Flair bartending is basically the art and skill of entertaining your clientele or audience with the juggling and manipulation of your bar tools that includes, shaker tins, glassware, garnish, napkins, in some rather neat, tricky and dazzling ways.

Flair bartending is not all about the juggling of the bottles, some ice trick which is the definition of flair bartending in the strictest sense, but generally, it is just anything that can create an extra excitement and dazzle to your clientele’s drinking experience. You can do a simple juggling trick or a rather funny story or joke. If possible to use both, the use them.

Flair or the freestyle bartending can be categorized into styles: the working flair and the competition flair. The biggest difference between these two is the amount of risk and complication of tricks used, making the competition flair the most risk and more complicated than the working flair.

The Competition Flair

This is all about the performance. It is borderline choreography and like any competitive skill, it requires hours and hours of practice. Like any dance competition, you need to be ready to bedazzle your audience and you are the spotlight of the show. Be ready and be polished.

Like any competition, nothing is left to luck or chance. Your bottles are numbered and need to be positioned accordingly and the alcohol just enough for you to make the drinks required. In this kind of flair, you not usually working your guest but rather the crowd.

When it comes to flair competition, there is room for freedom for your tricks than the kind of tricks you would pull behind the counter at work. You cannot take 4 minutes to make a drink at a busy bar and you not allowed to spill at all. In a competition, spilling is a no-go zone.

The reason for all this flair is to achieve some money, recognition (those viral YouTube videos), better bartending gigs, and the prizes just to mention a few. If you doing your flair for this purpose, practice, and practice until you achieve perfection.

The Working Flair

This is the highly accepted and fairly common flair bartending skill. This the common cocktail juggler. He does the tricks with the mixers, bottles, ice and plays around with flammable liquor and then throws in the occasional magic trick. Most of these tricks are learned easily are pretty common. The simple bottle flip, the three bottle pour, some work involving certain flammable drinks and there are others that are difficult and can lead to breaking a bottle and sometimes fires started.

This kind of flair bartending needs you to mix your drinks in good time and use a few tricks to impress your guest. As these do not slow down your service, reduce your spillages and also do not use flair that can scare away your interaction with the guests. The whole point of the working flair is to show your guests some simple tricks because they are only expecting the drink you serving.

The working flair is meant to increase your interaction with your quests nothing more. A bartender with exciting performance will often be called in for higher paying gigs and even work at more glamorous bars.

As a bartender, you will need to know your market as well. If you living in specific places or working in some certain kind of a bar, say a casino, hot nightclubs in rather very competitive markets such as Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles, the over the top flair can be extremely useful.

Learning Flair Bartending

When it comes to flair tricks, you can either take a course or learn while on the job.

Classes are a good way to go especially if you want to learn how to be over the top bottle flipper. Hence, having a pro show you will help you get the tricks correctly and reduce the mistakes and the certificate will be useful if you want to work in a music-over-talking bar.


Alternative Flair Bartending

The whole bedazzle of bottle flipping and flames can be a spectacle, there is an alternative that is entertaining and does deserve a recognition,” the bartender with the entertaining word.”

Customers do not only go to watch the juggling but also to interact socially. The most memorable bartender is the one that shares the best jokes and stories, listens and also provides useful info and trivia and charming thee customers all through the night. This kind of flair will always bring in the big tips home. It is all about the exchange of many words with the dollars $$$$$

To be the best bartender, combine some easy, neat bottle and tool skills, inserting some tricks and engage the customers. Find the perfect balance as this calls in for the balance. Use your hands to show your professional ability and your words a charm. Where do you think the term “Cool Bartender” came from???

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