

Instead of getting a sticker for being a good kid at the doctor, today people will be rewarded with stickers at the bar. They can be funny stickers that bring a laugh or you can finally get rid of that stack of marketing stickers you have piling up in the stock room.

For National Rubber Ducky Day, let your imagination fly away. Several bartenders and mixologists have created cocktails adorned with our cute little yellow bathtime buddy. But to me, I’d just be thinking of bathtub water. No rubber ducky cocktail for me, thank you!

January 14 – National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Some of you are lucky enough to bartend, serve, or work at venues that welcome four-legged friends. And if you are, today can’t be skipped. Why? It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day and you know you don’t want to miss a French Bulldog in a tutu, do you?

  • Plan a pet party!
  • Encourage pet owners to join and dress their pets.
  • Reward “Best-Dressed” pooches.
  • Offer specials and discounts.
  • Snap pictures and upload them to your socials.

Want to host a pet event? Missing the bar or the bartenders? Local Bartending School can not only provide you with everything you need for the extravaganza, but we can also get your whole team certified with our in-depth training program.

January 15 – National Hat Day

Since 1983, schools, libraries, and museums have celebrated National Hat Day. Visitors and students were invited to wear hats of all kinds. Favorite hats, work hats, goofy hats, all of the hats.

Keep this forty-year-old tradition alive! At work today, wear a hat.

And if your manager won’t let you, give them the dunce cap.

January 16 – National Nothing Day

My old coworker Jerry must’ve thought that every day was National Nothing Day.

Feel free to stand around and do absolutely nothing like my pal Jerry! And when your boss comes around to ask you what in the hell you’re doing, you tell them, “It’s National Nothing Day, duh.”

Just be careful! I used to have a supervisor that would kick us with their boot toe when we’re standing around or made a mistake that cost the house money. If you’re working for a tyrant like my old boss, best to pretend National Nothing Day means nothing to you!

January 17 – Blue Monday

Blue Monday is speculated to be the saddest day of the year. As a bartender, you can turn that frown upside down by inviting everyone to your bar for an endorphin-filled good time and of course, good drinks.

January 18 – National Winnie the Pooh Day

Winnie the Pooh was always trying to get him some damn honey! Probably to make a drink with, now that we’re thinking about it.

For National Winnie the Pooh Day, feel free to add extra honey to the cocktails that call for. Winnie would be proud.

Here are some Winnie-approved cocktails from Liquor.com:

January 19 – National Popcorn Day

Popcorn isn’t just for the cinema. By today’s standards, popcorn is for the drama! When something is about to pop off, we grab our popcorn and sit down to watch the show.

Well, you know what goes great with salty popcorn and a good show? A refreshing brewski straight from the tap.

Pop some corn, pour some beers, and put on a good dramatic show, and get ready for a buzzing night at your bar.

January 20 – Get to Know Your Customer Day

A good bartender strives to be friendly with regulars and customers. But today is a day focused on getting to know them on a deeper level.

Here are some questions you can ask your guest to break the ice:

  • Where are you from originally?
  • What do you do for work?
  • What kind of hobbies or interests do you have?

January 21 – National Squirrel Appreciation Day

Squirrels don’t have a spot at the bar. But now that I’m picturing a bartop full of cute squirrels with their long tails, I’m thinking they should.

Instead, grab your nuts. I mean your nutty liquors and liqueurs! Tell your regulars about National Squirrel Appreciation Day and offer them orgeat or amaretto in celebration.

January 22 – National Hot Sauce Day

Cue the heartburn! National Hot Sauce Day calls for one thing and one thing only—The Torchlight.

This cocktail, made by Middle Branch in NYC, balances the spice of the Cholula with the sweetness of the honey syrup and lime juice.

Fans of hot sauce will be dying to try this. And even the people who don’t like heat have to try it for National Hot Sauce Day.

January 23 – National Pie Day

Bartenders and mixologists love to create concoctions that taste like the things we eat. Especially dessert. And especially pie. For a few pie-themed cocktail recipes, like pumpkin, check out our list of top fall cocktails!

January 24 – Beer Can Appreciation Day

On January 24, we celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day in remembrance of the historic, monumental, and thirst-quenching day beer was first sold in cans. Back in 1969,  sales of canned beer exceeded that of bottled beers for the first time and we haven’t looked back ever since.

The best way to show your appreciation? Drop the price and run a special on all beers that come in a can.

January 25 – Opposite Day

Opposite Day, a fun holiday in elementary school but not so fun as adults. Imagine a guest not tipping because it’s Opposite Day! Better keep this one to yourselves, this time.

January 26 – Spouse’s Day

Spouse’s Day is all about letting those legally-wedded partners know how much they’re loved. Invite spouses everywhere to exactly that with drink and food specials aimed like Cupid’s arrow directly at couples.

  • Offer two-for-one deals
  • Run specials on shareable bottles of wine and champagne
  • Highlight menu items are good to share

January 27 – Chocolate Cake Day

I wasn’t lying when I said there are a lot of days in our calendar series that involve chocolate.

So here’s a recipe for a shot from Spruce Eats that doesn’t involve any chocolate at all but tastes exactly like chocolate cake.


  • .75 ounce vanilla (citrus, clear, or vanilla)
  • .75 ounce hazelnut liqueur
  • 1 sugar-coated lemon wedge


  • Pour the vodka and hazelnut liqueur into a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice, shake, and strain into a shot glass.

January 28 – Fun at Work Day & National Kazoo Day

One of the reasons why we love bartending so much over here at Local Bartending School is because every day feels like Fun at Work Day. We can tell R-rated jokes about testicles to our guests without getting human resources called (true story, by the way). I’d like to see a government employee do that and get away with it.

So even though I think every day is fun at work, the consensus might not be in on that opinion. That’s probably why they made today National Kazoo Day too, so the other industries have a fair shot at some amusement while on the clock.

January 29 – National Puzzle Day

Puzzles can be hard to figure out. And you know they say that the best thinking involves a little bit of drinking. (Go ahead, yeah… you can use that.)

Today, invite your bar crowd or regulars to partake in a little bit of puzzle action with a drink in hand (made by you, of course). Puzzles are great to keep brains active. It’ll make up for all those double-whiskeys you’ve served to them over the years.

January 30 – Yodel for Your Neighbors Day

The word “yodel” is derived from the German word “jodeln,” which means “to utter the syllable jo”—said as “yo” in English. Shepherds in the Alps yodeled to communicate with others long distances away and to round up cattle.

But today, you’re not rounding up cattle. You’re rounding up the drinkers.

Here are a few (totally weird) ways you can celebrate Yodel for Your Neighbors Day at your bar:

  • Yodel when you greet guests
  • Wear a German-inspired outfit
  • Send a few employees out to yodel and invite people back to the bar

January 31 – National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

As we wrap up the month, it’s only fitting today is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. So satisfying. So simple. Bubble Wrap.

Everyone knows what bubble wrap is. And we all love it. Bring some into work today! Would it be weird to hand out bubble wrap? Maybe. But if anything, it’s fun to even talk about with your guests. And bubbly conversations are what we bartenders are all about.

New Year’s Resolution: Make a Million Dollars in Tips

January always goes by so fast! We make these huge new resolutions and before you know it, it’s September and we haven’t done much of a workout except changing kegs.

Don’t let thirty-one opportunities to make a bit of extra cash this month in liquor sales pass you by, too.

And remember for the best tips and tricks from our team at Local Bartending School, check out our blog. Or if you’re ready to start, step up, or bring new tricks into your bartending career, contact us today!

A Bartender’s Calendar: February 2022

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Romance is in the air! It’s February and this month usually means one thing for those of us in the bar and restaurant industry. Valentine’s Day. We see break-ups, make-ups, and everything in between. And then we go and talk about them in the back!

But Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day worthy of a reservation or rendezvous at our bartop. Turns out, there are plenty of excuses to celebrate in February.

Ask the team at Local Bartending School. We’re a team of industry veterans who know a thing or two about bartending. After all, we are a bartender school!

Just for bartenders and bar owners, we’ve created a bartender calendar you can use for marketing or to bring a little love to your bar.

February 1 – No Politics Day

Can it be No Politics Day every day? After the last few years, I’m burnt out. What about you, bartender friend?

Though my personal bar convos never typically went there, some of you maybe can’t avoid politics because of where you live, where you work, or what’s playing on your TVs.

