Top 7 Reasons Why You Need Bartending School

You might want a change in career or maybe learning on how to mix cocktails so that you can impress your buddies at a cocktail that you have thrown or get a promotion at the current place of work, bartending can be something to consider.

Though it is more practical than book knowledge, lets us take a dive and see some of the reasons why you need to get into Bartending School

Learn something new, fun and acquire a new set of skill

Bartending might look like the easiest thing to do but it requires a wide set of skill that included but not limited to cocktail technique, knowledge of the spits and even hosting. If you can learn these skills then you will definitely enjoy career success at bartending but also in other parts of your life.

Being a bartender means you a friend, a business person, as well as a sales persons all, rolled in one. Your customers need to have a confidante, making friendships as well as get some money in your pocket.

Where else can you be able to practice these skill other than at a bartending school to your classmates?


This is the perfect place to meet up people who have same interests as you and also get to network. You never know where you will meet these people after Bartending School.

Learn with professionals

Bartending is one job that requires you to be all hands on. Yes, all the YouTube videos and books are good, but there is something about a teacher. A person who will point out a bad skill or spot a bad habit and ensure that you do not pick it up when you leave the class.

Understand the laws

If there is one thing that is majorly overlooked by self-teaching bartenders is the laws that govern alcoholic beverage handling and also handling to your customers as well. For example, in New York, there is the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law (ABC) which was made in 1993. Consequently, the State Liquor Authority and the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control were formed as a result of the ABC Law. The aim of this law was to “give protection, health, welfare, and safety of the people of the state.”

These departments and laws are in charge of the liquor license, inspections and the general regulation process of the bar industry. You also get to learn about the Dram Shop Laws which differ from state to state. These laws are about serving alcohol to a person who is already drunk and gets behind the wheel. In some cases, the Dram Shop Law, the bar can be held liable if it serves alcohol to a person who is already drunk.

Where else can you learn more on this learn this than through a bartending school with tons of experience who has seen it all?

How to do the correct pour

Spillages and over pouring are considered serious problems in the bartending industry. Some companies have even gone to having robots to help reduce the cost associated with them.

The correct pour can mean the difference between getting 10 drinks from a bottle and 20 from the same bottle. With time, these costs start biting into the bar. The practice pours in the bar is something else compared to a bartending school where you can practice pouring without the term “cost” coming up.

Gives you bragging rights

When you are the bartender, you are the expert in all matters alcohol at your bar. So do not be shocked when a customer looks up at you and go like, what is the difference between a scotch whiskey and Irish whiskey? As the bartender, expect this questions.

One of the ways you can be able to impress your clients is by knowing your drink and know it really well. If you are not well informed you making a rather poor impression of yourself and the bar as well. This will also help create a good rapport with your clients.  Know what you working with, the difference in texture, palettes, barrel-aging processes just to mention a few.

The best place you can learn this and more is at a bartending school.

Get to know about the top drinks

The best thing about Bartending School is that you learn what the best in the drink industry is.  You will learn some history, the ingredients about the drinks and the best technique when making and serving them as well.

The best place to gain some hands-on skill on making killer cocktail is at the Bartending School.

Apart from these reasons, you will also get to build up your confidence behind the bar, give a backing to your bartending skill through certification, show dedication at what you do and also be part of a great and fun community.