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Local Bartending School of MISSOURI welcomes you!

With years in business, we are the premiere school for all ages and abilities. We offer lessons all over the country through over 5,000 instructors.

Just take the required training with the help of Local Bartending School by registering and completing your course which can take up to 7 days.

It’s good to be bartender in Missouri!

Working in a fun environment filled with music. Meeting and Socializing with new people It’s a good paying job

You can learn all of these skills and more at the convenience of your own home or on one of our own location depending on your available time and training needs:

  • Be efficient in preparing multiple drinks
  • Become a specialist in of wine service and tasting
  • Learn to prepare over 200 mixed drinks
  • Fruit cutting skills and decorating specialty cocktails
  • Setting up an awesome bar work station
  • Be efficient in handling and use of all bartenders’ tools
  • Understanding customers(Handling, detecting Illegal Drunkenness)
  • Ways in increasing tips
  • LBS has 4206 of graduates working in the state of MISSOURI.

    Number of LBS students working in MISSOURI Bars: 4421

    Average Friday night tips for LBS alumnus in MISSOURI : $600

    You Can Start School Next Week!

      • Equipment: All equipment and learning materials will be provided. This includes a workbook, bartending tools, and drinks.
      • Location: We can come to your home or teach at one of our multiple locations in MISSOURI.

    MISSOURI Age Requirements:

      • Legal Learning Ages: 18 through 98 (Under 21 is permitted in MISSOURI)
      • Course Availability: Bartending 101, 201, and 301 Courses.

    Missouri Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Tobacco Control

      • This department’s main objective is to ensure public health and safety as affected by alcoholic beverages by regulating the sale and consumption of tobacco and alcohol. The Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) supervise the collection of state revenue from alcoholic beverage excise taxes and license fees.
      • The legal age for a person to serve alcoholic beverages is 21 years old. You can visit their website anytime at http://atc.dps.mo.gov/

    Learning Curriculum:

      • A step-by-step Mastering Bartending Program with workbook (takes you from beginner to advanced )


    BEST BARS IN Kansas City, Missouri

    4141 Pennsylvania Ave #104, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States
    Ratings : 4.6
    The Monarch Bar
    4808 Roanoke Pkwy, Kansas City, MO 64112, United States
    Ratings : 4.6
    Swordfish Tom's
    210 W 19 Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64108, United States
    Ratings : 4.6
    Green Lady Lounge
    1809 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108, United States
    Ratings : 4.7
    The Ship
    1221 Union Ave, Kansas City, MO 64101, United States
    Ratings : 4.5

    School Details :

    Next bartending class in the center of MISSOURI is starting Tuesday July 23
    In-personal bartending lessons are available 7 days a week, LBS students can choose the schedule!

    Bartending School of MISSOURI helps bartenders start a successful career. Find best LBS grads working at Harry's Country Club (in the River Market District), Manifesto, Bluestem, The Rieger (in the Crossroads Arts District), and Julep Cocktail Club (located in Westport), etc. Our Bartending School is passionate about our desire to teach 1-on-1 and customized lessons to all ages and abilities. We can help you earn lots of money being a bartender!

    MISSOURI Bartending School


    25-year-old Brianna Lo from Annapolis, MO 63620, was exploring career opportunities when she decided to enter the exciting world of bartending. After researching various bartending courses, she discovered one of the most popular programs in Missouri: the '40-Hour Certification Gold Mixology Course' from LBS.
    Brianna was paired with a private program mentor, certified bartending instructor Daniel M. from Saint Louis. Daniel guided her through online modules, group classes, and hands-on training at a local bar, where she mastered popular Missouri cocktails like 'The Missouri Mule,' created by bartender Joe Gilmore for President Harry S. Truman, and the signature 'Golden Glow.' With her bartending certification and Job Placement support, Brianna is now ready to thrive in the growing bartending industry.

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    Be taught bartending from the comfort of your own home
    LBS also offers Personalized bartending services for private parties, corporate events and weddings.

  • The industry keeps on growing and the demands for skilled and licensed bartenders are also on the rise. The bartending industry in Missouri is a good place to start and enhance your proficiency in mixing drinks and developing your customer handling skills.
  • Here in Local Bartending Schools, we have over 5,000 professional bartending instructors who are ready to teach you and impart their skills and technique to help you get your Missouri Bartenders License. Get a chance to work at popular, bars and clubs, bars around the Missouri. With the help of Local Bartending Schools, you can get your Missouri Certification exam easily.
  • Local Bartending School will provide you with the workbooks, materials, equipments, for training in your path into becoming a licensed bartender! There are 2 courses available to learn from. The on-premise course is for working at bars, restaurants. The off-premise course is for working at a liquor store, convenience store, or a wine specialty shop. The cost of training starts at $47.50 in-home/ hourly and up to $229 and up per student. Training may be taken in-class, in-person or online.