But in honor of today’s holiday, switch the conversation to something a bit lighter if you hear someone chatting red-and-blue. Talk about how tomorrow is both Groundhog Day and Ukulele Day. Now that’s something a bartender like me can chat about.

February 2 – National Ukulele Day & Groundhog Day

If you’ve been reading our blog (rated one of the top bartender blogs by Feedspot, btw), you probably read the crazy story about a bartender pulling out their ukulele to lure rowdy guests into last call. It didn’t need to be National Ukulele Day for him. For some reason, that bartender always had his ukulele on him.

Other than that, National Ukulele Day doesn’t have much to do for you, bar bud.

Here to steal the show and hopefully see his shadow, is the groundhog. February 2nd has long reigned this day, Groundhog Day. You know the premise, don’t you? Sees its shadow, then spring is coming?

Well we don’t really care if that little short-legged woodchuck sees his shadow. And you shouldn’t either. Nothing should stop you from opening up that patio and serving spring cocktails!

February 3 – National Women Physicians Day

A woman was famously allowed to attend medical school as a joke. Until she became the first woman in America with a medical degree, proving everyone wrong about her “intellectual inferiority.” She’s the reason behind National Women Physicians Day.

Today isn’t just about Elizabeth Blackwell, no no. All physicians who identify as a woman are being recognized and celebrated! Here’s how you can honor their achievements at your restaurant or bar:

  • Discount drinks for lady doctors and/or throw an event
  • Run social media ads thanking them for their hard work (and inviting them out!)
  • Drop off promotional material at local medical offices for your event, deals, etc.

February 4 – Thank a Mailman Day & National Wear Red Day

What’s up with all these days for the mail? Back in January, we had a day just to watch out for the male man. Oh, wait, different type of male, sorry!

Don’t just thank any old guy, thank your mail carrier!

I know some of you who work earlier bar lunch shifts probably see the mailman. You might see the mailman as much as your pesky liquor reps. Okay okay, maybe not that much.

Next time you see the person who drops off all your mail, give him a big ‘ole thanks and invite him to come back with a friend later for a brewski on the house.

February 5 – Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day & National Weatherman’s Day

Before your shift today, you have our full permission to eat nothing but ice cream.

Your guests will be craving some, too! It doesn’t have to be breakfast, though! Highlight an ice-cream-based cocktail or dessert for a bit of an extra sweet sale.

And don’t forget, it’s also National Weatherman’s Day. So while your guests are spooning their faces with delicious ice cream, turn on the weather channel. I bet your guests today will never forget the way they spent February 5th.

February 6 – Dump Your Significant Jerk Day

Us bartenders aren’t deprived of seeing awkward relationship conversations. Actually, it’s kind of one of the perks of the job. We’re weird voyeuristic folks at the end of the day, I guess.

And today is no day that lacks drama. It’s Dump Your Significant Jerk Day.

Notice the jerk part. These aren’t normal partners! They’re assholes and the relationship needs to be put to an end. At your bar.

Help your friends, locals, and regulars 86 their jerky partners. Forget a quiet conversation at home! That jerk deserves a public breakup. And they break-ee deserves a drink in hand before, during, and after with your support the whole time.

February 7 –  Send a Card to a Friend Day

Cards are typically sent for holidays or birthdays. But everyone loves a card that comes just because! That’s why Send a Card to a Friend Day came about.

Who is a bartender’s best friend? The people who pay our bills, that’s who.

So go grab some cards and give a few out to your regulars or very best coworkers. And if they give you a really weird look because their bartender just gave them a card for no reason at all, tell them what day it is so you look a little less creepy.

February 8 – ​Molasses Bar Day

Cover your whole bar with molasses! It’s Molasses Bar Day.

Okay, that’s not technically how you’re supposed to celebrate. You’re supposed to be eating sticky ass molasses bars, but where would anyone find that?

But you know…. Syrup and molasses can taste amazing in a cocktail or mocktail. That’s probably the best way to go for today. We’ll skip the sticky bar, for now.

February 9 – Toothache Day & National Pizza Day

Do you know what helps a toothache? A nice whiskey.

No really, my Arkansas-born-and-raised dad swears by it! So much so he used to dabble a bit on us when we were kids, growing teeth and stuff. Maybe that’s where this whole affinity with liquor and bartending started!

So, share this fun fact with your guests and social media audience to see if you can’t increase a few of your liquor sales on Toothache Day.

And so sorry for those who have toothaches because they won’t be able to eat any pizza!

If your bar sells pizza, you better be celebrating National Pizza Day. Or else. I’m smelling discounts and pints of beer.

February 10 – Umbrella Day

Umbrella Day was created by Rihanna just to market her 2008 hit. Okay, just kidding. But it is a great day to play the song at your venue.

Here are other ways to increase sales on Umbrella Day:

  • Use tiny umbrellas as garnishes… in everything
  • Serve rainbow-colored cocktails
  • Create a drink inspired by Mary Poppins

February 11 – Make a Friend Day

It’s Make a Friend Day and as bartenders, we make new friends every day, all day long! But maybe your guests need a little nudge toward sparking new friendships.

Hold a networking event all about meeting new faces. You could also collaborate with a network marketing type of business and host an event at your bar.

At the very least, try introducing your bar guests to other folks sitting down. I used to work with a bartender who did this regularly! He’d simply involve the entire bar in the conversation, introduce people to each other, and suddenly his bar top would be jovial and people would stay longer and tip more!

February 12 – Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

Abraham Lincoln, the United State’s 16th president and in my personal opinion, one of the goats.

Known to be humble, he also was quite moderate in the drinking department. Some say he drank the least amount of any president.

This is why at your bar today, you’ll urge people to not be Abraham Lincoln and drink up!

February 13 – Super Bowl Sunday & Galentine’s Day

Canva Pro | Score all the tips on Super Bowl Sunday!

A perfect day for all couples everywhere—February 13, 2022. Men, you take football. Ladies, enjoy your girl’s day.

And we bartenders will be here to welcome both! Sports bars, you might want to focus on what you do best and that’s sports, food, and beer. Other trendy bars, like French bistros, you might go the Galentine’s Day route.

Bar owners, take your pick of which day to celebrate! But are you worried that your team of bartenders can’t handle the big rush? Local Bartending School can train, certify, and prep everyone so they’re ready for the field.

February 14 – Valentine’s Day

There are two types of couples: those who are okay with sitting at the bar on Valentine’s Day and those who are not. Either way, make sure you’re ready for the influx of duos looking for a romantic night out.

Having twelve years of V-Day’s in my back pocket, here are a few tips for new bartenders or novice bar owners:

  • Offer specials aimed at couples, like shareable plates and two-for-one deals
  • Give your guests plenty of privacy
  • Light candles and play swanky music to set the mood

February 15 – Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day comes right after Valentine’s Day for a reason. I mean, if couples get a whole day, singles should, too!

So get ready for another round of people celebrating their marital status! Except this time, cater toward individuals. And be sure to market on social media, it’s a big day on platforms with over 120,000 collective posts and impressions.

February 16 – National Almond Day

Almond-flavored liqueurs are one of my favorite things behind the bar. They’re easy to sip on and lend a delicate flavor to the cocktail that it’s in. And since today is National Almond Day, that’s what’s on special.

Offer guests your almond liqueur, like Disarrono, as a floater to coffees or serve them neat for a digestif, or after-dinner dessert.

You can also use something like orgeat in a signature cocktail all your own.

February 17 – Random Acts of Kindness Day

The service industry is one big place for random acts of kindness. That’s how we make our money.

Inspiring everyone to do something nice for their friends, Random Acts of Kindness Day was created by a foundation focused on making kindness the norm.

For those of us who serve, bartend, or own a venue, it’s our chance to be kind toward our guests, but ourselves and others. Help a coworker out, even though it isn’t part of your sidework. If you’re in the habit of negative self-talk, practice being kind to yourself! You deserve it, too.

Spreading positivity is contagious and will be sure to affect your service. Watch your tips increase, too!

February 18 – National Drink Wine Day

Order an extra case or two. If your guests already sip on a lot of house wine for happy hour or any hour, they’re bound to order a few extra glasses today. It’s National Drink Wine Day!

Market this momentous celebration on your socials and signs, you’ve got some wine to sell!

