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Zakary Titus

Zakary Titus

Salem, OR 97306

(971) 444-0168



Seeking a position as a bartender where I can utilize the bartending skills obtained through Local Bartending School, including profit pouring, mixology, and knowledge of essential health and safety codes.


Bartending – Utilize expansive knowledge of mixed beverages, specialty liquors and craft beers to serve customers and support waitstaff.

Efficiency – Mix, pour and serve drinks for bar clientele as well as restaurant waitstaff. Serve meal options and answer customer questions about the drink and food menus.

Friendly – Greets every customer with a hello and a smile, even if he or she cannot serve the customer right away. Being kind, even towards frustrated customers, is important

Composure – maintains all the bartender qualities such as memory, communication, organization, and friendliness – even under pressure.

Education and Certification

Local Bartending School (2018)
◉ eTIPs + State Serving Certification – Responsible Serving

High School Diploma with an award from the Academy of Engineers
◉ OLCC License
◉ Food Handlers certification

Work Experience

Oregon Department of Transportation (May 2018 – Present)
Striping Crew

◉ Installing road legends and markings throughout Oregon roads

◉ Long hours and constant movement

◉ Firsthand experience in traffic safety and basic First Aid training

◉ Experience in driving and operation of vehicles and machinery: Ford F550, Forklift, IT Loader.

◉ Working knowledge of a blowtorch in a work setting while in close proximity of hazardous and flammable materials

Black Sheep Catering LLC, (February 2015 – May 2018)

◉ Experience with chef knives, can provide my own if needed, as well as proper knife safety

◉ Cleaning a kitchen and dining room to above and beyond regulation standards

◉ Customer service skills, including taking orders and serving, getting to know regulars, and reacting quickly to situations

◉ Switch between tasks quickly and working efficiently, as well as making a prep list and par sheet to prepare for the day