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Online Bartending Course

Online Bartending Course

Get State Certified Without Taking Off Your PJs.

Our online course is designed to give you all of the training and testing as our in-person classes.

It is the perfect match for someone to become a certified bartender at home with a busy schedule!

You’ve wanted to become a bartender….

So what are you waiting for?

Every day, new students are joining our online course..

Every day, our online course is also graduating students, and sending them off to lucrative jobs.

1,387 Students Joined Our Online Course Last Year

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Your Two Options For Certification

First is the State Certification. In most states, you are legally required to obtain this document prior to serving drinks. The said certification covers responsible serving methods and does not test your drink mixing knowledge!

TIPS Certification is second. Although it is not a required certification by law, it is highly recommended especially by bar owners and managers since it help reduce their liability insurance premiums. (Click here to learn more about TIPS)

package-in-home-webCan I Really Learn Bartending Online?

Video courses can be paused, stopped, and watched anytime or simply work at your own pace! The course is best in memorizing recipes as It provides flash cards for memorizing different drinks and you can review the material until you retain them in your memory.

How Do I Practice Making Drinks?

Our online course has a list of all of the tools you need to practice in the comfort of your own kitchen. The lessons even include hands-on exercises that will get you trained as if you were in a “hands-on” class.

Your Eyes Will Enjoy Watching & Soon Your Future Paychecks!

8 Point Online Course Curriculum
There is an eight-step online program with videos to walk you through the lesson. You will receive the same quality training as our students receive in person.

Check Below to Make Sure our Online Course is Valid in Your State

Minimum ages to bartend after taking the online course

See Your state? And are you above the qualifying age? Okay, Great. Let’s Continue…

What Online Certifications Can I Get at Online (LBS) Local Bartending School?

(All certifications are offered in the privacy of your own home)

1. TIPS Certification ( State Alcohol Board, Responsible Serving of Alcohol – On and Off Premise)

Obtain your alcohol seller/server or bartender license; LBS offers courses for both on-premise and off-premise server permits. Approved in most states.

2. State Certification (State Alcohol Board, Responsible Serving of Alcohol – On and Off Premise)

Obtain your alcohol seller/server or bartender license; LBS offers courses for both on-premise and off-premise server permits. Approved in most states.

3. Local Bartending School Certificate of Completion

Show the world that you have completed your training in one of the premiere school in Bartending.


The 9 Bartending Fundamental Course

Every bartender must first understand the Foundation of Bartending. Knowledge makes bartending easier and jobs easier to acquire. The Online Bartending Course covers everything you must know about the drink-making basics so that you have no fear.

Curriculum of The Bartender Crash Course

Videos Section 1: Foundation

  •  Video Module 1: The Basic Set-Up and Bar Tools (5:46) + Workbook Exercise
     Video Module 2: HD Video on Different Bartending Glasses (4:41)
     Match the Drinks to the Glass Exercise
     Video Module 3: How to use the shaker and strainer (6:12) +Workbook
     Video Module 4: Pouring shots (8:00+)
     Video Module 5: Completing orders and timed drinks (5:21) + Exercise
     Video Module 6: Creating popular drinks (Lond Island, Cosmo, Martini’s, Etc)

Videos Section 2: You’re Comfortable

Videos Section 2: You’re Comfortable

  •  Video Module 7: Responsible serving and checking ID’s (61:41) + Workbook
     Video Module 8: State Certification Examination Online Prep (200 Minutes)
     Video Module 9: Free Pour Versus Shot Pour
     Video Module 10: Garnishes, Well Drinks, Call Drinks and Much More..



Don’t Take My Word For It
“I have tried many different videos like, YouTube, and Harvard Bartending Course, but the videos had really short descriptions and were just like, “hold the bottles upside down, turn over, and add a lime.” DUH, well, I wouldn’t have paid for a DVD to tell me something that basic. Fortunately, LBS’ online school is a lot more descriptive and Rob does a good job of explaining exactly how to make each drink.”
Edward Fitzgerald

Start Your Bartending Career Now
Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside 
  • ​10 High Quality HD and 720p Instruction Video Modules
     Bar Support with Professionals
     Written Instructions
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