February 19 – National Lashes Day

Give all the ladies a place to wear their lashes on National Lashes Day. Fake lashes, long lashes, neon-colored lashes, no lashes—today we celebrate them all. Does your dog have long lashes? Show us. Best lashes in show receive a round, on the house!

February 20 – Love Your Pet Day & Cherry Pie Day

People can be obsessed with their pets. Well, they finally get a full 24 hours to show their furry friends an extra bit of love. Join in on the fun! If you can’t invite pets in your bar for a little day-outing, then ask to see pictures of your regular’s pets! It’s a great way to increase your customer engagement.

If pets aren’t really your thing and you’d rather not have dander in your bar or restaurant, we get it. Maybe you should focus on Cherry Pie Day. Once your guests hear those words, they’ll have a hard time saying no to a cherry-themed cocktail on special.

February 21 – President’s Day & Card Reading Day

President’s Day isn’t usually a reason to go to the bar, but if you make a whole bunch of drinks named after famous presidents I’m willing to vote that a few people would show up.

Make an Abraham Lincoln, and I’m there.

Your crowd not exactly into presidents? It’s also Card Reading Day. Call your local tarot or oracle reader, give her a corner of your bar to work her magic, and offer your guests a look into their future as well as a good night at your bar.

February 22 – National Margarita Day

This year, National Margarita Day falls on Taco Tuesday. Sounds like a mini Cinco do Mayo if you ask us! Batch some margs, cook some tacos or nachos, and get ready for a fiesta.

No kitchen? No problem. Partner with a local food truck to give your guests the best of both worlds, delicious tacos, and refreshing margaritas.

February 23 – National Banana Bread Day

We’re no bakers and we don’t work at a bakery. Chances of us having banana bread are low. The only time you might find a bartender with some is if it’s crumbled into minuscule pieces in the bottom of our aprons. Don’t offer your guests any of that.

Instead, whip up a creamy cocktail made with banana liqueur or fresh fruit.

February 24 – World Bartender Day

It’s our day, people. A day dedicated to appreciating us folks who pour drinks and keep strangers company all year round. We hold one of the world’s oldest (and most fun) jobs.  We know secrets about our guests that they don’t tell anyone else. Instead of the limelight being on our guests, today is all about us. The bartender.

  • Use the hashtag #WorldBartenderDay to post pictures of you and the local bartenders.

Want to be a bartender and celebrate every February 24th? Local Bartending School can help out with that too! One of our nationally recognized instructors can come to you in our at-home bartending course. Click here to learn more.

February 25 – National Skip the Straw Day

Canva Pro| To straw or not to straw?

Created by ocean conservationists, National Skip the Straw Day aims to decrease the amount of plastic harming wildlife. You’ve probably been affected by this. I know I have as a bartender.

I’ve worked at bars that only give straws if the guest asks for one. I’ve worked at places that are 100% straw-free or use those paper ones that instantly disintegrate.

But here’s an unpopular opinion. Give me the straw.

I don’t want my lips touching the rim of that glass. I’ve seen the hands that handle glassware. 

As a straw slinger, how do you feel about the great straw debate?

February 26 – Tell a Fairy Tale Day

No need to think of what to say today. Just tell a fairy tale. Your guests always love a good story!

February 27 – National Pokemon Day

Some really good Pokemon could be hiding out at your bar!

Back when Pokemon Go was huge, one time my boss wrote on our sandwich board that we had the best pokemon at our bar. We saw at least 20 people come in that day hunting Bulbasaur and a cocktail.

February 28 – Floral Design Day

Bartending can be thought of as an art form. Some people might disagree. Those people probably would say cheerleading isn’t a sport or believe in presidential hoaxes.

Another form of art that’s underrated is floral design! So grab the biggest bouquet you can find and bring some life into your bar.

Fun, February National Holidays for Bartenders

People are ready to come out of hibernation, spring is just about here and your regulars are itching to get back out into warmer spirits. Now you have a full month of days and reasons to get them to your bar!

And remember, if you need help from our team at Local Bartending School with training, their instructors are ready to answer whatever questions you might have. Contact us today!

A Bartender’s Calendar: March 2022

Main | Canva Pro | Find a pot of gold with March’s most marketable holidays for bartenders and bar owners.

Get the patio ready. Clean those chairs, dust those tables—make your bar shine! Spring will be springing this month and we’re so here for it. Fruity cocktails, brunch, and sunshine… I mean how could you not?

Honestly, we’re here for the whole month of March. There’s so much to do! Between the first day of spring, baseball season starting, and the best day to be a bartender, St. Patty’s Day, March cannot be topped. Unless it’s a hat on a leprechaun, of course.

Here are 31 ideas to bring in buckets of gold, a bartender’s marketing calendar made by our team of industry professionals at Local Bartending School. We’re here to help you with big spring events, with bartending courses brought to you, or even training sessions for your whole crew.

Let’s hop right in to see what sort of luck March has to bring us!.

March 1 – Mardi Gras & Fat Tuesday

In French, Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday. It’s a Christian holiday in origin, and people celebrate the last night of eating rich, fatty foods before the ritual Lenten sacrifices and fasting of the Lenten season. During Lent, folks give something up for 40 days and 40 nights, mimicking Jesus’ journey in the desert.

That’s the G-rated side of things. It’s also a time to get drunk!

In New Orleans, folks parade down Bourbon Street with cocktails in hand, throwing beads in exchange for a quick look at a stranger’s boobs. Yes, a celebration any God-fearing person would be proud of.

Today, get ready for an influx of people wearing purple, yellow, and green. Here are other ways to bring the festival to your bar:

  • Hand out beads for your guests to wear (Don’t encourage nudity, that’s just bad press!)
  • Wear a masquerade mask
  • Serve ojen liqueur, a Spanish anisette usually drank in New Orleans

March 2 – Old Stuff Day & Ash Wednesday

Folks who weren’t raised Catholic might find themselves thrown off when people walk into their bars with dirty foreheads. Not to worry, bartender friends.

It’s just Ash Wednesday, marking the first day of Lent. Church-goers partake in a special mass, receiving ashes on their forehead to symbolize repentance.

But if all that ash reminded you of how dusty your bar is, it’s only fitting. Also being Old Stuff Day, it’s time to get rid of all that stuff under your wells or in the back office that’s collecting dust.

March 3 – National Anthem Day

Today, back in 1931 the U.S. said, “Let’s make that song by Francis Scott Key our national anthem.” And so it was!

You can celebrate today by:

  • hanging up a few flags,
  • singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’, or
  • playing National Anthem by Lana del Rey
  • serving American-themed drinks

Check out a recipe for red, white, and blue shots on our best summer cocktails list!

March 4 – Employee Appreciation Day

Employees are the nuts and bolts of any business and though you should appreciate their hard work every day, today is the day to really thank them for their efforts.

Bar owners, it’s easy to make your staff feel good! But it’s even easier to make them feel unappreciated.

Before you start your recognition of greatness, make sure you know how your employee likes to be rewarded. Some people don’t like a big shout-out! They might prefer a one-on-one convo. Make sure you know which one has the biggest appreciation impact.

And for my fellow bartenders, how would you like to be thanked on Employee Appreciation Day? Let us know so we can put in a good word with our network of bar owners.

March 5 – National Absinthe Day

Ah, absinthe. The variety of flavors makes absinthe a tasty addition to many cocktail menus. But, do you know how to make it the traditional French way? Local Bartending School’s bartending courses, like their one-of-a-kind flair course, can help with that and so many other skills you’ll need for a great career behind the bar.

Some talking points to go along with today’s special:

  • The drink was created in Switzerland
  • Absinthe is also called ‘The Green Fairy’
  • France was drinking 36 million liters of absinthe by 1910

March 6 – National Oreo Cookie Day

Oreos are known as America’s Favorite Cookie, so why not create America’s favorite cocktail?

March 7 –  National Cereal Day

You know, cereal and cocktails don’t seem to mix. But a bartender I worked with created a cereal-inspired cocktail, named it something along the lines of Saturday Morning Cartoons, and ran it as a brunch special. The people loved it!

Sure, National Cereal Day lands on a Monday this year and no one is brunching then, so extend your special into the weekend for that extra pop.

