Top 10 Ways To Make More In Tips As A Bartender

Why did you get into bartending? Maybe it was for the extra bucks, may be due to the fact that you are a beer person who has always imagined working at that brewery that you have been eying since you started to appreciate the fine art of beer.  Or maybe the reason was to get more girls. Or maybe you like being the life of the party.

For whatever reason, the reason evolves with time. If you liked it because you liked being the life of the party, that might get old but one thing that always remains and that will never lose its appeal is that every time you walk out of the bar every night, you have some money in your pocket at the end of the night no matter how broke you walked in.

How Much Money Is Too Much?

Based on where you work, a low-end restaurant/bar can bring in about 200Dollars a night which is pretty cool but on busier hotel bars something between 400-450 dollars is pretty cool.

Do you want to bring in more? You can start to consider some really upscale cocktail bars and restaurants or even top tier casinos where on a normal night, 500 dollars is okay, but on a more grand night, more than 1000 dollars can easily come in.

How can you bring in the green?

Dress The Part

No matter where you work, be it a resort, classy bar or some punk rock club, always dress the part.  Make sure that your clothes are clean. Make sure you are well put together and this will give you the confidence to give you that you need, the extra tip. No one wants to be served by a sweaty bartender.

Spark Some Conversation

Do not be scared to speak to your customers.  Make sure that they do not only talk to you but also to each other. Introduce them to each other. I mean you cannot talk to all people at the bar at the same time or can you?

Bring In The Charm

Bartending is all about the charm and charismatic personality. It is through this charisma that people keep on coming back. You will need to be fun, outgoing and a really good listener. You will need to have some great stories that will rock your people. Remember to always compliment.

Learn To Enjoy Your Job

The reason why bartending is one of the best jobs is because you get to meet and talk to new people all the time. One thing that is always unique about a bartender, everyone loves the booze supplier. Happiness is contagious, if you happy, your customers will be happy and the cheer spirit will definitely be felt in the bar.

Be Clean

Make sure that your bar surface and service is clean, so are your cocktail glasses and shakers.

Have Some Style

You will need to add some flair. You can start slow with some fancy looking paper napkins and straws. You can then up to some cool glassware, tins, and bottles.  If you are not already doing some flair, why don’t you give it a try?

Know Your Customers

Always acknowledge new customers as they walk into your bar. They will keep coming back again and again if they feel appreciated by you especially if you take the time to know their name and their usual drink.

The Power Of Suggestion

To get that extra zing, you will need to know your menu better than anyone else, other bartenders, the manager, waiters and everyone else. Know the ingredients in your drinks so that you can be able to easily suggest a drink for your guests based on what they ordered first.

Know When To Give A Freebie

A bar, of course, is not a place to give free booze, but any good bartender and manager know the need to give a free drink to a new guest or the longtime regulars. For the new guys, it will be giving a good reason as to come back as for the old customers, it is a sign of appreciation for their business.

Keep Your Service Excellent

This is a no-brainer for any person in the service industry. Do not complain about the tip you given because you ignored your customers, were rude or gave sloppily made drinks. Make sure you treat your customers like family, ensure anyone who has had a little bit too much for the road gets home safely.

Be friendly, make everyone happy be entertaining and do your job really well. This is secret to making great tips.