March 8 – ​International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is on March 8 every year and it celebrates women’s achievements in economics, culture, and politics. This year the theme is Break the Bias, which as a bartender or bar owner, you can totally help do. Here’s how:

  • Wear purple, white, and green to show your support
  • Partner with a charity that focuses on females or gender parity
  • Run specials only for women

March 9 – National Get Over It Day

Some people get mad when you tell them to get over it. And they have that right. Except for today. You legally have to get the f*@! over it, it’s a national holiday.

Our favorite way to cope? With a drink in hand.

Invite your regulars and friends to get over it at your bar.

March 10 – International Day of Awesomeness

We have a pretty cool job being bartenders. I think it’s pretty awesome. But today we get an extra pass for being the awesome people we are.

See, Keven Lawver back in 2007 joked that his office should have an International Day of Awesomeness because, like us, felt his team were badasses. So he picked the birthday of the biggest badass myth of them all, Chuck Norris, to celebrate.

March 11 – National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day

Funeral directors and morticians are surrounded by death all day long. Bring a little life into their night! Today on their national holiday, save them a spot at your bar.

March 12 – National Girl Scout Day

Now, you can’t go on inviting little girls to come party at the bar. Do not do that.

For National Girl Scout Day, a Thin Mint flavored cocktail or a whole line of signature cookie cocktails would be a huge hit.

March 13 – Ear Muff Day

Why Ear Muff Day falls right before spring, the world may never know. Plus your bartop will be really confused when you wear a pair to work today to celebrate this random, badly timed day.

March 14 – National Potato Chip Day & National Pi Day

Potato chips and pie. Sounds like a good time to me!

Today’s a fun day for marketing in the bar industry. Why? Well, beer goes great with chips. And while the mathematical pi doesn’t taste too good, a pie-flavored cocktail sure does!

March 15 – Tea for Two Tuesday

Made just for two folks to simply enjoy a cuppa together, Tea for Two Tuesday happens every third Tuesday in March.

Alcoholic tea, anyone? Encourage your bartop to indulge in a relaxing tea-flavored cocktail or a Long Island Iced Tea and conversation with their favorite person, or a stranger sitting next to them. Run specials on those drinks too for a bit of extra encouragement.

March 16 – National Panda Day

Pandas—the world’s craziest looking bear and also one of the cutest animals ever.

This reminds me of one of the most unsuspected phenomena I’ve seen in my bartending career, guys. Here’s a crazy story.

So, I was working at a swanky French bar and somehow our TVs ended up on an endless loop of animal videos. I was the bar manager that day, quickly noticed that that wasn’t supposed to be playing, so I switched the channel.

That’s when I heard a guest yell at me. They wanted to keep watching it! So we kept it on and what came after that you’ll never guess.

We rarely turned that channel off.

People were hypnotized, entranced, enthralled, and couldn’t look away. Bar guests were more patient, stayed longer, and truly seemed content. I grabbed the bar owner and head chef/co-owner to show them this master bar secret I unlocked.

So the moral of the story is to play videos of adorable pandas on your bar TVs all day long and watch the magic happen.

March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day

Canva Pro | Green beer better be on the menu today.

Green is the theme! People have on their lucky shirts and are ready to spend some coins, too! In the U.S., people fork over about $43 per person on alcohol alone.

That’s a big day for us bartenders. And I know you’re ready to get lucky!

For St. Patty’s Day, you know what to do to celebrate. Do the green thing, green beer, and run specials that are hard to pass up.

Owners, managers, or shift leads, don’t find yourself in a bind when things get chaotic, ‘cause they will.

You’ll need to make sure your entire staff is trained and certified. Novice bartenders can make a lot of errors when they’re not used to high volume and may overpour, overserve, or provide alcohol to a minor. Get everyone trained up and ready!

March 18 – Awkward Moments Day

A few days ago we were celebrating how awesome our jobs are. Today, we’re recognizing those awkward moments.

What is your most awkward moment behind the bar? I’ll go first.

When I was first starting, I was carrying a tray of about eight pint glasses. Boom, dropped them. Well, I picked up the glass off the floor with my hands (a huge no-no, and here’s why), cutting myself but didn’t feel it because of the adrenaline and cortisol rushing through me.

Of course, I owed my table new drinks. What they didn’t order was my blood dripping from each cup.


Can you beat that awkward moment?

March 19 – International Sports Car Racing Day

ISCAR Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate this highly popular sport. It falls on a perfect day, you know. Today is also twelve hours of racing in Sebring, Florida at the Sebring International Raceway. It’s the oldest endurance race in America, starting in 1952.

Bartenders, you can hone in on the racers who like to drink and host an event! It can be a car show type of deal, you can play famous races or the race in Sebring.

March 20 – Spring Equinox & International Day of Happiness

The first day of spring just so happens to fall on the International Day of Happiness. Coincidence? Definitely not. With all that extra vitamin D, it’s hard not to catch the wave of euphoria, right?

Invite your regulars out of winter’s sleep with some sunshine and light spring cocktails.

March 21 – National Fragrance Day

Fragrance has a lot to do with the drinks we serve. Wine is highly aromatic and liquors like gin and whiskey can be, too!

So that’s why we think you should celebrate National Fragrance Day as a bartender. Ask your guests to really get involved with their olfactory senses and offer up some of your best fragrant drinks.

March 22 – National Goof Off Day

When your boss asks you what you’re doing when you’re goofing off, today’s your only shot at getting away with it. Just tell them you’re celebrating a holiday and to kindly leave you to your observances.

March 23 – National Chip and Dip Day

Um, chips and dip? Yes, please.

Cocktails and chips and dip go together like wine and cheese. I don’t know about you but I sure do want a margarita to go with my salsa, por favor!

We’re thinking your guests might feel the same. Offer the combo of cocktails and chips and dip to add a bit to your check average today.

March 24 – National Cocktail Day

We serve a lot of wine and we pour gallons of beer, but you know our true shining moments as bartenders are when we’re making cocktails. And today, we’re honoring our favorite bar drinks.

You can celebrate with your existing cocktail menu, or be inspired to create your own! It’s National Cocktail Day and there’s no wrong way to celebrate. Here are some other ideas:

  • Learn a new skill through reading a bar book or hands-on training
  • Order your bar staff new bar tools
  • Market an event on social media using #NationalCocktailDay

March 25 – International Waffle Day

If you can’t make a drink inspired by waffles, I have only one other option for having some fun on International Waffle Day and that’s quoting Donkey from Shrek all day long.

March 26 – Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

There are so many wacky celebrations and eccentric national holidays. All you need is a good idea and enough support and, poof! It’s as if any day can be Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.

But today, it actually is. While reading all of these bartender calendars, I  know you’ve been thinking about a holiday you’d create. So today, make up that day and celebrate with your coworkers, staff, and guests. Just don’t get fired, huh?

March 27 – National Joe Day

Joe’s typically aren’t average at all. Every one that I’ve met has had the energy of a squirrel.

Today is all about Joe’s. Coffee, friends named Joe, baby kangaroos…

So at work today, you can celebrate in all sorts of ways. Invite people named Joe, Joey, Josephina, Jose, Joseph, Joselina—all the Joe’s to grab a drink at your bar. Or go the cup of Joe route instead, suggest or run special coffee drinks.

March 28 – National Weed Appreciation Day

Bartenders have used herbs for hundreds of years. Marking National Weed Appreciation Day on our bartender calendar is only right.

And no, today isn’t about appreciating smoke breaks in the back alley with the kitchen guys.

Today is focused on the weeds, like in a garden, that are actually useful! Not that cannabis isn’t useful… it just might not be legal in your state yet! Besides, marijuana has its own holiday!

March 29 – National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

For all my bar owners doing the damn thing, this one’s for you! Running a bar is tough work and each day brings a different challenge.

But it’s also fun as hell, right?!

Today, try to give yourself a break. You work long hours, filling in all sorts of roles. You deserve some rest, too!

Bartenders, show your appreciation to your bosses! Without them, you might be working at an Applebees instead of the cool, unique bar they opened.

March 30 – National Doctors’ Day

Like us bartenders, doctors have their role in society too… I guess.

We keep people happy and having fun! Doctors keep people alive. Both are important.

So, have a Doctors’ Day party and thank those medical gurus for all they do by offering a bit of price break on today’s bill.

March 31 – Transgender Day of Visibility & MLB Season Begins

There are two types of bars in this world… one that celebrates transgender day and the other that plays the first MLB game. Which one do you bartend at?

MLB season is starting, which means beer and baseball. Turn those TVs on and start rootin’ for the home team. And if they don’t win, you have liquor.

But let’s say you’re working in Boystown. Best to let the baseball players have their time at Wrigley, ‘cause today is all about trans pride, baby! Baseball, smaseball.

On March 31, we celebrate transgender people and raise awareness about the discrimination they face. We honor them and thank them for their impact on our community. I won’t tell you how to celebrate today in the LGBTQIA+ community, but I know the party will be more lively than the baseball bar!

You’ve Marched Through a Month of Bartending Celebrations

March is not a month lacking in reasons to party. Your bartop should be full all month long.

And remember, if you need help from our team at Local Bartending School with training, their instructors are ready to answer whatever questions you might have. Contact us today!

A Bartender’s Calendar: April 2022

Forget the showers, forget the flowers. What really matters for us in the bar industry during April is thirty days of a busy bar. Busier than bees collecting all that honey for spring cocktails.

We’re gearing up for summer this month, so let’s really get things flowing behind the bar, shall we? Local Bartending School not only can come to your bar or home to get you and your team ready for a peak summer season, we’re bringing you a full month of marketable days and ideas to have your bartop fuller than your granny’s house on Easter.

April 1 – April Fools’ Day

The worst April Fools joke ever to be pulled on a bartender? A huge, fake tip. You can read about this and other crazy bartender stories here.

And since we’re in the industry of serving tasty drinks and good food, all with a smile, you might skip pranking your guests…

Instead, prank your coworkers!

One time on All Fools’ Day, I called our hosts and gave them a reservation for a huge party. This was back when they had smoking sections (I’m not that old, guys, I just lived in Indiana) and the number of tables was pretty limited, only about 12 people could fit comfortably. Our fake reso was for 30. They had the smoking section set up like a birthday party at a bowling alley!

April 2 – National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day & World Autism Awareness Day

Mixologists and bartenders love to make cocktails that taste like our favorite foods. And our guests love to drink them. So on National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, we know what you’re making.

Today is also World Autism Awareness Day. To raise awareness for the cause, partner with a local charity or nonprofit organization looking to provide a service to those affected by autism.

April 3 – World Party Day

There are all sorts of parties in the world, but you know the best ones usually involve two things: a fully stocked bar and a good bartender or two.

And since all parties are being celebrated today, go ahead and pick whatever theme suits your fancy.

If you were ever looking for a random ass reason to throw a party, today is your day.

April 4 – Tell a Lie Day

Giving you endless permission to fib, Tell a Lie Day happens every year on April 4th.

But to be honest, bartenders lie all the time. I’ve lied to make stories more interesting, to build rapport with new guests, and of course, lied when I totally forgot to ring in a food order.

But today? I’ll lie all day long just to see if anyone notices!

April 5 – National Deep Dish Pizza Day

Most of my bartending career has been in Chicago, the home of deep-dish pizza. And you know what goes great with a saucy slice? A cold beer.

No matter where you live, see if you can’t somehow get your bar patrons a slice of Chicago-style, deep-dish pie and a draft.

April 6 – New Beer’s Eve

In 1933 Prohibition was nearing its end when people flocked to their favorite pub to enjoy the first legal brew in 13 years. This day has been dubbed New Beer’s Eve ever since, a precursor to New Beers Day. President Roosevelt reportedly said, “I think this is a good time for a beer.”

A million gallons of beer were consumed in the first 24 hours after the end of prohibition.

So to celebrate New Beer’s Eve, grab your 20s and 30s attire and clean your keg lines, you’ve got some beer to serve!

April 7 –  National Beer Day

An echo to yesterday’s New Beers Eve, National Beer Day honors the most-drank alcohol beverage—brewskis!

President Franklin Roosevelt signed a law on April 7, 1933, allowing people to brew and sell beer, as long as it’s under 4% ABV.

Thankfully, today you can sell beer with an ABV upward of 12% and you can do that all day long on National Beer Day to honor our right to buy a beer.

April 8 – ​Day of Silence

Silence in bars isn’t usually a good thing. When it’s quiet, you’re usually not making any money. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a little peace and quiet every now and again? Silent disco, anyone?

April 9 – National Name Yourself Day

We’ve all wanted different names at some point in our lives. Some of us come up with nicknames. Some of us lie to baristas when they ask for a name with the order. To each their own.

Since us bartenders are meeting new people all the time, it’s easy to give ourselves a new name. So, Happy National Name Yourself Day! It’s your chance to rebrand. Only for a day, though.

To spark a little fun and engagement with your bartop, ask everyone what they wanted their name to be. Then, call them that for the rest of their time with you.

April 10 – National Siblings Day

Siblings, we ruthlessly hazed each other and now look at us…

For National Siblings Day, send an invite out to all those brothers, sisters, and siblings to come and hash out their childhood grievances at your bar. I hear drink specials help with strained relationships…

April 11 – National Pet Day

People love their pets. Which means you love their pets, too. Hello, we’re working for tips here!

Anytime someone shows you their pet, you act like that’s the cutest thing to ever grace your eyeballs. Not just today for National Pet Day, but every day.

April 12 – International Be Nice to Lawyers Day 

A global day for celebrating lawyers, International Be Nice to Lawyers Day can be a simple day at your bar. Just ask lawyers to come out for the VIP treatment and a drink. 

April 13 – National Make Lunch Count Day

It’s Wednesday on April 13th—the middle of the workweek. Folks are tired, losing their wind, and probably headed out for lunch, especially since it’s National Make Lunch Count Day.

If your bar is open for lunch, make it really count with a few drink specials to get your guests through that midweek hump.

April 14 – National Ex-Spouse Day & International Moment of Laughter Day

National Ex-Spouse Day and International Moment of Laughter Day at the same time? That must have been on purpose.

Getting over an ex is hard and laughing about it definitely can help. You know what helps even more? A cocktail made by an awesome bartender.

April 15 – National Laundry Day

Laundry day and bars don’t typically mix.

But for us bartenders and our one good shirt, we’ll take any reminder we can get to do laundry. So for that, we say thank you National Laundry Day, thank you.

April 16 – Husband Appreciation Day

We just celebrated exes and divorce, I know.

But just a few days later on April 16th, the world honors those hubbies still rockin’ their relationships.

Husbands not only love hours of isolation on the green, they also love a good stiff whiskey, ice-cold beer, and getting a drink with a hot little piece on their arm.

April 17 – Easter

Easter isn’t exactly a bar-going holiday. But if you’re working you might get a couple of people wanting a drink, so be ready! Here are a few spring cocktails that will bring a festive vibe.

April 18 – Tax Day

Taxes. No one can avoid the long, tedious, and unnecessarily hard annual requirement the government forces on us each year. It’s stressful!

And it’s all due on April 18th. Finally, taxpayers can relax until next year. That’s worth a celebration.

After those e-files are submitted, welcome people to your bar to relax and recognize their momentous achievements. Adulting is hard.

April 19 – Wear Pajamas to Work Day

Canva Pro | Work from home… a concept no bartender knows.

Remember how it was Laundry Day just a little while ago? Yeah, I’m betting your clean shirt has some sticky residue hanging out. Luckily for you, it’s Wear Pajamas to Work Day.

So put on your cozy PJs, head to work, and hope to the bar gods that you don’t get fired.

Bar owners, would you let your staff wear pajamas to work today?

April 20 – National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day

Since we’re all industry folks here I’m willing to be you’re already aware that it’s 4/20. No need to go any further, right?

But what you might not know is that it’s also National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day. It’s time to grab your grenadine, vanilla vodka, and pineapple juice. Pineapple Upside-Down shots are on special today! Perfect for when your guests are hunting a little something sweet.

Not in the bar industry yet, but want to be? Local Bartending School is the U.S. and Canada’s top choice for bartending courses and training. Get your career started today!

April 21 – National Tea Day

Tea is one of the world’s most drank beverages. Alcohol is, too. It only makes sense that every now and again you might combine the two.

There are all sorts of ways you can combine liquor and tea, for some recipe ideas you can read our list of top spring cocktails where you can find a green tea cocktail recipe.

April 22 – Earth Day

For Earth Day, people are usually in the mood for light cocktails since they’re thinking about our beautiful, blooming earth. For the freshest recipe ideas, don’t forget to try some of the top spring cocktails linked above!

And since our jobs impact the environment, which is also usually top of mind today, here are some ways to keep your bar green-friendly:

  • Wait until your load is full before running the dishwasher
  • Use, offer, or order biodegradable single-use ware
  • Implement a recycling program for boxes and bottles

April 23 – International Creator Day

A lot of us who bartend happen to be creative people, too. We own businesses, make art through all sorts of mediums, and of course, craft cocktails for our guests every day.

So today, if you’re a bartender who is also a creator of sorts, it’s your day to talk about the magic you offer the world. Other than the delicious drinks, duh.

April 24 – National Pet Parents Day

Pet parents are a breed of their own, really. They’re crazy about their ‘fur kids’, willing to talk about them all night long from my experience. Yep, we think our pet is the best one out there. And I say we, because I too am a pet parent.

For National Pet Parents Day, why don’t you do what everyone else does and post a picture on social media? Post your pet and/or ask your staff members for a picture of theirs, so your guests can see a look at the pets behind the humans.

And of course, make sure you ask your regulars about their pets today! Don’t know if your regular has a pet? They’re not your regular then, my friend. Just kidding! Today’s the perfect day to ask.

April 25 – National Hairstylist Appreciation Day  

Without our insanely talented hairstylists, we might not make as much money as we do as service industry workers. I mean think about it, if you showed up to work with your hair looking like you’re on day 39 on Survivor, you’re not getting that 20%.

So invite your hairstylist out for a drink at the bar. No, not like that. Unless you’re feeling the right vibes, then we say go for it. Just sure to hire us for the wedding.

April 26 – National Pretzel Day & National Dissertation Day

Finishing a dissertation definitely requires a celebratory glass of bubbly, so for National Dissertation Day, offer up a toast at a discounted price in honor of those who have taken on such a feat.

And since it’s also National Pretzel Day, you might as well give them a pretzel too.

April 27 – Administrative Professionals Day

Admins make the office world go ‘round. Yours, too as a bartender or bar owner. Perhaps you’re the admin and owner.

No matter which type of administrative professional you’re celebrating today, they deserve a drink. Encourage them to grab one at your bar!

April 28 – Clean Comedy Day

Behind the bar, it’s tough to keep things G-rated. But for today, the main challenge is to keep things totally clean when you’re cracking jokes. Loser takes a shot of malort.

April 29 – International Dance Day

For my bartenders working at clubs and music venues, International Dance Day is easy. Throw a party and invite everyone to join the world’s largest day of dance.

April 30 – Honesty Day

At the beginning of the month was Tell a Lie Day. Well, today it’s Abraham Lincoln’s favorite annual occurrence, Honesty Day.

You can choose to be honest today, and not tell a fake story just to get a better tip (not that I did that…) or console your guest with a beer when they finally fess up in honor of Honesty Day.

Conclusion Heading

April Fools? Where? Looks like you’re dodging all the pranks ‘cause now you have a whole month of fun and sometimes odd holidays to celebrate and make a bit of extra money.

For all your bartending needs from tips on the best types of bars to work at when you’re first starting out or even flair bartending, check out other blogs written just for bar folks like you at Local Bartending School.

A Bartender’s Calendar: May 2022

Canva Pro | Time to May-ke some money.

Welcome back to another calendar just for bartenders, brought to you by the team at Local Bartending School, your one place for training, certification, bartending courses, and even event staffing!

It’s not going to be May, it is May. And it’s time to May-ke some money.

Cruise through our list of marketable national holidays and weird days to celebrate with your bar guests, staff members, coworkers, or all by yourself. After all, a little Take Your Parents to the Playground Day never hurt ‘nobody!

May 1 – National Lemonade Day

When May hits, we know summer is right around the corner. And we also know there’s nothing like an ice-cold lemonade to bring the heat down a bit.

Get your regulars and guests amped for the season by suggesting a boozy lemonade.

May 2 – International Harry Potter Day

Harry Potter is one of the most successful movie series of all time, earning billions of dollars worldwide.

And today, the world celebrates the beloved wizard created by J.K. Rowling. Plus all of his wizarding friends at Hogwarts.

Don’t invite any muggles, but do invite fans of Harry Potter to come celebrate the books and movies that made them believe in magic again. Turn your bar into Hogwarts, name a few drinks after characters like Hermonie and Hagrid, and watch the spell unfold.

Tipso maximos!

May 3 – National Teacher Day

National Teacher Day recognizes the people that dedicate their lives to educating those young folks. And don’t get paid much for it.

Actually, a lot of bartenders teach for their ‘real job’ and tend the bar over the summer for some extra classroom money. Or ya know, to pay their bills just like these celebrities did.

The obvious choice here is to throw a party at your venue or bar and show your appreciation for educators everywhere!

May 4 – Star Wars Day

Arguably the best play on words ever, May the Fourth is a homage to the Star Wars line, “May the force be with you.”

This little joke turned into something bigger when they decided to make Star Wars Day an unofficial annual holiday.

Feel free to switch your greeting from a standard hello to the infamous line. You’ll know right away who’s a Star Wars fan and who has never seen the movie.

Need some other ideas than a weird greeting? I got you.

  • Wear your hair in Princess Leia buns
  • Play Star Wars movies, shows, or music
  • Hide a baby Yoda and offer a prize to the person who finds him

May 5 – Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a huge day for bartenders, so I’m thinking you may already have today on your radar. Get ready with a few extra cases of Corona and Modelo, order more tequila and limes, and batch some margarita mix!

Some bars can’t keep up with the extra volume today. Don’t be that guy. Get some extra training, for yourself or an entire bar team, from the bartending gurus at Local Bartending School.

May 6 – National Beverage Day

National Beverage Day is an easy one!

People are drinking all sorts of things today, it might as well be a drink at your bar.

May 7 – Kentucky Derby & Beer Pong Day

The Kentucky Derby and Beer Pong Day, on the same day? Frat dudes must be going crazy with excitement.

Get crazy with them! Host a beer pong tournament and ask players to name their teams after horses. Oh, and a derby hat is a requirement for entry at the door. For guests and staff.

May 8 – ​Mother’s Day

Bartenders working the service well at a restaurant bar, be warned. You’ll have a busy Sunday if you’ve not worked on Mother’s Day before.

Mother’s Day always falls on Sunday so that means it’s like a normal brunch, but on crack. Groups of families get together to celebrate the matriarchal glue keeping their households sealed together like a broken cookie jar.

Expect to pour mimosas, wine, and that signature cocktail that gets ordered every brunch.

Bar and restaurant owners, today can be a great opportunity to challenge your servers and bartenders to upsell, upsell, upsell. People are ready and willing to spend an extra bit of money to make their mommas feel good today.

For food, you can offer a prix fixe menu or buffet to keep things a bit more orderly for both BOH and FOH.

May 9 – National Moscato Day

As if Ma didn’t have enough wine at brunch yesterday, give her a second chance with National Moscato Day.

Moscato is a sweet white, sometimes still sometimes bubbly, wine perfect for those just starting in the world of drinking vino. Or, for those whose pallets opt for a sweeter taste.

On National Moscato Day, pour up some specials! Just don’t pour too much, there’s nothing like a Moscato hangover or heartburn.

Week of May 10-16: National Craft Beer Week

Ditch the domestics! All week long, from May 10 to 16, we’re focused on craft brews only.

Partner with local brewers, because you know people love a local beer. Show your guests the best craft beers around and where to get them, your bar!

May 10 – National Clean Your Room Day

Everyone could probably spruce up their room a bit. That’s what National Clean Your Room Day is all about. And once everyone is done being good little kids, reward them with the cocktail they deserve. This is how adulting works, right?

May 11 – National Third Shift Workers Day & National Twilight Zone Day

Third shift workers might feel like they’re in the Twilight Zone. Luckily, during my career as a bartender so far, I haven’t worked many of them. And for my fellow comrades that do, how does it feel to be a vampire?

May 12 – National Limerick Day

Every year on May 12, we celebrate Limerick Day, which pays tribute to Edward Lear, who popularized short poems.

And how do you think all those poems got written? With a bit of help from bartenders and liquor across the world.

May 13 – National Fruit Cocktail Day

To some, a fruit cocktail might mean that side dish you always got at school lunches. To us? We see a day full of fruity, tasty drinks that will make your guest’s mouth water.

Or, you could try soaking some fresh cut fruit in vodka or rum to put a whole new meaning to fruit cocktails.

May 14 – National Underground America Day

During prohibition, a lot of things were canceled. Of course, top on the no-no list was any establishment that served beer, wine, or liquor. But that didn’t stop a few bars from staying underground and pouring glasses anyway.

On National Underground America Day, celebrate all things underground, but especially the fact that you don’t have to risk going to jail just for doing your job.

May 15 – Take Your Parents To The Playground Day

It’s Take Your Parents To The Playground Day! Talk about role reversals…

Parents probably don’t care to go to the playground (unless there’s a grand baby playing nearby), but you know where they would like to go? The bar. Out for a bite to eat and a cocktail worthy of ordering another.

Encourage your guests to come to the real playground—the bar.

May 16 – National Mimosa Day & National Honor Our LGBTQ Elders Day

I bet our elder LGBTQIA+ crowd would love a mimosa, whether it was National Mimosa Day or not! Well, we have news for them, because today is not only all about that brunch drink we love to sip on, it’s also a day to honor them!

Cancel Monday bridge club! Today you’re running a special on mimosas and asking all your flamboyant friends to join in on the fun.

May 17 – National Idaho Day

How Idaho got its own day, the world may never know.

But you know what everyone knows? The I-da-ho joke. First coworker who makes the lame attempt has to take out the trash.

May 18 – No Dirty Dishes Day

The lunch shift always has been with the dinner bartenders. And the other way around. The main source of conflict? Dirty dishes and an unstocked cooler.

For today bartenders, try to leave your teammates with not one single dirty dish. In honor of No Dirty Dishes Day!

They’ll still probably find something to complain to the manager about, but at least you tried. Good karma, right?

May 19 – National May Ray Day

May Ray Day isn’t another ode to poems. I can see why you thought that, though.

May brings a lot of rays of sunshine and every year on May 19th, people everywhere are basking.

They’re bound to get hot! With all that sunbathing, a summer cocktail is only right. Offer a refreshing, summery drink and let May Ray Day bring in the heat.

May 20 – Pick Strawberries Day

Who has time to go pick strawberries? No one. So offer or create a strawberry-flavored cocktail for your guests instead. Tell them to imagine a fresh strawberry patch while they’re sipping and viola, Pick Strawberries Day comes to your bar.

May 21 – National Waiters and Waitresses Day

More like National Servers Day! Waiter and waitress just sounds so old, right?

Whatever you want to call them, plenty of us bartenders have started out as servers. Our managers saw what he had to offer on the floor and moved us behind the bar.

Today, honor those serving roots you might have! And if you didn’t begin your journey as a server, don’t be that a-hole bartender that looks down on servers because you think you’re higher up in some F&B hierarchy. We all put our pants on the same way.

May 22 – World Paloma Day

Palomas. You either hate or love them. With grapefruit and tequila as the main characters, this drink is zesty and will make your mouth pucker. Or if you’re like me, give you some killer heartburn.

For more on the Paloma, read our full list of the top summer cocktails.

May 23 – Lucky Penny Day

Everyone loves to find lucky pennies. It brings us a sense of hope that a good thing will happen to us.

I know you have extra change lying around! Bartenders always have a weird amount of loose coins. Grab a handful of pennies and place a few of them heads up around your venue or bartop.

May 24 – National Brother’s Day

Brothers can be a lot of things. A sibling, A frat bro, A friend…

Whoever they are to your guests, ask them to swoop up their bro and buy them a drink. No homo.

May 25 – National Wine Day

Reds, whites, still, and sparkling. Only a few ways to describe all the different types of wine.

For National Wine Day, it’s clear that marking wine specials would be the path. But that’s for those who are already behind the bar, or own it!

Those bartenders who are just starting can take National Wine Day as a day to further their wine studies.

May 26 – National Paper Airplane Day

Best paper airplane made gets a drink on the house!

May 27 – Don’t Fry Friday

Being in the sun can reak a lot of havoc on the skin. Other than SPF, what’s the safest way to keep your skin free from harmful rays?

Drink at a bar instead of the boat or beach.

May 28 – National Hamburger Day

Fill the blank: burger and _____.

Correct answer: beer.

May 29 – Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis 500 loops around every year drawing in a ton of people to watch.

The only way to make driving around in a circle interesting is to get drunk. So the real source of entertainment today is you, bartender!

May 30 – Memorial Day & National Mint Julep Day

On the last Monday in May, we celebrate Memorial Day, a federal holiday. It’s to remember those who died serving their country. Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer here in the U.S.

In honor of those who have fallen, ask other members of the military to come out and have a drink with their spirits in mind.

May 31 – National Smile Day

A bartender without a smile is like a sky with no sun.

And if you can’t even get your bartenders to smile, you might need some help with training. Our instructors at Local Bartending School are known to cure RBF!

Bring in the May Flowers

Stuck like a stick in the mud when it comes to seasonal sips? Check out these top spring cocktails to make! With thirty-one days in May to celebrate and floral signature cocktails, your bar will be blossoming like May flowers.

And remember, if you need help from our team at Local Bartending School with events this spring, our team is ready to make sure you’re set up with bartenders and everything else you might need. Contact us today!

A Bartender’s Calendar: June 2022

Canva Pro | Summer bartending, had me a blast.

Some bars get busy in the summer. Some bars slow down. Either way, Local Bartending School has created a calendar to keep things as if your bar was a beach on a hot summer day.

June is a time for summer cocktails, personal pride, and making a lot of money in tips behind the bar.

Keep reading and you’ll discover thirty days of marketable days hand-selected just for the bar industry!

June 1 – National Olive Day 

National Olive Day may seem like one of those randomly weird national celebrations.  

But olives are one of the oldest fruits, so it makes sense. Olives have been used for all sorts of things: oil, soap, and of course they’re delicious with a bit of vodka. 

Celebrate National Olive Day by running a drink special on dirty martinis. Hold the vermouth for me though, please! 

June 2 – National Moonshine Day & National Leave the Office Early Day 

Every year on June 2nd, office workers are nudged to leave a little early to enjoy the start of summer with a little rest and relaxation.  

Leave the Office Early Day starts the conversation of shorter work days and the benefits that come out of them. And recent years with hybrid work being a huge topic, a bunch of people might be leaving the office early today.  

That gives them a bit more downtime to visit bars just like yours. So on June 2nd, ask those office workers to come enjoy their extra horror two with you.  

Plus, it’s National Moonshine Day, too! A short day of work and a big glass of moonshine? Sounds like my southern family’s everyday routine…

June 3 – World Cider Day & National Egg Day 

It’s both World Cider Day and National Egg Day, which in the bar world leaves us with two marketing options – highlight ciders or cocktails with eggs.  

Drinkers either love ciders or hate them. They either love cocktails with eggs or think they taste like drinking snot. 

Sounds like a day to get the conversation going. Nothing sparks a debate quite like a dividing topic. See 2020-2021. 

June 4 – National Bubbly Day 

Mark the first Saturday in June down in the books! Summer weekend brunches have officially started. Let’s pop bottles, not only because it’s a great day, but also National Bubbly Day! 

Champagne already sells like wildfire at brunch, imagine if you gave people even more of a reason to drink some champs.  

June 5 – National Popular Delusions Day 

Some of us have a bit more than others, but we all have moments of delusion. Some we’ve fully accepted as a society, like the five-second rule.  

Whatever delusion you’re carrying around, today’s the day to let it shine. Talk about it with your regulars! Ask them what their favorite myth or delusion is. Just watch out for those flat earthers, they’ll get ya.

June 6 – National Yo-Yo Day 

I remember using yo-yos as a weapon against my brother’s incessant attacks. Ahh, memories.  But bars aren’t the place for weapons or fights with siblings. 

So for National Yo-Yo Day, maybe a good old-fashioned competition is in order. Best trick gets full bragging rights for winning (perhaps the lamest competition ever) and a certificate good for a few drinks.  

June 7 – VCR Day

First yo-yos now VCRs. June is taking us Millenials on a nostalgic ride!

Some of your guests who are freshly 21 might not know what a VCR is.  

Celebrate VCR Day at the bar by:

     Naming cocktails after your favorite movies on VCR

     Bringing a VCR to your bar and ask young guests what it is

     Playing 80s and 90s movie soundtracks 

June 8 – National Best Friends Day & National Name Your Poison Day 

Folks come into the bar with their cousins, bosses, and or parents. But there’s no combo or group that parties like a few best friends. They order endless drinks, roast each other, and laugh super loudly so it seems like your bartop is Disney,  the best place on earth. 

For National Best Friends Day, encourage all the besties to celebrate their friendships with a few drinks at your bar. 

It’s also National Name Your Poison Day, a common phrase to ask your guest what they want to drink. To me, it sounds like how a pirate bartender would talk. 

June 9 – International Dark ‘n Stormy® Day 

We are celebrating International Dark ‘n Stormy® Day. It was made by an accidental collaboration of a Bermudian rum maker family and seasick sailors. Ginger beer works for nausea, and rum helps with everything else. Shipmates created a cocktail that’s still around. 

June 10 – Herbs and Spices Day & Ballpoint Pen Day 

Without herbs, spices, and ballpoint pens we’d have boring cocktails and no money. 

So Herbs and Spices Day, along with Ballpoint Pen Day is an important, yet peculiar day to celebrate as a bartender. 

And in honor of today, we hope not one guest jacks your favorite pen.

June 11 – National Rosé Day

This is probably the oldest variety of wines. It dates back to 600 BC. Most rose wines are made from red grapes, and they are very versatile.  

The color of rosé wine will be lighter than red and deeper than white. A rosé’s color depends on how long grape skins stay in contact with juice, also called maceration.  

Rose wines can also be sparkling or semi-sparkling, with varying levels of sweetness and dryness. 

There’s no better day to serve rosé all day than National Rosé Day. 

June 12 – National Loving Day 

National Loving Day brings out the warm fuzzies in all of us.

Ask your regulars and guests to bring the people they love out for a drink. There’s really no better way to show love. 

June 13 – National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day 

Clumsy coworkers. Behind the bar, they’re a havoc. In the kitchen, even worse. 

For National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day, instead of giving them shit for their lack of coordination, give them a break. Without their constant entertainment, we’d be a bit bored honestly. We’d have more glassware, but that’s a different story. 

June 14 – National Bourbon Day

Bourbon Day celebrates our country’s official spirit. 

Bourbon must meet certain standards and be made in a certain region to earn its name, just like Scotch and Cognac. Whiskey can only be called Bourbon when it’s distilled in the United States. It’s illegal for distillers to call whiskey “Bourbon” if they don’t meet certain criteria. 

Now you know a bit more about Bourbon banter. And people who drink whiskey love to banter about their drink of choice.  

When marketing on socials, don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalBourbonDay to bring new faces in! 

June 15 – Smile Power Day 

Smile Power Day is all about showing off those pearly whites, which we do plenty of. But we’ve also seen bartenders who don’t smile. Actually, I had a regular who never wanted me to smile and talk down to him in a Russian accent, but hey that’s not the type of power we’re talking about. 

We’re talking about the power behind the smile you serve, day in and day out. And really, that’s what today celebrates! 

June 16 – Nursing Assistants Day 

Traditionally, National Career Nurse Assistants Day kicks off National Nursing Assistants Week, which takes place in the second week of June. Let’s take this chance to say thank you to these entry-level staff who serve as a link between patients and doctors, and who devote their lives to helping others with a drink! 

June 17 – National Take Back the Lunch Break Day 

Lunch breaks, while we’re used to not getting them, the rest of the world is focused on getting theirs back today. 

You should let those nine-to-fivers know that the real lunch break is just a trip to the bar.

Nothing like a quick beer and shot to get them through ‘till 5 o’clock rolls around. Just don’t tell their boss at happy hour their entire sales team was grabbing snake bites during lunch! 

June 18 – National Splurge Day & International Panic Day 

Encourage your bar guests to splurge on their favorite high-end drinks! I mean, it’s National Splurge Day, people!  

And if their little moment of self-care (albeit in the form of expensive liquor) ends up causing a panic when they get their bill, reassure them that it’s also International Panic Day so it’s only fitting. 

June 19 – Father’s Day 

Without dad’s none of us would be here. We wouldn’t be behind the bar trying to prove to him that, “Yes, dad, this is a real job!” 

We also probably wouldn’t serve as much draft beer or whiskeys. So on that note, we’re saying Father’s Day should be a date to markdown. 

Here are a few ideas to celebrate daddy’s day:

     Run a promotion for stereotypical dad-like drinks

     Crack dad jokes

     Host a Father’s Day event, encouraging your audience to BYOD (bring your own dad, duh)

     Post pictures of you and your staff’s father figures

June 20 – National Take Your Cat to Work Day 

Yesterday, people brought their dads to the bar. Today, you’re bringing your cat. Why? It’s National Take Your Cat to Work Day, of course. 

Do you think you’d get fired if you brought your cat to work?

June 21 – Summer Solstice 

It’s officially summer, kids. Your bar might be slowing down for the season or gearing up for peak. One thing that people want, no matter how busy the bar might be, is a cocktail that screams, “Summer is here!”

Check out the top summer cocktail recipes, hand-picked like ripe fruits by the team at Local Bartending School. 

June 22 – National Kissing Day 

Did you know some people don’t like to kiss? Yep, they think all that mouth spit is worse than licking a dirty, sticky well.  

That makes the bar the perfect place to make out. For those who don’t like it, they can grab a drink to make things a bit easier. And for those that do, well then a good drunk makeout is just the thing for National Kissing Day. 

Turn down the lights and give your guests the perfect spot for smoochin’. 

June 23 – National Hydration Day 

Here’s a tip for National Hydration Day.

Keep your guests hydrated. Not only will they feel better, but they’ll also be able to stay longer, order more drinks, and probably come back tomorrow for more.

June 24 – National Take Your Dog to Work Day 

Dogs didn’t last too long before they got their day to go to work with the humans. Jealous little beasts, aren’t they? 

I’m thinking that dogs at work might be a tad more well-received by bosses than our feline friends. Bar owners, you can solve the debate! Comment below, would you let your staff bring their pets to work? 

June 25 – National Catfish Day

Imagine how many catfish are caught at the bar! On National Catfish Day, be extra cautious of people pretending to be who they aren’t. And to be the best bartender ever, always warn a regular if they’re about to be catfished. You can be the lookout, know what I’m saying? 

June 26 – Forgiveness Day 

Forgiving someone is hard to do, but June 26th comes around every year and asks us to forget. 

So in honor of Forgiveness Day, preach forgiveness to your guests, regulars, and social media audience, but of course, remind them forgiveness is easier with a bit of help from their bartender. 

June 27 – National Orange Blossom Day 

Kick rocks, mimosa. Sayonara, screwdriver. It’s National Orange Blossom Day and the only thing going in orange juice today is gin. 

Don’t know basic cocktails like an orange blossom? Get fully trained on all the classics and become certified as a bartender with Local Bartending School.  

June 28 – Paul Bunyan Day

Described as a giant and a lumberjack of unusual skill, Paul Bunyan is one of the most famous North American folklore heroes.  

The story of Paul Bunyan is a tall tale, a description of sorts that’s a bit hard to believe. And honestly, during my bartending career, I’ve told plenty of tall tales where I was the main character. 

So, watch out Paul Bunyan, us bartenders are coming after your legend. 

June 29 – Hug Holiday 

Imagine a world where instead of a beverage napkin, we greet stranger guests with a hug. Try it out on June 29th, Hug Holiday and let us know how that goes for you. 

June 30 – National Bomb Pop Day & Social Media Day

Bomb pops scream “Amurica!” They taste like running toward the ice cream truck on a hot summer day.

Grenadine, vodka, and blue curacao can be layered in a shot glass and it’ looks exactly like a bomb pop! It’ll be super IG-worthy, and since it’s both National Bomb Pop Day and Social Media Day too, we think a post is most definitely in order.

Summer Days, Sippin’ Away

Here’s to June! May it bring you more than perfectly timed LGBTQ ads.  

Use all of these wacky, fun holidays in your conversations with regulars, marketing strategy for your bar business, or keep them in your back pocket for trivial knowledge.

And remember, if you need help from our team at Local Bartending School with training, their instructors are ready to answer whatever questions you might have. Contact us today!

Carrie Jean Lipe

Carrie Lipe has been writing creatively since childhood but jump-started her professional writing after college. She's an Indiana native, Ball State Hospitality graduate, and a bartender with over 10+ years in the industry. You can find her making basil Moscow mules when she's not writing. Follow her professional journey on Instagram! @contentbycarriejean

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